May Queen Episode 11 Recap

The best part of this episode for me is all the moments when we have Kang San and Hae Joo together. Their onscreen chemistry and camaraderie is just as awesome as Kim Yoo Jung’s and Park Ji Bin’s. It’s really cute how their relationship has basically picked up from where it left off 15 years ago. Oh, and San’s reactions to In Hwa are priceless. He does it so well.

That being said, there were a few things that annoyed me. Well, two things really. Okay three things. 1) Hae Joo’s complex about her relationship to Chang Hee 2) Geum Hee (I honestly think she needs to be put permanently out of her misery in a nice room with padded walls and lots of medication) 3) Gi Chul. Really, he’s just an evil idiot. He should join Geum Hee in a room with padded walls and heavy medication.

So Geum Hee creepily goes to touch Hae Joo’s neck and Hae Joo whips around. Geum Hee asks if it is really Hae Joo and Hae Joo greets her formally. Geum Hee then asks about the scar (because that’s not weird at all). Hae Joo honestly says that it happened too long ago and she has no memory of how she got it. Geum Hee then asks for Dal Soon’s address and is surprised to learn that Hae Joo and family ended up in Geoje instead of Hae Nam. To that, Hae Joo only replies there were “circumstances.”

At this time Gi Chul has finally arrived and asks after Hae Joo. Just why is she so popular? Il Moon has come out at this time and wonders what is going on. Gi Chul explains that Hae Joo is a childhood friend of Chang Hee’s and In Hwa’s. This still doesn’t ring a bell for Il Moon. The man is a complete idiot. Geum Hee and Hae Joo come out and Gi Chul goes up to the roof and wishes to know what Hae Joo told Geum Hee. You know, isn’t it VERY obvious that something’s going on that isn’t quite right? Yet no one really seems to pick up on these vibes. Hae Joo reveals she told Geum Hee where her mother lived. Of course the subject comes back to Chang Hee and Hae Joo tries to defend herself a bit by saying she understands how he must feel. This earns her a slap. Gi Chul looks taken aback by it himself. But he does tell Hae Joo that there is another person out there for Chang Hee and it isn’t her. Sheesh. Hae Joo does her best to fight back her tears when she gets a call from Kang San asking her to meet him when she’s done with the walkthrough.

Meanwhile, Gi Chul rushes to get home and offers to go with Geum Hee to Geoje to pay his respects to Hong Chul’s family. Meanwhile, Jang announces to Il Moon he wishes to make the propellers for the drillship himself. This surprises Il Moon—they don’t know how to make propellers, nor have the resources for them. So this explains why San wanted his grandfather to buy a propeller factory. Smart boy. In Hwa comes in and reveals that Geum Hee went to visit Hae Joo’s mother. Of course this strikes an unpleasant cord in Jang, but Il Moon doesn’t get it. So In Hwa explains just who Hae Joo is. Will this be a good thing or bad thing? Probably bad as Il Moon never liked that “beggar.”

Jang calls Gi Chul and tells him to end things once and for all. Once he hangs up, Jang then asks for all the information they have on the new employee Chun Hae Joo. What is he up to? Nothing good, that’s for sure. While this is going on, Il Moon asks In Hwa if she heard about the plans for her and Chang Hee to marry. In Hwa doesn’t even take this seriously. How can she end up with Chang Hee? Besides, that girl only has San in her eyes. In Hwa is happy to know Hae Joo is back and even got her phone number. Il Moon comments that the reason why a match with Chang Hee is even considered is because In Hwa hangs out with such low-bred people. What an elitist arse. But given who his father is that isn’t surprising.

Hae Joo goes to San’s yacht after her tour of the shipyard. He’s sitting on his boat fishing. Hae Joo complains of him slacking off and he says that he won a fishing contest in the US. Of course, Hae Joo doesn’t believe the liar. At this time he gets a bit and pulls up a fish only its already dead. How’s that possible. Hae Joo says that if he wants to fake catching a fish, he shouldn’t pick a freshwater fish. Of course putting it in salt water will ensure it’s dead by the time it’s brought up. Hae Joo then mentions he hasn’t changed from when he was a kid and he bought those fish for her.

