May Queen Episode 15 Recap

Now, don’t get angry if I say nothing happens in this episode as nothing really DOES happen. It’s mainly all about Chang Hee and Jung Woo going full steam ahead with prosecuting Jang. That’s it. Oh, and we get tons of cute San-Hae Joo moments. I guess you can say that In Hwa’s and Chang Hee’s misfortune will be San and Hae Joo’s blessing. Sad, but true. Okay, so stuff does happen, but for some reason it feels that episodes 9-15 have really been exposition building up to the main plot which will be up and running in 16 or 17. That’s just how I feel though. I do have to say I was right, the summary they gave you before the series started was very misleading and not accurate. Got to love it.

Chang Hee is horrified that his father kneels in front of him and the other prosecutors to beg Chang Hee to NOT go after Jang. However, Chang Hee will not be swayed by his father’s groveling. He tells his father to prepare to move out of Jang’s house and goes as far as instructing the others to have his father arrested for obstruction if need be. Harsh man. But I have Go Chul, so it’s all good. At Cheonji, all of the important documents and computers are seized. When Jang questions Chang Hee about why he’s doing it, Chang Hee says that because of how Jang treated the Park family for all of these years, he’s getting his revenge now. Jang then talks about how narrow minded Chang Hee is. He can see that our young prosecutor has ambition and holding a public office won’t be enough. Jang had plans for him, but then Chang Hee had to go and do this. Too bad. Chang Hee’s delighted look was priceless. Jae Hee can play that slightly twisted character well. Props to him.

Hae Joo rushes into the police station where the detective tells her Young Joo went into a hotel room with a man and stole money out of his wallet to buy designer good (I was hoping she wouldn’t do that, but I was wrong to hope she wouldn’t waste the money). Young Joo immediately says that she didn’t do it and Hae Joo being Hae Joo, immediately takes her younger sister’s side even though the evidence is right in front of her. Enter Il Moon. He’s surprised to learn that Hae Joo and Young Joo are related. Hae Joo begs him to drop the charges as a favor since it’s Young Joo’s first offence—plus she’s only twenty. Il Moon hates Hae Joo and has hated ever since he first met her. He has no reason to do her or her thief of a sister any favors. Hae Joo bristles at his name calling and her accents shows up very briefly. Got to love how Il Moon and San bring the old Hae Joo out. She lights into him for taking a young girl into a hotel room like that anyways. Before Il Moon can do more than stress that’s not how you ask a favor, he gets a call about the seizure and rushes off.

Hae Joo then calls Chang Hee to help her, but he doesn’t listen to her and just apologizes. He’s too busy on an important case to talk to her at the moment. Hae Joo then desperately calls Jung Woo who doesn’t answer his phone either (how cute is it that she has him stored as “Uncle Jung Woo” in her phone? At this time, San then calls and asks where she is. He immediately rushes to her rescue. Hae Joo tells him what happened with Young Joo. San replies that the $10,000 isn’t a whole lot of money, besides Young Joo only spent $4000. Hae Joo has to beg to differ—that’s a lot of money for her family. She then reveals that Il Moon refuses to settle.

Il Moon is livid to learn that Chang Hee has dared to go against them. Who does that brat think he is? Jang isn’t too worried as he still has his ace up his sleeve, besides, how often to chaebols actually go to prison? Definitely not often enough. Jang then asks his son if there is nothing more at Cheonji than Il Moon shortchanging vendors. Il Moon lies and says that is the only thing he’s done. Riiiight. We all know that isn’t true. Jang then tells Il Moon to keep this situation from In Hwa and Geum Hee. Il Moon is always irked at the mention of his “mother.”

