Lunafly Releases How Nice Would It Be MV

I fell in love with Lunafly [루나플라이] when I actually found their interview on YouTube and heard them sing a sample of their song (plus I think it kept playing in the background the entire time). They have now officially released their first music video for “How nice Would it Be” [얼마나 좋을까]. I can’t complain about the song. This trio have very nice voices which are brilliantly showcased in this more acoustic song. You can tell that the focus is on their music and sound and not on flash and performance like the dance groups that have been debuting of late [there’s nothing wrong with dance groups and music, I’m just saying the focus there is on the performance which doesn’t mean the vocals are bad]. This fact really helps them stand out. What also helps them stand out from the crowd of debutees is the fact that they have composed this song themselves. It’s rare for starting out groups to actually debut with a self-composed song.


From left to right: Yun, Teo, Sam

Now. I will say it again. I LIKE the song. Lunafly has talent. I, however, do not like the video. I mean, I have no problem with them just sitting around and playing their instruments and singing. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that and it helps give the song a more personal feel, almost like you’re in the room with them while they perform. My problem is that when its obvious only one person is singing (there isn’t backup vocals at all in that part), they zoom in on all the boys and their mouths are all moving. I don’t get why they do this in music videos. The three boys have distinct voices, so you can easily tell who is singing what part. So why do they film them all singing the same part when technically only one of them is really singing? They do this in other music videos, too, so it’s not just them with this one. I kind of find it annoying. It’s like out of sync dubbing almost to me and I hate out of sync dubbing. Other than that one fact, I like the mellowness of the video. Oh, I will says this, too. I don’t like Sam’s new bowl cut. His longer curly locks was soooo much better on him.

Anywho, check out this group as they make their debut! I’m looking forward to their career.


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