May Queen Episode 22 Recap

Truthfully, If I was In Hwa and after seeing Chang Hee in these past episodes, I’d be heading for the hills. Sure, he’s saved her, professed his undying love for her…but he’s also showed very angry and violent sides to her as well (that kiss was none too gentle and there are times where it looked like he was a step away from hitting her). I don’t care if he was trying to prove to In Hwa that Hae Joo wasn’t a woman in his eyes or the fact that In Hwa was probably happy Hae Joo got slapped since she feels Hae Joo stole San away from her…a vicious slap to a fellow woman = run away, baby. I do have a song dedication to In Hwa and Chang Hee. It’s Staind’s “Outside.”

Hae Joo doesn’t even really look surprised or shocked her face just looks kind of dead. She quietly demands to know why she deserves to be fired. Chang Hee says its his job to protect Jang and Hae Joo is wishing to go against him. Hae Joo, teary eyed, asserts that is because he’s a bad person who embezzled money and hurt contractors who are like family—Chang Hee should know this better than any one. Chang Hee says that there is nothing further to discuss and Hae Joo needs to leave the company. Oh…and don’t forget that he’s not your oppa any more so stop calling him that. He walks away leaving Hae Joo crying. More than wide eyed shock for expressing everything, Han Ji Hye is at her best angrily crying.

In Hwa immediately rushes after Chang Hee and hands him the bag she’s carrying. What is this? A thank you gift for his thank you and to congratulate him on joining the company. Chang Hee only says a brief thank you, irritating In Hwa. How can he say it so casually when he hasn’t even looked at the gift? She’s not feeling the sincerity, man. In Hwa then asks if he’s playing a push-and-pull game with him. Chang Hee then asks if In Hwa is asking him out. She calls him saucy and leaves. Chang Hee opens the gift which is a red tie. In Hwa’s note then says that he’s become more handsome, but she still doesn’t see him in that way. Chang Hee tosses the note down and smirks. Chang Hee…after she left, couldn’t you show the slightest bit of remorse for what you did?

As In Hwa is leaving she runs into Hae Joo and decides to do her best to torture her. I knew it. I just knew I was going to hate In Hwa now. She’s letting childish, petty emotions show through. Someone needs to slap her and get her to grow up (since Hae Joo’s been slapped so many times now and In Hwa only got it once when they were kids). Hae Joo asks how In Hwa is doing and the other girl happily replies things aren’t going wrong for her like they are for Hae Joo. She just heard that Hae Joo has now been fired from the company she tried so hard to get into. Omo…what will she do now [resisting urge to throttle In Hwa]. Oh, and as Hae Joo is about to leave, In Hwa has to talk about how she now sees Chang Hee as more of a man since he’s slapped Hae Joo so driven and forcefully [cannot resist anymore—this girl NEEDS to be throttled].

Hae Joo packs up her stuff and the office workers are in shock. Did she really get fired? Jo then said she heard Hae Joo stood up to Park which was a stupid thing to do. The younger girl should have known her place. Hae Joo doesn’t comment on that and just says that she is grateful for the time she’s worked their and wishes everyone well. The sniveling male then wonders if he and Jo will be next thanks to their involvement with the thruster cover up and embezzlement. Hae Joo then heads off to the shipyard.

We then cut to San and Bong Hee. These two together are so cute as San flirts with her and Bong Hee is putty in his hands. LOL. She talks about how all the men in Japan are chasing after her and San says men in Korea must have bad eye sight not to see a woman like Bong Hee. This makes her preen and then complain about one man in particular *cough*Jung Woo*cough*. San catches this, but Bong Hee tells him not to mind. Bong Hee then talks about how Akiyama was the most promising person at Mitsubishi Shipbuilding. San then asks if there was proof his father was involved with the 7th mine lot exploration. How did he know? Akiyama passed away in 1986 due to a car accident and the joint Japanese-Korean exploration was put to a stop. Is Bong Hee sure about the accident. Yes, she’s already verified it with the police there. And it wasn’t an accident, but double suicide with his wife. Poor San! He then asks for the date of the death. Bong Hee gets out a notebook and shows him that it was August 12, 1986. This seems to ring some bell for San, but he then gets a call from Hae Joo saying she’s at the plant and needs thruster information. San promises to send it over right away and he will be there himself later.