At the Jang house, In Hwa is upset as San isn’t picking up her calls yet again. Geum Hee then broaches the rather sensitive subject of whether or not San really likes In Hwa. This immediately makes In Hwa annoyed. Of course San loves her—he even mentioned marriage the last time they were together (not seriously, though). Geum Hee is rather doubtful about this as her woman’s intuition is pointing out that San seems rather indifferent to her stepdaughter. At the same time, Bong Hee gets a call about the search and seizure and rushes out running into a wall (I have to say, I run into stationary objects all the time—its no fun). She lies to her niece and sister and says she just has business to take care of. As she leaves, she runs into Jang and asks if everything is okay. Jang is worried she told Geum Hee, but Bong Hee isn’t a complete idiot. She is worried if Jang really did something wrong. Of course Jang doesn’t come right out and say he’s innocent, just that things will be okay. Riiight. Bong Hee says she will go to Jung Woo to find out what is going on.

Instead of going into his house, Jang immediately heads into the Park house where Gi Chul is just sitting down in his still messing living room. Jang is livid that his dog could be there so at ease when all this is going on. Needless to say, Jang reminds Gi Chul about how he has evidence of Hong Chul’s death, so he better do something before Chang Hee has to arrest his own father. Gi Chul does say that Chang Hee is ignoring his calls and won’t see him, but that doesn’t stop Jang from putting the pressure on. He never thought Gi Chul could be capable of killing anyone. So he needs to find that same determination in order to stop Chang Hee from prosecuting Jang. Ah, what would Jang say if he knew that while Gi Chul did try to intentionally kill Hong Chul, the man’s actual death was a pure accident?

Hae Joo comes home without Young Joo and Dal Soon demands to know what happened. However, Hae Joo is keeping just what Young Joo did a secret. She only says that Young Joo will be home shortly. When Sang Tae shows his face, Hae Joo tells him to sell the car immediately so she can give the money back to Chang Hee. Sang Tae doesn’t want to as he needs the car for business. What business? He refuses to say. He then gets beat by both Hae Joo and Dal Soon. The idiot deserves it. Enter Bong Hee who goes to Hae Joo about Chang Hee. Hae Joo says that she really had no idea that Chang Hee was going to go after Jang. Bong Hee does make Hae Joo promise to tell her if she learns of anything. Bong Hee then asks if Hae Joo is really dating Chang Hee. Hae Joo shyly replies that she is and Bong Hee’s immediate question is how do you win the heart of a prosecutor? Omo. Bong Hee, I love you! She’s such a refreshing character and help provides some much needed comic relief at times.

Gi Chul goes to the prosecutors’ office only to be kept physically out by force. He begs to be able to see his son, but Chang Hee refuses to see anyone. He and Jung Woo are knee deep in files. They have enough information to put Jang away. But Jung Woo does mention the pressure from above considering Jang’s status. As much as Jung Woo believes in everyone receiving justice, he also knows how the real world works. It’s really hard to prosecute the wealthy who have friends in high places. Too true at times. One of the prosecutors comes in and asks if it is really all right that Gi Chul be kept out and Chang Hee replies his father only wants to beg him to stop pursuing the case on Jang, which Chang Hee cannot do.

San goes to pay Il Moon a visit. He’s heard the news as well by this time. He cuts to he chase and gives Il Moon the $4000 that Young Joo spent and tells him to settle. Il Moon angrily refuses since San betrayed him over the propellers. San then laughs. Settling things with money between friends is bad, isn’t it? San then happily brings up the Indonesia incident. Il Moon is shocked to learn that San already knows that Il Moon has been shortchanging vendors in order to keep at the failed Indonesian operation. If Il Moon doesn’t want this to come to light (since he’s a bigger thief than Young Joo), it’s only right that Il Moon settle with the Chun family. Il Moon has no other choice and reluctantly accepts San’s proposal. San, being San, childishly takes out $2000 of the money. LOL. Serves Il Moon right.

