May Queen Episode 19 Recap

Okay. I didn’t mind this episode in the grand scheme of things. We are sort of moving forward. Il Moon knows the truth now (but not the whole truth of course), Geum Hee still lets herself be bullied into believing she doesn’t know the truth, and San and Hae Joo come closer and closer to putting more and more pieces of the puzzle together.

So we open May Queen episode 19 with Hae Joo and San at Jung Woo’s office. Hae Joo explains the text message with the picture of a bloody license plate that she is certain belongs to the car that killed her father. Jung Woo and San don’t really believe this. San, in particular blames Hae Joo’s fever. Hae Joo, however, persists and the two men start to believe her a little. Jung Woo asks for her phone, but what can she do? She doesn’t have it and was told that the phone company could restore her number, but not her information if the original phone was lost. Jung Woo can’t verify anything without the pictures, but he can look into her phone records. Hae Joo gives him permission to do so.

Geum Hee is home stressing over the news that there is a chance for Hae Joo to be her daughter. At this point the angry In Hwa comes in and demands that the Park family be kicked out as they are just leaches. This shocks Geum Hee. They’ve been living together for 30 years now, how can In Hwa say such a thing. In Hwa then swears she will have Chang Hee arrested and storms into her room where she locks herself in and throws a tantrum like a little girl while Geum Hee tries to get in and figure out what happened. Well…In Hwa did deserve some sort of punishment for her childish actions…not happy that Chang Hee did it with a rather violent kiss, but we all know why he’s doing such things, don’t we?

San takes Hae Joo out to eat and asks if she is still blaming herself for her father’s death. Oh, how does San know she does that? This girl SERIOUSLY gets on my nerves sometimes. I know she really only had eyes for Chang Hee and all that, but seriously why can’t she remember anything in regards to San (except for his lies and his help with the fish)? Anywho, San reminds her about how he and Chang Hee piggybacked her when she was kicked out of her house. Hae Joo recalls that moment and then says that if only she hadn’t rode a bike that night, her father would still be alive. San tells her this is all due to the trauma of the situation and it wasn’t her fault. If anyone is to blame, it’s the driver who hit poor Hong Chul and ran off. He then gets her to start eating again, but we all know that Hae Joo blames herself and ironically it is kind of her fault, but we all know the main blame lies with Jang.

Let’s see. Jang kills Hak Soo and has Gi Chul get rid of Yoo Jin so he can have Geum Hee. Gi Chul can’t bring himself to kill an innocent baby and thus Hae Joo is given to Hong Chul. When Hong Chul shows up in Ulsan with his family and learns the truth, he tries to do right by Hae Joo by getting her back together with her real family, thus threatening Gi Chul and Jang, so Gi Chul had to come up with some way to save himself and get rid of Yoo Jin once and for all. Too bad it didn’t work. I guess, you can say in some cosmic way, it’s Hae Joo’s fault merely for existing, but really, it’s all Jang’s fault in the long run when you follow the chain far enough.

Ah, Gi Chul is making me sick again. I guess his perspective is, since his son’s life is officially ruined, why not make the best of your new situation? Especially when Chang Hee just might be able to bring Gi Chul out of the gutters at long last. Gi Chul expresses concern over Chang Hee’s drinking, but then can’t contain his happiness at his son being put in charge of the management of the maritime division [putting him above Il Moon].

I sold my soul to the devil. Shouldn’t I at least start that high up?

Chang Hee also warns his father to not do anything that could earn him another beating. Great. It’s Gi Chul we’re talking about. He’s the man everyone loves to beat, so I highly doubt he’ll be able to keep a low profile and do as his son asks. Chang Hee then goes into his room where he gets a call from Hae Joo. This time he doesn’t smash his phone and just tosses it on his bed, ignoring her call. Hae Joo leaves him a message asking after her cell phone.

