AA 2012 Comeback – Teaser #7

AA has released another audio teaser for their 2012 comeback. This one features a new picture of leader Woosang. Although Aoora’s voice can be heard as well as the others’ it mostly features Woosang’s vocals. This makes me really excited to see if the other teasers will feature Hoik’s, Joowon’s, and Kimchi’s vocals. It seems the first teasers were mostly showcasing the dance side of their upcoming album while these two are featuring more of a softer ballad side. It really seems like this audio teaser is a continuation of another teaser…Woosang’s first maybe?

Anywho. I’m TOTALLY ready for their comeback and to hear the full song! Let’s see we’re on teaser 7…there’s supposed to be only 10 now I think. Only 3 more to go.

It also looks like these new pictures will feature the boys in all white with white backgrounds. WHY? Sorry. I’m not a huge fan of everything glaring white. Woosang is really becoming one with the background.

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