May Queen Episode 20 Recap

I knew it. Gi Chul can’t tell the truth to save his life. Makes me wonder if he could ever tell the truth to save his precious son’s? And Sang Tae is in the running for the biggest arse of the series next to Il Moon. Who will come out on top?

Hae Joo accuses Gi Chul and he tries to play innocent, but she tells him about meeting the man from 15 years ago who confessed it was Gi Chul who gave him money to sell Hae Joo. Gi Chul, worried that someone might overhear, takes Hae Joo into the house. He tells her he would rather she never darken their door again and Hae Joo keeps asking why he would do such a thing. Gi Chul then replies that he hated her. His precious Chang Hee needed to study and Hae Joo was nothing but a distraction. Hae Joo says that was even before she liked him (um…actually, she did like him at the time as puppy love was in full blossom). Gi Chul’s response? Before the disease grows, you must get rid of the source. Gi Chul says that if it wasn’t for Hae Joo, Chang Hee would have already married In Hwa. Why does everyone forget that girl has been obsessed with Kang San ever since she was a little girl?

This brings Hae Joo around to mentioning how close Gi Chul and Hong Chul were. Gi Chul sneers at this. They weren’t close and furthermore Hong Chul was just plain trash like Hae Joo. If they hadn’t come into Gi Chul’s life, then it wouldn’t be so miserable. Passing the buck. Maybe that’s where Chang Hee gets it, too (since Chang Hee can’t really own up to his own decision, i.e. breaking up with Hae Joo for the first time and becoming a puppet of Jang’s for revenge). Of course, you never say anything bad about Hae Joo’s family, in particularly her father. Hae Joo gets angry and Gi Chul puts on that particular face that I loathe. He tells her that there’s nothing she can do since Chang Hee has already said the statute of limitations has passed on that particular crime. Gi Chul then threatens that he can do worse for the sake of his son (it was NEVER for Chang Hee’s sake, but always for Gi Chul’s alone). Hae Joo has had enough. She tells him she always felt sorry and guilty when she saw Gi Chul, but those were wasted feelings. Forget about paying for your crimes legally, Gi Chul should at least have a conscience. Hae Joo then storms out of the house and Gi Chul (rather unconvincingly in my opinion) apologizes in her direction and tells her he’ll get his punishment in hell. Hopefully it will be before that. He then breaks down and tires not to cry.

Hae Joo looks back at the house and glares before her face softens. Enter Geum Hee who sees her. What is she doing here? Did she come seek Butler Park? Hae Joo replies she had business with him and Geum Hee invites her in to tea. Hae Joo apologizes for her family’s invasion and Geum Hee says there’s no need as it was understandable since Hae Joo and Chang Hee had dated for a long time. Poor Hae Joo must be hurting herself, right? Geum Hee is worried that she offended the younger woman, but Hae Joo changes the subject. Why does Geum Hee wish to see her? Il Moon comes down the stairs just in time to have Geum Hee ask if Hae Joo is adopted. More of HJH’s wide eyed surprise. Geum Hee talks about the blood type and scar and Hae Joo says she already heard from her mother that isn’t the case. She leaves and Il Moon watches as Geum Hee takes Hae Joo’s hair and cup. Wow. NOW she finally decides to get a DNA test done? Hae Joo looks back, shakes her head and continues walking.

Jang is upset over Jung Woo and wishes to do something, but Chang Hee says that Jung Woo will be hard to block on this matter. What can they do? That man is still targeting Il Moon? Chang Hee says that he will think of a way to fix things when San comes in. He’s cheerfully hands over the breech of contract estimate to Jang. Apparently its WAY over the 40 million that San originally thought. Should he learn math again? He then changes the subject to Il Moon inheriting the company since he’s not seen anywhere. San then says that since Jang has Chang Hee, then there’s no problem, right? Chang Hee excuses himself and San watches him go with an interesting expression. As Chang Hee leaves he runs into Hae Joo who demands to talk with him. He goes by ignoring her, but she tells him she met with the kidnapper from Hae Nam. Why didn’t Chang Hee tell her about what his father did? Wide eyed shock from Chang Hee this time.