Hae Joo then gets the information and starts checking it out when she sees Sang Tae and Kang arguing. Kang is unhappy that Sang Tae tried to run away and Sang Tae says heaven and earth know just how hard he’s worked. LMAO. He even says that Secretary Kim knows just how hard he’s been working. Kang then asks if he properly cleaned a welding machine and all its components. Sang Tae then says that Kang must be getting forgetful as he’s working with Welding Team A not B. Kang then starts hitting him again—whose brain is worse? Hae Joo watches on looking a little sad while Kim watches with a grin. Sang Tae says he’s finished with all his duties and will go home, but Kang tells him that he has to end with Team B before going home to make up for missing work without notice. Sang Tae then whines that the factory is a sweatshop. Kang then asks if he wishes to stay in his house forever? Sang Tae tries to tamp down his anger. One month. Only one more month.

Hae Joo comes up and asks how Sang Tae has been lately. Kang laughs and says a persimmon doesn’t ripen in a day—just give it a little more time and he’ll be whipped into shape. The two then go out for lunch and Hae Joo scolds Kang for drinking in the middle of the day. Kang sets the alcohol down and states that it’s his meal. San didn’t tell her? Tell her what? Kang then states that he is the only person in the world that San has, so if San gives up on him, Kang doesn’t know how his grandson will fare all alone in the world. Say what? Kang then reveals that San’s parents died because of him. More of Hae Joo’s wide-eyed shock. Kang then says that thinking of that for the past 30 years makes his heart hurt to death. His pitiable grandson has nowhere to give his love in this world and Kang has made things even worse—he deserves to die. The man then cries and drinks. This is why I can’t fully believe he did all the things written. I’m not saying he didn’t wrong his son and his family, but I don’t think he would send thugs or kidnap girls. You can see Hae Joo’s heart breaking because of Kang’s tears and San’s pain as well.

Jung Woo is packing up his office and telling his coworker to keep monitoring that phone in the month while Jung Woo will be gone and to let him know if it is ever in use again. The man promises and leaves just as Bong Hee and San enter. Bong Hee demands to know if Jung Woo was really suspended. This shocks San and Bong Hee demands to know how the most righteous man in Korea could get suspended. Jung Woo says he wasn’t going to tell her, but while going after Il Moon, Chang Hee stabbed him in the back and reported to higher officials that Jung Woo was corrupted. Bong Hee hears this, curses Chang Hee under her breath and runs out. San then asks if this is about the embezzlement fund. Jung Woo tells him yes, but it’s not San’s fault, it was Jung Woo’s for underestimating Chang Hee. Anyways, what brings him there? San then asks if Jung Woo says the memorandum left by the late Hak Soo. Nope, Jung Woo had never heard of it. San then asks who took care of the late man’s things. Jung Woo replied his sister-in-law did. Why? San says that something has been bothering him. Is he starting to disbelieve now that his anger has had time to cool…or did something about that date not jive with what was in the memorandum?

Awww. Widdle Il Moon is upset that he’s being demoted. Jang says if he doesn’t do that then chaos will ensue since Il Moon isn’t being punished for his wrongdoings. Heck, Il Moon should be lucky to be starting again at the bottom instead of being completely kicked out. Enter the angry Bong Hee who demands to know if Jerk Chang Hee is even human. Jang asks why Bong Hee is like this once more (she’s got Chang Hee by his neck tie). Bong Hee ignores him. It wasn’t enough for Chang Hee to dump the woman he’s been seeing for 15 years, now he’s backstabbed his previous supervisor? Going that far, what does he gain? Chang Hee knocks her had away and says it was all for the company? Isn’t team leader Bong Hee part of the company? Bong Hee can’t believe her eyes or ears. Was he always this kind of person? Anywho, well said. She’s not this company’s employee any more. Bong Hee then demands that Jang fire her before she quits. She then warns Chang Hee to run if he sees her as she will kill him [well, she literally says he’ll probably die from being pierced by her heels].

