Smile, Donghae Episode 37 Recap

My goal is to finish recapping this 2010 drama by the end of 2012. LOL. How bad is that? This drama has taught me a lesson about daily dramas—its really hard to keep up with them. Of course, I started recapping this during the Hell Year. It was bad. During the months where I only had one job, it was okay, but the months when that second job kicked in, really kicked my rear and I fell behind on A LOT (okay, basically EVERY drama) I was working on. This drama, for whatever reason, is special to me, so I am determined to finish this.

Donghae and Anna are on their plane bound for the US (Kim Joon is there, too). Donghae promises Anna that they will return to Korea and keep up on the search for James. How ironic that James sits across the aisle a few seats back. How is it that he and Anna’s paths have yet to fully cross? THIS is one of the reasons daily dramas suck—it takes even longer for discoveries to be made. Anywho, Pil Jae goes home all depressed that he didn’t manage to give his harmonica to Anna. Meanwhile, Bongi is upbraided by Do Jin for fighting with Saewa in the elevator. Bongi gets the full wrath since Saewa is Do Jin’s precious fiancée. She is warned if such things happen again, she is going to be fired. She goes to leave and Do Jin forces her to bow. What an ass. He really is.Bongi goes to the rooftop to cry as she thinks of Donghae.

We then cut to two months later. No good segue or anything, just a big time jump. It’s Saewa’s wedding day and she’s positively glowing that all of her scheming is going to come to good end at long last. As she smugly stares at her blood red bouquet, in marches an angry Bongi who threatens to expose Saewa. This shakes the other girl a bit, but she’s more confident as Donghae is safely away in America. The wedding starts and next thing you know, it’s Donghae by her side and not Do Jin. Saewa then wakes up—a total nightmare. Her mother rushes in and hugs her frightened daughter. Saewa wonders if she will really get to marry Do Jin with no problems. Sool Nyeo comforts her—after all Donghae is back in the US.Park Jung Ah, Ji Chang Wook

We then cut to the Lee family who are packaging up their cabbages to take to the hotel. They have won the contract on a trial basis. Sun Ok nags Pil Jae to make sure they only take the best and handle all the cabbages with care. Pil Jae replies that he knows what he’s doing and then says it would be great to go out for some soju later, thus he and Kang Jae decide to go out for drinks after the cabbages have been successful delivered. The topic then comes around to Donghae and Anna. The Lees haven’t had any news since they left two months ago. That’s not like Donghae…so what’s going on?

Saewa goes to the hotel where she comes across Bongi who tries to ignore her, but Saewa smugly trips the other girl. Looks like Saewa has been bullying Bongi since Donghae left. Seriously? I don’t understand how Saewa can get away with bullying Bongi without repercussion as there are security cameras everywhere! Anywho, Bongi declares that she isn’t quitting or giving up because of Saewa. Enter Kang Jae who sees the mess. Saewa is all gracious goodness with him and takes her leave. Bongi doesn’t reveal that she is being bullied by Saewa.

In the kitchen, Head Chef whose name I can never remember and who shall forever be called Head Chef (I think he’s supposed to be Bang Ki Nam, but am not 100% sure) announces that a test for the upcoming televised competition. Bongi is in a tight spot as the day of the test is encroaching and Donghae isn’t back yet. If he doesn’t return in time, that means Bongi has to forfeit since she’ll be without a partner (Dae Sam has to tease her about this).

Later Saewa complains about Bongi to Do Jin. She doesn’t want to keep running into the antagonistic chef. Enter Hye Sook. The three then go to the Kim house where Do Jin’s and Saewa’s newlywed room had just been done. Saewa walks in and notices that NONE of the stuff in there is what she picked up. Hye Sook explains she had only a limited time to decide on the big Italian designer bed and decided to take it. Besides, the furniture and curtains and other miscellany that Saewa and her mother picked up was too stylish and modern for the Kim house. BURN! I have to say that in certain respects, Hye Sook is not a bad person, but the woman can be a big, snobbish witch. Oh, and Saewa’s face when Hye Sook lays out all the things she expects Saewa to do for Do Jin was priceless! Looks like Saewa really didn’t consider just what kind of family she was marrying into. Meanwhile, Joon has returned from his New York seminar sans meeting Anna, so he’s giving up on her completely and devoting himself wholeheartedly to his wife.

Sun Ok is reading the paper and is shocked to see Sae Young featured bearing her pregnant belly for the world to see. She is livid and rushes over to the Yoon household. She is not happy to hear that Tae Hoon has been tutoring and not just studying. Enter in her daughter-in-law. Sun Ok immediately takes the girl’s high heels and breaks them (well…you shouldn’t be wearing killer heels when pregnant). She then scolds Sae Young for posing like that. Even Tae Hoon isn’t happy to see it, but it’s Sae Young we’re talking about. Not only did she get paid for it, she has some great pictures to show the twins…I’m not sure how they’ll feel about that when they get older. Sun Ok, of course, does go a bit overboard and calls Sae Young a monster who wouldn’t know how to take care of her own children. I do doubt how good of a mother Sae Young will be as she is very immature still. Of course, when Sool Nyeo comes home, she is upset about her daughter taking such pictures as well, but that is nothing compared to her rage at Sun Ok for how she treated Sae Young.