We cut back to Jang and San. He wants to know why San is doing what he’s doing. San changes the subject to Yoon Hak Soo’s death. This throws Jang. Yes, he handled Dr. Yoon’s body. Why is San asking? San talks about meeting with Jung Woo to learn more about his father and instead learning about Hak Soo. So San is curious since Jang was in charge of the case, who was the murderer? Jang says they concluded it was the Japanese Cabinet Intelligence and Investigation Office. Unfortunately there was no proof. But why would they kill an oil researcher? Jang says that it’s a question that has haunted him for 30 years, but why is San curious about it? San walks over to the map and taps the one sector (the one that I think Jang is interesting in drilling) and he wonders aloud about the connections between the Japanese intelligence force and Hak Soo. Jang says he has been tormented with that same question and tells San to figure it out himself at least since he’s so smart. Oh, and when he’s gotten it figured out, please give Jang a hint. This could spell trouble for San. Eh, it would be SOOOO shocking (note the sarcasm here) if Jang tried to get rid of the younger man before the truth is known (or use Hae Joo to get him to stop).

We then cut back to Chang Hee and Hae Joo. Our leading lady demands to know if Chang Hee broke up with her and was in pain because he had discovered his father’s dirty deeds. Chang Hee struggles to keeps his soulless monster mask. He declares that Hae Joo should stop talking about the past and calling him “oppa” as things ended between them when she chose her family over him. Chang Hee states he also doesn’t have a choice since his father is the only family he has. Hae Joo says she understands this, but does Chang Hee have to be so cold? Should he be feeling sorry towards her? Omo. Well…she did technically choose her family over him…does she have the right to be pitied (I’m not saying I agree that it’s all her fault or anything as Chang Hee was always pushing the question him or her family and two wrongs don’t make a right)? Chang Hee points out that as she chooses her family, he has chosen his. He then says that he would destroy their 15 year history if he was able. Since seeing her is hard on him, please don’t show her face around him again. Chang Hee walks away and Hae Joo wipes away tears. She answers her phone and it’s San asking if she’s coming to work.

At the propeller factory, San talks about how propellers were primarily made of brass, but now aluminum alloy is used more instead. Does she know why? When Hae Joo doesn’t reply, San steps in front of her waving his hand in front of her face and whispering “Did you hear me?” This wakes Hae Joo up. What did he say? San then raps her head annoyed. Where did she leave her head as he hates repeating himself. He reasks the question and Hae Joo gives the proper answer (as expected). San congratulates her knowledge and says that the azimuth propeller must be even stronger that aluminum alloy or brass. It will be a mixture a balanced mixture of various metals.

Hae Joo then states it would be good if humans could be like propellers. That’s a new one. San asks what she means. Hae Joo wishes that humans wouldn’t waver like propellers. This way even if they are crushed or broken, they won’t be in pain. Um…I do get it, but it just kind of sounds weird. San wonders what’s gotten into her and Hae Joo quickly changes the subject. They’ll need a model for the azimuth thruster, right? San affirms this and says he will be using a machine to make it. Hae Joo asks to be able to make it completely by hand herself. San scoffs at this and says it has nothing to do with her abilities, but machines make everything now as they are more precise than human hands. Still, Hae Joo insists. She wishes to make a few of her own and to the milling and polish herself. She wishes to show people won’t lose to machines. San replies that they are expensive to make and tells her the opposite—humans are weaker than machines.

Meanwhile, Sang Tae is cleaning in the factory and recalling the overheard conversation of the previous night. Kang then comes up and kicks him in the rear for not working properly. When Sang Tae complains, Kang hits him more. At lunchtime, Sang Tae is distractedly eating. Kang notices this and wonders what is wrong with him. Sang Tae doesn’t tell him and just wishes him a long life before leaving without finishing his food. Kang stares at him wondering just what the heck he is talking about, but he laughs and starts eating Sang Tae’s food. Now if only the young man realizes how hard it is to make money.

We then cut to Bong Hee being her cute, slightly neurotic self. She is in a store and goes to the bedding department. She rolls around on one bed, pretending the pillow is Jung Woo. she kisses it repeatedly until a store worker comes up and demands to know just what she’s doing. Bong Hee, nonplussed, gets up and easily lies about testing out the spring flexibility of the mattress. the worker replies that it is a quilt store not a mattress store. Whoops. Bong Hee tries to amend what she said while the other workers (or are they customers?) laugh. The worker angrily takes up the pillow and points out a lipstick stain. Bong Hee then declares that she will buy the pillow and a newlywed set. The worker says her child must be getting married. Bong Hee laughs before collapsing on the bed. How dare they say that to an unmarried woman? Please call 119 (Asian equivalent of 911) for Bong Hee has she is about to faint.

