AA 2012 Comeback – Teaser #10

So the last three teasers were just audio teasers. While the first had a peaceful melody with a dance undertone, the last two were straight up dance tracks. I admit to wanting a few more audio teasers with vocals and an actual video teaser. But with this last teaser comes the expectation that we’ll get their new music video soon.

I wonder why they chose Hoik to be all in black in his last teaser when all the other members where dressed in white? Not loving this style on him. It looks like he’s wearing a garbage bags put together to make an ill-fitting shirt. But then again…some of the styles kpop groups use make me wonder just what their stylists were thinking when they dressed them in such clothing (NU’EST and those big ruffled collars and bows for their first follow-up after “FACE” promotions were ending still makes me shudder).

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