Full House Take 2 Episode 1.2 Recap

Woohoo. This show is fun. With all the melodramas lately, I’m happy to be watching this little comedic gem. The show is split into half hour parts and three episodes are considered part of one episode. So this is technically the 2nd episode, but it’s also the 2nd part of episode 1.

No Min Woo, Park Ki Woong

Needless to say, Tae Ik is upset over the kiss. He hits him and Kang Hwi gets angry that his face was hit. How can Tae Ik hit a celebrity’s face? Tae Ik doesn’t care, just what did Kang Hwi think he was doing kissing him? Kang Hwi won’t explain himself and just says that things like that can happen at concerts, too. He then does state that Tae Ik should be thanking his life saver, not hitting him. When Tae Ik goes to lunge for him again, Kang Hwi says not the face and slaps his butt. LOL. Ahhhh, LOVE Park Ki Woong! When they realize reporters are outside, things calm down a bit and Tae Ik storms off. The manager then asks Kang Hwi what will happen if Tae Ik decides to leave Take One. Kang Hwi says he doesn’t care and then points to his face—will it be all right?

Park Ki WoongNo Min WooPark Ki Woong

Tae Ik is in a limo with Bum Soo who urges him to take president Lee Joon’s call. Joon tells him that he will take care of Kang Hwi, but Tae Ik will not be placated. He refuses to work with him anymore. Joon looks at the video footage of the onstage kiss and makes a face. Yes, Kang Hwi was a bit out of line today. Joon referring to the kiss as a performance really ticks Tae Ik off. The video already has over 10,000 hits. The media may not have reported on it, but its only a matter of time. Joon says he will suppress the media, but that doesn’t reassure Tae Ik any as the video is still out there and people will talk. Joon assures him that they can bury the video—doesn’t Tae Ik trust him? Tae Ik assures Joon that he trusts him which is the only reason he’s at that company. However, he can’t take Kang Hwi anymore. Someone who would disappear just before the concert and pull such a stunt on stage—Tae Ik can’t stand that person any more. This upsets Joon. So Tae Ik means he’ll break up the duo?

Lee Hoon

Tae Ik then reminds Joon that Joon promised to let him go when he was ready. Joon recalls the promise, but he refuses to let Tae Ik go as Tae Ik still hasn’t made him enough money. Tae Ik refutes this and Joon yells that’s why he gave Tae Ik his share. This shuts Tae Ik up. Joon asks if all Tae Ik wants is the house back? If Tae Ik wants the full property, then he has to shut his mouth and listen to Joon and stay in Take One. Wowza. Looks like something unfortunate might have happened to the Lee family and they lost everything. Joon then says that whether or not Tae Ik has done his worth is up for Joon to decided and NOT Tae Ik.

Lee Hoon

We then cut to Kang Hwi and the manager. Kang Hwi is really worried about his face and Tae Ik’s punch leaving a mark. What will he do? Enter stylist Choi. Kang Hwi warns her to get away before Tae Ik sees her otherwise she will be fired on the spot. Choi holds up a bag and says she will leave after she delivers it as Tae Ik hasn’t removed his makeup yet and his face will break out badly if he doesn’t. Kang Hwi once again urges her to leave before Tae Ik sees her and tries to kill her. Too late. Here comes Tae Ik. I must stop here briefly to say that I really am enjoying Min Woo’s facial expressions as Tae Ik. That slightly curled lip as he asks Choi to see him for a bit…love it! Okay. Enough fangirling over facial expressions.

