May Queen Episode 10 Recap

I was giggling like a school girl…well, not really. I was laughing a lot in this episode thanks to Kang San’s antics. Kim Jae Won is total awesomeness. H really ups the game that was started with Park Ji Bin’s portrayal. We also see a lot of the younger Chang Hee in Jae Hee’s portrayal this episode. He’s perfected that wide eye look and Park Gun Tae’s intonation of “father.” Han Ji Hye…is good. She really is showing quite well how beaten Hae Joo is after her life. She struggles to hold it together, but things just keep going wrong and don’t get better. It’s no wonder she’s breaking down more now than in the past. I must say I miss the saturi that Kim Yoo Jung was constantly using. Han Ji Hye only does it on occasions and it just doesn’t match the excellence of the younger actress’s. But she’s still doing a wonderful job.

I must say that it was interesting to see the giddy and happy-go-lucky Park Gi Chul in episode nine. This episode saw the sniveling soon-to-develop-an-ulcer-from-constant-worry Gi Chul return in full force. It also had him show a new side—that of a petulant child. Sigh. Poor Chang Hee is stuck with this rotten fish of a father. And I am curious to know when the change happened between Il Moon and Geum Hee. Before, Il Moon really cared for his stepmother. You could see that in his concern over her health. When did that go south? He talks of a memory that he thought was a dream and a truth he learned—when was that discovered? And Geum Hee…was she always this weak? Then again, when it came to kids, she was never quite mentally stable (this is all thanks to Jang’s doing).

So we open with San throwing the papers and Hae Joo picking them up. The two immediately recognize each other. San seems annoyed and Hae Joo is definitely worried, which she should be as San opens up his mouth about Il Moon hiring gangsters. Omo. Poor Hae Joo. Of course, Il Moon was disinclined towards her to begin with thanks to her lack of education, but this just adds more reasons for him not to hire her. She is hastily rejected. Hae Joo tries her best to plead her case fighting back tears. She may not have an education, but she’s smart and is willing to be test to prove her worth. Il Moon, obviously, doesn’t care and keeps urging her to leave.

Il Moon then asks Kang San to wait until the interviews are over to talk over the ship matter. San then drops the big reveal. He talks about how Il Moon always came in second to Chang Hee, but Kang San had never imagined the other boy could be this dumb. Il Moon is confused but it finally dawns on him that Ryan Kang is the Kang San from his childhood. Well…that was unexpected. San is just full of surprises (and attitude)—I just love him. I really did love how he talked about Il Moon’s attitude not changing and thus that is why San beat him all the time at school. LMAO. Great to say in front of Il Moon’s employees. You go, San-ssi!

San leaves the building to find In Hwa just arriving. He’s shocked—did the younger girl put a tracking device on him? In Hwa sickenly says that she’s always managed to know where he is and stick to him. This sends shivers down San’s spine. In Hwa asks him out, but San refuses. She then says that she will tell her family if he continues acting like this. San complains about her sudden change after her promise and then reveals that he already let the cat out of the bag himself. This frustrates In Hwa. She was all ready to be Romeo and Juliet with him and forsake her family. San gets on his bike with a look of horror. How horrible! He does say he doesn’t wish to be Romeo as he wants to live. LOL. In Hwa asks if he’s going to the see and San’s answer is priceless. If she likes the sea, he’ll go to the mountains, if she likes the mountains, he’ll head towards the sea. Again, girl, I get he’s your first love, but can’t you just see your hitting your head against a wall that will never breakdown? Especially given who her father is.

**On a side note, how funny is it that both Hae Joo and Kang San prefer motorcycles and both drive one? These two are sooooo alike in a lot of ways.**

San takes off and heads to the shipyard to check on the drillship. There he sees Hae Joo staring wistfully up at the drillship being built. This really makes San pause. I think he has a niggling feeling that this girl just might be Hae Joo. Before he could say or do anything, a car beeped for him to move and he goes on, leaving her behind. Meanwhile, Chang Hee keeps trying to call Hae Joo to no avail—her phone is off. He recalls his father’s words and decides that drastic measures must be taken. He calls up his father to meet for lunch as he has something important to tell him.

