May Queen Episode 21 Recap

Time for the song dedication! I was really having a hard time deciding which song really fits this episode and Chang Hee’s progression into deeper soulless monster territory. So…which one to choose. I’m basing these songs slightly off of the lyrics, but also on the videos which I think are very fitting. The first that came to mind was Tritops’s “I’m a Bad Boy” which if you have seen the MV is really disturbing. Then I thought of Brian Joo’s “Let This Die.” I think both songs are fitting…well…with the exception that Chang Hee doesn’t seem to be as tortured yet as the people in these songs…but he’s getting there, ne?

So, I’m not 100% certain, but I do believe this recap for May Queen episode 21 will be a wee bit on the shorter side. While there was stuff happening…it actually didn’t seem like a whole heckuva lot happens. Why? Because we’re still going in circles chasing our tails.

We open with Dal Soon confessing everything to Hae Joo and telling her to get out and go to her real family. Dal Soon tries to play it like Hae Joo is this burden and that she doesn’t really love her eldest daughter, but we all know that isn’t true, especially when Dal Soon slips and says that she’s sick of seeing the Chun family survive off of Hae Joo’s sweat and blood. That right there is a clear indicator of Dal Soon truly loving her daughter as she wants Hae Joo to live a good and proper life. I also can’t believe Dal Soon is blaming herself for the breakup between Hae Joo and Chang Hee—I had no idea she actually thought it was her fault.

Anywho, we cut to San who reads the book that his father sent(?) to Hak Soo. In it, Woon explains about the pressure and how he was not happy with his life. Enter San’s mother. She was a breath of fresh air who brought joy to him. When his father opposed the union and even sent men after San’s mother, that’s when Woon and she ran off to Japan. Woon explains in a latter to Hak Soo that he was not giving up his country forever as he wished to prove Hak Soo’s theory. A year after their flight to Japan, his wife had San. They were extremely happy at this time. Unfortunately, Kang sent men after them and used force to steal San away from them. This led to a deep depression for both parents and it’s not long after that they died. Now…I’m not saying the memorandums are completely fabricated and that Kang isn’t capable of doing something like that…but it doesn’t seem quite right to me. I’m sure the book is authentic…but…is there some way Jang might have tampered with it? There are signs that point to the fact he might have had something to do with the Kang parents’ deaths just as there are signs that say he may be innocent. Oh, writers, you are annoying the heck out of me.

After reading this, San rushes off to see his grandfather and demands to know why he did what he did. Kang doesn’t ask just what it is San thinks he knows and just asks if his grandson knows everything now. Again, I have this niggling feeling that the two are NOT on the same page about exactly what happened. San also doesn’t give too much away when demanding to know why Kang did what he did. And didn’t his grandfather know how much he’s missed the parents he can’t remember? Kang then explains that if Woon had remained, Hae Poong would have been an even bigger empire since Woon’s intelligence could even put San’s to shame. All Woon needed was to meet the right woman. This enrages San. So this is why his grandfather wanted him to marry In Hwa? Aigoo. I know that Kang did encourage the match, but at the same time, Kang condemned Jang for using In Hwa as a ploy for business (of course that’s the same time Jang threw Kang’s past misdeeds in his face). Anywho, San states he’s angry at his grandfather for all the bad things that happened to his parents and says that he will see him no more. Awww. How sad. These two had a such a close and great relationship until now. See? This really makes me think Jang did something…but what?

Hae Joo is at the cliff where they scattered Hong Chul’s ashes. Another great emotionless sob scene. I really don’t feel the emotions she’s supposed to be feeling in these scenes, and cutting to one of Kim Yoo Jung’s great scenes where she talked about Dal Soon’s hatred of her and Hong Chul saying that no matter what they are family doesn’t help. Anywho, long story short, Hae Joo doesn’t want to believe she isn’t Hong Chul’s daughter. She recalls what her father said about blood not being the only thing that makes a family and comes to a decision. We all know what it will be because Hae Joo is Hae Joo. I can’t remember the name of the song or the singer, but I can remember the lyrics to this song: “Blood is thicker than water, but love is thicker than blood.” It’s very apropos in this case.