Hae Joo rushes out of the house to go get Young Joo and Dal Soon asks to speak with Bong Hee, which shocks the other woman. They sit down and Bong Hee is again surprised as the usually curt and to the point Dal Soon is beating around the bush. Dal Soon finally breaks her silence and asks after Geum Hee’s daughter. This really floors Bong Hee. How does Dal Soon know about Yoo Jin? Dal Soon just asks if Geum Hee might have met a man on a boat and gotten pregnant and then abandoned the child in order to marry into the wealthy Jang family. This makes Bong Hee livid as Dal Soon is only repeating vicious rumors (so was there rumors that Geum Hee got rid of her daughter in order to marry Jang?) and angrily leaves. Dal Soon looks at the picture of Hae Joo and Hong Chul and wonders just what is the situation. There is no way Hong Chul could have met and courted a lady like Geum Hee…so is it possible that Hae Joo isn’t his either? Then why did he always favor the girl? All these unanswered questions makes poor Dal Soon’s head ache. She’s on the right track, however.

Hae Joo and San await Young Joo outside of the jail. Hae Joo immediately lunges for Young Joo and the younger girl hides behind “ahjussi.” San does NOT like being called by the term reserved for older middle-aged males. He refuses to help her until Young Joo breaks down and calls him “oppa.” San then grabs Hae Joo and tries to stop her from beating Young Joo outside of a police station where she can be arrested for assault. During their scuffle, San accidentally grabs Hae Joo’s chest. LMAO. This causes them both to stop. Hae Joo asks where his hands are and he looks down—how did those get there? This earns him a head butt and he crashes to the ground and Hae Joo goes back after Young Joo. San then starts complaining and this catches Hae Joo’s attention—is he all right? San then tells Young Joo to use this distraction and escape. Hae Joo pushes him back down and rushes off after her little sister while San cries about just how horrible the two are. LOL. It was a really great scene.

Hae Joo gets Young Joo home and literally throws her down on the table in the middle of the yard. Dal Soon and the rest of the family then come out in time to hear all of Young Joo’s story. According to Young Joo she had no intention of doing anything more than drinking and she only followed Il Moon to his hotel room and stole his money because he was a total jerk. Hearing how her daughter behaved, Dal Soon is livid and starts hitting Young Joo. Hae Joo tries to stop this and somehow Sang Tae gets involved and loses his precious rice. Dal Soon the collapses to the ground beating her chest and asking Hong Chull how their children could have turned out so poorly. Did you look at how horrible you raised them? I mean…Dal Soon is making up for it now, but she wasn’t the best mother to Hae Joo or the others if you look at her actions from the first 9 episodes.

Bong Hee gets home and when Geum Hee asks why Jang and Bong Hee were at the office on a holiday, Bong Hee lies and says they were just busy. Bong Hee then asks why Geum Hee told Dal Soon about Yoo Jin (enter Il Moon who overhears this conversation). Geum Hee says that a situation occurred and it just happened. Bong Hee says that having a dead daughter is nothing to brag about. She also encourages her sister to move on as it has been over 20 years since Yoo Jin died. Il Moon takes this all in and you can see the gears turning. So Geum Hee did have a child? And for some reason she told her story to Hae Joo’s mother of all people? I was wondering where Il Moon got the suspicions to do a DNA test between the two (seen in previews at the end of 14 I think). Now we know.

The next day Il Moon calls Hae Joo into his office where he immediately starts interrogating her about Chang Hee. Hae Joo says that Chang Hee wouldn’t do anything without just cause and this makes Il Moon livid. How dare she take the side of the man investigating their company? Hae Joo says she isn’t taking sides. If Cheonji has done nothing wrong, then there’s nothing to worry about. When Il Moon makes a snide comment about her and her sister, Hae Joo angrily tells him to keep work and private life separate. This earns her a second glass of water in her face from Il Moon. And just like when they were kids, she doesn’t really have much of a reaction. She cooly bows and leaves. In a way, this is a better slap in the face to Il Moon as he can’t get her anger to fully unleash yet. It shows just how immature he really is.

Han Ji Hye

San goes to visit Jang and admits his surprise at Chang Hee’s actions. Who would have thought Chang Hee had it in him. San says he will have to report the matter to his company and Jang urges him not to just yet. San says he can’t keep it from his bosses forever. Jang assures him that everything is aboveboard and will be just fine. Hae Joo then calls San he he throws a barb Jang’s way by saying that thanks to what’s happened it’s all chaos and there’s no way anyone can work. He then leaves and tells Jang not to get arrested. Jang then angrily complains about the two whelps who are getting too big for their britches. He’s one to talk.