The two get down to work and Hae Joo shows him the blueprints and subsequent instructions. San then asks if she knows why he changed the pipe’s thickness. Hae Joo does know and San is surprised by just how much knowledge she has. Hae Joo says she has always wanted to study design, but due to circumstances she never got the chance. San takes this opportunity to pay back Hae Joo for teaching him welding all those years ago. This time he will be the teacher and will teach her all about design. This excites Hae Joo considerably. Although she wonders if the liar will really keep his word. Maybe she should get this in writing in case he changes his mind. San then grabs her pinky to seal the deal and In Hwa shows up. Omo, San’s face was priceless. He used to do the same things when they were children, too. In Hwa is happy to meet with Hae Joo once more and scolds her for not answering her phone. Hae Joo checks and her phone was off. Whoops.

Meanwhile, Gi Chul and Geum Hee have arrived in Geoje. Geum Hee rushes to the Chun apartment where Dal Soon was sleeping. The woman gets up and is surprised to find Geum Hee and Gi Chul on her doorstep. Geum Hee gets right down to business she asks if Hae Joo wasn’t found as a child. This shocks Dal Soon. Even more shocking is when she sees Geum Hee with the boat outfit. Dal Soon denies everything. Hae Joo is her daughter and Geum Hee is just being ridiculous. Geum Hee then takes out a picture of Yoo Jin. Dal Soon gets sucker punched with this. Just what is going on? She easily recognizes the baby Hae Joo. Geum Hee sobs and says that she lost that child and she wishes to know where Dal Soon got the jumper. Dal Soon uncomfortably (and unconvincingly) lies that it was from a neighbor in Ulsan. Just who, she doesn’t know. Geum Hee leaves sobbing uncontrollably and Dal Soon looks at Hong Chul and Hae Joo’s picture and wonders just what happened. What did her husband do. Wasn’t Hae Joo the product of some fling with a woman on an island?

Okay. NeeNee is going to pause. I can understand frustration with Dal Soon, but you have to understand that she just can’t come out and admit all these things about Hae Joo as she just simply does not KNOW the truth. She can only conjecture that Hong Chul got involved in something bad and can’t necessarily comprehend fully what is going on [though I think she understands that Hae Joo is probably Geum Hee’s daughter]. But it’s probably best for the Chun family to stay lower on Jang’s radar. Plus, this just wouldn’t be a drama if such an issue was solved so quickly.

The three then go to In Hwa’s restaurant and Hae Joo is very impressed to know that In Hwa owns and runs it. In Hwa then reveals her desire to start her own outdoors brand. When she asks about what work Hae Joo and San do together, San has to tell In Hwa that even if they explained for several nights, In Hwa will never understand. This causes In Hwa to lean in and flirt with him. She wouldn’t mind listening if it meant being with San for several nights. Hae Joo then has to comment how the two look well together which makes In Hwa happy and makes San very unhappy. Hae Joo can’t start that nonsense, too! After In Hwa’s happiness at hearing she looks good with San, she reveals her parents are talking about a marriage with Chang Hee. This really shocks Hae Joo (but she doesn’t mention it later when she meets with Chang Hee).

At the Jang house, Chang Hee is staring moodily out at the water when Il Moon approaches to cause trouble. Il Moon wonders if Chang Hee is trying to oust him by marrying In Hwa. Now there’s a thought. Il Moon also rubs it in on how gleeful Gi Chul seemed when Geum Hee proposed the marriage. Chang Hee does put his foot down and say that he has no interest in doing that…or wait. This might be the part where he kind of, sort of, not really threatens Il Moon by saying there’s some not good rumors going around. Say what? Now what has Il Moon done? At this time Geum Hee arrives home very out of sorts. Chang Hee notices this in worry. Next Gi Chul gets dizzy and almost passes out. Chang Hee catches his father who quickly yanks himself out of his son’s helping grasp. What a petty little turd.

Jang comes home and finds the sobbing Geum Hee. He tells her to lay it all to rest now, but Geum Hee can’t. She’s certain that Hae Joo is really Yoo Jin and that Dal Soon was lying to her. Jang then pulls out Hae Joo’s resume and wouldn’t you know her blood type doesn’t match. Okay. Totally off topic, but why is her blood type on her resume? That’s definitely not something you find on resumes in the US. Okay, don’t ranting. This does make Geum Hee pause, but she starts demanding Jang find all the people who lived in the shanty town so she could find out who gave the outfit to Dal Soon. Jang says that is impossible and Geum Hee says it isn’t for him. Jang then has to remonstrate her. That child isn’t hers any longer. Say what? Even if a child dies, that does not mean that child has nothing to do with a parent—that bond isn’t so easily severed. Jang then points out that his kids are her kids. Or don’t they count? Geum Hee then angrily says that Il Moon doesn’t regard her as a mother after she had devoted herself to him and In Hwa and forsook her Yoo Jin to be their mother. This surprises Jang. Geum Hee then reveals that Il Moon found out that he was with her when their mom died.

