May Queen Episode 6 Recap

At long last! I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to do this today either as I was feeling crummy after work, but a few ibuprofen and I’m feeling good enough to tackle this. I must gush first. Soooo cuuuute puppy love moments between Chang Hee and Hae Joo. They almost made up for Hong Chul’s idiocy—almost. I was pleasantly surprised with In Hwa in this episode. I don’t want to hate her after seeing the end of this one, but again, I’m afraid I might before the series is over. This was another cliffhanger ending with the previews for next week looking quite intense.

Hae Joo demands to know what Gi Chul was doing with his hands and the guilty man quickly says nothing. Hae Joo then tries to convince her father to head out of the house for dinner when the loan sharks show up. Hong Chul tells them that when he gets paid, he will give them money. The head honcho then has one of his men grab Hae Joo, but he does give her back and gives Hong Chul his cell number and  his bank account. He then asks for reimbursement for his gas to get out to Ulsan. Hong Chul has no money and Gi Chul quickly steps in and the thugs take all the cash out of his wallet. They leave and Gi Chul wonders what happened. Well, a drunk Hong Chul ran into their boat and thus he owes them money. Unfortunately he didn’t really have any and then with the compounded interest, it just got to be too much.

Gi Chul is invited back for dinner, but he declines and rushes off. Jang is disappointed that Gi Chul returned without Hong Chul—weren’t they all supposed to sit down and talk? Gi Chul lies and says Hong Chul refuses to meet with Jang. Gi Chul then says that Jang can solve this problem with money. Jang doesn’t wish to do that as you do it once and then you bankroll that person for life. Gi Chul replies that Hong Chul will leave Ulsan once his debts have been settled. Jang decides to put his trust (well…not really…but for lack of better words) in Gi Chul. The sniveling loser has until Jang gets back from Seoul to put things right again.

Hong Chul is out wondering what to do when he comes across Jung Woo who is on his way home. The two sit down together and Jung Woo’s house and Hong Chul questions the other man about his connection to Jang Do Hyun. Jung Woo just says that he’s someone he has a small connection with, why? Hong Chul then asks after Yoo Jin. Jung Woo confirms that Yoo Jin died 10 years ago, but she was not Jang’s child. She was the 2nd wife’s child. A light bulb goes of. Again, I swear that his coworkers already told him the same information, but I can be wrong. You know what? How much grief could be avoided if Jung Woo confessed that Geum Hee was his brother’s wife and that Yoo Jin was his niece? But then again, I guess Hong Chul would be more bent on reuniting Hae Joo with a wealthier mother instead of a poor uncle. Sigh. If only people didn’t keep so many darned secrets.

That night Jang lets Geum Hee know that he’s going to Seoul for a day. He tries to get lovey dovey, but she evades his touch. She tries to talk to him about what tomorrow is, but eventually tells him its nothing. Oh, and she tells him of her sister’s arrival and Jang encourages her to get her sister to meet with him so he can recruit her for his petroleum plant. Meanwhile, Hong Chul is still lost in thought. Hae Joo comes out with blankets to wash so that Dal Soon can have fresh blankets once the baby is born. He looks guilty once more and the next morning he announces that they should move again as there is no way he can pay back the loan sharks. Dal Soon is averse to this idea (when is she actually agreeable to any of his ideas?) because her due date is approaching fast. The other children also are reluctant to go off running once more.

Gi Chul meets with Hong Chul and hands him over a bag full of money. The huge amount stuns Hong Chul. He goes to take it when he recalls Jung Woo’s words. He puts the money back. Okay, okay, I get it. On principal, he now knows what Jang and Gi Chul did to an extent and he wishes to rectify that situation…but still…he would have been better off taking the money, paying off the debt and leaving. But if that happened, we wouldn’t have a 30 episode drama. No, Hong Chul reveals he knows the truth and refuses to take the money. Gi Chul, after failing to convince him otherwise, finally confirms that Hong Chul’s suspicions are right. He then asks what good it will do to Hae Joo or the Jang family of Hae Joo’s identity is known. Well, that is also a good point. Jang wanted Geum Hee so badly that he went as far as trying to kill her only daughter with Hak Soo, does Hong Chul really think Jang (or his children) will willingly accept Hae Joo into their lives? Hell no. Gi Chul then hatches a plan. He tells Hong Chul he’ll arrange a meeting with Geum Hee later that night. Sigh. Hong Chul agrees to this right after telling Gi Chul earlier that he can no longer trust his army buddy. Idiot. IDIOT!!!! You’re stupidity will get you killed.

