Smile, Donghae Episodes 38-39 Recap

I love how Bongi and Donghae liking each other makes Saewa unhappy. Our resident witch cannot forget the fact that she chose money and status over love. You know, if it wasn’t for Saewa so desperately trying to hide her past relationship with Donghae, that aforementioned relationship wouldn’t be brought to light. I also find it funny that Bongi has already come right out and said (to Saeawa at least) that she likes Donghae, but Donghae—even though we all know he likes Bongi—can’t really admit it just yet (even to Saewa). His rebuttal that she no longer has any right to butt in on his life. Which is very true.

Smile, Donghae Episode 38 Recap

Got to love how Donghae greets Bongi by asking if she’s been well and then wondering how she could have gotten even uglier over the past two months. When Bongi starts hitting him, Donghae apologizes for calling her ugly and Bongi demands to know why she hasn’t heard from him in the past two months. Turns out the boy lost his phone and thus Bongi’s and the Lees’ number. He spent the past two months preparing and tying up loose ends to officially (and legally) come to Korea and stay. Bongi asks if he’s at the hotel for Saewa’s wedding and Donghae says he was only meeting Mrs. Kim to talk over when he can restart working in the kitchen.

We then cut to the wedding ceremony where Saewa is escorted in. Of course, during the ceremony Sae Young starts having pains and has to be carried out of the hotel. Needless to say Hye Sook was NOT happy to have such a disturbance during the wedding. Tae Hoon and Sool Nyeo get Sae Young outside where they bump into Bongi and Donghae. Sool Nyeo turns her daughter over to those three and tells them to get Sun Ok to the hospital to be with Sae Young. I guess Sool Nyeo didn’t want to miss the culmination of all her hopes in dreams of Saewa’s marriage. I know she was worried about her youngest daughter, but I think the best thing would have been to miss Saewa’s wedding to be with Sae Young instead.

Meanwhile, the elder Lees are catching up with Anna (and Pil Jae is cursing Donghae for losing their phone number) when Sun Ok gets the call to head to the hospital. Kang Jae and Sun Ok rush to the hospital leaving Pil Jae and Anna. Pil Jae takes the opportunity to give Anna the harmonica with his initials, but she refuses since James’s harmonica is in her heart. Pil Jae tells her to take it or else he will be sad and this starts a push and pulling contest that gets a little awkward and ends, I think, with Pil Jae winning.

Bongi calls into work and says she will be late due to an emergency and Donghae has to leave her alone so he can meet with Hye Sook. Before he goes he turns and tells her that he really missed her. This surprises Bongi. What did he say? Donghae says that he really missed both her and her family. Loves. This couple is a perfect match and Donghae fits right in with the Lee family. He leaves as Sun Ok and Hye Sook arrive in time for the birth of their grandson and granddaughter. Both Sae Young and the babies made it through just fine.

The wedding went fine without any additional hitch. Hye Sook does express her unhappiness to Saewa that Sae Young was there and caused the disturbance. If the girl was near her due date, she should have stayed at home. Saewa and Do Jin will stay overnight in the hotel and then go on to their honeymoon in Switzerland. Saewa leaves ahead of Do Jin and both manage to miss running into the newly returned Donghae. While Donghae talks with Hye Sook, she gets a call from the chairman who wishes to talk over the succession soon. Is that good news for Hye Sook and Do Jin?

As Bongi rushes from the hospital to the hotel, she has the bad luck to run into Saewa and their conversation is pretty much what it has been over the past few episodes—both baiting each other. Bongi does go to tell Saewa about Donghae’s arrival, but just says instead that Saewa will be in for a surprise when she gets back from her honeymoon. Saewa, at this point, pretty much believes she’s free and clear of any of her past sins with Donghae in the US. In the kitchen, Bongi announces Donghae’s back and Dae Sam teases saying she was the only one who cared whether he came back or not. Dae Sam then says it will be too bad because Bongi will be transferred to Gyeungju. This surprises Donghae—what transfer?

At the hospital, Sae Young is worrying about how she can wear a bikini again with the scar from childbirth. And Sun Ok and Sool Nyeo start bickering again over the wedding and the different treatments of daughters and son-in-laws. Tae Hoon tries to get them to calm down. After all, their precious first grandchildren were born today, right? Meanwhile, Joon asks after Sae Young and Hye Sook reports the sister and the babies are all fine. She then says once more she doesn’t like anyone in the Yoon family save for Saewa and Joon actually contradicts her. He likes the bright Sae Young who is so much more cheerier than her older sister. Awww and here Saewa was laying out all these hopes about finally having a father and the truth is…he’s not 100% happy with Saewa’s character. Got to love it.

