AA 2012 Comeback – Teaser #1


AA starts to tease their comeback today! The first teaser is a picture of Joowon surrounded by cupcakes and covered in kiss marks. Played in the background is a dance/electronic track stating “We are the one.” Fitting considering this is the first teaser. This teaser does seem a bit lacking since its just a picture and a song snippet. Compare it to Block B’s comeback teasers and…AA’s kind of lose out. I was kind of hoping for a video teaser of the boys. But since they are planning on like 15 teasers, they can’t all be just pictures and music, can they?

I don’t mind dance music, but I really do hope to see some good ballads on their new album, too, as they do have some great voices for both dance and ballads. 🙂 Oh, and since Joowon is the first teaser, I hope that we get to hear more of his voice on this album than we did on their first digital single.

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