Okay, pause again. I really have a problem with this story plot here. In Hwa and Yoo Jin were born in the same year and were both around 1 when Hae Joo’s father died. Yoo Jin went missing right after her father’s funeral and at this time it seemed that Jang’s previous wife had been dead for awhile. So again, I’m confused in the time frame as I think there’s a big discrepancy there. Or at least it needs to be explained better as we all know Geum Hee would never betray her husband (same can’t be said for Jang and his wife).

So angry daddy Jang goes to seek out his son who is reading in the study. He slaps Il Moon and pushes him around. When Il Moon asks what the problem is, Jang demands to know who Il Moon’s mother is. Il Moon states that is his father’s current wife. Jang then demands to know why Il Moon would say such a thing to Geum Hee then. Il Moon says it was all thanks to his anger over In Hwa’s and Chang Hee’s proposed marriage. Jang then admits that he’s against the idea, but its not something he’d vocalize oddly enough. He likens the Park family as pets that must be kept in hand or else they go wild, thus let them think they’ll get such a reward and this will bind them closer to Jang. Um…riiiight. At least that’s what I’m gathering he was saying. I take this to mean that he really wouldn’t consider Chang hee as a true marriage candidate, but at the same time, he might just so he can keep the rising Chang Hee under his thumb…it’s really just confusing to me. Oh and Jang has a final word to Il Moon: “Don’t make my woman cry.” You know, I get that he loves Geum Hee with an unhealthy obsession, but I never realized just how sick he was. Just like to him Yoo Jin is Geum Hee’s perpetual illness, Geum Hee is his. When it comes to her he just can’t see straight. It’s pretty bad when you’d basically disown your own child because he didn’t consider Geum Hee his real mother.

At the Park home, Chang Hee is trying to encourage his father to eat and Park has to reveal that he slapped Hae Joo earlier. Gi Chul also tells his son that he understands Chang Hee’s personality and how he won’t change his mind once he makes a decision. This is why Gi Chul will do his best to torment Hae Joo instead. Poor Chang Hee is horrified. How can his father do something like that? Doesn’t he know how difficult a life she’s had? How can he make it worse because of Chang Hee? The heartbroken son gets up and quickly leaves the table. We all know he’s going to rush to Hae Joo’s side after hearing how his father maligned her. Gi Chul has the gall to look pathetic. Why can’t he understand? Sure filial piety aside, why can’t he let his own son be happy? Forcing Chang Hee to marry against his will is just wrong. What good is it if your son is in a higher station with a “better” life if he isn’t happy. Bad, bad, bad father. Sigh.

Hae Joo is cleaning her new room when she recalls the slap. Yeah, it hurts her that Gi Chul is behaving like that towards her. She then gets a call from her mother asking how she’s settled in. Hae Joo says things are fine and then asks if Geum Hee visited. Dal Soon quickly snaps that Geum Hee didn’t come and that they have nothing to do with each other—she’s trying her best to protect Hae Joo at this point I believe. Dal Soon then confirms the moving date and all that good stuff. Jung Woo then arrives home and Hae Joo is disappointed to learn that he ate out. She had gone grocery shopping so she can make him dinner. She then tells him she can’t fix him lunch, but she will fix him breakfast and dinner every day so he needs to be sure to come home. This makes Jung Woo really happy. It’s nice to have a family again.

Enter the anxious Chang Hee. Jung Woo wonders if they had arranged a date and he came home too soon. Chang Hee says that isn’t the case and asks to speak to Hae Joo. He confronts her about what happened with his father and Hae Joo sickenly (I say this because hearing her say it made me sick—I hate this newfound attitude of hers) says that she’s doesn’t resent his father at all as she is the one to be resented. Chang Hee rose from his servant stock and is a successful prosecutor while she is just a lowly uneducated worker who never went to college or finished high school. She was happy Gi Chul slapped her as it made her feel better. She then says it also made her determined NOT to break up with Chang Hee. WTF. This earns her a crushing embrace from Chang Hee who cries and she scolds him for being a crybaby.

