Hmmm. Things are getting even more interesting. And we get to learn more about the fashion industry. Oh, and we get the longest, most awkward staring contest. I have no idea why they shot the scene that way, but they did and it’s just horribly awkward. I suppose it’s supposed to build tension between Ren and Woo Joo.

So we pick up episode 3 of BRAND GUARDIANS with Woo Joo coming in to deliver the returned items and running in to Ren and Luna. Ren seems unpleasantly surprised when Luna warmly greets the new man by name. Before more can be said, Igarashi comes in and complains about just how hard it is to find parking in that particular area. Ren goes off and Igarashi tells Woo Joo to go deliver the clothes while he double checks that his vehicle is all right and leaves.

Luna takes Woo Joo downstairs followed by Ren. Ah, Yoon Si Yoon has that lost and somewhat confused look down pat in this drama. Of course, he’s new and being introduced to new places and things, so it makes sense. Anywho, Abilio is immediately smitten by the newcomer. Luna introduces him as Ha Woo Joo, Sakurai’s new assistant. We learn that Cherry is Sakurai’s nickname in the industry. Such an odd nickname…Ren laughs and whispers to his assistant that Abilio just pressed the “like” button. What is it with Facebook and this drama? His assistant whispers back that Abilio has found a new flavor that’s not Ren—how fickle is the heart of a gay man?

Abilio tells Luna to hurry and show Woo Joo where to put the returned items. Luna smiles and calls him by his first name only. This makes everyone pause. Does Luna know him? Luna then reveals that Woo Joo is her new share mate. Ren exclaims over this (I guess he’s happy to know how they know each other, but I think he’s also unhappy to consider her living with yet another guy). Anywho, Abilio catches on this and wonders why Ren would know/care. His assistant quickly jumps in and says that Ren is Luna’s sempai from school. Of course, Woo Joo isn’t dumb and he knows that their relationship is deliberately being hidden. Especially when Abilio tells him to watch out as Luna is allergic to men as she hasn’t had a boyfriend in ten years. Woo Joo casts a quick glance at Ren and mutters in Korean…no boyfriend?

Later, Ren is at work at the office and he texts Luna to see if she wants him to take her home. Luna smiles happily, but ends up turning him down as Abilio invites her out to talk. Ren looks at the text about Luna going out with a different prince and seems rather unhappy. We then cut to Sakurai’s shop and Igarashi is bawling out one of the workers, Kobayashi for losing items. This is bad as it gives the company a bad reputation, not to mention Sakurai had to compensate a lot of money for the damaged goods. The young man just sits there as if he could care less while Woo Joo works in the background and occasionally glances over. Igarashi then calls Woo Joo over telling him to double check the items of a list.

Abilio and Luna are at a bar where Abilio talks about Woo Joo nonstop. He’s taken quite the shine to the young man. Luna doesn’t seem particularly happy or interested in the conversation. Why agree to go drinking with Abilio then? He asks if Woo Joo has a girlfriend, but Luna says she doesn’t know. Didn’t Woo Joo say in the first episode that he was single? Maybe not.

We cut back to Sakurai’s office. Igarashi returns from the convenience store with steamed buns. Igarashi notices that Kobayashi is gone and Woo Joo reveals that Kobayashi took off right after Igarashi left. This seems to make Igarashi lose all motivation to work. He decides that he will go home and tells Woo Joo to take off as well. Woo Joo says he’s almost done and asks if there isn’t anything he can do to help Igarashi. The other man tells him that if he wants to do these calculations for leased items, he can try as its full of kanji that Igarashi doesn’t know. Um…if it’s full of kanji that a native Japanese doesn’t know…would a Korean whose studied Japanese necessarily know? Anywho, Igarashi tells Woo Joo not to undertake too much all at once and heads for the door after giving him a bun. Woo Joo bows and does the typical saying (“yorishiku onegaishimasu”—I think I slaughtered the spelling, gomen ne—which translates as please take care of me generally. I thought he should be saying “otsukaresama desu” which is the usual phrase for getting off of work). Igarashi comes back in and tells Woo Joo to just call him “Taka.” Awww. Woo Joo’s made a friend at work.

Yoon Si YoonWoo Joo finishes going through the clothes when Sakurai shows up (it’s Nogi from Rich Man, Poor Woman!). Woo Joo thanks him again for the opportunity and Sakurai launches into this speech about the life of a stylist. Truth is anyone can do the job, but it’s a lot harder and costlier than people imagine. It’s up to them to come up with new ideas and set the trends. Sakurai has seen many people come and go quickly in this business. It’s up to Woo Joo to choose his path. If the boy isn’t passionate about the job, then it will come to nothing in the long run. Sakurai encourages Woo Joo to find his path and shine like the brightest star Sirius. Ah, while I get what Sakurai is saying and that he wants to Woo Joo to be aware of the difficulties lying ahead, I think the speech seemed a little awkward at this juncture.

Ren is outside Luna’s house waiting for her. He texts her and she says her prince is dead drunk, so she won’t be home as soon as she had hoped. The poor girl is trying to get the passed out Abilio to wake up so she can catch the last train home. At this time, Ren notices Woo Joo come in from work. Ren immediately gets out and greets Woo Joo. He asks to talk, but Woo Joo is tired and just wants to get into the house. Ren then says there is a reason they must keep their relationship a secret. Woo Joo says that has nothing to do with him and he’s not interested in either Ren’s or Luna’s personal lives. This makes Ren embarrassed as he’s said too much yet again. Before Woo Joo goes in he rattles off in Korean that Ren is a useless man and that Luna’s an idiot for being led around by him. Wowza! He has no interest, but the boy sure can criticize well. Of course, Ren happens to know Korean and he replies back that he may be lacking, but Luna is not stupid. LOL. We then enter into the awkward staring contest. Seriously. They didn’t really move and only looked at each other. Woo Joo finally breaks the silence and says that he doesn’t care about their relationship and goes into the house with Ren looking after him unhappily.

Ah, the two male leads are already butting heads. Without much reason at this point, but I’m sure that will change as Luna and Woo Joo become closer. Oh, and when I’m sure whoever is looking into Ren’s relationship with Luna makes his move (probably Ren’s father, but you never know).

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