After this debacle, she heads on over to Jung Woo’s house with her newlywed stuff. She is caught by Dal Soon and quietly hands over a gift. When Dal Soon asks her about it, Bong Hee says she bought her a quilt since its getting colder out. Dal Soon comments on Bong Hee buying a lot. Bong Hee says that Jung Woo’s only looks bigger, but Dal Soon’s is more expensive. They fight over the bigger quilt until Dal Soon and Bong Hee land on their rears. Dal Soon again complains about Bong Hee’s methods of chasing after a man who pays her no attention. Bong Hee complains that she’s doing all she can. The two then change the quilt in Jung Woo’s room and Dal Soon wonders how a woman with a doctorate cannot be able to figure out a man’s heart. Bong Hee asks what Dal Soon knows and Dal Soon, of course, brags about all her admirers back when she was young. Bong Hee, hearing this immediately asks what to do. Dal Soon encourages Bong Hee to play hard to get instead of being so clingy. This worries Bong Hee and Dal Soon says she’s worrying over nothing. Just treat him coldly. Bong Hee gets it and starts giggling like a little girl. I just love her.

Dal Soon then comments about how neat Jung Woo’s room is. She then notices a picture on a shelf. It’s him, his brother, Geum Hee, and baby Yoo Jin/Hae Joo. This shocks her. She then recalls the day Hong Chul brought Hae Joo home. Bong Hee sees what Dal Soon is looking at and complains about Jung Woo still keeping that. Why can’t he put that amount of care and attention on her? Dal Soon goes to ask who the child is, but Bong Hee gets an urgent call and has to head back to the company. She thanks Dal Soon for the advice and skedaddles. Poor Dal Soon is even more confused. Just what is going on?

Geum Hee is leaving the Jang house probably on a mission to get Hae Joo’s DNA tested. Il Moon watches and seems a bit worried. Is he really that afraid of getting kicked out of his rightful place? Anywho, the doctor can’t test the hair sample since there is no root. The desperate Geum Hee then goes and pulls out the cup. Will that work? I don’t know if it did or not, but Geum Hee leaves and Il Moon checks the sign above the door. It states DNA testing.

We then cut to San and Hae Joo on his boat. Hae Joo asks him where he will test the propellers. They have a place to build them, but testing them in a place to simulate an ocean environment is a problem. San replies he’s working hard on that aspect. Hae Joo wonders if it can’t be done at Cheonji since they are a subcontractor of San’s company. This makes San uneasy. How to reply? He is saved by his grandfather’s sudden arrival. Hae Joo immediately gets up and bows. Kang throws down a file in front of his grandson and says he cannot get the items San needs. Why not? All the items have to be imported and nobody can get them unless the scale is that of a business the size of Cheonji. San says there is nothing his grandfather can’t get. Kang then angrily states that San can be the grandfather then and Kang will be the grandson. Hae Joo laughs at this and then asks how her older brother is doing. Kang asks if they are really related. LOL. It’s an innocent enough comment and used when siblings/family members are so drastically different from one another, but it always throws Hae Joo off her game. Kang then says he is frustrated as she isn’t sure he can whip Sang Tae into shape. Hae Joo apologizes for her brother and the three go out for some food.

They do a toast with rice wine and Kang broaches the subject of Hae Joo’s welding career. Hae Joo remains silent and Kang talks about how she should be able to drink as well as she welds. Hae Joo replies that she didn’t want to overdo it and San picks up the bowl and asks if his grandfather wishes to challenge her to drinking since he lost the welding competition. San then whispers where Hae Joo can hear and tells his grandfather that Hae Joo is famous for her drinking ability. Kang doesn’t believe this. Hae Joo takes the bottle to pour him a drink, but Kang refuses saying he doesn’t accept drinks from people who don’t drink well. Looks like he doesn’t believe Hae Joo can hold alcohol. Will he end up suffering like Bong Hee did? San bursts out laughing and asks his grandfather to do a second rice wine battle. Hae Joo quickly agrees only if San will let her build the models with her own hand. San agrees and Kang gets all blustery. How can he lose to a girl? The two immediately start drinking.