At the Lee house, they are celebrating the four arrivals—Anna and Donghae and the twins. Kang Jae says that their old room is still available as they kept it free for them. Donghae and Anna are happy to be able to stay with the Lees once more. When Sun Ok asks Donghae for rent money for the two months they were gone, Pil Jae protests. Sun Ok then reminds him about needing the money to pay for that watch. Donghae then offers to pay for the expense himself. He’s got more money know that he’s settled his things back in the states and he wishes to help where he can (starting with paying back for the cabbages he destroyed).Smile, Donghae 38

Bongi and Donghae are cleaning up in the kitchen and Dongahe learns just what predicament Bongi is in to be sent to Gyeongju. She regrets talking big to Saewa as she really has no idea how to prove her innocence. Donghae to the rescue. He suggests going back to where Bongi does her street selling and finding the people who bought her food and having them do a survey. So while Do Jin and Saewa are away, Donghae and Bongi gather as much evidence as they can to prove that she hasn’t sold tainted food or made anyone sick.

Do Jin and Saewa return and pay their respects to Sool Nyeo before going back to the Lee household. Saewa goes into her room to rest while Do Jin goes into the hotel for some business. Saewa ponders Bongi’s threat and feels nervous—just what did she mean? Meanwhile, Bongi presents her evidence to Do Jin and tells him she’ll go to the police if he insists she is guilty. Do Jin says he can’t turn the other way because of this and Bongi replies he isn’t since she isn’t guilty. She then asks him to take back his sending her to Gyeongju. Oddly enough, Do Jin does take back his decision and say that he’s keeping an eye on her. Bongi rushes to tell Donghae the good news and in their teasing and celebratory mood, Dae Sam comes up and asks if they are dating (which they both deny). Well, they aren’t, but we all know they aren’t far from it, don’t we?

Kang Jae goes to the broadcast station and apologizes for his younger brother’s actions. He also gives Joon the money for the watch (neither really make Joon happy). Joon does say he wishes he could fix what happened, but he doesn’t know how. Kang Jae says he can try to forget the enemy who killed your family, but you can never forgive them (the kimchi factory was a part of their family). This hurts Joon, but there really is nothing that can be done. Kang Jae then calls Pil Jae to let him know the matter has been officially dealt with and this makes Pil Jae feel badly for putting his hyung through that. Of course, Sool Nyeo is waiting for Pil Jae outside the station and she announces she’s restarting her life now that both daughters are married. Pil Jae congratulates her and says that he, too has found the woman of his dreams and hopes to restart his life. Unfortunately, Sool Nyeo believes it’s her.

Pil Jae goes home to find Anna working on bean sprouts and invites her out to get bean sprout soup. Anna seems very conflicted, but before she can say anything Bongi and Donghae return. Donghae isn’t happy seeing the two alone together and is even less happy to know Pil Jae invited her out for lunch—he states its because of his mother’s food allergy. Sun Ok then enters and warns Bongi and Donghae to be careful as people might start talking about their relationship. Enter Kang Jae with a sprained back. And he was supposed to deliver cabbages to the hotel owner. What to do?

Donghae and Bongi go in to check on Kang Jae and when they ask if Donghae can drive the truck and deliver the cabbages. Bongi immediately says he can’t, but Sun Ok begs as they really need to do right to ensure they keep the hotel contract. Donghae, having nothing to fear from Saewa, agrees he will go. We then cut to a scene where Tae Hoon takes Sae Young to he nursery to look at the twins. And then Do Jin and Saewa leave Sool Nyeo’s house to go to the Kim house just as Donghae arrives with his cabbages. Needless to say, Hye Sook is surprised to know Donghae is living with the cabbage supplier and Do Jin and Saewa are really unhappy to see Donghae back. When Donghae leaves, Saewa follows him out and Kim Joon comes home to see the two arguing outside.

Dun-duh-duh. If only Saewa hadn’t followed Donghae out. Told you she would be the one to reveal her own secret.

Smile, Donghae Episode 39 Recap

So Joon comes and sees Saewa arguing with Donghae and then getting into the truck with him and leaving. Yep, highly suspicious. Joon goes into the house and asks after Saewa. He’s told she forgot something in her car and went out to get it. Joon asks if anyone else was there and when Hye Sook asks what he means, he says that he thought he saw someone he knew. Hye Sook then says that it turns out the young man who made him lunch also lives with the family that supplies their cabbage to the hotel. She also tells him Donghae will be back making him lunch again.