Hae Joo goes to the outcropping to talk to her father. She cries and apologizes for failing another interview. She had really wanted to pass this time so she can move back to Ulsan to be near him again. She feels really bad for letting him be alone all of these years. Chang Hee then comes up and puts comforting hands on her shoulders. Hae Joo is surprised to see him, how did he know? Chang Hee knows Hae Joo well. She wasn’t answering her phone so she obviously failed the interview and this was the only place she’d go to. She says that it wasn’t a wasted trip as she got to see him and she got knew clothes and shoes. Chang Hee says she’s supposed to wear the shoes. Hae Joo doesn’t want to wear them on the outcropping as they will get ruined. The two head down and Hae Joo slips and twists her ankle—she’s good at that. She wasn’t nearly as clumsy as a child. Chang Hee catches her and ties his jacket around her waist so he can piggyback her. Hae Joo gets on and the usual weight banter ensues. Hae Joo then hugs him and tells him that he reminds her a lot of her father. What a kiss of death in a relationship.

**Okay. Maybe kiss of death is too strong. If you like at Marry Me, Mary, Mei Ri and Mu Gyeol thought of each other as mother and father figures…which I always thought was just plain wrong since they were in a relationship.**

Anywho. So Chang Hee takes Hae Joo to lunch and she balks at the fancy restaurant. To make matters worse, when they get to their room there sits Park Gi Chul! Oh, and let’s not forget that Chang Hee tells his father that this is the girl he wishes to marry. Gi Chul is livid. His anger turns more to desperate worry when he learns that Chang Hee has brought Hae Joo with him. How long have they been in contact? Well, for the past 15 years ever since she and her family settled in Geoje [which, for geography buffs, is just off the coast of port city Busan]. Gi Chul rushes out of the room and Hae Joo scolds Chang Hee for being unfair and doing this when she has nothing to show for herself. Chang Hee is adamant. He loves her and wishes to marry her and he’s sick of waiting for her luck to change. Hae Joo says she can’t marry him and dump her family. Chang Hee isn’t happy to hear this excuse as he believes her family is basically destroying her (they are in a way). Chang Hee then vows to take care of them for her and that makes her cry. They are her family, not his. D’oh. If you marry…you become family—most of the time anyways.

**I shall stop her and say that this is actually not too new. In 2010 kdrama Gloria, Jin Jin [Bae Doo Na] had spent her entire childhood and adult life taking care of her mentally challenged older sister Jin Joo. She never dared to dream and hope and her only goal was making enough money so she and her sister could live in a retirement home later. When Seo Ji Suk’s character enters the picture and the two fall in love, she constantly is putting her sister above everything else—even her relationship to him. Growing up in that way where family is everything and the ties are bound so tightly, it’s not that surprising that Hae Joo would be conflicted. Sure, her family makes her miserable a lot, but there is genuine love between them…even if they do spend their days fighting.**

Gi Chul rushes back in and demands to talk to Chang Hee in private. Chang Hee refuses this, but his father drags him off, leaving Hae Joo. Gil Chul tells his son that Hae Joo is completely off limits. Chang Hee doesn’t plan on changing his mind. He wants his father to accept Hae Joo as his future wife. Hae Joo then comes to give her greetings and Gi Chul erupts saying she makes him uncomfortable. The girl then rushes off. Yeah, she’s hurting from that. I’m not saying Chang Hee’s wrong. With his father and Geum Hee talking marriage to In Hwa, he of course felt he had to take a distinctive countermeasure to ensure his own happiness…however, he failed to take all factors into consideration and hurt Hae Joo immensely in the process. She goes to the station where she cleans her shoe off and cries. Poor girl.

Back at the Park home, Chang Hee insists that he will marry Hae Joo and Gi Chul insist that if Chang Hee does that, then he will have to kill him. Eyeroll. I really hate how Gi Chul is trying to heap guilt up on his son. Doesn’t Chang Hee know what Gi Chul endured for his sake? The beatings, Il Moon’s temper, and all that? Now that Chang Hee can become Jang’s son-in-law and win the company and beat out Il Moon, how can Chang Hee let it all go? I must say that Gi Chul is the worst kind of parent. Chang Hee has already proven himself better than the Jangs and Il Moon. He’s a prosecutor for Pete’s sake! Chang Hee says he hasn’t forgotten…in fact that knowledge still suffocates him. He then tells his father that Hae Joo is his lighthouse. He’ll take revenge against the Jangs and do whatever Gi Chul wants in that department, but Chang Hee refuses to be miserable. He wishes for happiness. Sigh. But he won’t be happy all thanks to daddy dearest who put all of his life into Chang Hee’s and did things that he should have known would never ensure his son’s happiness.