In the living room, Tae Ik asks Choi if she’s forgotten that if anything isn’t 100% (cotton, water, silk, etc.) it will affect his sensitive body. Choi says she knows it. Tae Ik jumps up and angrily says if she knew that, then why did she put that scarf on him. Kang Hwi then speaks up for their stylist. It was his scarf originally, wasn’t it? Choi then starts crying and Kang Hwi puts his arm around Choi and tries to escort her out, but Tae Ik isn’t done. Don’t they know that he faints on the spot when he has an allergic reaction? He again states that he can’t just wear anything on his body like they can. Don’t they know his body is a luxury? Snort. I had to laugh at that comment. Choi then speaks up—she’s angry now. What luxury? What kind of guy with a luxurious body would make her get samples instead of full products? She then dumps her bag out on the floor. She didn’t want to say anything and be disrespectful before, but he really sucks. He has nothing, but thinks he’s so great because he’s a star. Choi wishes him a long healthy life and storms out.

Kang Hwi looks at the scattered samples all over the floor. How can a Hallyu [Korean Wave] star use samples like that. Just what did Tae Ik do with all of his money? If he needed something, he should have just asked Kang Hwi to buy it for him. The angry Tae Ik just yells at him to get out. Kang Hwi can’t—his room is just over there. Tae Ik then yells at him to get in his room then. Kang Hwi then shouts back—why did Tae Ik insist on wearing that scarf to begin with when he knows that it wasn’t 100% silk? He was wheezing and everything. He couldn’t take the scarf off because his hands were shaking, right? Kang Hwi then says that Tae Ik should be grateful since Kang Hwi basically saved his life. Tae Ik looks over and Kang Hwi says that he has a good personality and all, but do you think he really wanted to kiss Tae Ik? Nope. Just recalling that moment makes him want to puke. Kang Hwi storms off and it looks like Tae Ik finally gets what he was talking about. He then picks up all of his samples only to angrily throw them on the ground.

The boys arrive back to Korea amongst screaming fans (one of them being Man Ok’s good friend who faints at the sight of them). Kang Hwi puts his arm around Tae Ik yet again and the other man tries to keep his smile in place, but you can tell he’s uncomfortable. The two then go back to the office where Joon scolds Kang Hwi and warns him not to pull another stunt like that as he will be banned from television as rumors are already spreading that he’s gay. Kang Hwi doesn’t get why people are making a big deal out of one little kiss. Even superheroes kiss each other and all. Joon then reminds Kang Hwi that he will be shooting a children’s program. Kang Hwi immediately protests. Why does he get all the hard stuff (this program means he’ll be washing dishes and looking after the kids) while Tae Ik gets CFs? Tae Ik puts on a smug smile and says even if he doesn’t do what Kang Hwi does, he still gives kids hopes and dreams. Ah the arrogance of this pair is really unparalleled.

Kang Hwi then points out that he has more children fans than Tae Ik. When he goes out on Star King [Korean variety show], he has LOTS of kid fans. Tae Ik says that’s great. That’s why Kang Hwi can do that show. Shouldn’t the one that’s popular go? These two never cease their bickering. It’s cute. They may not get along, but I think they do genuinely like and care for each other deep down. Joon then yells at them to stop their fighting and whining. Joon then points out that Kang Hwi shouldn’t complain and just do what he tells him to. After all, this show is to clean up Kang Hwi’s image and stop the gay rumors. Does he understand? Tae Ik’s smile soon goes away when Joon starts scolding him. Yet another stylist is gone within three months. What is Tae Ik going to do? People know about his bad personality, so who will want to be his stylist? Tae Ik glibly replies he’ll do it himself if there isn’t any one who will take him on as he doesn’t need a stylist who doesn’t know how to treat his body. Kang Hwi points out that Tae Ik’s a bad dresser anyways. They can just go without a stylist. LOL. Especially since Kang Hwi picks out all his own clothes anyways. If looks could like, Kang Hwi would be dead.