San is happily pouring out the alcohol when Kang asks if Hae Joo likes his grandson. Uh-oh. Dangerous territory. San anxiously looks over at Hae Joo who easily says no. San then interjects that it would be a problem if Hae Joo did like him as he has enough issues with fangirls. Omo. To come out of his own mouth. LOL. This reminds me of a scene from Nice Guy where Eun Gi is trying to get Maru’s attention, but he keeps walking until she calls out “good looking guy” and he turns around. Kang, however, won’t let the subject drop. He wishes to know why Hae Joo doesn’t like his grandson. Does she have another guy? This makes her pause uncomfortably. San yells at his grandfather for invading Hae Joo’s privacy, but again, Kang pays his grandson no mind. Hae Joo does answer finally that she recently broke up with her man. Thus Kang says if he wins, Hae Joo must date San from today on. LMAO! You rock harabeoji. This shocks both the youngsters. I think San is now rooting for his grandfather to win.

The two desperately drink as if their lives depend on it. They’ve gone through a dozen or so bottles and San is looking pretty worried about both of them (he’s also trying to ensure Hae Joo’s loss by cheating). Unfortunately, after one last drink, Kang’s head hits the table while Hae Joo is still drinking heartily. Uh-oh. San immediately jumps up and tries to wake his grandfather up to continue the competition. When did his grandfather become such a weak drinker? [Weak? HOW many bottles did he drink already?] San then whispers that a hot older woman is walking by. Kang tells San to go chase her himself. When San looks up Hae Joo is still drinking. Poor boy. He’s got a passed out cold grandfather whom he wishes was still drinking and a young woman who should definitely stop.

Secretary Kim gets Kang into the car and tells San to get in with Hae Joo who can’t stand on her own any more. San struggles to keep her upright and tells Kim to just go and take Kang home as San had already called a taxi for him and Hae Joo. Kim leaves and San asks if Hae Joo is okay. She nearly falls over pushing away from him and tells him she’s okay. He says there is no way she’s okay and gets her into the taxi. Hae Joo looks morosely out the window and cries and San just watches her in pain since she is in pain. He reaches out his hand to comfort her, but can’t bring himself to take the last step. Poor guy must be feeling rather impotent at the moment.

They get home and Hae Joo tells him to go ahead and leave. San says he will see her home as she’s very unsteady on her own feet and could fall. Hae Joo says that is all right even if she falls as she can’t take anyone being nice to her at the moment—it’s too scary. Omo. This girl. I’m guessing this stems from the fact that Chang Hee was the nicest to her and then dumped her in the coldest manner? Sigh. You know…in a real life relationship, if you choose someone over someone else…do you really think they’ll nicely stick with you? Sure (I know I’ve already said this multiple times, but I’m beating this dead horse again) Chang Hee had no right to demand Hae Joo choose between him and her family. But Hae Joo has to accept responsibility for the ending of their relationship (even though that’s not the ENTIRE reason Chang Hee broke up with her) since she proved that Chang Hee will never be important enough in her life. Hae Joo waves him off and says he must keep his promise about the propellers. Again, San can only watch her unsteady progress with a pained face.

Hae Joo gets home and yells out her mother’s name multiple times and cuddles into her. This sudden behavior shocks Dal Soon. Has Hae Joo been drinking? Hae Joo says she drank because she felt so good and cuddles into her mother once more. Dal Soon tells her to quit it and get some sleep. But Hae Joo doesn’t want to. She yells for her sisters to come out to go play. They’ll get something yummy to eat and do karaoke. Jin Joo and Young Joo come out and Jin Joo excitedly asks if they will really go out to play. Hae Joo assures them they will and she will pay. She then passes out. Young Joo complains and Jin Joo just smiles and says that Hae Joo must have had something really good happen to her. The two girls go back to their room and Dal Soon tries to wake her eldest daughter up. Hae Joo opens her eyes and tearfully says she needs nothing else as long as she has her family by her side. Her mother who went through so march hardship, the brother whom Hae Joo hates but also pities, the pretty Young Joo whom she wanted to do so much for but can’t, and the apple of Hae Joo’s eye Jin Joo. Hae Joo is okay as long as she has all of them. Tears pour out and Hae Joo insists that everything is really okay as long as she has them. This makes Dal Soon cry and she whispers that her daughter really is crazy.