San gets home and finds his grandfather on his laptop. Kang is livid. Why on earth is San doing a search on Akiyama. Well, let’s start off with how he even knows that name. San reveals that he’s been searching himself since Kang refuses to tell him anything. Why can’t Kang give him more information about his parents? Since Kang started as a humble welder, what did he have against San’s mother? Kang bitterly says that it wasn’t the fact that she was a welder, but that she seduced San’s father and convinced him to abandon not only Kang, but San as well. I definitely think there’s more to this story, but we don’t get to hear the whole thing yet. Kang then says that if San persists in his investigation (or at least in asking Kang all these questions), then Kang will no longer consider him as family. Harsh. Way harsh. San then just asks one more question—how did his parents die? Kang reveals their car hit a guardrail in Japan and the two hurtled to their deaths and drowned in the ocean. We then cut to see Jang pull out a book with kanji on the cover. Inside is a picture of him smiling happy between Yoon Hak Soo and Kang Woon.It appears that not only did Hak Soo know Woon, they were best friends. So what happened with this trio?

Il Moon is called into his father’s office. Gripe, gripe, gripe. Okay. So the griping went something like this: “Why did you give the dog who betrayed us a position higher than my own?” Jang’s response is that Il Moon is a jujube tree that most be hacked at until he can produce fruitful results. Well…I get it. I mean, you thin out that bad spots and hope to get a better yield, but at the same time, he’s been hacking away at his son unmercifully for that past 30 odd years. What makes him think that his son would be able to take it? I do, at times, feel bad for Il Moon. Those times are rare, but they do exist. I’m happy that Il Moon isn’t quite as one dimensional. I just wish he didn’t do only bad things. Snap out of it. Sure, you want your father’s approval, but at times, just give up and cut your losses and get away before you’re eaten up inside.

Chang Hee arrives at Cheonji and everyone bows to him. So…so…organized crime like to me. Monster walks in and introduces himself to the maritime division. Wow. Chang Hee is really showing his cold, hard side. He says that everyone must report to him and no secrets must be kept. He doesn’t trust anyone and doesn’t know how they’ve done things in the past, but there will be a lot of changes from now on. Enter Il Moon who promptly walks by and ignores Chang Hee. This earns the brat a scolding. LOL. How long has Chang Hee been waiting to put Il Moon in his place? Of course, Il Moon has to turn and say that Chang Hee is in over his head. Probably. Let’s see how far Monster can carry out his revenge plans. Anywho, San comes in [acting] oblivious to the situation. He laughs and congratulates Chang Hee on the new position.

San follows Chang Hee into his office and begins “good-naturedly” ribbing his friend about his position. Okay. It’s only good natured in the fact that San always has his carefree mask on. We all know by now that San hides a lot of what he feels from others at times with this façade of his. But, still, San is the one who is more open and honest about his own emotions. Anywho, so San refuses to use honorifics and stick to business. San wishes to know if Chang Hee stayed by Jang’s side and even went as far as arresting him in order to get this position. Of course, Chang Hee won’t own up to just why he is doing everything he is. Seriously. If he just learned to talk and say out loud what is going on, San just might try to understand his decision (not that it was a good decision by any means). Chang Hee asks if there’s a problem with the vessel and San laughs. If there was, would Chang Hee even understand it? Chang Hee then mentions he knows there is an issue with the thrusters for the drill ship. San gives a sardonic smile. So Chang Hee even knows about Il Moon’s illegal fund transfer to Indonesia. That’s definitely how Chang Hee got that position, isn’t it. Chang Hee only says that he won’t answer personal questions. Of course San then asks if Chang Hee broke up with Hae Joo because she was too burdensome on his new life. Again, Chang Hee won’t answer and just tells San to leave. San does, but not before doing the standard “I’ve got my eyes on you” gesture. Got to love how he’s a mix of child and adult.

Jang asks to see Hae Joo and tells her he was impressed by her skill and would like her to check on the progress of the thrusters. Hae Joo is honored that he would ask someone without a formal education to do so. Jang then says he sees himself in Hae Joo (I think I threw up a little bit here). Why? When he was younger he went to a mountain no one owned to cut down trees. The local government insisted it was illegal since the trees belonged to them. Jang’s father lost everything, etc. Well, Jang can’t complain or hate the people who treated him and his family like they did because that is what made him who he is today. Makes me wonder…do you think any of the trio will feel that way after all that Jang has done to destroy their families for his own, selfish dream? Well…Hae Joo maybe. But she’s a doormat. Seriously. Not 100% of the time, but most of the time. Chang Hee, we already know he can’t do that. San…it’s kind of hit or miss with him. If he finds out Jang is involved in his parents’ death as well as overtaking Hae Poong, all bets are off.

