AA 2012 Comeback – Bonus Teaser #2

Kpop group AA has released a second bonus teaser for their 2012 comeback. This features a group picture with an instrumental audio clip. I really do like the 29 second snippet. I can’t really explain it…kind of like a softer melody with an underlying dance beat?

At the top of the picture are these words in English: “Coming Soon.” The picture itself…the boys are cute, but I would like to know why 3/5 members have their mouths open to some extent. It’s kind of…goofy looking. And why is everyone so bright and colorful except Hoik? And Aoora’s hair…I’ve been on the fence about his rainbow hair since the first time I saw it. I can’t decided if I actually like it or not.

I can’t wait until they actually make their official comeback. Truthfully, the amount of comeback teasers for some groups becomes ridiculous and all you really want is for them to stop teasing and officially comeback already so that you can enjoy seeing them once again. 🙂

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