Lunafly – Interview


From left to right: Sam Carter, Teo, Yun

I just recently discovered Lunafly, a three member Korean band that has just released their debut single worldwide via iTunes. They are really talented and their English skills [Okay, I’m not talking about the one from England as his is a given, but the other two from Korea] are pretty dang awesome. Some of you may know their leader Sam Carter if you watched MBC’s Star Audition season 2. His duet with Megan Lee [which he wrote] “Love Sick” was totally daebak!

The cool thing is that they do write and compose their own music. I always love it when artists are directly involved in the creative process. Although, there’s nothing wrong if you use someone else’s music and lyrics either as not every songwriter is a performer.

Anywho, while doing e-search, I ran into their interview, with English subtitles, posted to Aus2one Entertainment’s official YouTube channel. Check it out and give them love! They are awesome. And don’t forget to buy their debut single!

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