1) I don’t care if Hae Joo was lying to try to make Chang Hee feel bad, that type of worthless (as in she feels she has no self worth) is horrible. Hae Joo never really got social differences too much when she was a kid so why did that all of a sudden become this insurmountable barrier?
2) Hae Joo always puts herself down or out to accommodate and spare feelings, but why can’t she understand that it actually hurts people instead of making them feel better?

The weekend arrives and the Chun family arrives in Ulsan. They are happy to be reunited with Jung Woo once more. How strange it is that they have ended up like this again. Jung Woo is amazed at how much these kids grew up. Sang Tae remembers him well, but Young Joo doesn’t. Hae Joo then introduces Jin Joo whom Jung Woo named. Jin Joo bows and thanks him for her lovely name and this makes Jung Woo choke up. Later that night. While the boys unload the truck, Hae Joo takes off.

She meets San at his apartment and wonders why they never meet at the office. San replies that his home is his office, so what’s the problem? True, he does sleep there…why? Does Hae Joo’s heart flutter? LMAO. So cute, so cute. Of course Hae Joo denies this and says he knows she can take him down, right? San then hides the news articles, but Hae Joo wonders why he has them. San then changes the topic—why is she talking to him in formal speech? Because he’s her teacher and she works for him. San tells her to drop the formal speech (but he does insist she call him master like she made him do in the old says). They then get down to business while In Hwa visits Kang. He’s not so happy to see her and tells her that he threw her gift of Korean beef away as eating it just might kill him. LOL. This horrifies In Hwa. She then presents him with genuine ginseng. He doesn’t want this gift either, however, In Hwa tells him that if she marries San, then the boy will be able to take over Hae Poong shipyard a lot faster. Drat. I was hoping Kang wouldn’t consider this, but you know he does when he willingly gives In Hwa San’s address.

Things progress nicely at San’s house. He’s impressed by how much Hae Joo knows already about designing even though she doesn’t have formal study. He likes how she appends the four principles of ship design with adding in the human factor—no matter what you do, you should never forget about the people who will be using the product. San is also deeply impressed with Hae Joo’s knowledge of propellers and thrusters. This is going to be a key component in this series and I wonder how it will play out. It kind of reminds me of KJW’s Can You Hear My Heart when we talk about factories and the necessary plants being needed, etc. Enter In Hwa. San is horrified that his ghost has found his residence. He’s even more horrified when Hae Joo lets her in. Like in the past, In Hwa is not happy to see San and Hae Joo together.

Hae Joo is taken to a café where she adamantly tells In Hwa she was just there as San is teaching her about ship design. In Hwa does accept this answer, but she tells Hae Joo that Hae Joo herself isn’t the problem—San is. When they were younger, San always followed Hae Joo around, thus In Hwa can’t trust San. Omo. Well, at least she admits she trusts Hae Joo…but we all know this friendship will go down the tubes thanks to a series of events yet to happen. We can only guess how it exactly will happen. Hae Joo then admits she has a man that she’s serious about. In Hwa wishes to know who, but Hae Joo clams up. She’s not ready to confess her relationship with Chang Hee yet (she even looks uncomfortable when In Hwa talks of him—reveal the truth idiot!). She does tell In Hwa she will introduce him at a later time. That might never happen before whatever calamity befalls this quartet.

Chang Hee gets a text from Hae Joo which his father intercepts. Needless to say Gi Chul is livid to find out that Hae Joo is listed as the chief prosecutor in Chang Hee’s phone so they could sneak behind his back. Gi Chul reiterates he will continue to torment Hae Joo and Chang Hee comes back with a great threat—you know his temper and his mind is set once it’s made up. If Gi Chul persists in tormenting the woman Chang Hee loves, then Chang Hee will leave the Park house. Boy, don’t just talk about it. Pack your bags and just abandon your father at this point because that relationship is cancerous and will destroy you in the long run. Meanwhile, Geum Hee confronts Il Moon about the distance he’s keeping from her. Il Moon makes a snarky comment about how she runs and tells Jang everything behind Il Moon’s back. A stepmother is a stepmother after all. Geum Hee collapses to the ground. In retribution to her new children, her burns Yoo Jin’s outfit and baby picture. Because that’s so going to make things magically better.

