AA 2012 Comeback – Teaser #4

Kpop group released their fourth audio teaser for their 2012 comeback today. This teaser features a picture of leader and choreographer Woosang. Hmm. It’s an interesting photo as I’m trying to figure out just why Woosang has a drill to his head like a gun… This audio teaser is really just singing with minimal music and really showcases Woosang’s voice soft voice with a hint of a rock edge. As of now, I have to say the songs showcased in Teaser #3 and Teaser #4 are definitely my cup of tea and my favorites to date.

Ah, the lyrics. I understand “Hey you” and even though I know that’s not what they are really singing, I swear I hear “Ohio” or “Ohayou” (they’re basically pronounced the same aren’t they?) and we end with Woosang saying “I want to take you away”. Sounds like a song where the man is pleading for the girl not to go. And the fashion! Aside from Joowon’s chest peeking through a bathrobe, Woosang is the member who showcases the most of his body with mesh shirts, but it’s not as bad as the group teaser in which half of his shirt was missing.

Here it is:

Can this song be the title track? I have only heard a short snippet, but have already had in on replay quite often. It actually doesn’t matter if it is or not as I’ll buy their whole album. I can’t wait. Is it here yet?

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