Full House Take 2 Episode 1.1 Recap

Oh, what the heck. This series is only 20 half hour episodes (I think the first 3 are out, but I only have time for 1 tonight). Apparently, the episodes are actually split into like groups of three so this episode is technically the first part of episode 1. Episode 2 will be the second part of episode 1. Confusing isn’t it? How bad can it be? Given the plot line of the drama, I’m curious to know how this qualifies to be determined as Full House. I mean, there’s a smidgen of similarities I guess…but not that many and since I haven’t read the original manga, I couldn’t tell you which one is being faithful or not.

We open with what looks like a pretty and wealthy little girl being taken to a dojo. She watches in awe and fear as an older man takes down several of his students. Afterwards when the man asks for her name, her mother the woman who brought her replies the little girl’s name is Jang Michelle. Michelle is then told to introduce herself to her grandfather. The little girl is timid and the old man tells her to lift her head, look him in the face, and speak clearly. The girl does as he says, but a little shakily. He grandfather then decrees she is no longer Jang Michelle. She’s now Jang Man Ok (Man Ok translates into full house). Michelle does not like this at all. Her mother The Woman tells her that from now one she will be living with her grandfather. She looks less than thrilled at this and takes his proffered hand with hesitation.

We then cut to a scene where Man Ok (sans long hair and in a uniform matching her grandfather’s) and her grandfather arrive at an elegant party. Just as Lee Joon [Lee Hoon who is currently starring as Yoon Jung Woo in May Queen] (a singer) is about to be introduced, the arrival of the Jangs causes a stir and the introduction is forgone as the Lees rush to greet Jang, surprised that he managed to make an appearance. Jang reports that he has a new addition to the family, so of course he had to come. Jang also comments that he had wondered why his pupil Mr. Lee hadn’t been to the dojo of late, it’s because he was building such a grand house. Man Ok introduces herself and Mrs. Lee says she knows someone with a similar name, but Man Ok is much prettier. Mrs. Lee then turns to her son Tae Ik [Ahn Do Gyu] and tells him to take Man Ok off for some refreshments. Tae Ik unhappily agrees and tells her to follow him. Man Ok straightens her spine and tells him to speak loudly and look her in the eye and say it again. LOL. Looks like she’s really taking to her grandfather’s way of life. She then smiles and grabs his hand leading him away.

The Lees compliment Jang on his pretty and happy granddaughter. Jang says he is relieved as he was afraid about how well she would do in a foreign land without her parents. So…I guess she was raised in another country and something happened where she couldn’t live with her parents any more and was sent to live with her grandfather after her parents passed away. Jang says he believes Man Ok will do just fine as the heir to the dojo. We then cut to the kids and Tae Ik drops her hand and says it’s weird. She sounds like a girl and holds his hand like a girl. Man Ok says she is a girl. This shocks Tae Ik. He points to other girls with long hair in pretty dresses—that’s what a girl looks like. Why does Man Ok have short hair and is wearing an exercise uniform? This makes Man Ok angry and she calls him an idiot before running off and leaving him alone. Ahhh, so cute.

After night falls, Tae Ik finds Man Ok kneeling on the ground and reaching under a building yelling for “Chateau.” Tae Ik asks her what that is and she only replies that Chateau is Chateau. Tae Ik then tells her to move and he gets down to help. Sweet of him to do. Tae Ik finds Chateau who is a cute white kitten. Realizing it’s a cat, Tae Ik throws it into Man Ok’s arms and immediately begins sneezing. Looks like he’s allergic. Man Ok yells at him for throwing the kitty and Tae Ik replies that she should have told him it was a cat. They call each other a fool and idiot and go their separate ways.

We then get a very rapid growing scene where we quickly see a complaining Tae Ik go from little boy to the hot bodied Noh Min Woo. He’s itching and complaining that the shirt he was given is polyester. He complains about the people who picked the clothes and pulls on a white button-down shirt. Then in a suit and wavy hair, he enters into a crowd of screaming fans when Won Kang Hwi [Park Ki Woong] comes up and puts his arm around him. Tae Ik tells him to move, but Kang Hwi keeps his arm around Tae Ik and tells him to smile in front of their fans. The two then make their way onto a bus where they immediately begin bickering. Tae Ik shakes off Kang Hwi’s arm and asks if he’s crazy. Kang Hwi can ask the same. Doesn’t Tae Ik know the popular one gets to sit at the back of the bus. Omo. It’s a huge bus with no one on it but a few staff members and the group and they are fighting over the back? Tae Ik says he knows and that’s why he’s heading back there. Thus they begin fighting. How silly.