Jung Woo, Bong Hee, and the Chuns all celebrate the big move. The kids then decide to put on a performance. They get into costume and do Psy’s “Kangnam Style” which, of course, they change the song so it’s “Ulsan Style” instead. LMAO. On a somewhat related note, congratulations to Psy for hitting #1 on the iTunes US charts for that song! It’s quite a feat for a foreign (okay, let’s face it, Asian) artist to rank that high. Props to him and the song. I really loved how Bong Hee was marking Jung Woo as hers. Jung Woo denies any type of romantic relationship while Bong Hee insists they are dating. LOL. The scene that follows with her drunk and trying to cozy up to Jung Woo in bed was just hilarious. When he gets frustrated at her drunken clinginess and leaves, she asks herself if she’s really a woman and tells herself to go and die. Don’t worry, Bong Hee, he’ll discover he’s really in love with you…eventually.

Oh, and I would be remiss if I didn’t mention this scene. Hae Joo is doing dishes and Dal Soon walks into the kitchen. She looks at her daughter’s hardworking back and recalls Geum Hee’s sob story and how she had mistreated Hae Joo (wrongly) for all of these years before Hong Chul’s death (and even after when she forced Hae Joo to quit school and denied her the chance to go to college). Dal Soon tears up and Hae Joo rushes to comfort her as she believes her mother is missing her father once more. I really liked this scene because it does show you just how much Dal Soon really loves her adopted daughter. And now that the truth is semi in the light, she really does feel guilty for how badly she mistreated her. If only she had known. Bad Hong Chul. Why couldn’t you try to say she was a friend’s kid (who had died) and had no where else to go? Dal Soon might have accepted her a lot better and there’d be less pain all around.

Another great scene is when the frustrated Jung Woo goes outside to escape the clingy Bong Hee and finds Hae Joo. He asks that they become adopted family. He will treat Hae Joo as his niece (well, really his daughter) and he hopes Hae Joo will call him “samchoon” and treat him as an uncle/father. Hae Joo is touched by this, but does have a hard time switching from “ahjussi” to “samchoon,” but she wishes to become his adopted niece as she feels it will make her life better. She will have someone to finally talk to and lean on. Girl…don’t you know Chang Hee was offering you all that, but you decided to basically reject that?

Gi Chul waits for Hae Joo outside her new house the next morning. They go to the seaside and we begin the back and forth. Gi Chul doesn’t know what will happen if the kids continue seeing one another. Hae Joo doesn’t back down this time and even braces herself for another slap, only to be shocked when Gi Chul falls to his knees and sobs for her to leave Chang Hee so he can have a better life than what he’s  had so far. This more than the earlier slap really hits Hae Joo hard. I think it doesn’t help that she has such a strong connection to family (I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, but it’s almost kind of unhealthy in this light) and she really doesn’t want to hinder Chang Hee’s bright future. So what does she do? She text Chang Hee and says that they should break up. Chang Hee gets this and immediately tries calling, but of course she doesn’t answer.

Meanwhile, Jang requests San’s presence and says that he wishes to build the propellers himself. San says that isn’t feasible given there really isn’t any resources in Korea for this. Jang says to have national pride and help Korea develop. San replies it’s a matter of trust (plus I think they’ve already contracted with a British company for the propellers). Jang then brings up the fact that San has already cheated by bringing in a woman who was rejected as an employee. This means that San must regard Hae Joo highly personally. Well…that shut him up. D’oh! San angrily leaves the office and catches sight of the crying Hae Joo. When he tries to find out what’s wrong, in rushes Chang Hee who grabs her and starts dragging her out. Kang San stops him and demands to know just who he thinks he is.

Loved the episode. Depending how they play out the real breakup between Hae Joo and Chang Hee, my heart will probably break for him…unless he does something stupid that makes me want to throttle him instead. With the pace of this drama, even though some situations are being dragged out longer than necessary, it still seems to be going surprisingly fast making it hard to believe it’s slated for 32 episodes. I want more Hae Joo/San moments. They are precious.

Han Ji Hye, Kim Jae Won, Jae HeeThe previews show San telling Chang Hee to break up with Hae Joo. Somehow, I don’t think this has anything to do with San’s liking Hae Joo. I think this goes deeper than that. San doesn’t want to go against Chang Hee, but when In Hwa revealed that Chang Hee is still living on the Jang premises, San looked really disappointed. He had warned his good friend, but Chang Hee didn’t listen. Oh, I’m sure San pretty much gets the gist that Gi Chul wants nothing to do with Hae Joo which is hurting the young woman.


