You will be surprised at how much can happen in only 13 minutes—I know I was.

The next day arrives and two of the four roommates are passed out in the living room. Sung Jun wakes up a bi when his phone alarm goes off. Sung Jun blindly reaches for the phone, but Woo Joo picks it up and in comes Luna shocked to see their sorry state. Just how late did they stay up drinking. Sung Jun wakes with a start and demands to know the time. When Woo Joo looks at his phone and says it’s after 8 AM, Sung Jun panickily demands to know why no one woke him up before he passes back out [omo—that was hilarious]. Woo Joo then leaves. Luna asks him to stay for breakfast and he replies he already ate, plus he even made them breakfast. Luna looks at the fully set table and wonders when he found the time to do all of that.

Woo Joo arrives at work and is in awe. He walks around his new workplace with a smile on his face. He then enters the design room and says his morning greetings. He looks around and almost steps on a man sleeping on the floor. He then takes a good look around and sees people passed out all over. Enter a scruffy looking young man [Nakano Yuta as Igarashi Takahiro] who asks who Woo Joo is. The three men wake up and go out to do runs to different brands. Woo Joo just seems to stare in shock as they leave. Igarashi then asks if Woo Joo is strong, creative and has a good memory. Woo Joo thinks for a minute and quickly agrees. Igarashi then asks if he’s okay with all-nighters—he’s on his third night without sleep as are the other guys. Well, it’s just part of the hard and job they have and there isn’t much you can do about it. Igarashi then tells him that he’s lucky Sakurai took him in.

Woo Joo asks where Sakurai is and Igarashi replies he’s at a photo shoot and probably won’t be returning that day. Igarashi then says that Woo Joo can start with returning some clothes. He tells him which clothes to steam and pack up and then hands him the loan slips and information on which clothes were borrowed from which brands. Igarashi then points out where the shoes are and then warns Woo Joo to double check that everything matches and is accounted for otherwise they will be in big trouble. Yikes. Igarashi then tells Woo Joo to immediately alert him of damaged or dirty clothes. They have to make sure to get repairs and cleaning done that day before the clothes are sent back. So does Woo Joo get all of that and have any questions? Woo Joo says he thinks he’s got it and begins the rather daunting task.

Igarashi looks over at Woo Joo to see how he’s doing and notices him taking a picture of a tag with a red star. Igarashi comes over and smiles—does Woo Joo like that brand? Woo Joo says that his friend does PR for the brand. Igarashi asks who it is and Woo Joo replies it’s a girl. Igarashi immediately guesses that Woo Joo is referring to Aoi Luna and immediately starts talking about how cute Luna is. LOL. I guess all these guys like her. Igarashi then says it’s too bad she isn’t a better worker. Hmm. Interesting.

I guess to prove what Igarashi means, we cut to Luna at work with Abilio Marcelo Hagiwara (playing himself). He looks at a piece put together and wonders what kind of fashion terrorist did that piece. Luna comes up and claims responsibility. Abilio hence decides to call her “fashion terrorist” from now on and says it’s like she’s trying to push water uphill with a rake. This analogy is something that Luna doesn’t understand at all. Abilio tells her that if it was a matter of sense, he could teach her, but she has no brains to be taught at all. Ouch. Harsh, but some things, in particularly with fashion, really can’t be taught if you don’t have the sense or brains to get it.

Ren watches from above with an assistant who points out a war is brewing. But gay guys really know their stuff, don’t they? Ren then asks if Abilio hasn’t taken things a bit too far with Luna. The man then replies that love is poison in the fashion industry. Ren doesn’t get this and the two quickly leave to attend a meeting. We then cut to man whose face we cannot see. He’s on the phone and holding a tablet with a picture of Ren and Luna from the previous night. He states that he received the data and tells whoever is on the other end to keep an eye on Ren as he’s been behaving oddly of late.

At the meeting, Abilio, Misaki Aya [ICONIQ formerly known as Ahyoomee of kpop group Sugar], Ren, and his assistant discuss the model for a new campaign or is it a new editor…? Ren, instead of paying much attention is busy doing something on his phone. Is he even listening? Ren says that he is, but Abilio doesn’t think so. Is Ren emailing is girlfriend instead of paying heed to the meeting? Misaki then asks who Ren’s girlfriend is. Abilio says she needs to be care in questioning their future president and then turns around to ask the same question. LOL. I like this man. HIs assistant quickly cuts in and says that if Ren did indeed have a girlfriend, it would be plastered all of the financial news. He then tries to bring back the discussion to which is better. Ren looks at both editors and says they are both good, plus he’s friends with them on Facebook. Misaki and Ablio then says they all are, too. I guess the only one who isn’t is the assistant. But in this day and age…what does it really mean to say you’re friends on Facebook?

Luna is busy working when she gets a text from Ren explaining that Abilio’s rake idiom means something that is futile or useless—I can’t believe she didn’t honestly get that. I mean…if you really think about how its basically impossible to push water uphill with a rake, Abilio’s meaning was perfectly clear. Is Luna really that stupid? This depressed the woman.

Woo Joo then goes to deliver the returned items to their respective brands. He looks lost and confused again. He’s good at that and it makes sense since he’s new to Japan and this job. A girl comes and asks if he’s there to return clothes. He nods and she goes off. Enter Ren. Woo Joo immediately recognizes him from the previous night. Ren is soon followed by Luna who is surprised to see Woo Joo there. Ren repeats his name and we end the episode.

Wow. For only a 13 minute episode there was actually a surprising amount of things going on. Again, I repeat that I am enjoying this drama.


  • I’m really liking this drama so far.. tq for introducing it to me..

    • YW! It had me hooked on one episode (pretty impressive given how short each one is). I’m glad you’re enjoying it. I’m anxiously awaiting new episodes, but I’m not sure what their release schedule is.

  • you know where i can get the copy of this drama? i tried to find it after reading your recaps..btw, your recaps are really good.. 🙂

    thanks for introducing this drama

    • Unfortunately the official site that streamed this internet drama has put up a message saying the campaign ended March 31, 2013, so I guess that means they no longer will make the drama available. I don’t know where else you’d be able to find this drama to watch.

      • Oh, really? That’s so 😦 But thanks for the awesome recaps..

        • I have found the series on Vimeo. I don’t know if they have the whole thing or not, but here’s the link to 1.1:

          I’m glad you’re enjoying the recaps and I am happy I was able to find the series thanks to YSY’s fanpage on Soomp so that I could watch and recap the drama before it disappeared.

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