San goes to meet Hae Joo who introduces him to Jung Woo who happily greets him once he learns that San is Kang Dae Poong’s grandson. San then broaches the subject of Jung Woo’s brother and his involvement with a certain person. Jung Woo honestly can’t answer as he was in the army when his brother died, but he doesn’t think its likely that Hae Soo could have been involved with that person since was a researcher in Japan. Jung Woo then has to go back to the office as the higher ups are making noises once more. They have to move and now. Jung Woo excuses himself and Hae Joo asks San about Hak Soo’s murder. San tells her that it’s a mystery if it was the yakuza (Japanese organized crime comparable to the mafia) or the equivalent of the Japanese CIA. San is getting so close to the truth as is Dal Soon and Il Moon. Who shall find out first? Well…I guess Chang Hee if we can believe previews, but that might not be the whole truth that Gi Chul tells him.

San then takes Hae Joo to his propeller plant after telling her there is no reason to be at work since no work can be done—besides she’s an outcast. Nice. Hae Joo is impressed that San owns the plant and is earnest in building the azimuth thrusters. They then go to see his grandfather and you can tell that Hae Joo senses something off with the welding. When Kang complains to the younger man that his welding sounds off, the man says he has three years experience. Hae Joo then points out that with the metal they are welding they are running it too hot at the wrong frequency. Kang begs to differ on this so San decides to have the two compete. They initially refuse, but get into the spirit of friendly competition. San asks for a wager and it is San will have to do whatever Kang wishes if he wins. San agrees to this, but Hae Joo asks what if she objects and San gets childish, so she quickly agrees. When the welding is done, Hae Joo’s piece is seamless and flat while Kang’s is slightly bowed. San takes out gel and a meter and Hae Joo’s welding job reads smooth and flawless while Kang’s is all over the place, proving Hae Joo right. Go her. Before anything else can be done, she gets a call from Chang Hee and rushes off to meet him, making San very sad.

Hae Joo rushes to meet Chang Hee outside the prosecutors office and asks him how he found the time to meet her. Chang Hee said he had to see her after he heard Jung Woo got to meet with her. Their time is very brief as soon a prosecutor runs up requesting Chang Hee’s presence. He goes to leave, but turns and hugs Hae Joo, shocking her. He then says that when this is all over he wants to go on a trip with her and just spend a week sleeping with her…I’m going to say the innocent kind, but who knows. Hae Joo happily agrees to this plan—how bold. It seems to me to be oddly against character. Just like the rain scene and the subsequent hotel scene actually seemed rather against character, too.

Jung Woo goes to meet with Bong Hee and is surprised to find her drinking so early in the day. She asks about the case, but Jung Woo immediately says he can’t talk about that with her. That’s okay, Bong Hee wishes to know what he’s going to do now that they’ve kissed? Jung Woo points out that doesn’t really count as a kiss and Bong Hee puckers up and leans into him, but Jung Woo won’t close the gap. So what is he going to do about her then? Jung Woo wishes to keep their friendship as it has always been. Bong Hee points out that while they are in-laws, they are strangers in the eyes of the law (same argument from a recent episode I recapped of Smile, Donghae. In the US, as I am sure as in other countries as well, it is technically against the law to marry your in-law. How well that is enforced, I don’t know). You can tell that Jung Woo is holding himself distant from Bong Hee. He does want her to give up hope, but Bong Hee can read between the lines—especially when Jung Woo says he doesn’t want to cause a rift between her and her family. Bong Hee tells him that she won’t give up as he should know better than anyone that she’s persistent. I really do hope they can be together in the end as you can really see how much love is there between them—even if Jung Woo won’t come out and say it.

Sang Tae gets ready to go out and Dal Soon wonder where her son is going dressed like that. He tells her it’s a secret when Hae Joo comes home and demands the car money. Sang Tae says he hasn’t sold it yet, but Jin Joo says he got a call from a buyer earlier. Hae Joo again insists on the money. Sang Tae hands some over, but Hae Joo knows it’s not all. Thus Dal Soon and Jin Joo make him give up all the money he has hidden (save for the roll in his collar). What a low life leech. Hae Joo gets a call from In Hwa and goes in search of San.