A man goes back to stop them from bickering yet again and when Kang Hwi quotes another group’s song, Tae Ik tells him to practice their new song instead since Kang Hwi doesn’t sing it in pitch. Kang Hwa gets indignant, but then agrees he has been off pitch quite a bit, but the fans love him anyways. He could do nothing but eat an orange on stage and he’s still be okay. Wow. These two. Tae Ik asks if that makes Kang Hwi happy and continues towards the back. Kang Hwi stops him and the staff tell them to just both sit in the middle. Kang Hwi complies, but Tae Ik goes straight to the back, thus Kang Hwi has to rush to the back too. Aigoo. How old are they to still be acting so childish?

We then cut to an airport scene where Jang is going off on a trip. He tells Man Ok to take good care of the dojo and she promises. Once Jang is gone, she happily screams and rushes to the bathroom to change her clothes. She then calls her friend and says that she is finally free of training suits. LOL. We then go to a news report about Take One holding another overseas concert in China. The news report then comments on both men’s airport fashion. Kang Hwi’s put together mix and match outfit had rave reviews while Tae Ik’s tuxedo received disapproval (why would anyone where a tux on a plane?). Tae Ik comes out at this and is horrified to hear himself called a fashion terrorist. He angrily shuts the TV off and tells his partner to practice harder if he has time to watch such nonsense since Kang Hwi is squeaking while singing. Kang Hwi scolds him for not using the technical term and Tae Ik grinds out that Kang Hwi needs to fix the fact he’s off pitch or he’ll just humiliate them in China.

Kang Hwi tells him to stop being so grumpy so early in the morning. Kang Hwi then teases him over being a fashion terrorist as the root of Tae Ik’s anger. This makes him even angrier. Enter the stylist and the manager tries to usher her out, but she doesn’t listen and then Kang Hwi asks her if there is no better sponsored clothes for Tae Ik as he’s been branded a fashion terrorist now. The stylist says that she did have sponsored clothing, but Tae Ik didn’t where it as he’s very sensitive. Tae Ik’s anger goes up another notch. So are you saying this is all his fault? Stylist Choi says its all her fault and then Kang Hwi makes matters worse by saying it really is Tae Ik’s fault. Ah, these two. Then Kang Hwi rushes to snatch an item from Choi and congratulates her on the new stylish item. Choi laughs and agrees it will suit Kang Hwi oppa well. This annoys Tae Ik and Choi asks if he wishes to have the item instead. Tae Ik tries to seem disinterested and replies he’ll try it. Choi hands it over only to have Kang Hwi snatch it away and put the scarf around his own neck. Such a thing wouldn’t suit Tae Ik as it would be like a pig wearing pearls. Omo. Oh, no he didn’t! This, of course, explodes Tae Ik’s anger and he grabs the scarf, choking Kang Hwi. Their manager and Choi tries to stop the fight and eventually Tae Ik wins and tells Kang Hwi to practice his singing.

Kang Hwi angrily leaves and the manger chases after him trying to calm him down. Kang Hwi refuses to sing as his part is less than a minute anyways. Let the great Tae Ik do it all himself. Kang Hwi then wonders why the picky Tae Ik just doesn’t go solo. What does he take Take One for? Everyone knows that the one in the name is referencing Kang Hwi’s last name of Won. If Kang Hwi wasn’t so nice, the band name could have been One Take. These two are both narcissistic immature brats. The manger replies that Take One sounds better and had a better meaning. LOL. Kang Hwi isn’t listening at this point and just angrily demands to know if Tae Ik could have made it this far without him. Kang Hwi then gets in the elevator and demands the manager’s wallet. I feel sorry for that manager.

Meanwhile, Man Ok is out with her friend. Looks like Man Ok will be opening a clothing store in the dojo until her grandfather returns. Man Ok then complains that Jang is keeping open a dojo that returns no money since no one is really interested in hapkido. Kickboxing would have been a different story. They couldn’t even pay their utilities last time. Her friend then asks if Man Ok would close the dojo down if Jang wasn’t there. Of course. Doesn’t designer Michelle Jang sound better than martial artist Jang Man Ok? At this point, a man grabs for her wallet and Man Ok quickly takes him down. She then brags about being a member of the Korean Hapkido association which has a 50-year history. And I must stop her and say that I ABHOR the hairstyle they gave Hwang Jung Eum.

The older man with the group from earlier sits down and starts bragging up Take One to the man who was nice enough to let him sit down. Enter the manager crying out to Bum Soo hyung for help since Kang Hwi flew the coop and is nowhere to be found after fighting with Tae Ik. Bum Soo panics for a moment until he hears Kang Hwi went out in a t-shirt and training pants. He tells the manger to calm down and have some food as its really delicious. The manager won’t calm down and Bum Soo calls him an amateur. Kang Hwi is a fashionista with over 30,000 fans in China. Would he just walk around in such an outfit? Oh. That’s right. He even dresses up to go to the market. Bum Soo also points out that Kang Hwi doesn’t speak Chinese.