At the same time, Il Moon is in a panic. The stupid male worker thinks everything will be okay since Hae Joo doesn’t have an education, but Jo and Il Moon think otherwise. The girl is not stupid and could easily tell the propellers were wrong just from looking at the blueprint during a meeting. Il Moon requests that Jo intercept Hae Joo before she can report the propeller snafu to his father. Meanwhile, I guess the man and Jo both know about Il Moon siphoning funds for Indonesia. Tsk. Tsk. You’d think someone might have tried talking Il Moon out of it. It’s been what? 3 years already or something like that and still no oil. Although, if that field finally produces, I’d have to laugh as Il Moon would be vindicated in a way and Jang proven wrong, but I highly doubt that will happen.

Hae Joo goes to check out the propeller plant and notices that there are no azimuth thrusters. The sand hasn’t even been prepared for them. Something is really wrong, especially when the checklists states the propellers have been cast and should be going to milling now. Enter San. He invites Hae Joo out to lunch, but she refuses his initiation only to turn around and accept Jung Woo’s as he has found her call records. It turns out that the cell was a dummy phone so there is no way of knowing just where the call came from. This makes Hae Joo even more certain that something isn’t right. The three then sit down for lunch and Hae Joo reveals the propeller issue and San confirms that it makes sense since Il Moon has been siphoning funds for the Indonesia project. This surprises Jung Woo and he gets an even greater shock when he learns Chang Hee was already aware of this.

Chang Hee looks at the fund information on his thumbdrive when In Hwa walks in. She demands to speak to him and he refuses. She then says unless he wants all his employees to overhear, he’d better follow her. They go to a deserted part of the company where In Hwa complains about him stealing her first kiss. She demands it back. LOL. Of all the absurdities in dramas, this is one of them. You can’t demand a first kiss back. It’s impossible to do so. Chang Hee then states he only did that because he couldn’t hit a woman and it was the only way to shut her up. Burn! In Hwa is even more shocked by this. Chang Hee then backs her into a corner and wonders if a second kiss could possibly make up for him stealing her true first kiss. Ah, Chang Hee. I was chuckling here. I love how everyone is shocked by the new Chang Hee. How could they all not know the dark monster that lurked under the surface (and stayed their thanks to Hae Joo primarily)? In Hwa threatens to have him fired and Chang Hee invites her to go to Jang’s office with him and complain. LOL. Nice one.

Chang Hee goes alone to Jang’s office and reveals the extent of Il Moon’s duplicity. Chang Hee also reveals that San is well aware of the situation as well. Jang storms out of his office to beat his only son. Why couldn’t Il Moon just shut up and trust him? Il Moon asks the same question in return. Um…yeah. Well, Il Moon has pretty much screwed the company over in his quest to prove his own usefulness. Good job, Il Moon, good job. Hae Joo enters at that time and catches the end of the screaming match that can be heard in the maritime office. Chang Hee urges everyone to get back to work after Jang leaves.

Hae Joo follows him into his office to tell him about Il Moon when he reveals that he already knew and Jang has already been apprised of the situation. Chang Hee then tells Hae Joo never to come to his office personally again and go through Jo only. Hae Joo says she understands and then asks after her phone. Chang Hee scolds her for bringing personal matters up at work. Hae Joo wouldn’t normally do such things, but he’s not answering her calls. Chang Hee then says he doesn’t have her phone and she leaves.

Il Moon decides that it must have been Hae Joo who told Jang and he outright slaps her in front of everyone. Hae Joo is shocked. But this gets her spunk back up and when he goes for a second hit, she grabs his arm and twists it. Atta girl! The two then get into a verbal sparring war. Hae Joo reprimanding her boss for his underhanded dealings and Il Moon talking about her bad background and her family’s attack on the Jang estate. This news surprises Hae Joo and she does rush out of the office (Jang also kind of referred to it as well, but when she appeared not to know about it, he let the subject drop).

