B.A.P. 3rd Single Teaser

Yay. I mean it. Sure, it took a LONG time for me to actually like the song “No Mercy” as it seemed sort of like a cocky identity crisis (it was  mix of several genres that jarred at first and took some time to get used to for me and I do have problems with songs in which someone is proclaiming to be the best), but B.A.P. won me over. I don’t think there really is anything of there’s to date that I don’t like. These boys are really very active. Starting with “Warrior” and “Secret Love” and then “Power” and then coming back with” Goodbye,” “No Mercy,” and “Crash.” Wow. That’s a lot. Kind of funny as EXO debuted at the same time almost and they’ve only really promoted “Mama” even though they did release two prologue singles. Not that I’m comparing the two as they are as different as night and day–even with the similar “alien” concepts.

I hope the boys get some time to rest and relax with all their albums and promotions, but I’m happy that they are so active and busy and we get to enjoy seeing them often. Watching the teaser for their 3rd single one thing jumped out at me…are they all blonde again? While they don’t look bad with blonde hair, I kind of liked it better when we can see their individual colors and looks. That being said, totally digging the outfits. And the smoky eyeliner on the boys? Really does work with their fierce stares…although Daehyun’s picture seems a little off to me. Love him. He’s a good looking kid and he’s got a great voice and he can totally rock the look, but the picture they use just doesn’t look right to me somehow.

Anywho. Check it out. Sounds like it’s going to be another daebak single.

Since it’s a teaser it’s only 21 seconds. Blink and you’ll probably miss your favorite member unless you run the video in like super-slow motion, thus NeeNee had done her best to try to capture the individual shots for the boys. The album is set to drop this upcoming Tuesday (10/23).


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