In Hwa is all morose about her unsuccessful first love. Geum Hee tries to comfort her and In Hwa asks after her mother’s first love. Geum Hee admits it was Jang (meh). In Hwa then says Geum Hee can’t give her any advice about getting over her first love since Geum Hee married hers. Geum Hee then admits Jang wasn’t the only man in her life. This shocks In Hwa, but she doesn’t really believe Geum Hee too much since Geum Hee did end up marrying Jang. I’m happy that Geum Hee can tell In Hwa to let the first love go and it will get better in time. Hae Joo goes to the Jang house and witnesses the touching scene between In Hwa and Geum Hee and just walks away.

She heads back home and Dal Soon demands to know why she’d comeback. Hae Joo explains that she’s spent 27 years with that family. They are all she knows and all she wants to be with. Dal Soon I think is relieved that Hae Joo did choose them, but also very sad that Hae Joo isn’t going to try to rightfully claim what is hers and live a better life. Of course, how could Dal Soon know that Hae Joo making her existence known to the Jang family as Geum Hee’s long lost daughter could put Hae Joo in mortal jeopardy?

Jang’s worried about Il Moon, but Chang Hee says they have a 48 hour window in which to set Jung Woo up for fabricating evidence and even accepting money from the vendors. Great. Chang Hee keeps getting lower and lower in his pursuit for revenge. There are times when we see a smidgen of what could be possibly a guilty conscience, but they are so few and far between and are quickly placed with the soulless mask or the grinning evil mask (okay, not grinning, but smirking evil). Meanwhile, Jung Woo and fellow prosecutor are doing their best to rile Il Moon up. Jung Woo knows exactly which nerve to hit—inheritance. Does Il Moon really think Jang will let him take over the family business? Especially now that he’s brought the capable Chang Hee in? Omo. Great job samchoon! Il Moon’s hesitation shows that Jung Woo has pressed the right button. I don’t know why, I kind of like Il Moon. He’s a lost little boy deep at heart…unlike Chang Hee who has just given up on everything to make the people who made him suffer all his life suffer for all that they did to him and his father.

Young Joo and Jin Joo arrive home from school and Hae Joo immediately confronts Young Joo about the watch and bag. When Young Joo mouths off about Hae Joo not being her sister, she gets rapped on the head with knuckles and Jin Joo and Hae Joo say they share the same father. Looks like Hae Joo and Dal Soon are going to keep the secret of Hae Joo’s not being a Chun at all. Young Joo then explains about Il Moon and Hae Joo tells her to never see him again. Young Joo quickly agrees. I wonder if she would really stop meeting with him or not? I like their scenes together, so I really hope that she does keep meeting him (and that Il Moon can have a change of heart and stop being the selfish brat that he is). Anywho, Hae Joo then worries about her useless oppa who refuses to come home.

Sang Tae hungrily wanders the streets. He sees two boys playing video games and says that he’ll get revenge for the one who lost as long as they give him their leftover snacks. Yeah, in the end he gets his rear kicked by the other kid and they go off angry. Enter San who had been morosely staring out at the sea until Sang Tae called him. Sang Tae begs for money and San won’t give him any as Sang Tae should work to get the money. Doesn’t he know how difficult Hae Joo’s life has been thanks to him? San then says that he was going to put Sang Tae in charge of materials after a month, but looks like that’s not happening now. He then gives Sang Tae a bucket and tells him to beg in style after putting a few coins in it. The recalcitrant Sang Tae runs after him.

Sang Tae does end up going home and is shocked to see just how well Hae Joo treats him after what he’s done to her. He tears up as she even prepared his favorite foods for him. It’s taken him forever, but it looks like he’s finally reaching the point that Dal Soon did—he recognizes now how much Hae Joo has done for him and the family. I think he’ll be treating her better (hopefully) from now one. I like how she actually gave him permission to quit his job since the work is too hard and how he insisted that he’ll keep doing it. Finally you numbskull. It’s about time he gets his act together.

