Smile, Donghae Episode 41 Recap

Just when you might feel Saewa might just have a smidgen of human decency, she proves you wrong. Not that it’s really surprising at this point. You have to love how she keeps trying to prove to Joon that there’s nothing between her and Donghae and then all of her actions nearly prove otherwise. For a smart girl, she’s really an idiot.

I was going to try to get 41-43 done tonight, but due to time constraints, it will be just 41 with 42-43 to come tomorrow.

Donghae is thrown by Joon’s question, but he does answer honestly that he did date Saewa and he did come to Korea in hopes of marrying her. At this point in bursts the worried Saewa desperately saying that Donghae is nothing but a liar and a stalker. Omo. LOVED Donghae’s face at this. Joon then forces Saewa out of his office and asks Donghae how long they dated. Donghae says it was for six years, but they broke up before Saewa met Do Jin (a total lie, but I don’t think Donghae knows just how badly Saewa acted). Joon insists that Donghae leave the hotel and Donghae says he cannot as he has reasons (not the ones Saewa was stating) as to why he needs to stay. Enter in a station employee and Donghae is kicked out of Joon’s office and told never to make lunch for him again. Ouch.

Saewa then drags Donghae off to the rooftop and tells him to make himself into a bad guy to save her. Snort. That was my reaction. After all the crap Saewa’s pulled, she honestly thinks the goodhearted Donghae will malign himself just for her sake? Nope. Donghae tells her as much. Even when she tells him she didn’t love Do Jin in the beginning but desperately loves him now, Donghae doesn’t bat an eyelash. Good for Saewa. She loves her husband and doesn’t want the life she has always wanted destroyed. Likewise, Donghae has something he doesn’t want destroyed so there’s no way he will lie for Saewa’s sake (intentionally). Donghae angrily leaves to go back to the hotel as he’s running late for work.

Saewa goes back to her office where she gets a call from Hye Sook telling her about the interview and also asking if Saewa has any idea what Joon wants to talk about. Saewa lies and then tells Hye Sook to set up the interview and surprise Joon. Looks like Saewa will stop at nothing to ensure it’s hard for the Kim family to kick her out thanks to her past. Well…honestly a past means nothing, but as Bongi has said, Saewa wishes to desperately burry hers as her past actions to Donghae were awful, not to mention she was dating Do Jin behind Donghae’s back. Meanwhile Dongahe goes back to the kitchen and tells Bongi about what happened. He’s wondering if he should really quit or not. Bongi says that he needs to stay in order to get to the competition and find his father. Donghae does his best to buck up.

The two then go out into the kitchen to try Bongi’s fancy fishcake. Donghae tastes it and gives it his seal of approval, but does state the smell might be offputting since it does have a bit of a stronger fish aroma. Bongi is wondering if she should cut down on the roe or do something else to mask the smell when Baek comes in and starts flirting with Donghae once more much to Bongi’s ire. When Baek asks Donghae to partner with her once again, he again refuses. She then wonders what his last name is and then makes a crack about him not having a father which irks Bongi more than Donghae who does admit that he doesn’t know who his father is, thus he doesn’t know his last name as of yet. He hopes to find his father through the competition. All the more reason to partner with Baek. Donghae refuses though. He has Bongi and he’s confident they can win. I loved it when after Baek left, Bongi says her hitting on Donghae (and telling him he’s smexy in black) is sexual harassment and that Donghae doesn’t look sexy in black at all. LOL. Not true, Donghae is very sexy in black.

At the Yoon house, Sae Young is trying to take care of the crying twins when a friend calls telling her about backpacking through Europe. Since the twins are too noisy, Sae Young has to hang up and try to quiet them. Enter Tae Hoon who is leaving to tutor his students since the house is too noisy now with the babies. Sae Young threatens to take the twins and leave if he goes, but his only reply is to go ahead. Obviously he didn’t mean it, but Sae Young should know he needs this job. Meanwhile, Sun Ok is diligently working at the Kim household when Hye Sook comes home. Hye Sook warns her maid not to tell too much to Sun Ok (family business, etc.) and she then tells Sun Ok to watch how she dresses since she will becoming in and out of the Lee household and they have an image to maintain. What a snob!

Sun Ok goes to visit Sool Nyeo who is still basking in her date with Pil Jae in spite of its ending. Sool Nyeo is very unhappy to learn that Sun Ok is working in the Kim house now. Sun Ok promises to be extra careful so they do not find out that she is Saewa’s in-law through Sae Young’s marriage to Tae Hoon. Sun Ok then warns that Hye Sook isn’t the nicest person so she thinks Saewa will suffer as a daughter-in-law. Sool Nyeo points out that they are poor so they can’t be mean to their daughters-in-law, but its different for the rich. Riiight. Sun Ok then goes to the Yoon house where she sees the mess and tells Sae Young to get the twins ready to go to the Lee house.