So, of course, we cut to a scene where Kang Hwi is trying to buy an outfit and he’s bartering with the store owner in Chinese. So much for that theory. Anywho, Kang Hwi succeeds in buying a disguise and happily takes to the streets. He looks at his watch. There’s only two hours left and no one is looking for him. Fine. Let’s see how far they can go without him. He then sees a little girl with a Take One sign fall while getting off a bus. The little girl is lost and looking for the concert hall. The woman she asks tells her the wrong way and this frustrates Kang Hwi so he ends up chasing after her. LOL.

We then cut to the concert hall where the fans are screaming how much they love the group. The manager enters and says Bum Soo is searching for the missing Kang Hwi. The annoyed Tae Ik wonders how his missing member will be found when he didn’t even take his cell with him. The staff are also wondering why no rehearsal has happened as its about time for the fans to start entering. Will the concert go off without a hitch? Enter a reporter for an interview. Tae Ik happily agrees to it as Kang Hwi helps the little girl to the concert hall. She happily thanks him and he waves her off. Kang Hwi then notices Tae Ik’s live interview and goes ballistic at Tae Ik for wearing that scarf they fought over earlier. Why doesn’t he just listen to him already? Kang Hwi looks back at the interview again and says that’s going to be a problem. What?

At the Jang dojo, an ahjumma enters to pay for a class and is shocked to see the dojo transformed into a clothing store. Is Man Ok selling these? Man Ok replies she normally sells them online, but she’s decided to display and sell them at the dojo. The woman picks out a jacket and Man Ok immediately compliments her on picking out such a suitable outfit. Man Ok then tells her that she should wear flats an a thin necklace to go with the outfit. The woman is impressed and calls Man Ok a real pro. She then also compliments Man Ok’s style. Seeing her out of training clothes, Man Ok is really pretty. Man Ok thanks her. She can’t wear her normal clothes often thanks to her grandfather. She then makes the woman promise not to tell Jang what she’s doing while he’s gone. The woman promises and then asks if Man Ok would like her to spread the word. Soon there are a lot of people coming in and out looking at the clothes while Man Ok also conducts classes.

Back at the concert hall, Kang Hwi is still missing. Looks like they’ll have to cancel. Tae Ik doesn’t like that idea. What about all the fans who have gathered there? Bum Soo says there is no other way since Kang Hwi isn’t there. Tae Ik says they have to pay everyone anyway so they should just put on a show. Hmm. What show shall he do alone? Tae Ik takes to the stage with a cocky attitude. It’s fun to see him dancing like an idol. I only say that because I know him as the drummer of Korean rock band The Trax. Well…former drummer. Out of the original members, only the guitarist and lead singer are left. Anywho, its different seeing him sing and dance. And it’s also different to see him looking more normal as when he was active with The Trax, they were under Toshiki’s management or at least help from Japanese visual kei band X-Japan. If you know the visual kei genre and the original looks of The Trax members, you’ll know what I mean. Anywho. I digress too much.

Tae Ik does fine for awhile, but then something odd happens. Looks like there’s something wrong with his voice and he starts doing moves that aren’t the choreography. Kang Hwi finally shows up and Tae Ik collapses. As Tae Ik picks himself back up Kang Hwi jumps out and starts dancing and singing, too. However, Tae Ik drops to the ground again, barely able to breathe. The fans become distracted once more and Kang Hwi goes over to Tae Ik, helps him up and then “kisses” him. This makes the fangirls scream like crazy. Kang Hwi then takes off the scarf from around Tae Ik’s neck. Don’t tell me that scarf was the entire problem? Bum Soo wonders what’s going on. Kang Hwi then pulls away from a stunned looking Tae Ik. End episode.

No Min Woo, Park Ki Woong

Omo. Definitely not what I thought. It’s random and fun. But what is with Hwang Jung Eum’s Orphan Annie hair? It’s not the best hairstyle for her and looks like a perm gone wrong. Given the previews, I’m really looking forward to episode 2. Or is it episode 1 part 2?


  • Is this drama worth watching? Based on the stills and the hairstyles alone i almost swore to never watch it, but now I hear saying it’s quite funny. I dunno, the weirdness of it makes me really curious 😀

  • LOLOL out of curiosity what compelled you to watch this? 🙂

    • Hmm…I have no idea :p
      I think I saw it on DramaFever & thought ‘what the heck’ and I’ve been enjoying the break from my current high doses of melodramas.

  • “Her mother tells her that from now one she will be living with her grandfather.” didnt the grandpa say that her parents died when she was 5? I think that was her aunt or something, not her mom.

    • They actually don’t identify the woman. I’ve made the correction, I didn’t quite get what Jang said on my initial watching and when I re-watched it after you asked, you’re right, her parents did pass away and that’s why she’s living with Jang.

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