Lunafly – Super Hero Music Video

If you listen to Lunafly’s “Super Hero” the English version of “How Nice Would It Be” (at least I think it is), while the songs sound stylistically the┬ásame, the lyrics are quite a bit different. Go figure, but as a Spanish professor said when he released his book of poetry with the English and Spanish versions, they are not meant to be identical, but rather “approximations” of one another. Kind of cool, huh>

Anywho. NeeNee is totally in love with this group. Thus why you are getting the official English video…which is basically the exact same as the Korean video just with them singing in…English. The video does have some cute points, but I still am not totally loving it. Oh well. Enjoy the English version “Super Hero” and the acoustic version of ┬áthe song courtesy of Aus2one Entertainment’s YouTube channel. Oh, and a practice version, too. I won’t lie. I listen to their songs and watch their videos a few times a day. When I get addicted…I listen and watch until I gets sick of something (which actually doesn’t happen too often).

“Super Hero”

“Super Hero” Acoustic Version Studio Live

“How Nice Would It Be” Practice Clip

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