Il Moon meets with his father who is livid to learn Ryan Kang’s true identity. Jang has been too complacent. He’d thought Kang was out of the game once Hae Poong was his, but here Kang had been raising his puppy instead to bare his fangs against the Jang family. Enter Jang’s assistant who reveals San’s very impressive MIT background. Il Moon says it has to be fake as Kang San never did well in school. LOL. Well, he’s right. Jang berates him for this as you can’t fake a degree from MIT and get hired by the leading oil company (Noble). Enter San. Jang happily welcomes him and then alludes to the past. San also makes a snarky comment about who knew that Jang would take Hae Poong and turn it into such a conglomerate. He also assures Jang not to worry as he is just an overseer for the shipbuilding process and has no real authority or power—plus, how can he go against such a mighty man as Jang? Well…I don’t think that assures Jang at all.

San leaves Cheon Ji and stops to ask Jo a question. Did that girl not get hired because of him? Jo thinks and then recalls Chun Hae Joo. No, it was her lack of education. San nods and goes to leave when what Jo said really hits him hard. CHUN HAE JOO!!!!! He takes a look at her resume and confirms her family’s names. D’oh. Even though Jo insists he wasn’t the reason she lost the job, San can’t help but feel guilty and like a total heel. Well, he didn’t know. Although he did have an inkling after seeing Hae Joo in the shipyard.

Hae Joo gets home where Dal Soon excitedly asks how it went. Her mother is disappointed to learn Hae Joo failed yet again. Dal Soon was certain her daughter would get a job this time. Hae Joo then notices the drinking Sang Tae who happily reveals he quit his job. He’s now going to start up his own business. Hae Joo is livid and lights into her older brother in front of his college friends. This makes them uncomfortable and they get up to leave. Sang Tae bids them farewell, but Hae Joo stops them and insists they pay for the drinks and food. Sang Tae cannot believe this. His friends do fork over the money and Hae Joo takes it and goe into the house followed by the angry Sang Tae.

When Hae Joo gets inside she is upset to see Jin Joo doing housework. Okay, I get it. She wants Young Joo and Jin Joo to concentrate on their studies…but seriously, no housework? My sister and I went to school, studied, did homework, and guess what? We did housework, too. Different cultures I guess. It’s so odd to have a child apologizing for doing chores. Sang Tae then comes in and tries to grab her by the hair. Hae Joo gets his hand and has him on his knees in seconds. Enter Dal Soon to break up the fight. More shouting ensures and out rushes Young Joo who gripes about finally trying to study only to have them disturb her. Dal Soon also scolds Hae Joo for not giving Sang Tae the benefit of the doubt—he might do well. Hae Joo, ever practical, wonders on what money can he set up a business. Plus, how much money has that b*stard already wasted? Hae Joo then storms into her room to cry. Jin Joo comes in and hugs her unnie. Don’t worry. Jin Joo will be good and study and she will take care of her sister. T_T At last! One of the biological Chun kids has some sense! I ❤ Jin Joo right now.

While all this drama is happening in the Chun house, Bong Hee is doing her utmost best to seduce Jung Woo. LMAO. This entire scene was priceless. She dresses in a skimpy low-cut dress with extra padding on top. Jung Woo shows up and the two go upstairs. How can Jung Woo be so oblivious to her obvious effort. In Hwa comes up for their orders and is shocked by Bong Hee’s uncharacteristic behavior (usually she is very mannish/tomboyish). Of course, In Hwa has to call her mother and report everything. The two are really dating, right? Jung Woo only talks about work and doesn’t even look at her. Bong Hee tries to change the subject, but Jung Woo remains oblivious and Bong Hee finally loses her temper and flings a spoon at his head. Jung Woo is shocked by this scene and wonders just what his going on. Bong Hee angrily leaves and catches In Hwa giving her mother live updates. Bong Hee then takes out the extra padding saying it’s useless and she’s confiscating it. LMAO. You just have to love Bong Hee.

Geum Hee hangs up with In Hwa just as Il Moon comes home. She asks to talk to her son and the two go and sit in the dining room. Geum Hee’s hands very visibly shake has she gives him some juice. How long has Il Moon known she wasn’t his real mother? He was five when she married Jang apparently. Um…depending on the situation I guess…but wouldn’t a five-year-old be observant enough to know that his father’s wife is not his mother? Just saying. That was pretty stupid. Il Moon then confesses that he has basically always known. He has memories of a mother vomiting blood and his baby sister crying. He had thought it was a dream, but it was all real. And where was Jang while the previous Mrs. Jang was dying? He was with Geum Hee! The woman tries to explain that they didn’t know, but Il Moon won’t listen. He does tell her not to worry as he won’t tell In Hwa as he doesn’t his baby sister to be in pain, too. Awwww.