We then cut to Man Ok and her friend. They clothes are almost all gone and they have a lot of money already. If this keeps up, they’ll be rich soon, right? When Man Ok asks about the internet sales, her friend isn’t looking at their store, but the news report about Kang Hwi being in love with Tae Ik. LOL. Man Ok gets angry and calls her friend Kang Hwi’s wife. Look at the store for new orders. Her friend says he will as soon as she’s done scoping out the news article. Man Ok slams the laptop cover closed and grounds out that she doesn’t think her friend must have heard her. Her friend says that Man Ok is really money crazy and goes to their store. Man Ok points out that its her friend who gets a share in the money as well. Her friend then says that someone posted a picture and Man Ok quickly goes to look. There is a guy in stylish outfit with a smiley face covering his head. Man Ok’s friend comments that he’s slim like Kang Hwi, but probably hiding his face since its ugly. Man Ok then wonders if they should hire a model for their men’s line to help them sell. When Man Ok learns the cost of hiring a part time worker for modeling, she decides not to do it.

We then get to see Man Ok fondling a mannequin. It looks so wrong, but you know she’s probably only doing it because she’s considering buying it for her men’s line. Man Ok is happy to hear it only costs $180. The woman says she wouldn’t be adverse to more. Man Ok then hands over the cash stating she has given her more than the asking price and leaves. The woman absentmindedly counts the money and is shocked to see that there’s $80 more than asked for. She goes to catch Man Ok and realizes the mannequin is gone. LOL. I guess she assumed Man Ok meant the entire outfit and NOT the mannequin itself. True, when you go to a clothing store, it’s not like they expect people to want the mannequin over the clothes.

On her way out, Man Ok cuddles with the mannequin and congratulates “Billy” on being the new male model for her Manokine’s clothing store. It looks so wrong as it looks like Man Ok is treating him like a boyfriend versus a mannequin even though you know that’s not her intention. A video clip of Take One performing catches her eye and she tells Billy that he will be a great fashionista like Kang Hwi. And wouldn’t you know, Kang Hwi is right beside her and Billy complimenting himself. Again, he’s a loveable narcissist. Man Ok goes to leave with Billy and knocks right into Kang Hwi (because she can’t see him over the mannequin she’s carrying). His hat goes flying and his sunglasses go askew. Man Ok picks up his hat and apologizes. Unfortunately his fans recognize him and swarm. Man Ok takes the initiative and starts swinging Billy around like crazy. The fangirls back away and she tells Kang Hwi to quickly run away. You don’t have to tell him twice.

Kang Hwi takes off followed by a gaggle of fans. When he hits a dead end, he’s saved by Man Ok who takes him by the hand and drags him to an area where few people go to. Just as she says that, the crowd comes their way. Man Ok tells Kang Hwi to take off his jacket. He does so and poses with mannequin Billy with his hat covering his face while Man Ok hides inside the store with his jacket. Why couldn’t he just go and hide in the store, too? She goes out and tells him when the fans have all gone. She apologizes as this is all because of Billy knocking down Kang Hwi’s hat. She also gives him back his clothes and Kang Hwi praises her for her quick thinking.

The two are in the parking garage and Kang Hwi apologizes for having to leave without treating her as a thank you for her help, but he has a show to record. Man Ok tells him that’s all right and to quickly leave before he’s recognized once again. Kang Hwi then asks for her number so he can send her complimentary tickets the next time they put on a concert. This excites Man Ok since her friend is a HUGE fan. Kang Hwi asks her name and Man Ok gives him her friend’s thinking that’s what he meant. She tells him her friend’s name is Han Ga Ryung. Kang Hwi states he meant her name and is surprised to learn it’s Jang Man Ok, which is apparently the name of a famous Chinese actor. He hands over his phone and asks her to put in her number. She does so and he happily checks her out. When he gets the phone back, he saves the information and says that it’s a pretty name and she has great style. It’s a pleasure to meet her. He promises he’ll call and takes off. Kang Hwi watches her in the review mirror while she waves and again says she’s pretty. Looks like he’s taken a shine to her.