  • Great recap as always….
    loved the episode esp SanJoo moments. Fav one was when HJ was telling KS about desings how he was longingly staring at her with admiration in eyes. That scene was a highlight for me for SanJoon today.
    Then how DS was feeling for her daughter (at lasr finally, she is on her side and not scolding), so its a good start in their relationship and m eager to watch what all DS can do to Protect her “Strong” Daughter from this point.
    GC….I have never ever seen a father like that (not even in any shows) who himself wants to destroy his son’s life and his only happiness. Everytimg CH wants to anything GC ends up blackmailing him emotionally (with all those past events how he suffered just for him) I dont know why he wants to make scapegoat of CH for his cowardness for not leaving Jang house. And how he will justtify it later when he will have to disclose all this to CH…..what will happen to that poor CH….My heart just breaks in million pieces now only to think about the consequences of all that GC did till date………………….and only character who will be sacrificed in the end is to be CH (cuase he will sacrifice himself to end up all the rivalry between his dad and Jang so that he can let HJ/KS live happily……it can be a wrong assumption as its pretty early to predict)

    Next…I was also thinking this show is going pretty damn fast as compared to we still have more than 20 episodes to go…..and it seems like production house will concentrate much on how KS-HJ-CH dynamic will turn out alongwith Jang-GC rivalry rather than wasting time in revealing the secrets at slow/steady speed.

    About Hong Chul (HJ’s adoptive father) telling his wife about HJ’s birth….that was a big hole in the story if he could have told her a better option than m sure HJ would have not suffered as she did till now. and also then this all story would have not started. So I can say that all that stupid reason created all this mess. Other then that I cant figure out why GC dint tell Hong Chul real reason of saving HJ, he was GC’s friend/sunbae he wouldhave helped him in getting rid of this mess.

    But let it be……..despite all this m still enjoying everytime KS-HJ are together fighting/bickering/teasing each other……
    I have noticed one big differnce how HJ behaves being with KS n CH…..being with CH she is all girly, soft and vulnerable, while with KS she is spunky (like older HJ), full of energy, unique and charismatic. not sure if anyone else noticed it too.

    Ok so enough for now….sorry for long reply havent expressed my feelings abt MQ anytime in past so please bear with it.

    • Definitely the San and Hae Joo moments really make this episode great. They have such a great chemistry and relationship with each other. I am so happy to see Dal Soon acting like a proper mother. It’s about 28 years too late, but since she has a loyal daughter, it’s better late than never.

      Yes, Gi Chul really likes to think he’s doing everything for his son’s best interest, when that really isn’t the truth. Gi Chul doesn’t care if Chang Hee is in pain or miserable as long as Chang Hee is living Gi Chul’s dream of wealth, success and power. Yeah, this time, it will probably be Chang Hee sacrificing his own happiness just for Hae Joo. I really hope he doesn’t do that because that won’t do anyone any good really and that’s him letting his father drag him down into that lack pit of despair when really Chang Hee should just leave him (especially after episode 12’s revelation).

      Yep, the past secrets will always be a slow undercurrent that might never get revealed to the final moments and will just rear their ugly heads. This show is really focusing on the dynamics of these…4? families and basically how their lives interconnect and how they all come together because of 3 things: ships, oil, and love. I am shocked by just how much has basically been done already and with 20 episodes to go. Hopefully this doesn’t mean the plot will suffer and lag later.

      Yeah, I have given up on that whole scheme of the writers when it comes to Hong Chul’s secret. They could have done that better, but my guess is that they wanted Hae Joo to be as pathetic and as good as possible. That wasn’t necessary, but whatever.

      No, when Chang Hee and Hae Joo are together she is in more of a girly mode and doesn’t seem to be 100% of herself. Probably due to her consciousness of just how different they’ve become. With San, she can be herself because at first there isn’t really romantic feelings and just a strong bond of friendship. In 12, Hae Joo says she and Chang Hee are together naturally because of shared pains and experiences. If we go by the past, Chang Hee and Hae Joo gave comfort and support and their meetings weren’t always very cheery. San and Hae Joo always had this dynamic relationship and shared common interests which I think makes them the more compatible than just having misery in common.