Geum Hee is really worried about Il Moon. Jang tells her not to worry as their son will be all right. He thinks Jung Woo is doing this because of Jang’s and Geum Hee’s past and something that happened. WHAT? Did Geum Hee cheat on Hak Soo? Argh! These allusions with explanations are really starting to get on my nerves. We then cut to Jung Woo who has finally got Il Moon talking a little when Chang Hee shows up. Jung Woo says that given the law, Chang Hee can’t meet with Il Moon since he can obstruct the investigation. Chang Hee then throws a different law at Jung Woo and he caves and gives the two younger men an hour. Chang Hee declares he needs two. After they leave Chang Hee tells Il Moon to keep his lips sealed and only say what Chang Hee tells him, too. He then asks if Il Moon told Jung Woo anything. Il Moon nervously lies. Does Chang Hee pick up on that at all? Meanwhile, Jung Woo is furious that his partner couldn’t delay Chang Hee just a little bit longer.

Hae Joo goes into Jung Woo’s room and takes out some clothes for him. She then picks up the picture on his bookcase, seeing her father for the first time. She then heads off to his office. Jung Woo apologizes for making her come out there to bring him clothes. He then tells her about Il Moon. Hae Joo is worried that this all happened because of what she and San said. Jung Woo says that isn’t the case. Hae Joo then asks about his brother, surprising Jung Woo. He does happily talk about how great his brother was and how his murder is a bruise for Jung Woo that won’t go away since the mystery behind his death is unanswered. But why the sudden interest? Hae Joo refuses to tell anyone the truth about who she is. She then says that she is grateful to have him as her uncle. Jung Woo repeats the same for him having her as his niece. Can you imagine his reaction when he finds out she’s his flesh and blood niece?

San reads more of his father’s journal and how his father came to desire to learn how to build ships for oil exploration and drilling. I think that’s one of the reasons that Hak Soo and Woon were so close. Hak Soo was in the oil business and Woon wanted to help Hak Soo find the oil that was possibly buried in the waters of their home country. Hae Joo gets home and takes Jung Woo’s picture and puts it with Hong Chul’s. She is happy to have had two wonderful fathers. It’s like she’s bringing them to meet one another. Kind of cute.

Jang asks Hae Joo into his office to talk about San. I know she was pressured by Jang, but I think it was bad that she did confirm San was planning on building azimuth thrusters. I’m sure Jang knows that’s the reason San bought the propeller plant, but at the same time, it’s really bad that Hae Joo caves and admits it. Jang says that she doesn’t have to do her regular work duties and should just concentrate on building the propeller with San. She leaves and Jang puts his hands through his fake hair and gives a little evil chuckle. Well…that’s after he tells Choi to give the plant workers whatever they want secretly—no invisibly. Aigoo. I have a bad feeling their could be a factory disaster like in CYHMH. Although…that was in the next to final episode for that series…

Sick. Gi Chul makes me sick. He quickly takes over polishing In Hwa’s car when she comes out. He brags about how she needn’t worry over Il Moon since his Chang Hee’s the best. In Hwa mouths off under her breath and drives off. Chang Hee and Jung Woo have a stare down. Jung Woo thinks he has the upper hand, but the people that come in aren’t his men with Il Moon’s arrest warrant, but higher ups from a special investigation unit in the prosecutor’s office who have received a complaint about Jung Woo’s corruption. Nice play, Chang Hee, nice play. And even though Jae Hee doesn’t smile in that scene as Jung Woo stares at him, I swear it looks like he’s smirking. Jang congratulates Chang Hee on a job well done. Chang Hee says its too early to celebrate as they don’t know who will take over Jung Woo’s position—besides given  Jung Woo’s track record, it’s unlikely that the prosecutor’s office will get rid of him. Jang doesn’t care, you leave that part of the matter to him.

San is once again staring morosely out at the sea near his boat when In Hwa comes up. Is he happy with Hae Joo now that she’s broken up with Chang Hee? San looks sad and tells In Hwa (after the other girl unjustly says that Hae Joo must be really happy dating San in the open now—as if they had dated behind anyone’s back before *shakes head*) that Hae Joo is in a lot of pain right now. The wounds and scars Chang Hee left behind go quite deep. Until Hae Joo can honestly smile brightly once more, San needs to stay by her side. In Hwa says she is in pain as well…um…not so much, no. I’m not saying there’s nothing to her puppy love for San, but the pains of In Hwa are nothing compared to the pains of the unfortunate trio. she then cries and holds onto San. Can’t he love her? She just might waiver if he keeps this up and all she wants is to be with the one she loves and be loved in return. Is that too much to ask for? San’s heart aches that she’s sad because of him and he wishes to comfort her, but he stops himself. It’s a good thing because comforting her will give her false hope.

