AA 2012 Comeback – Teaser #5

It’s Hoik’s turn! The true maknae (he’s a wee bit younger than Kimchi, but not by much) is yet another person coined as another Hyun Bin look alike. I kind of see it…but Hoik is Hoik and no one else. I love his shy cuteness!

While I am happy to see Hoik at last (sad to see him to be the last featured in the first set of audio teasers for AA’s 2012 comeback), the audio teaser…more electro pop/club music. Sigh. I just am not feeling it. And how come Woosang’s audio clip was like the one that featured his own vocals more than any body else’s? In this clip, I could really hear Aoora’s voice (his voice really does stand out). I would have liked to hear more of Hoik’s voice. Oh well. There is, however, something cool and new in this video that wasn’t in the previous individual audio teasers or bonus group teaser–special effects. I kind of liked those.

And on to the fashion. Hoik looks good, but I still say that style doesn’t particularly suit him. Anywho, check out the latest teaser and don’t forget to support AA!

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