San then pays Jang a visit and the older man is in his chair chewing on gum. Looks like he’s having sugar issues. Anywho, Jang reveals that he understands San knew about Il Moon’s siphoning funds. San reveals he didn’t want to say anything because he believed Jang could come through with the propellers on schedule. Plus, San didn’t want to be the cause of Il Moon’s and Jang’s relationship getting any worse. San reveals that if Jang cannot produce the propellers like promised and if they have to order them from Rolls Royce, that means Jang owes San’s company a lot of money like 50 billion won. San smiles and says that is nothing to a company like Cheonji and he cheerfully leaves saying he will be reporting this all to his bosses in Texas. I had to laugh when Jang says that San’s mannerisms really gets on people’s nerves. San’s reply? “Sorry, I’m New York Style.” After he leaves, Jang says that San has finally showed his claws.

Geum Hee goes once again to see Dal Soon. I won’t elaborate too much. In the end, Dal Soon stays true to her story that Hae Joo is her birth daughter. However, she does find out about Hae Joo’s real father. Dal Soon wonders why her husband went to the lengths he did. If only she had known. Now it’s too late and he’s dead and cannot see how well she understands his feelings towards Hae Joo in the past as she feels them now and is doing her best to do right by the girl. Meanwhile, Il Moon gets home early and catches Gi Chul playing up his own importance. And what did your son warn you about the other night you babo? Of course, Il Moon starts in on him and Gi Chul tells him to respect his elders. Enter Geum Hee who demands to know what her son is doing. Il Moon just walks away. The two fight again and Il Moon reveals he knows about Yoo Jin. He doesn’t reveal his whole hand yet. Oddly enough, Geum Hee doesn’t collapses to the floor—though she still looks like she’s one step from a complete nervous breakdown.

When San learns of Il Moon’s actions to Hae Joo, he goes to see Chang Hee instead. Um…shouldn’t he be going after the man who hit Hae Joo? Well, he demands to know if Chang Hee was aware of this. Chang Hee says he’s too busy learning about the company to be concerned with one female employee. San (the angriest I’ve ever seen him) does his best not to explode. He grits his teeth, digs his fingers into the back of one of Chang Hee’s chairs and slams it down. He says that he didn’t know Chang Hee was originally this bad. Hae Joo suffered all kinds of pain when she was with him for 15 years. San says he pities her. He then calls Chang Hee a not very nice name before spitting at him and leaving. Yes. He spat at Chang Hee as if his former friend left a bad taste in his mouth. Well, Chang Hee. You wanted to play the devil and walk in the darkness. I hope you’re happy. And no griping about life being unfair when it was ultimately you who made this decision yourself.

San does his best to curb his rage and put on his usual face in front of Hae Joo. He does ask about her being hurt by what Chang Hee’s doing. Hae Joo says she was with Chang Hee for 15 years so she knows better than anyone that he’s doing his best to make Hae Joo stop loving him. This shows kind of how bad Hae Joo is when it comes to relationships. Okay. Yes, she knows him, so she’s well aware of what kind of temper and attitude he has, but how come she never tries to get him to open up about what is going on to make him do what he’s doing? Kind of like with San as well. She may notice things, but she never tries to find the source or reason to see if she can help, etc.

San takes her to his boat and she replies she’s fine and doesn’t need that comfort right now. San raps her on her head and tells her that if they are alone in his dark apartment he might do something to her. LOL. Hae Joo then hits him back harder. Omo. How funny. Ahhh, I totally love these two together. Hae Joo is shocked to learn that San has already finished the design for the azimuth thrusters. San replies that he cannot go to war without guns. Hae Joo then wonders what he will do now. Of course he will sell it at a ridiculously high price. Hae Joo sits down. So San can sell this to Cheonji since Cheonji can’t produce the propellers? San laughs and says he can, but at even more so than the going rate. Hae Joo then says the design is like a recipe that they can’t cook without all the ingredients. San knows this. He has the design all set, but the problem comes from not knowing exactly how the propeller works inside. That is something only the elite of the companies making it knows. Hae Joo’s idea is just to study existing other propellers. San says that won’t work as those types can’t withstand tsunamis, etc. like azimuth thrusters can.

He then takes her inside the boat and shows her a tray of noodles. They are all made of flour, right? Home come one breaks instantly compared to the other two kinds? The noodles are all made with flour, but the other two contain other ingredients to make the noodles chewier and less likely to break when dry. Exactly. They need to find the materials that can do the same for their azimuth thruster. So if San finds out the correct recipe, then what? San takes her hand and tells Hae Joo that she will have to make it with her pretty hands then. His grandfather will provide the funds and the workplace. This astounds and excites our leading lady.