Okay. While the In Hwa scenes are funny, at the same time they are absurd. My guess it’s years of pent up frustrations and hormonal surges. Everything she looks at makes her think of Chang Hee, the kiss, and his half naked body. LOL. She gets home and immediately steps in front of Chang Hee’s car. He rolls down his window and she orders him to come and talk. He looks annoyed, but he does go to her to talk. In Hwa once again demands to know why he did that to her. Chang Hee asks if she really wants to know. Of course!!!! Chang Hee then blatantly lies and flatly (seriously, NO emotion used here) tells her that he’s liked her since they were kids. What a load of bull. This shocks In Hwa and he then tells her that he’s liked her since she treated him after a beating from Il Moon. In Hwa said she did it only out of pity. That doesn’t matter to Chang Hee since she was the first person who ever did something like that for him. Since that moment she’s been carved in his heart and he’s only saw her.

In Hwa reminds him of dating Hae Joo for 15 years. Chang Hee says he only was with her because In Hwa was in a high place that he could not reach. Thus, he went with a girl that he could reach. So whether or not In Hwa believes him, she’s always been the person he likes. And again, this is said sooo emotionally. In Hwa is unhappy and says that she won’t take him playing with her like that. She goes to slap him once more and he catches her hand saying that he won’t let her hit him again. He pulls her in close and caresses her face. In Hwa flinches, but you can see his touch has a great effect on her. Chang Hee lets her go and walks away, leaving her weak in the knees. Seriously. Well…if anything, they have good chemistry. Maybe it could lead to romance…I have to say that it’s creepy to have his face so dead when he’s professing an undying attachment. In Hwa should not let herself be swayed as there really is no emotion behind Chang Hee.

Jung Woo meets with Gi Chul and demands to know the reason behind Gi Chul’s heinous crimes to Hae Joo. Gi Chul says that he has told Hae Joo everything already. Hasn’t the statute passed already anyways? Gi Chul knows he’s a bad man so Jung Woo can do whatever he wants to him. Jung Woo tells him to shut up and then demands to know what has changed this hyung. Has living with Jang all of this time warped him into his master’s image. Gi Chul tells Jung Woo that the prosecutor needs to be worrying about himself instead of Gi Chul. If Jung Woo keeps going after Jang, then he will not be safe any more. Gi Chul gets up to go and Jung Woo asks if Gi Chul was the one who sent the picture to Hae Joo. This surprises Gi Chul—what picture? Jung Woo goes back to the office and orders the one man to tell him immediately when that phone is used again.

Il Moon staggers home and Jang immediately asks him to meet with him. They go into Jang’s study and Jang tells him to go to work. Il Moon refuses since Chang Hee is there. Jang says that Chang Hee is only there to help Il Moon, not harm him. Il Moon doesn’t really believe this. Jang says that Il Moon is his only son and no one can replace him as Cheonji’s successor. So Il Moon needs to get his act together as he’s Jang’s precious only son. Il Moon just needs to trust him. This brings Il Moon to the question of Hae Joo. Why does Jang keep her around? Jang tsks his son and tells him not to be bothered by a mere girl. Il Moon can’t help it. He doesn’t like Hae Joo’s presence as she is really close to Geum Hee. Jang replies she is In Hwa’s friend and she can also be useful. Useful? Jang replies that Kang San bought a propeller factory. That’s why Jang hired Hae Joo. This gets Il Moon thinking.

Jung Woo gets home and notices his new quilt. Dal Soon enters and tells him that it was Bong Hee. This doesn’t surprise Jung Woo. He then asks what Dal Soon wants. She points out the picture and asks if that is Geum Hee. Jung Woo confirms them and Dal Soon then asks who the man and baby are in the picture and why he’s with them. Jung Woo talks about how Geum Hee was once married to his dead brother and how Yoo Jin is his niece. Big shock to her system. Dal Soon then goes to the sleeping Hae Joo and brushes the hair back off of her face. Why is this girl’s fate so bad? The man she calls uncle is really her uncle. Blood is thicker than water after all. This seems to torment Dal Soon. Please don’t make the same mistake your husband did. I beg you.

The next day the prosecutors arrive en masse looking for Il Moon. Jung Woo commands them to bring the younger man and out comes Chang Hee. Jung Woo comes and says he heard the rumor and it turns out they were true. Chang Hee asks why he’s there and Jung Woo smiles and slaps his arm. Chang Hee knows that already. Jung Woo then goes off and meets with Jang. He has the arrest warrant for Il Moon. In Hwa and Geum Hee are shocked. Geum Hee demands to know why her son is being arrested. Jang stays silent and only simmers in anger. Il Moon is dragged out calling for his father. Omo. Seriously. Geum Hee rushes out and demands to know why samchoon is arresting her son. Jung Woo says nothing and just keeps going.