Chang Hee goes into the office with Il Moon to make the announcements. Il Moon will be working out with the regular workers now. Everyone kind of got demoted. Il Moon is team leader, Jo is now the assistant team leader, and the sniveling male is now one step lower as well. Oh…and Hae Joo quit for personal reasons. What a load of carp. He FIRED her. He kind of showed an upset expression at the last part, but not enough to redeem all the evil he’s already done. Il Moon then throws a temper tantrum like a child.

San meets with Hae Joo and is shocked to see her propeller is done. His is done, too. Now for the ultimate test! What is better? Human made or machine made? They go to the testing site and the results show that neither propeller will hold up if at sea with the way they are designed. San is a bit discouraged. They’ve tried all these possibilities and not one worked so far. Hae Joo, on the other hand, is bright and not discouraged. Things are just getting started—it’s no fun to succeed in one go. San says he admires her eternal optimism, but the failure is a blow to his pride. Why? Is he afraid his reputation as a genius will be soiled?

San doesn’t answer that and admits that it was Hae Joo’s propellers that withstood the longest. She was born with it. Hae Joo says she wasn’t, she got it from working all these years. So what are they missing? San then says the factory is closed the next day sos they should start working on a new batch. Instead, Hae Joo asks to go out and play instead. This surprises San. Hae Joo isn’t sick anywhere is she? Hae Joo then says they should go on a picnic. Little San gets sooooooooo excited! She’ll be in big trouble if she lies. Hae Joo says having time off like that will be good to recharge their brains to retackle the problem. San jumps up and says he will plan everything, so just make sure she brings herself [wanna bet she’s going to bring Kang with her?]. This has Hae Joo laughing.

Geum Hee then gest the DNA results and is shocked to find that the DNA DOESN’T match. Il Moon comes in and asks what’s wrong. Why is he home so early? Il Moon says he wanted to see her face at that moment. Oh, this little b*stard. And thus my little bit of liking for him disappears once again. I just don’t know what to make oh him. He’s happy that Geum Hee is upset and suffering because he had the results falsified somehow. Sagaji. And Geum Hee really doesn’t have the sense to see her son’s gloating. She really is an idiot.

Geum Hee then goes out to the water with Yoo Jin’s shoe and recalls trying to go out and drown herself…or was it look for Yoo Jin. She apologizes to Hak Soo as it was her fault Yoo Jin died since she felt so badly for Hak Soo. Geum Hee then says she wronged him in so many ways. She will pay for her sins in the next life so he needs to be happy with Yoo Jin. She then tosses the shoe and breaks down even more. I’m over it already. SOOOOOO sick of these scenes of hers.

Hae Joo runs into Geum Hee and the two end up going to the place where Yoo Jin “died” shortly after her first birthday. Geum Hee then says that she was foolish for believing such a thing. What mother wouldn’t recognize her own child? She even spanked Hae Joo when she was younger. Geum Hee always feels sorry to Hae Joo who replies she doesn’t have to…besides she has In Hwa. Hae Joo then also says that she’s sure if Yoo Jin is alive somewhere, she’s happy. Geum Hee thanks her for this and Hae Joo wishes her to be happy and healthy since she doesn’t look good. Geum Hee smiles and tells her to come visit sometime. Hae Joo tears up and Geum Hee apologizes because Hae Joo can’t come because of Chang Hee. She wipes Hae Joo’s tears and again states she feels sorry for her. But don’t worry, these days won’t last. Geum Hee goes to walk away and Hae Joo says “omma” softly. Geum Hee turns around. Did she say something? Hae Joo wipes her tears and says now and tells her to go on. She then cries and apologizes to her “mother.” Geum Hee really doesn’t deserve it.

Jung Woo meets with Il Moon and again plays on the younger man’s inferiority complex and insecurities about Chang Hee. Jung Woo gives him one month to think over helping him catch Jang and walks out. Il Moon then goes to meet Young Joo. Il Moon smiles happily. Did this young one finally change her mind? Young Joo says nothing and hands over the bag of things Il Moon bought for her saying Hae Joo found out everything. Il Moon calls her an idiot for not hiding them better. Young Joo states Hae Joo isn’t the problem, but Jin Joo. LOL. Food then arrives and Il Moon looks shocked. Probably because they aren’t his style of dishes. Young Joo happily digs in and tells him that since she’s returning everything to him, she ordered what she wanted and he’ll be paying for them.

