AA 2012 Comeback – Teaser #9

The 9th teaser for AA’s 2012 comeback features a picture of member Joowon with a heavy dance track. As much as I do love AA (hence why I keep posting all their audio teasers), I have to say that this snippet doesn’t sound too spectacular to me. Why? If you look at the current trend of kpop, it’s very club/dance heavy beats that all start sounding the same. They are beating this genre to death and it starts making all the songs coming out after the initial newness has worn off sound redundant and cookie cutter. Oh, there are exceptions, but they are few and far between. Just my opinion. It’s kind of like how all of T-ARA’s recent songs pretty much sound exactly the same to me.

Ah well. Love Joowon-ssi. I can’t wait to actually hear more of his vocals as he does have a very sweet voice. And his rapping isn’t bad either. I liked how when their debut song came out he referenced himself as “tick tock hyung.” I also don’t really have any complains about his style. It’s nice, simple, and even if he’s fading into the background, there’s no weird collars are shiny metallic accessories.

Only one more teaser to go. Why, why is Hoik always last? And after the last teaser, we will get the title track MV and their official comeback! Who’s excited?

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