Joon takes his wife to a small eatery that is definitely not the upscale places Hye Sook is used to. However, I guess since Joon came from humble backgrounds, those are the kinds of places he prefers. Enter the Lee men. They immediately recognize Joon and Kang San goes to leave, but Pil Jae encourages his older brother to stay as it should be Joon who is leaving. Needless to say Pil Jae keeps making jabs at Joon about the ruination of their kimchi factory. To make a long story short, Pil Jae breaks Joon’s watch and Hye Sook demands payment for it—retribution as she was miffed about Pil Jae’s treatment of her husband. When Hye Sook and Joon get home, Joon wants her to drop the whole watch thing, but Hye Sook doesn’t want to. she also tells Joon that since he insists on going to such places that is why he has to deal with such low class people. She also won’t let the watch go (it’s like the equivalent of like a $10,000 watch or something like that) as she wants the Lee family to stop blaming Joon for what happened all those years ago.

The Lee men get home to find Sun Ok complaining about Sae Young to Bongi. She is surprised to see them home so early and Pil Jae gives them the lowdown of what happened. When Bongi hears about the broken Swiss watch, she is immediately worried—they are very expensive. This makes Sun Ok worry how they will ever get the money for such a watch. Enter Sool Nyeo who demands to know why Sun Ok has to treat her daughter like she did. Sun Ok, after hearing Kim Joon’s name earlier, cannot bare to see Sool Nyeo and listen to her now, so she tells her friend to get out. Hearing this, Sool Nyeo once again keeps silent on just who her daughter is marrying.

The next morning Saewa heads out and visits Bongi at her food stall. Bongi is shocked to see Saewa and even more shocked when Saewa actually asks to buy her kimbap for breakfast. Bongi does sell her the only radish rolls she has and Saewa leaves and sits in her car with an evil grin. Bongi then notices that the radish kimbap is getting soggy and quickly puts it away. Enter a customer who later goes to Do Jin’s hotel complaining of eating food made by one of their chefs that made his wife sick. What should Do Jin do? Saewa then recommends transferring Bongi to the hotel in Gyeonju as her punishment. I guess Saewa won’t be content until she sees Bongi as low as she can get.

Bongi is scolded by Head Chef for damaging the reputation of the hotel chefs. Poor Bongi just doesn’t know what to do. She sold food on the street to earn more money, but she NEVER stated she worked for the Camilla Hotel. Go figure. Head Chef then reveals Bongi will be transferred to their hotel in Gyeongju. Needless to say, she is NOT happy about that decision at all. Can’t say I blame her. Bongi then goes home and goes into Donghae’s and Anna’s room. She misses them terribly. Why isn’t Donghae back like he promised her he would be? Why hasn’t she heard from him at all?

It is now Saewa’s wedding day and Tae Hoon is tasked with keeping his family away from the ceremony since Sool Nyeo doesn’t want a scene on Saewa’s big day. Poor Tae Hoon. He is not happy to do this at all and he is right, it isn’t right for his family to be treated like that. However, the Lee family is already on their way. Uh-oh. Will Tae Hoon be able to stop them? As Joon and Hye Sook are about ready to leave, Hye Sook gets a call. Someone is back and she asks them to meet her at the hotel. Hmm…who could it possibly be? 😀 Meanwhile, Saewa is preening her happy glory. Her mother has paid actors to pretend to be well-off relatives of Saewa. LOL. That’s Sool Nyeo for you. She then spots the Lees and sends Tae Hoon off. Tae Hoon does keep the secret as to whom Saewa is marrying, but he does manage to waylay is family from running into the Kims.

At this time, Head Chef, Dae Sam, and Bongi are meeting the man who claims his wife got sick. When the man says she got sick from the radish kimbap, Bongi immediately jumps up and calls him a liar. She never sold a single one of them as she noticed they were spoilt after giving that one to Saewa. Light bulb! The angry Bongi calls Saewa and threatens that she is on her way to confront the other girl. Saewa fakes bravado, but you know she’s slightly worried that Bongi will ruin her big day. Meanwhile, Sun Ok is complaining about how they got all dressed up and then were shoved out the door since Sool Nyeo was “embarrassed” by their connection.

Just as Bongi is about to head in and confront the evil witch, someone grabs her arm and turns her around. It’s Donghae!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He’s got a new haircut as well. Back at the Lee house, they get a shock when Anna steps out of their house to greet them. End episode.

I meant to get episode 38 done with this one, but I went into too much detail, so am splitting the posts.


  • Everything about this Drama series sucks! I hate it when my Father, Mother and Sister are so much into this while I see no sense on the plot and story line. Come on, a sports-man turned Champion Chef (from a Foreign land). How good can you ever be?!

    Most importantly, every mystery is so exaggeratedly and coincidentally placed on that one Hotel. Donghae first became resident, then Chef, then son of the President’s Husband and then HEIR to that Hotel. WOW!!!

    • That’s pretty much dramas in general. Convenient plots and not believable story lines. The acting, while not horrible, also is worse in daily dramas than in regular dramas. These are more geared towards housewives anyways.
      I, myself, do enjoy it, but know its limitations and it does lack some things that could make it better. If you hate exaggerated plots and mysteries…you’d HATE May Queen. Oy. that non-secret birth secret and all the carp in that drama…I can stomach the frustratingly drawn out plot better with Smile, Donghae than with that horrible, horrible shipwreck.

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