Il Moon smiles at this and pulls out a new box which has a pretty necklace. Young Joo is enamored and then gets upset. Why is he tempting her? He smiles and says because he’s happy when he’s with her. And you know what? I don’t think its necessarily him lying in order to get revenge on Geum Hee and Hae Joo. I think this spunky younger girl really does make him happy as you can see a more carefree and happy expression when he’s with her. Plus, she doesn’t stand for any of his nonsense. Young Joo is shocked when Il Moon says that his life is quite depressing and she’s the only one who really brings any joy into it. How can a rich person have a depressing life? Why do people always equate wealth with happiness? Il Moon doesn’t explain why and just says there are things like that. He doesn’t want to live a depressing life any more and wants to live as he wishes until he becomes the big leader. Oh yeah, he’s SO going to backstab his father and Chang Hee (serves those two right). This last bit confuses Young Joo, but Il Moon won’t elaborate (of course not). He then digs into the food and Young Joo looks at him with a new expression. I think she’s kind of falling for her “ahjusssi” as well.

And one brief pause here to look at one lovely irony. Chang Hee clung on to Hae Joo like a lifeline as she brought light and happiness into his life. And looky here. We know have a parallel relationship going with Young Joo and Il Moon. Do you think their relationship will have a different, less depressing ending?

The Parks are eating with the Jangs and Geum Hee wishes this to be a regular meal between the families. Chang Hee is reluctant, but Geum Hee, Jang, and In Hwa all encourage him as they aren’t strangers are they? And then Gi Chul starts eating and gripes about the food being too salty and how Chang Hee likes bland food. Plus, it’s better for everyone’s health. Give him an inch and the b*stard takes a mile. Chang Hee says that its okay and then In Hwa gets in on it and agrees its much too salty. Give her a salad. Omo. This makes Gi Chul grin and Chang Hee has his usual expression…or lack thereof.

Meanwhile, San is cutely preparing for the picnic and daydreaming about Hae Joo being all cute and feeding him. LOL. San, San, San…it also looks really fake to see Hae Joo doing the cutesy act. I really couldn’t stop laughing here. Especially when San dreams of holding kimbap in his mouth for Hae Joo to take a bite and the REAL Hae Joo comes out and asks if he has a death wish. End fantasy. San smiles and says only up to there. If he pushes any further he could have all his bones broken. LMAO. He’s so cute.

Hae Joo goes and delivers tea to Jung Woo. Her goal is to read the letter left to her by her late father. Jung Woo still has it and takes it out for her to read once more. Um…shouldn’t Jung Woo have some alarm bells going off after all her questions about his brother and wanting to see that letter that she was unable to read all those years ago? We then get all these flashbacks from when she was 13 and 1. Oh… and we find out why the drama is named as it is. Hak Soo called his daughter the “dazzling May Queen.” Hae Joo cries once more and Jung Woo calls her a brat and crybaby. Is she thinking about Hong Chul again? No. Then why is she crying? Because it’s so sad. So…when did this person pass away again? Having heard enough, Dal Soon goes into her room to talk to Hong Chul. Is it right for Dal Soon to leave things this way? What would Hong Chul do?

Picnic day! San is lovingly setting the table when Hae Joo shows up with Kang in tow. San’s smile falls and Kang turns away, but Hae Joo drags him with her and then chases after the retreating San. She spits back his own words about going back to your family. San replies the situations are different…besides, how can Hae Joo know? Hae Joo reveals that Kang told her about his parents. The old man comes up at this point and is in time to hear Hae Joo tell San that he is old and doesn’t have many years left, so San should remain by his side. San’s cruel reply? Kang has already lived longer than he should have after what he did to his children. Ouch. He then walks off and Hae Joo turns around to see Kang looking at the back of his grandson.