In Hwa has the official ribbon cutting for her store. Upon inspecting inside she finds a male and female mannequin posed as if they were kissing. When she complains about this a workers states that is only because they were just put there until the main display was ready for them. Haha. In Hwa’s got kissing on the brain. She tells the worker to finish the display  quickly and then rushes off to the Park home to confront Chang Hee again. Gi Chul tries to stop her from rushing into his son’s room, but In Hwa doesn’t listen and she catches Chang Hee half naked. This shocks her. She faces the door and calls him crazy. Chang Hee points out that she’s the one who rushed into his room uninvited. So poor In Hwa can’t really do what she intended because she’s way tooo flustered. She rushes back out and yells at Gi Chul for not telling her and runs out of the house. Gi Chul just chuckles. She didn’t give him a chance. Once outside, In Hwa places her hand over her heart. Why is it beating like crazy?

Il Moon is out drinking and calls Young Joo. She arrives again and wonders why he keeps insisting on calling her when she’s made her dislike of him so obvious. Il Moon then hands her the watch she didn’t take last time. He tells her that it’s already hers so she should take it since he has no one else to give it to. Young Joo happily accepts it only to snap at Il Moon when he asks her to drink with him. She replies again that she isn’t a bar hostess who pours drinks. Il Moon gets up and almost collapses to the floor. He has no one to drink with. He then collapses on the table and Young Joo decides to grace him with her presence for 5 minutes. Il Moon smiles and lays his head down while Young Joo happily stares at the watch. Il Moon should know that his attitude is partly to blame, right? These little vulnerable moments are the reason I can’t completely hate him. Here’s hoping he says bye-bye to his family and just goes to be with Young Joo as I think the two can help each other out.

Hae Joo comes home and confronts Dal Soon. She and Chang Hee broke up on good terms, so how could Dal Soon do that? Her mother replies that she knows the why and how of Hae Joo’s breakup (meaning it wasn’t all nice). Hae Joo says it was still run to do that at someone else’s house. Dal Soon replies at least this way the anger got out and won’t make her sick. Dal Soon then complains of her lacking skills as a mother and says that Hae Joo would have been better off being raised by her elegant and refined mother (um…Geum Hee’s one step from a psych ward…she’s not any better). Hae Joo asks if her birth mother is dead or not and Dal Soon says it was just something she said. Hae Joo assures her mother that she’s the only mother for her. Sang Tae comes home at this time and gets a shock to learn that Hae Joo really isn’t his birth sister after all.

San goes to see Bong Hee to ask her to look into Akiyama while she’s in Japan. Bong Hee doesn’t wish to do this since she and San aren’t close and the man has been dead for 30 years. San then explains Akiyama’s connection to Hak Soo and is shocked to learn from Bong Hee that Yoon Hak Soo was her original brother-in-law. San says its no wonder that Geum Hee knew his father then. What does he mean? San explains that Akiyama is his father. San asks Bong Hee to help him find his father’s real identity. At this time, Jang’s secretary tells him that Jung Woo is investigating the embezzlement problem. This makes Jang angry—how does he know?

Before leaving for Japan, Bong Hee goes to visit Jung Woo who doesn’t show that much concern since Japan isn’t all that far away. Bong Hee then mentions a Mr. Watanabe who has proposed marriage to her. She can’t wait around forever since a certain person doesn’t want her. LOL. Nice bluff woman. Unfortunately Jung Woo immediately changes the subject and wonders if anyone in the Jang household uses a throwaway phone. Bong Hee gets angry and goes to rush out and ends up getting smacked by the door as Hae Joo enters. Ah, our lovely comic relief. Poor woman.

Jung Woo reveals that the location of the call came from around the Jang area and it’s only them who has a connection to Hae Joo. The younger girl stops in her tracks as she faces the man who tried to sell her 15 years ago. Jung Woo and she sit down with him and he reveals what he talked to Chang Hee about. The pieces start falling into place with Hae Joo and we end with her going to Gi Chul and demanding to know if he paid someone to sell her off.