In Hwa’s distracted when she goes to the store so she accidentally backs into someone else’s car. The man jumps out and starts yelling at her and how he’s hurt (from a very minor fender bender). In Hwa speaks up for herself and how she’s not easy and he can’t play her. When the man goes to slap her, enter Chang Hee who grabs his arm and forces him to his knees. The man quickly agrees to have In Hwa take care of the only the minor repair bills. Chang Hee lets him go and gives him his old business card. Seeing that Chang Hee’s a prosecutor, the man quickly runs away after saying he won’t pursue the matter further. In Hwa demands to know why he’s there and Chang Hee picks up a bag off the ground and says he brought her a present since he didn’t come to the store opening. In Hwa takes it and throws it away, but after her employee leaves, she takes it out of the trash and opens it. It’s an ice skater in a glass case that you wind up and they skate around. Also included is a post-it note where Chang Hee says that was her most beautiful time. Blech. In Hwa smiles and says he has good taste. This girl…is a completely innocent idiot.

San goes to the shipyard and looks at the drill ship. He then notices Hae Joo on her bike doing the same thing. Omo. These two are soooooo alike. The two see each other and San says that he’s come to believe the drill ship is his fate. His father wanted to build one and now that desire has been passed down to San. Hae Joo says he’ll need a shipyard for that. Yep. She then reveals that she has come to believe its her fate as well because of her “fathers” she has an interest in shipbuilding and oil. San catches her pluralization, but Hae Joo doesn’t explain anything. The two then head off side by side on their bikes to go to the propeller plant (the scene does seem kind of corny and cheesy with the two looking at each other as they ride side by side). They go to the plan where Hae Joo starts working on her miniature azimuth models.

At the Jang house, everything is in an uproar as they prepare for Il Moon’s arrival. He comes home and Geum Hee immediately rushes over to him and acts like the overly concerned mother that she’s wont to act like. Jang tells her that she needn’t have worried and Geum Hee thanks Chang Hee for saving her precious son. Meanwhile, Hae Joo comes home and is shocked to find Jung Woo there working around the house. Jung Woo explains he was suspended. He then tells Hae Joo that it’s a good thing she broke up with Chang Hee…um…actually, it’s the other way around. Why does everyone keep saying she did it when it was Chang Hee who did it? It’s a semantics thing, I know, but when they say it like that, it sounds like she was the breaker instead of breakee. This floors Hae Joo. Chang Hee did what to her precious uncle? She rushes off into the night and comes across the happy party scene and Chang Hee’s attention to In Hwa. She does nothing again at this time. [I won’t comment on the party scene—it kind of made me sick.]

Best scene ever: Bong Hee returns from Japan and sees Jung Woo waiting for her. This makes her happy, but she’s got to play it cool. She links arms with a passerby and pretends he’s her lover. She then pretends not to know Jung Woo. He calls her a kid who hasn’t grown up yet and follows after her. She finally drops the façade when she hears that he’s been suspended. Why? Why? Why? Jung Woo then takes her luggage and heads to her car with running after him like always. Ahhhh, these two are my breath of fresh air after all the BS.

The next day Hae Joo rushes into the office not even greeting anyone. She immediately slams into Chang Hee’s and demands to know how he could do such a thing. Chang Hee reminds her to separate work and personal lives, but Hae Joo won’t listen. Chang Hee then tells her to follow him. In Hwa catches sight of them (looks like she’s got a return gift for Chang Hee) and sneaks after them. Hae Joo demands Chang Hee reveal the truth right now as Hae Joo already knows Jung Woo wasn’t lying about Il Moon’s misdeeds—she’d confirmed them herself. Chang Hee asks who she is to tell him what to do. I love it when she compares him to being as bad as his lowly father—it’s true. Chang Hee looks up and catches sight of In Hwa who ducks behind a see-through wall. Yeah…you’re SO hidden there. Chang Hee looks unhappy that she’s there and you know he’s going to do something he’ll regret (hopefully) later. He turns and slaps Hae Joo. Oh…and he fires her. Way to go, Chang Hee. You single handedly have done everything you can to essentially destroy the woman you love… intentionally or not.