Chang Hee goes to find In Hwa to ask her on a hiking date. But since she’s busy in her store, never mind. In Hwa quickly states she isn’t busy, but can Chang Hee really go hiking in a suit? Cut to the two of them. Chang Hee is way ahead and In Hwa is struggling to keep up. She loses her temper and says she will now call him “everyday you suck” and turns to leave. Will she go down now? In Hwa says no, and keeps follow him. She then trips as her ankle caves. Chang Hee does look really worried and runs to see if she’s okay. By the time he gets there the mask is back in place…but it has softened a little. He quickly applies first aid. Oh Chang Hee oppa…how much is true concern and how much is your desire for revenge? Here’s hoping that In Hwa might be able to save him from his downward spiral. He asks if she can still walk. In Hwa doesn’t know. Chang Hee says injured or not, they’ve come this far and should go to the end. When Chang Hee offers his hand, In Hwa childishly refuses and tries to get up by herself. Fail! So Chang Hee helps her up and to the top. In Hwa expresses happiness and delight at the new view and Chang Hee has what seems like an honest smile and content look. She should come up here sometime for a change of scenery.

On their way down, In Hwa collapses. She has no idea why her legs are so weak. Chang Hee then says that its usually like this—going down a mountain is always more difficult than going up. He then offers his back. It’s…rather a sweet scene. If it’s all a lie I will curse you. Chang Hee then does the corny drama line where she must not eat a lot since she’s so light.

Meanwhile, Hae Joo is happily enjoying the food San prepared on his boat. How come he didn’t want to share such food with his grandfather? Talk about being unfilial. San’s face remains dark and Hae Joo then asks why he’s pretending to be so serious. Doesn’t he know that he’s pretty when he smiles. Omo…Hae Joo trying to cheer San up is kind of adorable. San then finally talks…is he really pretty to her? Sometimes he can be, but right now he’s ugly. San then gets up and brings the memorandum and gives it to Hae Joo. Read this. What is it? San doesn’t explain and just walks off. Hae Joo picks up the book and is shocked to see her father’s name.

Omo…I FINALLY can see the first page clearly. And what does it say? “Tradition Notebook Magic spells Witch and Wizard.” WTF with the random English there?

Anywho, Hae Joo reads on and goes to San when she is done. He looks over and asks if she read it all. She nods and he asks if she will tell him to still understand Kang. Hae Joo says that he must have suffered a lot. Hae Joo then reminds him that San told her she suffered a trauma when she watched her father die before her eyes. She had no idea that he has suffered a great trauma like that as well [only slightly different since he didn’t watch his parents die in front of him]. She then says that no matter what huge scar he carries, he has never lost his cheerfulness. Hae Joo tells him never to forget that cheerfulness. San chuckles at this—Hae Joo is finally being sweet to him at last.

Hae Joo reminds him of his destiny talk. She feels that with him she has quite the strange tie of destiny. Yep. These three…four…families have such intertwined destinies it’s pathetic. San asks what she means…are they destined to love? LOL. Of course San would go there.

Bong Hee then packs her bags and leaves the Jang house. Geum Hee is upset. Why is her little sister leaving? Bong Hee says she can’t face Il Moon and Jang after knowing what they did to Jung Woo. Of course, Geum Hee has no idea what Bong Hee is talking about. Jang gets up and says that he and his son are innocent—can’t Bong Hee trust Chang Hee? Nope. Not after he dumped Hae Joo and stabbed Jung Woo in the back. Bong Hee then states that Il Moon and Chang Hee are the same kind of trash. When Geum Hee asks how Bong Hee can treat her nephew like that, Bong Hee is upset that Geum Hee defends him. Fine. Have it your way. Bong Hee then declares that she is losing the love she has for her sister and now she’s completely divorcing herself from the entire family. Of course this puts Geum Hee in a tizzy. What a worthless character.

The Chuns and Jung Woo are eating pizza and chicken when Bong Hee arrives and announces that she’s moving in. Jung Woo asks how can she move in when there’s no room. Bong Hee says he has to take her in since she fought because of him. Who told her to do that? Then, what? Is she supposed to stay in the house of his enemy? Plus, she threw a fit and can’t go back. Bong Hee then declares that she will be staying there forever so he should just et used to it. She then rushes to get to Jung Woo’s room, but he successfully blocks her. Bong Hee then cries. Will he force her to live on the streets? Dal Soon comes out and says it isn’t a big deal for them to share a bed since they’ve been together for decades anyway. Omo…Dal Soon took Bong Hee’s side! Jung Woo’s reply? Sleep on the living room floor and he slides the door shut and holds it closed. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! Dal Soon says it will take awhile and tells Bong Hee to move into her room. Since Jung Woo will be home for a month, he’ll be forced to see Bong Hee all this time. She happily calls Dal Soon “unni” instead of ahjumma. CUTE!