Jang angrily bawls Chang Hee out. Chang Hee explains that they can cover for Il Moon’s crimes for the most part and just say the embezzled Indonesian funds weren’t embezzled and the company decided to use them there. The problem comes with Jung Woo learning about Il Moon embezzling funds into his own personal account as well. Oh. What an idiot. Chang Hee then does a great thing. He stabs Kang San in the back. Okay, Chang Hee, I know you want your revenge on Jang and his family, but seriously? You’re going to treat Hae Joo as if she is less than worthless and NOW you’re throwing the only friend besides Hae Joo you had under the bus of your enemy? Do you not even care who you’re hurting along the way and what can happen to them? Foisting more heat onto San isn’t necessary. Hurting San will eventually lead to hurting Hae Joo (possibly killing the two). Can you handle that? Really? I doubt it.

Meanwhile at the Chun household, Jin Joo shows the bag and watch Young Joo got from Il Moon to Hae Joo. Apparently the youngest Chun found them buried in the closet. Hae Joo takes it and throws it at Young Joo. Was the girl stealing again? Young Joo insists it was only a present. When Hae Joo hits her, Young Joo quickly runs to hide behind Dal Soon and Sang Tae gets himself involved. He’s upset at Hae Joo and insisting he’s the head of the family. When Hae Joo talks back, Sang Tae insists he won’t work at the factory with Kang anymore. This makes her mad and gets Dal Soon up on her feet. Sang Tae says it’s dirty and menial and he refuses to work it any longer. Hae Joo starts bawling him out more and he kicks the table in anger. When the food goes flying Hae Joo really lights into him and he slaps her hard, shocking everyone—especially the newly arrived San. Sang Tae says that Hae Joo isn’t allowed to hit him since she isn’t even his sister.

Hae Joo is shocked and Dal Soon flies to start hitting her son. Sang Tae says that he overheard everything and demands Hae Joo and Dal Soon tell the truth. Was what he said wrong? Young Joo realizes that Il Moon was right after all. Okay. Before I continue. I needs must point out one thing. Technically, Sang Tae at this point doesn’t know that Hae Joo isn’t Hong Chul’s, so how can he insist she isn’t his sister? They wouldn’t be full-blooded siblings, but they would be half-siblings. Aigoo. The intelligence of some people. Okay, done griping. Sang Tae then demands Hae Joo leave the house and the girl actually listens to him. Is there any redeeming this selfish ape? Hae Joo ignores San and continues off and he rushes after her while the rest of the family is in chaos.

Hae Joo gets outside and collapses to the ground. San asks if she is okay and she says her legs aren’t listening. San then asks if Sang Tae was telling the truth. Hae Joo can only cry. San puts his arm on her to comfort her and Dal Soon walks out to see this. Seeing San with Hae Joo taking care of her, Dal Soon smiles and leaves. She goes into the house and has a heart-to-heart with her dead husband’s picture. It pains Dal Soon all that Hae Joo is enduring and now her own family is stabbing Hae Joo. Dal Soon cries and says she should stop being selfish and let her eldest daughter go now, shouldn’t she? NOOOOO!!!!! What Hae Joo needs right now is her family. I don’t think Jin Joo or Young Joo would really mind, it’s just Sang Tae who’s being a total jackie.

San has taken Hae Joo back to his boat. He tries to cheer her up by asking if she would like to go sailing. Nope. Would she like to have him make her breakfast? Nope. Hae Joo cries and tells him that enduring was her strongest suit. She could take all the bad being thrown at her because she had her family. Now that they are pushing her out, for what reason did she endure and live all of these years? San hugs her and tells her to go ahead and cry until she feels better. In this scene, I can feel more of San’s pain that Hae Joo’s. Why do her big emotional scenes fall flat? In Hwa comes at this moment and rushes off upset because she can only see the backsides of the two and doesn’t know San is only comforting Hae Joo. Dal Soon goes to the Jang house recalling Geum Hee’s emotional story about her daughter, but she hesitates at the gate. DON’T DO IT!