And that’s where we end. I won’t comment on the slap except to say that even if Chang Hee felt he was cornered, he shouldn’t have done that even if he did it “against his will” to keep In Hwa from believing he still loves Hae Joo. Aigoo. Soulless monster indeed. It looks like In Hwa might be developing an honest affection for Chang Hee. I don’t know why as, sure he’s done some nice…I guess…things to her of late…but there is NO real emotion behind it at all. I guess she’s got sucker tattooed across her forehead…or was that gullible?


  • Thank you for the recap!
    I still need to watch the episodes from this weekend but what I can read here – there won’t be some kind of improvement to this drama. It keeps annoying. 😀
    And we keep watching it. Ohhh boy! What does this fact tell about us?! Better not thinking about…. 😉

    That Chang Hee framed Jung Woo. AND slapped Hae Joo…. two painful surprises!
    I would’ve thougt he would manipulate things without going against Jung Woo. That his conscience would draw a line.

    • I was hoping that Chang Hee would find ways without hurting San, Hae Joo, or Jung Woo, but nope. I guess all we can say is that when he said he’d become a worse devil than even Jang Do Hyun, he meant it. I think he has a few pangs of conscience, but not enough to keep him going full steam ahead. Chang Hee, Chang Hee, selfish to the bitter end?

  • Someone should make a video montage of Hae Joo getting slapped! Never, NEVER have I ever seen a leading lady getting slapped over and over again. This is not “May Queen” this is “Slap Queen”..

    Thanks for the recap! I love forward to it every week!

    • You’re welcome! I’m glad you do.
      I have to laugh because everyone has started to label this “Slap Queen” due to Hae Joo’s many slaps in youth and now. Hmm…I don’t know about slaps, but I have seen leading ladies who were constantly getting abused in some form or another. Poor Kim Yoo Jung in her Gumiho role never had a day of peace from someone beating her, getting into an accident, or someone trying to kill her.

  • Yeah i think CH finally jumped the shark with me. I am all to tolerate assiness but slapping the girl after going after cool uncle? I have stated that i wasn’t a fan of her character, but was that necessary? I mean he could have gotten his point accross and play IH around (another dumbo that one) without resorting to violence especially when he told IH that he doesn’t hit women. I guess he can only hit HJ cause she’s not a woman now *sarcasm* It’s one thing i have issues with many Kdramas. The easiness they have with showcasing violence agaisnt women, and they make it worse when they have it with the OTP of said drama when the guy slaps the girl just cause she was annoying like that makes it okay or something. Looking at you New Tales of Gisaeng.

    CH he kinda reminding me of the Phantom in Ghost. The guy started in a revenge path then turned into a sociopathic murderer. This whole convincing yourself that it’s worth it as long as i get my revenge and the power that comes with it, i can kill anyone even my girlfriend. At this point, i wouldn’t put past to CH to resort to murder without blinking. *shudders*

    • I mean he could have gotten his point accross and play IH around (another dumbo that one) without resorting to violence especially when he told IH that he doesn’t hit women.

      Yeah, got to love it that he’s proving to In Hwa that Hae Joo is no longer a woman in his eyes (if she ever was given his lies to In Hwa about how he was only with Hae Joo because she was within his reach while In Hwa was above him.

      I’ve only watched the first episode of New Tales with Gisaeng so I don’t know how bad that drama is. And I’ve only caught the first few episodes of Ghost. I have to say that their is a fine line with revenge that gets crossed very easily in dramas and movies. You’re one step away from psychopathic murder or becoming a complete sociopath. I can also see how others say that he’s protecting her by doing this…but we all know that protection isn’t his goal. As much as he might not (which it actually didn’t look like he struggled with himself too hard here) like what he did, it was NOT to protect Hae Joo, but to protect his precious revenge scheme from going awry. I wish that this guy could have chose the road San did. San won’t take innocent people down with him if he can help it. His goal is Jang and Jang alone…oh…and to get back what’s rightfully his of course.

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