Meanwhile, Tae Ik is on his way to the shoot and is on his phone saying Kang Hwi had better not be late yet again. Kang Hwi promises he will make it there on time. Kang Hwi also tells Tae Ki to worry about himself as Kang Hwi will definitely arrive on time. This raises Tae Ki’s competitive spirit and he angrily yells into his phone that if Kang Hwi is latea it’s the end of him. He then tells his manager to step on the gas so he can make it to the recording before Kang Hwi. Eyeroll. Just how old are these guys anyways? At this moment the van goes screeching to a hault. Why? The manger explains the light is red. Oh. The van then coughs and dies. Tae Ik is immediately concerned. Car trouble? The embarrassed manger looks back and sheepishly replies they are out of gas. LMAO. How can you be on your way to somewhere important without making sure you have enough gas?

The manager calls in for help and the anxious Tae Ik asks how long. 20 minutes. Are you kidding? Did the manager call the quick service? The manager then sees an approaching scooter and thinks it’s the help already. Nope. It’s Man Ok with Billy riding behind her. The manager and Tae Ik stare at her as she comes to a stop when the light turns red. Well…it’s an interesting scene you don’t see too often. Anywho, Tae Ik notices the sticker on her scooter which sports the band’s logo. Of course, this sticker is located so that Man Ok thinks he’s looking at her legs. She angrily gets off her scooter as he takes off his sunglasses. She is shocked when she recognizes just who he is. He says she knows him and she states she does. He then asks for a favor since it appears she’s their fan. He’s in a hurry and needs to use her scooter. The amazed Man Ok unthinkingly agrees, but then recalls something about her grandfather. She refuses and goes to get on her scooter, but Tae Ik isn’t taking no for an answer since he has to go to a live recording. Man Ok then replies that really isn’t his fan and is in a bit of a hurry herself. She then also asks why he’s lying since she recalls Kang Hwi telling her it was pre-recorded. Tae Ik doesn’t answer and just pushes her off the scooter. He says that he’s sorry and will give her his signature later. Man Ok cannot believe his audacity. She says the helmet won’t fit him properly, but he puts it on and takes off with Billy falling off the back. Billy’s arm breaks and she screams after Tae Ik calling him a thief. His manger apologizes timidly, but the angry Man Ok flips the poor guy.

Bum Soo come and gives Man Ok a ride. He apologizes profusely and says they will make it up to her, but Man Ok is having none of it. She needs to be wherever she has to be in 20 minutes or she’s dead meat. Bum Soo promises to get her there on time. Man Ok says if he doesn’t then she is reporting Tae Ik for scooter theft. Omo. What a scandal. A top star steals a scooter to make it to a show. Bum Soo can’t have that and Man Ok urges him to hurry. She makes it as the phone at the dojo starts ringing. Her grandfather asks why she is out of breath and she quickly lies that she was warming up before her next class.

She quickly hangs up after answering her grandfather’s questions as Bum Soo brings in the broken Billy. Is everything okay? No, how can it be since Billy’s arm is broken. Man Ok demands reparation and Bum Soo quickly says he’ll buy her a new one. Man Ok doesn’t need a new one, she just needs a new arm for Billy. She then apologizes to the mannequin—it must have been painful. This girl…seems to have a few screws loose. You can tell by Bum Soo’s expression that’s exactly what he’s thinking. He hands over an envelope of money as an apology. It’s gas money for her scooter. Man Ok says he really didn’t have to since such things happen in life. Is he tired? Would he like coffee? Bum Soo quickly apologizes, hands over Billy again and then pulls out a form for Man Ok to sign saying she won’t make a deal out of what happened. Man Ok quickly takes the form, has an odd smile and signs it. What’s that about? Anywho, I must say that I do like the fact that Man Ok doesn’t go crazy when she meets these two idols. I like that she’s very down-to-earth with them—it’s refreshing.