Back on the boat, San says that all he knows is his mother’s occupation. He doesn’t know her name or face. Hae Joo is lucky in that respect. She at least has a family and an adopted mother. San has had no one save his grandfather for his entire life. Sang Tae was only upset. At least all of the family is Hong Chul’s blood, meaning they are still related to Hae Joo. Jang is in his office griping about San when Chang Hee comes in saying he found a way to strike at Jung Woo. Oh, you’ve got to be freaking kidding me.

Hae Joo goes home and Jin Joo asks if what their brother said is true. Hae Joo confirms they have different mothers, but they have the same father, thus they are still related so Jin Joo shouldn’t be sad. Meanwhile, San arrives home to find a box on his doorstep with no address. He has no idea what it is, but takes it inside. He seems really hesitant about it, but does cut it open and it is the memorandum book that Jang had been looking at in episode 19. What is going on?

Back at the Chun house Dal Soon comes into Hae Joo’s room. Hae Joo asks why her mother remained silent at that time and Dal Soon then tells Hae Joo to calmly leave the house. Hae Joo demands to know why she would leave when her family is there. Dal Soon says that she is not Hae Joo’s family. This upsets Hae Joo, but not more than Dal Soon’s next words. Hong Chul is NOT Hae Joo’s father. Say what? Dal Soon then reveals that Yoon Hak Soo is Hae Joo’s biological father and Geum Hee is her biological mother.

And that’s where we end it. More pieces are coming together while there are still mysteries to be solved. Ah, how frustrating. Did Dal Soon tell Geum Hee or not? And what will Jang do when he learns just who Hae Joo is? Aiyo. Drama, drama, drama.


  • Lol wide eyes! I wonder if in the end Chang Hee and In Hwa can happily be together?

  • I hate it when Chang Hee told Jang Do Hyeon that Kang San is the one who told Jung Woo about II Moon misdeeds. He knows very well how bad is JDH, how can he put KS in such a dangerous situation, as far as i know KS love HJ but he respect CH and HJ relationship, he’s been a good friend to him since they are young. CH is becoming more like his father, he doesn’t care who gets hurt as long as he get what he want…

    • I agree. And I’m waiting for these bad deeds to come back an bite him and for him to pass the buck stating it’s their fault, not his. Like his father ruined his life (Gi Chul helped, but it was Chang Hee who mad the ultimate decision), it’s Hae Joo’s fault for choosing her family over him, and San put himself in the line of fire to begin with to get revenge for his grandfather, and the same for Jung Woo.

      • If Chang Hee thinks the way you predict it, i think he is out of his mind . Keeping to much hate in his heart and not be able to control it, is something that will destroy him. Blaming other people on your own wrong decision is completely insane…

        • I’m hoping he won’t, but you never know. Besides the fact he was literally dragged back to Jang whether or not he wanted to go, Chang Hee did tell his dad that since Hae Joo didn’t choose him, he basically had no reason to strive for a life in the light. Isn’t that essentially blaming her in a roundabout way? And, well, Chang Hee’s had that hatred inside him for 15+ years now. It’s not healthy so he’s probably on his way to full-blow insanity. I wonder if he’ll be redeemable like Maru-oppa was in CYHMH?

          • Marro oppa in CYHMH is much much better than Chang Hee character, he did keep hatred in his heart but his love and care for Cha Dong Joo never once waver even if he pretended to go against him…

            • That’s true. When Maru went “evil” you could see how much he really still loved Cha Dong Joo and how he really didn’t want to hurt him (or his own family as well). Chang Hee is worse as he’s just kind of given up and doesn’t care who he hurts along the way. I can kind of understand why people call him a coward. San has been openly fighting (well…not in a in-your-face, threatening way) Il Moon and Jang and Chang Hee decides to use the underhanded methods that he’s seen Jang use all of his life. Meaning he’ll play the simpering sycophant while trying to survive and get to the spot where he can finally topple the Jang family.

  • Maybe it’s just me but i’ve never bought that friendship between KS and CH. Mostly because i always felt when they were kids it was always KS following him around while CH looked annoyed half the time lol I guess he was already able to be cold when he was a kid. And then when KS came back from the US they didn’t even hang out. They only talked in that office when KS was trying to find out his relationship with HJ and was kind disappointed that CH lied to him about it when he contacted him and the whole CH staying at eyebrows of doom’s house. I mean they never hung out so how are they believable as friends? IH and HJ look more like friends than those two and that is not saying much. I am not agreeing with what CH did but i just wasn’t surprised that he was able to throw KS under a bus. If one thing this show taught us is that besides his father, the only other person he cared about was HJ and look at how their relationship is right now. I was all for him to break up with her since i’m not her biggest fan (which will bring me to my second point below lol) but using her inferiority complex against her in order to distance himself from her wasn’t quite tasteful.

