AA 2012 Comeback – Teaser #6

Okay. It’s really teaser number 8 for kpop group AA’s 2012 comeback. We had the five audio teasers featuring the individual members and five different sound clips, plus two bonus teasers with two other clips. Now we are back to the individual teasers and audio clips. I won’t lie, I’m disappointed that we haven’t gotten any video teasers and are just getting audio teasers. That being said, I really like this audio teaser which features oldest member Aoora and showcases his vocals as well (it’s a softer song with less of a strong dance melody). Does this mean the additional individual teasers will focus on the vocals of the members?

I like it. It’s a sweet song. Now…Aoora has platinum hair. It doesn’t look too bad. But add in the white background, white clothes and mirror-like accessories…not liking it so much, it’s like he’s going to disappear into the background. Plus…not a fan of those chokers that like take up the entire neck. Add in the fact it’s metallic and I’m really not liking that look. Hopefully the other members won’t have more of this all whiteness and shiny metallic accessories.

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