**Okay. Pause. Geum Hee and Hak Soo were married seven years before Hae Joo was born. He died after she turned 1. That’s 8 years. Now, let’s do the math. In Hwa is the same age as Hae Joo. Il Mun is…4(?) or so years older. Now what is this situation he is alluding to? Geum Hee would have been married to Hak Soo when the incident happened, plus he would have still been alive as I don’t think Jang’s wife passed on during the Japan incident. So what the F(x) [forgive my mathematical swearing—it’s a habit from my AP high school math classes].**

Hae Joo goes out to look after the store and Dal Soon soon follows and finds her daughter crying. Dal Soon tries to comfort her. None of this is the first time. It’s not the first failed job interview, nor the first time her brother did something stupid. Chang Hee then tries calling, but Hae Joo refuses to answer. She just cries harder and wonders why life basically sucks so much. Why indeed? Poor girl really is struggling to keep it all together. I only wish that Dal Soon would be more strict with her errant son and reign him in. But for some reason in Korean dramas, sons are kings most of the time (well, the eldest ones anyways).

The next morning sees Hae Joo more or less back to normal. On her way to work, she is stopped by San’s secretary who says he is with Cheon Ji. He then takes Hae Joo to San’s boat. She is less than thrilled to see him. San then explains that this is her second interview [he’d even prepared a nice lunch]. He pours wine and asks why she has so many certifications and why she hasn’t been hired full-time elsewhere with such qualifications. Hae Joo explains that people want degrees and not skills. She also points out that all companies that hired her full-time went under. Yowza. San then turns the topic to her past and comments on Hae Joo not being all that bright. He asks after her first love, and upgrades that to if she’s seeing someone currently. If not, how about him? This brings out Hae Joo’s ire and saturi. San makes a comment about how he’s missed that. Hae Joo throws wine in his face and goes to leave. When San tries to stop her, she kicks him over the side of the boat. Omo…poor guy keeps getting beaten by her…nothing’s changed after 15 years with these two.

Han Ji Hye, Kim Jae WonKim Jae Won

Hae Joo is leaving when Jo calls her and says that she must have heard from Ryan Kang that she has gotten the position after all. Hae Joo is shocked and then mortified. She rushes back to apologize to San who is almost to the dock. Seeing her, he quickly pretends he cannot swim. Hae Joo offers her hand and San pulls her in. Hae Joo gets him up on the dock and San fakes not breathing. Hae Joo immediately starts CPR and gets kissed! As she is about to bawl him out, he greets her as “Tinker” and she immediately replies back with “Liar.” LOL. These two are really priceless together.

Wrapped in towels, Hae Joo scolds San for not telling her earlier and tucks into the food. San rubs his sore arm and wonders how Hae Joo could not have changed after all of these years. Hae Joo points out that he’s pretty much the same, too. She is a bit worried about this job and not 100% confident. San, like in the past, gives her the encouragement she needs. When San brings up the topic of her first love, she assures him that it definitely wasn’t him. Of course not. I think San has a pretty good idea of who her first love was if it wasn’t him. He was so cutely pleased to know that Hae Joo still has his gift (the first one she ever received in her life—I guess Geum Hee’s guilt dress didn’t count) and that she treasures it still.

Jang goes to visit Kang who pretends not to know him at first. Jang then brings up the prodigal son’s return and gives a warning to Kang. Jang doesn’t want to destroy a promising young man, but he won’t hesitate if the young pup is brandishing a hidden knife. This makes Kang seek out his grandson. He demands to know why San ruined the element of surprise. San says that the sneaky way is Jang’s—he’s fighting right out in the open. Kang asks what his exact plans are, but San refuses to tell him. Instead he requests his grandfather take over a propeller plant integral to Jang. He also asks if his grandfather understands Jang’s thirst for oil when he’s already a chaebol shipping industry owner. This oil thing all boils down to Hak Soo and the reason he died. I just know it.

Chang Hee meets with Hae Joo and scolds her for making him worry about her. Hae Joo reveals that she has been hired by Cheon Ji. How did that happen (this is after Chang Hee said at the failed meeting with his dad that he’d beg Il Moon to take her if he had to)? Hae Joo then excitedly tells him about San’s reappearance. Chang Hee is surprised to learn that Ryan Kang is indeed his childhood friend Kang San. But he’s happy. He did miss him, but we all know he won’t be glad he’s back in Korea later. Hae Joo believes its all thanks to San that she got the job. Chang Hee asks when she starts and Hae Joo holds up her bag. She needs a place to stay as she starts immediately.