We cut to Kang Hwi who barely makes it in time. Tae Ik whose there first thanks to his pilfering of Man Ok’s scooter warns Kang Hwi that he told him what would happen if he was late. Kang Hwi apologizes—there was a lot of traffic. Tae Ik then says there’s a choreography change. If he goes left then, but Kang Hwi cuts him off. He’s not an amateur and will just follow Tae Ik’s lead. They are then told it’s time for their rehearsal. Kang Hwi claps him on the shoulder and leaves while Tae Ik just seems to be froze in shock…wae? Ah, probably because Kang Hwi didn’t listen to the change in choreography?

The rehearsal starts an things go smooth until Kang Hwi goes to the right when his part is done and gets nailed in the face by the camera. He quickly gets first aid and the show people wonder if he shouldn’t go to the hospital after being brained by the camera. Kang Hwi says that he’s fine and that his hat will cover the bandage. He then apologizes and says to start over again while Tae Ik stands in the background with that same odd expression. Okay, what is going on? We then cut to the live performance. I know Park Ki Woong can carry a tune (nothing amazingly good) but his part is just talking and Tae Ik is doing the singing. The performance parts are so low it’s really hard to hear and then you ad in the screaming girls. The performance doesn’t seem bad, but it also doesn’t seem all that coordinated or should I say, they really don’t seem like a team. But anywho, the performance ends safely without a hitch.

Afterward Tae Ik gets a bag of ice for his partner’s forehead. He looks at it and laughs kind of evilly…or maybe that’s just his childish laugh of thinking he’s done a good job for his partner. See? These two do like each other, but can’t seem to actually face each other honestly. Men. When he returns to the dressing room, he overhears Kang Hwi wondering where he is (in not very nice language). Kang Hwi complains that Tae Ik rushed off as soon as the recording finished when he should have stayed behind to look after the injured Kang Hwi. Awww, poor Tae Ik is being maligned. Of course, how can Kang Hwi know that Tae Ik rushed out to get him ice? Kang Hwi then wonders if he should continue to work with Tae Ik after all. Tae Ik throws the ice he got into a corner and gets a call from Bum Soo about the scooter.

Tae Ik meets Bum Soo and hands over the scooter keys. Bum Soo immediately scolds him about riding off on someone else’s scooter. Tae Ik asks if he should have skipped out on the recording or gotten injured like the forgetful Kang Hwi who couldn’t remember the moves. Bum Soo says that isn’t what he meant at all. Tae Ik then asks for the car keys. Bum Soo asks to go together since Tae Ik hates driving, but since Tae Ik is still smarting over Kang Hwi’s words of calling him a “sagaji” [rude way of saying jerk] Tae Ik refuses and leaves on his own.

Tae Ik arrives home where there is a deliveryman with a package. The man asks if Tae Ik lives there and when he replies that he does, the man hands the phone over to him. It’s Kang Hwi who bawls him out for going home alone while Kang Hwi is injured. Tae Ik goes to hang up the phone, but Kang Hwi tells him to please bring him the package since it’s something important. Kang Hwi then hands up and Tae Ik is livid. The deliveryman carefully grabs his phone before Tae Ik can smash it and hands the package over. It’s a package that reads “Man Ok’s Closet.” Don’t tell me that Kang Hwi’s ordered her clothes? Daebak.

Later Tae Ik is eating dinner when Kang Hwi arrives home. He immediately asks after the package while trying to snatch food from Tae Ik’s plate. Tae Ik swats his hand away and replies calmly with a smile that he threw the package out. Aigoo. Childish to the max. Tae Ik replies that he warned Kang Hwi he would show him if he was late. Still Kang Hwi can’t believe that Tae Ik would throw a limited edition item like that away. Where did he throw it. Tae Ik replies it’s recycling day so Kang Hwi better hurry. Of course, Kang Hwi gets out here as the recycling truck pulls away. He whines because it was a new design.