Well…what a tangled web we weave. All of the pieces are slowly coming together with 12 episodes left. Seriously…how long can they keep some of these things dragging? And will Gi Chul be able to come up with a convincing lie or will Hae Joo finally learn the truth? Nah. That would be too easy.


  • Il moon somehow reminds me of Min woo (Joo Sang wook) from Giant. Both of them turned out to be the way they are because of their respective fathers. Hope Young joo helps him the way Miju made Min woo a better person. Anyways i am really looking forward to see how his relationship with Young joo progresses. And lastly, three cheers for angry Kim Jae won!!!
    And a million thanks for your recap, words alone aren’t enough to express my gratitude 🙂

    • I haven’t watched Giant, so I can’t compare. But Il Moon id definitely the product of his father. I also really hope Young Joo can save him and make him a better person as well. At first I didn’t really like her, but she has shown that she has spunk and pride and is willing to put Il Moon in his place. I know. The angry Kim Jae Won was just awesome this episode. Some people said he was a little over the top, but I think his anger was quite appropriate.
      Thank you and you’re most welcome 🙂

  • thanks a lot for the recap 🙂
    i wish i discovered your recaps a little earlier, i came across the recap of the 17th episode and i loved it ^_^
    from now on, i will definitely keep waiting for your recaps every week
    as for the drama, it keeps getting more and more interesting
    i have a feeling that Jang has somthg to do with the accident of Kang San’s parents (maybe he got rid of them just like he did with Hae Joo’s father)

    • I’m glad that you are enjoying the recaps. 🙂 It always makes me happy to hear that.
      I do find the drama getting more interesting as well. We keep dancing around the truth and more and more people are slowly learning parts of it. So I’m really intrigued to see what happens when the pieces and players all start coming together and the full picture is finally revealed.
      I know, the writers like to confuse us. At one point I had that feeling and then Kang and Jang had their marriage conversation about utilizing your children’s marriages for business reasons so I thought maybe not, but then I’m totally back to believing that he did something.

      • yes i am and i love your comments on the scenes, i would read them and say “i totally agree!!” 🙂
        i hope they won’t drag the whole secrets thing for too long, i want them to find out abt Jang’s crime soon so we can see what they are going to do abt it (i don’t want them to find out in the 30th episode or smthg)
        me too!! i thought that since they were talking abt mariage plans then maybe Jang had nothg to do with it but now i think he does
        anyway, i think next week’s episodes are going to be really good (now that one of the secrets is out)

  • may i ask who will Hae Joo probably end up with? is it Kang San or Chan Hee? since i am seriously watching the drama just because of Kim Jae Woon, i wouldn’t like it to see him hurt…. pls reply ): i’m down to episode 10, and still can’t see who

    • Let’s see. If the show remotely follows anything that the official website and releases say, then Kang San will end up with Hae Joo at the end. I’d be entirely shocked if Chang Hee got the girl in this case as he’s pretty much decided to be 100% soulless evil.

      • waaahh!! thank you for the quick reply X3.. yaaaay~!! so glad Kim Jae Won will be happy 😀 i guess i have to stay tuned a bit more to see the romance bloom between them, huh? XD… Chang Hee will be evil? :O.. waaahh can’t wait to see that >:).. thank you very much again~!!

        • You’re welcome. There’s… 12 episodes left right now so hopefully we can see the gradual bloom of romance between San and Hae Joo. And we’ll get to see just how evil Chang Hee gets.

  • So does In Hwa starting to Chang Hee because it seem like she is always thinking if that kiss and when she does that her heart started to beat.

    • Sorry I forgot to write does In Hwa starting to like Chang Hee cause when ever she think about the kiss her heart seem to beat. Also when she went to his room she couldn’t face him and after going outside she like why is my heart beating like this and saying this is to soon or something else.

      • Well…I won’t go as far as saying “liking” yet. To me…it’s more like she’s physically attracted. In Hwa has been very pure and innocent with her obsession with San so its actually kind of understandable that Chang Hee’s sudden forced kiss is spinning her out of control. And she’s shocked to experience such feelings with someone beside the man she’s professed to love all of her life.

        Of course, I’m sure the writers are trying to signify “like” but to me its just not quite there yet.

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