Gi Chul witnesses Chang Hee bringing the injured In Hwa home. Chang Hee’s mask is fully back in place, but he does soften a bit I think. In Hwa is so awkward it was really cute. She goes in and and tells Geum Hee she climbed a mountain and will go again next weekend. What a turnaround for a girl who hated such things. Chang Hee then tells his father he will marry In Hwa. When Gi Chul brings up Hae Joo, Chang Hee emotionlessly says he fired her. Devil’s don’t have consciences to begin with so don’t pity her. Chang Hee then goes into his room and Gi Chul looks at him in…horror?

Hae Joo rereads Chang Hee’s letters and recalls the slap and his cold words. She starts crying again. Dal Soon then comes in and Hae Joo quickly hides the letters and wipes her tears. Dal Soon asks what that was. Nothing. Did she cry. No. Dal Soon then angrily grabs the box and the letters come spilling out. Dal Soon says Hae Joo is supposed to forget about him…how is keeping these letters going to help? Hae Joo states that she’s trying to forget him, but she’s not a machine and the wound keeps festering. Dal Soon asks what happened and Hae Joo tells her mother about getting fired. Dal Soon is livid. Hae Joo rationalizes that its probably too hard for Chang Hee to see her. Nope. Not at all. Well….it might be a little, but that’s not why he did it. Like Chang Hee, Hae Joo is now burning their past and crying while Dal Soon watches on, hurting because her precious baby is hurting.

San is shocked to learn that Hae Joo got fired when he goes into the office. He’s then shocked to see Il Moon out in the main office. Did he fire Hae Joo? Il Moon holds up his nameplate and says that he doesn’t have the authority. Who does? San then goes to Chang Hee and demands to know why he fired Hae Joo for personal reasons when he’s all about keeping personal from business life. Chang Hee asserts Hae Joo was damaging the company and if San doesn’t like that she was fired from the job she worked so hard to get and even overworked herself at, then San can hire her himself and give her work. San cannot believe how altered Chang Hee is. He is starting to wonder why he saved Chang Hee’s life 15 years ago. Omo. HARSH! San then leaves and Chang Hee’s face…shows a tiny crack. Looks like he’s not entirely happy with how things are playing out. You brought it on yourself you idiot.

Jang is shocked to learn Hae Joo is fired. He tells Chang Hee to reinstate her at once. Il Moon laughs and asks why, this is the first thing that Chang Hee did that Il Moon liked. Jang explains that Hae Joo is invaluable for the information she can sneak out from San’s factory. Chang Hee says that will be impossible given Hae Joo’s personality. Jang says leave it to him and just get her reinstated.

San wishes to know why Hae Joo didn’t tell him. She apologizes for this. San then goes to hire her and Hae Joo refuses as she already feels indebted. San says that her not working at Cheonji benefits him so he can utilize more of her time without worrying about company work. That’s San for you. Hae Joo explains that she wanted to work in Cheonji for her family so they can have a comfortable life. Now, her passion has changed. Like San, she wishes to make an entire drillship with her own hands. That’s why getting fired from there hurt her heart as she thought she couldn’t fulfill that dream. San then says he’ll have to build a ship plant then to support her dreams. Awwww.

Dal Soon is recalling all of Hae Joo’s sadness and breakdowns. Don’t do this to yourself. It’s not 100% your fault…Jang and Gi Chul are the root of all evil…not that Dal Soon is aware of this. But given all the hints dropped about Jang and his relationship with Jung Woo and all this…how can she think he’ll accept Geum Hee’s daughter? She goes to see Geum Hee and Gi Chul tries to block her. These two start bickering about Chang Hee and Hae Joo. Ahhh, these two are oil and water. Gi Chul then reveals that Chang Hee is planning on marrying In Hwa and this makes Dal Soon livid since Chang Hee only just broke up with Hae Joo. She pushes past Gi Chul and walks into the Jang house. Dal Soon quickly says that she lied. Say what? Dal Soon then says that Hae Joo is really Geum Hee’s daughter Yoo Jin. This floors both Geum Hee and Gi Chul. But I doubt Geum Hee will believe her because its after the DNA results. But you never know.