      Anywho, thanks for sharing all of your thoughts! I am glad to hear them and to see they run along the same vein as mine 🙂 Looking forward to talking to you more as this series progresses.

  • Thank you NeeNee for the great Recap.. :* I really hate Gi Chul. His personality is too much for me. But I can’t say so since I’m not in his shoes. Because I think in real life sure there are some people who act like him.

    • 🙂 You’re most welcome!
      Unfortunately, there are people like Gi Chul out in this world and the poor children suffer the most for it. I don’t care what your situation is, doing what he’s doing just isn’t right. As I’ve stated in previous recaps, Jang is better because while he’s underhand, he’s openly evil. Plus, he doesn’t care whose kids are whose. If you are useful and promising (and don’t get in his way) he will actually do his best to mold and develop you. Gi Chul is worse because of his two-facedness. He betrays his dead friend and his wife to spare his and his son’s life. Okay, understandable at that point, survival. But what he’s been doing ever since, and his actions…for what reason did he really have his son’s life spared when he’s single-handedly destroying it?

  • Thanks again for the wonderfully written recap!^.^

    Usually in a drama like this, the preferred ending is the fast unravelling of the birth secret and the subsequent reunion of the family. But seriously, not in this case…. for me. From what I’ve seen of Geum Hee so far, she just annoys me to no end. First, she’s a snob. When she didn’t want to help HAe Joo’s family before. Second, She seems so self-centered, oblivious and weak to me. Il Moon found out that she’s not his birth mother, then she becomes hysterical and comes across as wanting Il Moon to pretend otherwise. Seriously?!?! Il Moon is a jerk, but his reaction was still what you’d expect in that situation. Then, as mother, shouldn’t she give IM his space and re-assurance. I hope they redeem her somehow, but some are already speculating about her connection with DH, even way, way before.

    I’ve posted this on a different blog. —> With regards to Team Chang Hee or Kang San, I’m team Kang San but sometimes I have this wish of having an alternate universe (fringe, anyone?), where we have 2 Hae Joo. I guess it didn’t help that the character description clearly states that CH would marry IH and Kim Jae Won’s Kang San is just so bright, positive and strong, which HJ needs after(or with the upcoming) pain and hardships she went(or go) through. But, Chang Hee is just breaking my heart. He just loves her so much and HJ just brings out the light and goodness in him. And, the world needs all the good people it can have, but…. I don’t know!!!!!!

    • Yeah, I can deal without a happy unraveling and reunion as truthfully, Geum Hee is rather…bad. I would like to think things would be different if she had remained in her happy lifestyle with Hak Soo, but it’s pretty hard to say that having seen how she is now. I also think Geum Hee is being unreasonable with Il Moon. So he knows the truth now. Instead of being upset that he is no longer regarding you as his real mother, take in to consideration how this makes him feel–to learn the truth after these years. With it comes to Geum Hee’s past with DH, it’s been hinted at, but really, I’m completely clueless on that subject as to me the writers made that very obscure and hard to understand at this point.

      ith regards to Team Chang Hee or Kang San, I’m team Kang San but sometimes I have this wish of having an alternate universe (fringe, anyone?), where we have 2 Hae Joo

      I’ve experienced this with a few other dramas as well where I wanted to split the leading lady in half. My thoughts are that Kang San really is the perfect match for Hae Joo and that is really sad for Chang Hee. If things could be different MAYBE they could be together, but things won’t be and they are really showing almost a stronger bond (to me anyways) between Kang San and Hae Joo. Well, maybe not stronger, but…better…healthier? I’m not quite sure how to describe it, but watching their interactions it just kind of makes sense for them to be together vs. her and Chang Hee. But I really, really feel for him.

  • Great recap!
    About HJ’s blood type on her resume: I don’t know how it is in Korea but I believe in Japan blood type is important, it shows what kind of personality you have.

    GC gave a 10 million won cheque to DS, presumably for her to prevent HJ from seeing CH any more. Nevertheless, shortly after, DS encourages HJ to stick with CH no matter what. Strange.

    • Yes, I know in Japan that blood type is huge. I can’t speak for Korea, but I think it might be more of an Asian country thing…it’s still weird to my American-wired brain 😛

      I think Dal Soon encouraged Hae Joo to stick with Chang Hee because he was a good man and would be a great provider as long as he can get his father in line. I think her accepting the money from GC was just to take it to Chang Hee as a test to see where he stood and his feelings for Hae Joo.

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