Change of Perspective – Kpop Group Cross Gene

I should do this about SHINee’s “Sherlock,” too now that I think about it. I just reread my initial thoughts of rookie [I actually use that term lightly in the fact that all members were quite active before they debuted in the kpop music world] kpop group Cross Gene. Wow. How things have changed. You can read the initial review here.

That’s not to say that my earlier opinion about showcasing 2 members’ vocal skills over the other 4 members have changed, and I’m still not a huge fan of Yongseok’s more nasally (not quite sure if this is what I really mean, but for lack of anything better to describe it) voice, but I became totally addicted to that song and dance. It’s one of those surprising things. I said the song grew on me the more I listened to it in the initial review, and before I knew it, I was watching and listening to it daily. I even scoured iTunes for their first mini-album (which, mind you, was for some reason very hard to find, so I ended up getting it on Amazon where it was much easier to find).

How funny is that? These boys have their charm and I admitted their skills and talents in the first post, and the more I watch and listen to them, the more I like them–even their odd dancing style. Who would have thought that dinosaur dance would eventually win me over? But it did. I am really looking forward to hearing more from them and to seeing how they develop. I am also looking forward to seeing more of the others’ talents. Like seeing Terada-san sing since I know Terada Takuya really can sing.

So give this song and album a listen – it’s not half bad. Hopefully you will come to like them as much as I have 🙂

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