So, as I predicted, Chang Hee takes her to Jung Woo who is renting rooms in his house still. Hae Joo is surprised and happy to see him. Jung Woo is likewise happy to learn his adopted niece is alive and well and has returned to him at last. They go inside and he asks Chang Hee how long he’s known where Hae Joo was [Jung Woo’s been looking for her for years]. Chang Hee isn’t very forthcoming and Jung Woo easily figures out the two are dating. He congratulates them and compliments how well they look together. Jung Woo then offers his house to all of her family. Hae Joo is reluctant to impose on him, but he insists as it will be just like old times. Hae Joo promises to pay him back for everything once she is earning a steady paycheck.

Chang Hee goes home to see an untouched dinner. He makes his father a plate and takes it to the sulking Gi Chul (seriously, he’s like a petulant child in this scene). Chang Hee warns his father that he won’t budge and Gi Chul should well know by now his son’s determination and stubbornness. The sooner his dad accepts this, the better. Meanwhile, an angry Bong Hee bursts in and her anger goes up to see Jung Woo with a young girl. How can he be such a man? Jung Woo then happily reintroduces Hae Joo. Bong Hee is shocked. Hae Joo—that ill-mannered girl? Hae Joo smiles and calls her by her old name. Yep, it’s that same girl. At least Jung Woo isn’t living in sin with some really young tartlet.

The next morning Geum Hee gets ready to visit Bong Hee at work since she didn’t come home. In Hwa then asks a favor of her mother. She wants to start her own clothing line, but Jang refuses to help. Thus In Hwa wishes for Geum Hee to talk to Jang for her. Geum Hee agrees and leaves just as Bong Hee comes in. Her little sister complains about how Jung Woo kicked her out of his house and how that Hae Joo girl is back and living with Jung Woo. I love how she gripes about how good of a drinker Hae Joo is. I guess she was trying to compete. This immediately catches Geum Hee’s attention (and Park’s as he was there, too). Geum Hee gets in her car and rushes to the office followed by Gi Chul who gets stuck at a red light. What could he do anyways short of running her car off the road?

Hae Joo starts work and when Il Moon asks of her connection to Kang San, Hae Joo just puts it off as a misunderstanding and a fight. She’s pretty smart not to reveal her past connection—it would cause lots of problems with him I’m sure. She will be in charge of transcribing the blueprints into instructions and will go back and forth between the office and shipyard. Hae Joo happily starts work. Geum Hee arrives and demands to know where Hae Joo is. Jo tells her probably the restroom and the flustered Geum Hee actually rushes there to meet her. That’s…a wee bit disturbing. She sees Hae Joo and the scar on her neck. Hae Joo straightens up and greets her and Geum Hee can’t take her eyes off the scar. End episode.

Previews show just how low Gi Chul is willing to stoop, i.e. paying Dal Soon to keep Hae Joo away from Chang Hee. What a piece of work. At least Jang is openly evil and doesn’t push all of his bad deeds off on doing so for his children. That puts him a step above this sniveling excuse of a human being.


  • Thank you for your recap! I’m so happy to see the adult casts live up to the expectation! And yah for the increasing ratings 🙂

    • You’re welcome! It is a relief that they have lived up to what the younger cast started and I’m so happy that they are overtaking the ratings and they keep going up. May Queen Hwaiting!

  • Thank you for the recap. i’m happy to get a notification on my email that the recap is out already, but i just read it now. 😀

  • KIM JAE WON FANSCLUB (@kimjaewon0218)

    San didn’t recognize her as Hae Joo at that time, he only remember that she is the girl who beat him in the pub that’s why he is annoyed. II Moon knows it was Hae Joo, even if she is qualified because of her skills, he will definitely reject her, II Moon also didn’t realize that Ryan Kang is Kang San.

    • Nope, San didn’t have an inkling until he saw her at the shipyard staring longingly at the drill ship. Yes, if Il Moon knew it was Hae Joo, he would be even LESS likely to hire her given her already problematic lack of formal education. Il Moon was never stupid, but as an adult he seems to be more oblivious than when he was a teenager. Go figure. He’s regressed. I really loved it when San started reminiscing and Il Moon was trying to figure out just who he was.

  • I enjoyed reading your recap, thanks for your efforts:) I feel like the show has just started for reals, all we need now is for Gi Chul to go drive off a cliff somewhere…

  • Thank you so much for the recap of May Queen. I enjoyed reading them and your comments. Cheers!

  • Thanks for the recap..its always more funny to read about the highlights (comic parts) after watching it….

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