At a café, Saewa’s persecution radar is up. So Donghae’s back in Korea for revenge, right? Donghae says this for the umpteenth time—he’s not here for revenge. His only goal is to live happily with his mother and search for his father. He also tells Saeawa not to stand in his way or she’ll regret it. Saewa does breath a little easier knowing that Donghae really isn’t there for revenge, but you know she isn’t 100% convinced things will work out with him back at the hotel. Donghae also warns her to leave him, Anna, and Bongi alone. He won’t stand for her bullying them. This takes Saewa back…did Donghae just warn her away from Bongi? He can’t possibly like her, can he? Donghae tells her that’s none of her business anymore. Totally true, totally true. WHY would it be sooooo shocking to her if Donghae and Bongi mutually liked one another?

It’s getting late and Joon is thinking over what he saw before when Saewa enters to give him her official greetings and tell him dinner is ready. When Joon asks where she’s been, Saewa tells him about going out to her car to find something. Was she really doing that this entire time? This makes Saewa pause…but she insists that is the truth. Her alert should have went off that something wasn’t quite right. Joon, of course, is not happy knowing that she is lying. Meanwhile, Bongi is waiting for Donghae out in the cold—completely worried. When he shows back up, he is surprised to see her and teases her for freezing herself over her worry. Bongi quickly asserts she only cared in the capacity that he’s her partner for the competition. Liar and Donghae knows this. He then instructs her to wear the scarf he gave her so she doesn’t freeze. Awww. Enter Sun Ok and Kang Jae and the two spring apart like guilty kids.

They go inside and find Pil Jae eating the pig’s feet meant for Sae Young to help with her breast milk. Sun Ok scolds Pil Jae and brings up about how she’s still angry over the watch. We then see Joon hand the money from Kang Jae over to Hye Sook and asks if doing that was really necessary. Hye Sook says it is as the family has to stop blaming in. Also, in this way they, the Kims show they aren’t easy and won’t be bullied by the Lees if they should try to do something to Joon since he’s a public figure. Joon then asks after Donghae and Hye Sook says that he first came to Korea to be with his girlfriend, but that didn’t work out. Looks like Joon’s putting all the pieces together rather quickly and he’s not liking what he’s seeing.

Back at the Lee house Bongi goes into her room and snuggles into Donghae’s gifted scarf. Meanwhile, Donghae is busy studying to get his Korean chef’s license. He recalls Saewa’s question about him liking Bongi. He thinks very seriously on this, but then just shakes his head and gets back to studying. LOL. Guess he’s really just not ready to come clean with his own feelings.

The next morning Saewa tries to help Lee into his jacket, but he shrinks away from her. Hye Sook scolds him for this and Saewa tells him that she’s missed out on having a father and really hopes that he can treat her as his daughter. Joon does not commit to this as he’s not used to having a daughter in the house. Poor Saewa. He doesn’t really like her gloominess and now he’s suspicious about her and Donghae’s relationship. She’s screwed in that department for the time being. At this time, the Kim family picture falls to the ground and shatters. Saewa says she will stay and clean it up and Do Jin says it’s a sign they need a new one to include Saewa. Hye Sook then instructs Saewa to get extra help for the housekeeper to make kimchi.

At the hotel, the theme for the first test is given. It’s a 4-course traditional meal with tea and it has to really stress the globalization of Korean cuisine. Meanwhile at the hospital, it’s time for the mother and babies to go home. Hye Sook and Kang Jae come to the hospital to help out. Tae Hoon asks what their names shall be and Kang Tae gives them the names Lee Kang and Lee San (neither sound very feminine—I thought they had a boy and a girl?). They then go to the Yoon house where Sae Young rejects the boiled pig’s feet and says she won’t breastfeed because she doesn’t want to lose her figure. Breastfeeding doesn’t guarantee your figure will go to the dogs. Sheesh. Gifts then arrive from Do Jin and Tae Hoon is less than happy because of just who Do Jin is, but Sae Young stops him from saying the truth out. Sheesh. Just get that over with already. Sool Nyeo calls to thank him and Saewa asks her mom to find help for the housekeeper. Overhearing this, Sun Ok immediately volunteers. Sool Nyeo reluctantly lets her go but worries that Sun Ok will learn the truth.