At the dojo, Man Ok has just finished a class when the phone ring. She rushes over and says “Man Ok’s Gymnasium.” Gymnasium? Isn’t this Man Ok’s Closet? Man Ok quickly says it is and Kang Hwi asks about the denim shirt he had ordered the other day. The size was sold out. Is there anything that can be done? It’s a limited edition, so it would be hard to order that item now. Kang Hwi replies that he really needs that shirt. Man Ok promises to look into it for him and asks for his is ID. Kang Hwi tells her it is Na Nim. He asks her to please do him the favor and please call before the delivery (to ensure Tae Ik doesn’t throw it out again). Kang Hwi hangs up and vows that Tae Ik will regret what he did. The war of childishness is on!

We then cut to Tae Ik refusing Joon’s request. Why would he go there? Joon tells Tae Ik to look at Kang Hwi—how can he go like that. Kang Hwi is sitting on the couch and playing with covering up his bandage with his hair. What can he do? And he had so been looking forward to going and playing with the kids. Tae Ik tells him that’s because Kang Hwi didn’t listen to him when he tried to explain the choreography change. Kang Hwi’s adult reply? He sticks out his tongue. Joon tells them to stop bickering and tells Tae Ik to get ready. Tae Ik refuses as he doesn’t do variety shows. Joon explains it’s not variety but a special service show with a four day broadcast slot. If they don’t do this, they lose lots of money. It will be good for Tae Ik. The young man still refuses. He hats dogs, cats, kids—all that stuff. Joon tells him that he’s never once put Tae Ik on a variety show as he always tried to listen to him and now he won’t appear on a special public service broadcast? If Tae Ik is going to act that way then he can break the contract and leave (which I’m sure means he’d have to pay out lots of moolah which he doesn’t have). Tae Ik gets up and glares at Kang Hwi before leaving and slamming the door.

At the filming site Tae Ik is dong horrible. He looks unhappy and doesn’t really want to play with the kid. The crew call a break in filming and the little boy asks why Tae Ik is giving him an evil look and won’t play with him. Tae Ik assures him that he’s not giving him a mean look. The kid then smiles and asks his hyung to play with him. Tae Ik says he will and the kid asks for a spinning ride. What’s that? The kid takes him to the middle of the room and explains that they hold hands and spin in a circle…this can’t end well. They spin faster and faster until they both crash to the ground hurting their arms. The two then cry saying their shoulders are dislocated. Omo. These two are like carbon copies with each other. The staff say they need to get them to a hospital, but the kid says he has to go to the hapkido dojo nearby, why would he go to the hospital? Tae Ik wonders why he would go to the gym when he should go to the hospital. Good question. The kid says they need to go quickly and Tae Ik’s manager replies he went to a gym for a dislocated shoulder, too once. Hmm. New one on me.

They then get to Jang’s gym. The kid rushes in calling for his teacher. Man Ok is surprised to learn the kid dislocated his shoulder yet again. Didn’t she tell him to be careful? She quickly pops it back into place. The kid thanks her and goes to leave just as Tae Ik and his manger go in. The kid then tells her that man dislocated his shoulder too. Man? What man? She looks up and gives a bright smile. Both Tae Ik and his manager look horrified. The manager even hides behind Tae Ik. LOL. Man Ok says they meet again, but Tae Ik (is he pretending?) asks who she is. She says she’s so disappointed that he doesn’t remember. His manager then explains she threw him to the ground after Tae Ik took off with her scooter. Oh…that girl. Man Ok says that her friend recently went through the pain of a dislocated shoulder, too. She then points out the mannequin with his broken arm sticking out of his coat. Tae Ik smiles and begins backing away with his manager. They should go to the hospital instead. Man Ok quickly grabs his arm and twists. She smiles in satisfaction while he cries in pain.

End part two. Ahhhh, I just love this show. It’s highly entertaining and I don’t really care that it carries the same name as the first series and the manga as I can completely divorce myself from them. It’s pure entertainment and full of silly goodness.

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