He is surprised to see her as she jilted him earlier. Hae Joo says she came because In Hwa told her about the fashion show and how San refused to go. San reluctantly agrees to go only if Hae Joo goes, so she promises to as she wants to continue to learn design and needs In Hwa’s approval. This scene showcases just how unaware Hae Joo is of other’s feelings. Think about it…does she really ever take other’s feelings in a situation into consideration…? Not really. Either she is blatantly ignoring San’s yearning while watching a mother loving watch over her baby or she’s really blind to everything. Perhaps it’s a mixture of both. She should have stayed and leant him an ear instead of just passing on the message and leaving. Some friend. Their relationship, like hers and Chang Hee’s is rather unbalanced right now.

The day of the fashion show arrives and In Hwa is upset that Jang isn’t there. She is, however, thrilled when San shows up—even if Hae Joo is in tow. Hae Joo apologizes for coming uninvited and In Hwa tells her that’s okay because she has a surprise planned for later. Why isn’t Jang there? He’s too busy being arrested by Chang Hee. They had to move before Jang could strike first. The fashion show goes well and Il Moon sits back and watches his mother’s interactions with Hae Joo, recalling Bong Hee’s words. He’s definitely suspicious even more so now. In Hwa calls San back and tells him a model didn’t show up. San refuses to model even when she compliments him as there are tons of male models there to take the missing model’s place. In Hwa insists an the two go as the last couple. On the runway, In Hwa plants a wet one on San shocking both him, Hae Joo, and Geum Hee. The stunned San rushes off stage followed by In Hwa after she smiles and smoothly ends the show.

Wet hen cut to In Hwa and San talking. He tells her that no matter what things can’t work between them. He likes her and she’s a great girl despite who her family is, but there is no future while he’s in love with someone else. In Hwa knows it is Hae Joo and brings up the fact that Hae Joo is madly in love with Chang Hee. San knows this, but can’t stop himself from loving Hae Joo and having that small hope that she will wake up and realize she loves him. He and In Hwa are in the same type of love right now, so they both know how it feels. He encourages In Hwa to find the man who will love her back like she deserves. Talk about not following his own advice technically. He tells In Hwa to give up on her hopeless love because he can’t give up on his own…does that make any sense/ Not really. But at the same time, San is right to reject her knowing that he can’t make her happy while pining for someone else. I must say that I hate the fact that In Hwa resorts to the marriage of convenience for San to regain control of Hae Poong.

We end with Chang Hee interrogating Jang who had Chang Hee turn off the video camera. Once Chang Hee does, Jang throws a picture on the table from the hit-and-run 15 years ago. He tells Chang Hee that it was Gi Chul who killed him. This earns Jang the stare of death.

Previews show that Gi Chul will reveal some of the past events to Chang Hee, but since I haven’t watched 16 yet, I can’t be sure just how much he does reveal. It’s going to be a crazy next episode with Chang Hee breaking up with Hae Joo. Fun times ahead.


  • Thank you NeeNee for the recap. I really appreciated it. 🙂

  • I don’t know in what year this drama is supposed to be unfolding but I’m suprised In Hwa’s public assault on San didn’t shock the audience. I suppose it didn’t, as everyone (except her mother and HJ) applauds. I didn’t think Korea was so westernized even then.

    • They don’t give you a timeline so I am going under the impression that the earlier episodes are like the 70-90 era & the present is more like happening now so it wouldn’t be that shocking. But that is all my assumptions.

  • Yeah, it is happening in present time. You know how I know? San gave Hae Joo the new samsung tablet to help her study. Hahaha

    • Thanks. I was pretty certain it was, too what with the fancy new cellphones and tablets, but you know…sometimes dramas and movies are supposed to be set in a certain period and then they throw in something that is totally way ahead of its time 😛

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