Do Jin tells Donghae that he’s the boss and there’s a hierarchy system. This boy can only lord his power over other people. I think Donghae is the hyung, so shouldn’t Do Jin show a little age respect even if he’s in a superior position? Saewa grins at Do Jin’s attitude. I guess she’s hoping Donghae will buckle and leave. As much as Donghae hates Do Jin’s treatment, he’s not one to give up quickly. Anywho, Donghae goes to the station to deliver Joon’s food and Joon is rather cold to him. Before Donghae leaves, Joon asks where Donghae lived in the US. Donghae tells him New York and leaves and Joon has Saewa’s resume brought to him so he can check her educational background. Wouldn’t you know, she was in New York, too?

Sool Nyeo is out worrying about Sun Ok finding out the truth, but thankfully the Kim picture broke so Sun Ok doesn’t know that Do Jin is Joon’s son. Again, quit dragging this out already. Sigh. Sool Nyeo catches sight of Pil Jae and immediately stalks him to a cell phone store. She rushes in to buy the exact same phone so they can have couple phones. Sigh. She’s crazy. Pil Jae takes the phone to Anna. She turns it down, but Pil Jae tells her its free, so its no problem. This way it’s good for her to have a cellphone. Well, he’s right there. You have to laugh as he saved his phone number as the the first entry and he tells her to call him whenever she’s bored and wants to get out. He’s so cute. He also tells her to keep it a secret from his sister-in-law.

Sun Ok returns from making kimchi (still oblivious to just what family Saewa married in to) and talks about the babies with Anna who really wishes to see them. Sun Ok promises that Anna will be able to see them in about a month. This makes Anna very excited. Enter Sool Nyeo and Anna runs into hiding, leaving her phone on the floor. Sool Nyeo sits down and when Anna’s phone rings, she thinks its hers. It’s Pil Jae inviting Anna for a date! Since he told Sool Nyeo not to talk, she doesn’t so he has no idea he’s not talking to Anna. So Sool Nyeo rushes off for their first movie date. Boy will Pil Jae be unhappy. Anna then comes back out and notices her phone is now gone.

At the hotel, Bongi and Saewa run into each other yet again—this is getting rather old. Saewa threatens Bongi by saying she and Do Jin will eventually take over the hotel and then Bongi will lose her job. Um…how long into the future will that be anyway? What a rather shabby threat. Bongi isn’t going to take it lying down and tells Saewa that if she interferes with her cooking again, she won’t stand still and Saewa will regret messing with her. You go Bongi!

Saewa and Do Jin meet with Hye Sook who tells them that Mr. Cho is giving them some shares. Do Jin takes this to mean that he’s the hotel’s successor and Hye Sook tells him not to read too much into it and only consider it a wedding gift. Hye Sook then says she hears Saewa wishes to be the announcer in the cooking competition. Saewa says she’s been studying up on traditional foods and Hye Sook lets her know she’s arranged for Saewa to take lessons from Head Chef on traditional cuisine. Of course, Saewa doesn’t wish to because of both Bongi and Donghae working in that kitchen, but she can’t refuse Hye Sook.

Thus Saewa goes to learn from Head Chef who makes Donghae his teaching assistant. This keeps Saewa distracted and Head Chef tells her that her dish is too salty for even mixing with rice. He leaves and has Donghae clean up. Donghae packs up Saewa’s food for her and then goes to change, but she follows after him. Enter Joon who came to the hotel for dinner with Do Jin, Hye Sook, and Saewa. He heads towards the kitchen where he sees Donghae and Saewa. He overhears the entire conversation where Saewa is begging Donghae to stop being the teaching assistant. Donghae refuses to do so and leaves and Saewa gets the shock of her life when she finds her father-in-law at the top of the stairs. She is soooo busted. Now Joon knows about her and Donghae’s LONG history. Although, I don’t know why a past love should matter, but they make such big deals out of them in dramas.

I don’t think Joon should treat Donghae coldly because of Saewa’s actions. It’s basically her own doing and nothing but her own doing. True, Donghae also lied about not knowing anyone in the broadcasting station, but this is at the point he’s decided he and Saewa are nothing but strangers and he doesn’t want to try to cause her any problems.


  • Raven Aria Grayson

    …next episodes please!!! i’m too excited ! ! ! XD XD XD

  • Hey^^
    So i was browsing on Smile, Donghae and happen to cross your website 😀
    And I’m just wondering if you any links to watch this drama online, bcs its quite hard to find ㅠㅠ
    Thanks in advance! XD

  • I’m back…. Finally woman up and decided to watch it again! Urgh… I’m absolutely laughing my ass out with Saewa. She really really thinks he’s back to revenge on her! Why can’t she just accept that he’s being sincere? This is why I hate kdramas and 6 degrees of separation theory! Everyone knows each other! And Donghae…. There are other tv networks, why must this network be the one???

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