    Second point: If it wasn’t for the two leading guys, i would have dropped this show. Why? The lead actress is the reason why. She can’t act to save a life and the fact that HJ as a character is not the greatest to begin with doesn’t help matter. Having tears dripping or opening your eyes wide open doesn’t equate acting. Like i can’t lol Which is why i am sad San is gonna be stuck with her cause honestly i think CH dodged the bullet. And i like CH waaaay better with IH chemistry wise even though he’s all dead inside lol I have to give props to Jae Hee since i’m used to see him play such cheerful characters so to see him playing such a bad guy who seems emotionless to the point that he scares me sometimes. Kuddos

    • I remember one episode during the younger years where San says he’s Chang Hee’s friend. Chang Hee’s reaction was that San was no different from Il Moon. Well…San was NOTHING like Il Moon and Chang Hee only started thinking they could be friends after the accident. But yeah, there really wasn’t much there on his side, especially when he learned how smart San is. If Hae Joo is the queen of inferiority complexes now, Chang Hee developed one there with San. In their adult years, San and Chang Hee might have developed a better friendship if it wasn’t for the fact that San refused to associate with him since Chang Hee never left the Jang household which automatically puts him on the opposite side as San. Was it surprising that Chang Hee did what he did? No, but that doesn’t make it any less annoying that he’s hurting the people who did care for him the most whether or not he returned that care (in San’s case). Oh. I NEVER really believed the friendship between Hae Joo and In Hwa. To me Hae Joo never really seemed to like In Hwa all that much and just placated her more than anything.

      Oh yes, dead Chang Hee = very scary at times. I wasn’t to impressed with Jae Hee’s acting when he started the adult version (but the guy can act, so I was a bit surprised that he seemed kind of lukewarm in the beginning, guess he was saving his energy for soulless Chang Hee), but definitely give him props now. He does seem to have a better chemistry with In Hwa. I think a lot of us aren’t impressed with HJH’s acting. I think she could become a decent actress in time if she learned how to express herself better…maybe.

  • I seriously hate Chang Hee as he is a stupid idiot and a bastard. And the actor Jae Hee is terrible with a capital T! As for Han Ji Hye ( AKA Hae Joo) her acting it is average. I think the best thing and the most fun to watch are the scenes with Bong Hee and Jung Woo and Kang San. Chang Hee is so freakin evil. Kim Jae Won is a fabulous actor! Thank you so much Neenee for this fantastic recap.

    • I’m on the fence with the character of Chang Hee. I’m sure that will change and I’ll probably hate him in coming episodes if he continues on his evil monster kick bent on self destruction and taking everyone down with him.
      Oh yes, Bong Hee, Jung Woo, and Kang San are the real gems of the show. These three actors are awesome and I love to see Bong Hee and Jung Woo on screen together. It’s a welcome change.
      I’m glad you enjoyed the recap 🙂

    • I’ve always liked Jae Hee, I think he’s a very good actor. He plays this role wonderfully, and so many others. It’s Han Ji Hye’s acting that I have a problem with. Her movies aren’t so bad, mainly because they are short so I can stand her acting in short doses, but when it comes to a 30 something episodes drama, her wide-eyed stares for every emotion really gets tiring. She has about the same limited range of emotions as Kristen Stewart.

      • I personally never understood why Kristen Steward is popular. Sure, I’ve liked some of her movies, but her acting kind of all equates to the same, like Han Ji Hye’s.

  • I should correct my opinion then… i think only KS regard CH as friend,,, CH doesn’t feel the same way to KS… I have a feeling that since young CH feel inferior to KS because he was born rich and can do what ever he want, he is also aware that KS is smarter than him.

    • I second (third?) that. I felt towards the end of the youth period Chang Hee might have started to consider San a friend until the unsolvable formula happened. That helped kick their friendship into nonexistent territory once again…oh…and possibly the fact they both liked Hae Joo. Although, in true friend fashion, San never pushed it as he did value Chang Hee’s friendship (even if Chang Hee never thought that way).

  • I remember when Chang Hee lied to Kang San about knowing Hae Joo’s contact when KS is studying overseas. I think Chang Hee did that because he feel that KS is his rival not friend..

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