I’m ready for the secrets to just be done with. No more sweeping them under the rug. Let’s unearth the skeletons and let them dance in broad daylight. It’s long past due. I have this niggling suspicion that even if Chang Hee tells Hae Joo she can come back, she won’t as she will already be pursuing her dream with San this time.


  • Chang Hee and In Hwa why must you be like that? Does Chang Hee still like Hae Joo? I hope they don’t extend this drama I don’t think I can handle more twists and turns I want a good ending XD

    • Because Chang Hee has gone over to the dark side 😛 And In Hwa…is really annoying. She’s nearly 30 and yet acts sooooo much like a spoiled child.

      And I thought that an extension was already confirmed, which makes me wonder how far down in the toilet they can take the plot. I HOPE we get a good ending. We’ll just have to wait and see.

      • An extension? My brain can’t process this possibility! The state of my mind:
        “The Scream” by Munch.

        “…makes me wonder how far down in the toilet they can take the plot…” – I second that! This idea bears her own fascination :D!

        Il Moon is actually one of the more interesting protagonists. The mean selfcentered spoiled brat combined with some (very) small sparkles of a normal human being who wants to be loved and treated with sincerity for a change. Even if it comes in form of frankness and little greedyness from Young Joo.

        Bong Hee – Thank you! Your part brings some live in this big bunch of misery!!

        Does anybody detect any chemistry between Hae Joo and San?
        I constantly get only strong buddy-vibes. It would just suit this drama when the final match doesn’t kindle some real romance in the drama-air. 😀

        • I know…my brain when I heard extension…”crickets chirping”…say what?

          Il Moon. I love him. I hate him. He’s mostly all bad, but those little glimmers…it makes him more of a well-rounded character than some of our leads. Will Young Joo be able to save him from himself? Will he really be able to screw Jang and his entire family over? I think the only person he DOESN’T hate is In Hwa, but give it time if she ends up with Chang Hee since he loathes Chang Hee so much.

          Bong Hee (and Jung Woo and their relationship) are the lighthouse saving us from the sea of misery and melodrama (along with the precious few cute moments we get of San).

          As for chemistry…they do have a very strong FRIEND chemistry as they are so alike and their thinking is sympatico, but them being a believable couple? Actually, I’m not sure that’s possible and that has nothing to do with Hae Joo being hung up on her supposed first love. I really don’t think she has all that great chemistry with either male.

  • i feel so attach to KS character now because i do have the same experience like him. Growing up without parents and keeping the pain all by himself and living life normally… for some people they may think this drama is only for entertainment and not real, but for me it’s different because it happen to me in reality. i can really feel the pain that KS is going through ….

    • I kind of know what he’s going through as well. I grew up without my parents and was raised by my paternal grandparents. So, I have a very strong attachment to them. I can only imagine how horrible it would feel to know they did something to hurt my father and that something led to his death (my father is alive and well, but we have just lived apart my entire life). It would be a very devastating and painful blow.
      It is interesting, but real life can mimic or be even worse that what is portrayed in dramas and movies.

  • same here 😀 … i grow up with my paternal parents too.. my dad past away when i was 5, my mom remarried against my grandsparents will so i end up growing apart from her and not seeing her for 15 years because i was forbid to… that kind of exprience was very close to what happen to KS so i kind of undersrand him will. I’m quite sure he can still live happily because time itself can heal the wound that cause by the past as long as you don’t keep hate in your heart and face the reality. This is base on my experience so i’m quite confident it could also works in dramas hehehe 😀

    • I got to live with mine thanks to the big “D” – divorce. Shortly after my parents split, my dad was sent overseas and remained there until my sister and I graduated from college. So we didn’t have a relationship with him at all really and my sister and I were estranged from our mother until her death this past February. My maternal side and paternal side just couldn’t get along. But…I think we did okay and turned out well in spite of everything. If we can, why can’t people in dramaland? 😛

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