Korean Dramas on Netflix – September 21, 2012

Baker King - ChunoI found two new Korean dramas streaming on Netflix today while I was searching for information for a reader:

  1. Baker King, Kim Tak Goo [listed under Bread, Love, and Dreams]
  2. Chuno [Listed under The Slave Hunters]

It doesn’t help that Netflix has two different categories when it comes to Korean dramas. One is Korean TV Shows and the other is Korean TV Dramas. One category doesn’t necessarily have all the shows, so you must double check against the other category. Fun times.

Isn’t it exciting that they are adding more and more, bit by bit? Personally, I have a Hulu, DramaFever, and Netflix accounts, but if I had to choose, I would take DramaFever and Netflix over Hulu. To me, if you pay them money, you shouldn’t have to sit through commercials. 😛 But that’s just my opinion.

Oh, does anyone want a list of the available kdramas streaming on Hulu? I can create one of there’s a desire for one.


  • Hi!!!
    If you can and of course feel that there is demand for it, I vote yes, on a list kdrama’s streaming on Hulu. I’m a relatively newbie (in comparison to most as I’ve realized) to Asian dramas but I’m addicted. I’m always looking for places where I can find them. The more options the better in my opinion. What are your thoughts o viki.com?

  • Sorry..I meant to say on viki.com?

    • Viki’s a nice resource which does focus more heavily on the licensing of Korean dramas. I tend to go there for kdramas that DramaFever and MVIBO don’t carry. Plus, when I get in my Chinese drama moods, I can usually find some good ones there. It’s so hard to find subs for mainland dramas, so I like it that I can watch them there.

  • Please someone tell me why there’s no eng sub for the new korean drama on Netflix?

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