At the Lee house, Pil Jae comes home with Camilla plant for Anna. He comments on her still having a headache and she makes him promise not to tell Donghae as he will worry. Pil Jae promises and gives her the plant, which Anna recognizes from somewhere…but where? Pil Jae then tells her it’s a Camilla. I wonder if Anna’s thinking about at the hotel or somewhere else? Enter Sun Ok and Sae Young with the twins, thus whatever wooing Pil Jae has planned must come to an end as Anna immediately goes to fawn over the babies. Enter the rest of the family. Sae Young realizes who Donghae and Anna are and wonder if her older sister knows they are back in Korea. Since Saewa’s smart, Sae Young doesn’t rush off to call her older sister to let her know. I love how different Sae Young is from her family. She may be immature quite often, but as long as people are good, she really doesn’t care.

Saewa waits out in the parking lot freezing her bum off (because people just don’t dress for the weather in dramas) for Joon to get off work. She then hurry up and gets in his car after he tells her he doesn’t wish to see her. On the drive to the hotel, Saewa says she won’t apologize any more as everything is her fault. She then explains the situation. She was alone and had no friends when she was in New York. Then Donghae took care of her and they started dating. However, it became so she never could break it off with him even though she wanted to because Donghae wouldn’t accept the breakup. Whatever. This, of course, reminds Joon of how he met Anna and how she took care of him leading him to fall for her. It’s actually not good for him to draw this parallel because he knows just how miserable his family was because of his love for Anna.

They arrive at Hye Sook’s office and Saewa immediately cuddles into her father-in-law. Hye Sook apologizes for not telling him of the interview and they relocate to a place outside. The interview goes well until Saewa mentions Joon’s unconditional support and how he’s hoping to have grandchildren soon. Unable to take it, Joon gets up to leave and accidentally bumps into a light. It goes crashing towards Do Jin, but Saewa quickly shields him from harm with her own body. This scene…I can’t tell if it was calculated at all, or if she really did love Do Jin and wanted to protect him—it’s hard to tell with Saewa who has been so mercenary.

Tae Hoon gets home from tutoring and starts panicking when he finds Sae Young and the twins missing. Did she really take the twins and leave him? He then gets a call from Sun Ok telling him to hurry home as they are preparing a feast for Sae Young. At the Lee home, Kang Jae is instructing Bongi and Donghae about the benefits of steamed pumpkins and seaweed soup for mothers. This, of course, leads them to come up with more inspiration besides using fish eggs for their creation dishes. Seeing Bongi’s close relationship to her father at this point hurts Donghae. Kang Jae sense this and tells Donghae not to worry as he will find his father soon, learn his name, and heal the missing piece of his heart. Awww. Nah, Donghae doesn’t need his birth father, he’s got a pretty awesome adopted dad with Kang Jae. Tae Hoon then arrives desperately looking for his family. It’s rather cute.

Donghae goes into his room to find Anna digging through her suitcase. She pulls out a tiny little white outfit that Donghae used to wear when he was a baby. Donghae then comments on how tough it was that Anna had to raise him herself. Doesn’t Anna hate James for leaving her all alone with a baby? Anna doesn’t. James is Donghae’s father. She loves him as much as she loves her son. Donghae once again vows to find James for his mother. But now, Donghae also wants to find James for himself. He wishes to know his real last name that he will pass on to his son in the future.

Saewa finally comes round, putting Do Jin and Hye Sook at ease. Saewa tells them she is fine and only happy that she was able to save Do Jin. Joon leaves this “touching” scene and goes down to his study. Hye Sook follows and comments on how in love the two are with one another and how much the household has become brighter with Saewa. Yeah…I don’t think Joon’s feeling that. Hye Sook then asks what he wanted to talk about and Joon decides not to tell her about Saewa and Donghae. He does, however, tell her that he will not need to have lunch delivered to his office anymore. Hye Sook wonders why, but Joon won’t really explain it. I kind of don’t like the fact that he’s immediately against Donghae, but give Saeawa’s lies and how Do Jin is his only son (that he knows of) it does make sense.

Donghae and Bongi come closer and closer to finalizing their recipes for the competition. Donghae gets a call from Joon and agrees to meet with him. At the same time, Saewa rushes into Joon’s office begging for his forgiveness once again, promising that she loves Do Jin and will be the best wife ever. She is doing all she can and the more she forces the issue, I think the more Joon is reluctant to let it go. He meets with Donghae and cuts straight to the chase—quit the hotel.

And that’s where we end this episode. Again, for being so smart, Saewa is really so stupid. One, she should never have gone against Bongi and Donghae like she did and thus be so desperate to be rid of them and her guilt. Two, she should know that her actions make her current relationship and feelings for Donghae highly suspicious.


  • hai Neenee, when will u recap the next episode of Smile Donghae?

    • I’m working on 42-46 as we speak since I’m kind of procrastinating about watching the next two episodes of May Queen for great fear of no progress and the annoyingly drug out plotline.

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