At school, Chang Hee is in the library picking up study materials. When he returns to the classroom, he is shocked to find San at the board doing a complex math equation. San is surprised by his friend’s arrival. He then explains that he’s trying to solve Fermat’s last theorem which has gone unsolved since his death in 1665. This explains why Kang was interested in getting that book on Fermat from Jang. Anywho, seeing San’s natural brilliance when it comes to math, you can see how shocked Chang Hee is. Chang Hee is smart, but I think it’s more his proclivity for studying and working hard in school that makes him top in his class—not some natural talent like San’s. Chang Hee then asks San why he’s dead last. San replies that school work isn’t interesting. He then erases the board and heads out. He runs into In Hwa who has the book that Kang wanted for San. She tells him that she is too good to him and that he should come to her school and wait for him. San doesn’t want to, but he promises to give In Hwa something delicious if she hands over the book. In Hwa does and San is immediately absorbed. She asks what good food he’ll buy her and he wraps her on the head and rushes off (that was a play on words, LOL). LOVE San. [I’m a little sad since this is all we see of San in this episode.]

At the house, Hae Joo notices that box her father was looking at earlier. She opens it and sees her baby sweater. She asks Dal Soon if she had gotten the hand knit outfit for the new baby. Dal Soon asks to see what she is talking about and then immediately demands that Hae Joo through it out. Hae Joo reluctantly takes the outfit out and Dal Soon complains about how Hong Chul still had that outfit. That is proof he can’t let go of the woman he cheated with. Sigh. Why couldn’t Hong Chul just invent a better story? Though given Dal Soon’s attitude, would she have believed Hae Joo to be the child of a friend? Gi Chul borrows a truck from the oil plant (this is witnessed by Jang’s secretary—could that be significant later, I wonder?). The chicken shaking changes the license plate and then practices hitting barrels. We can all guess what his plan is.

Chang Hee smiles when he sees Hae Joo with her basket. He rings the bell on his bike and she turns around. The two only have big smiles for one another. Hae Joo explains that she was picking pumpkin leaves for dinner (had to laugh when she was whispering this as she got them from someone else’s field). Chang Hee then offers her a ride since she is running late once more. Hae Joo accepts and climbs on. She grabs the shirt at his waist tightly and the two head to the Chun house. Dal Soon is not happy. What else is knew. She refuses Hae Joo’s steamed pumpkin leaves and tells her to just make up the whole grain bread. Hae Joo does so and the whole family digs in. Chang Hee watches an Hae Joo offers him some bread. He goes to take it, but puts it down when Dal Soon talks about how shameless he is since his father tried to chase them out and know he’s eating a poor person’s food. Hae Joo then quickly gets up to take some food to her father to which Dal Soon replies she doesn’t care.

Chang Hee takes her to the repair yard as he likes to have an excuse to ride around. He then tells her to stop clenching his shirt or else she’ll tear a hole. It’s best if she just hangs on to his waist. Hae Joo complies and Chang Hee smiles broadly as her arm goes around his waist. LOL. Oh, so ridiculously cute. Hae Joo is also happy as well. She goes to give him bread again, which he refuses since it’s for her father. Hae Joo replied she grabbed enough for him as well. Chang Hee goes to take it, but the bike wheel hits a large rock in the road and the two go flying and Chang Hee ends up on top of Hae Joo. Tension! He gets up quickly and the two collect the bread, their hands touching. Ah, young love, so sweet and innocent.

When they get to the repair docks, Chang Hee lets her have his bike for the day since she will need to hurry home to make dinner. He then leaves and Hae Joo stares after him wondering why her hearting is thumping like crazy. She gives her father the bread and Hong Chul is amazed that his daughter can make whole grain bread. Hae Joo replies that she tried to make it like the street vendors’, but hers does not taste so good. Hong Chul has Hae Joo stay with him while he eats and she asks if they really have to move. Hong Chul says that he and the others will leave Ulsan, but Hae Joo will stay behind. Say what? Hong Chul can’t really explain the situation well, but I think that’s because he doesn’t really want to say anything until after he talks with Geum Hee. The two then end up on a boat and Hong Chul lets her steer once more (she was reluctant at first because of the accident, but decided she could since he was there with her). I won’t talk too much about their conversation as they were talking about two completely different things really and just going in circles. However, it was really a nice moment to have their assertions that no matter what they will always be father and daughter.

Bong Hee and Jung Woo visit Hak Soo’s grave. So that was what Geum Hee was trying to tell Jang earlier. Jung Woo wishes for Bong Hee to give up on trying to find out what happened ten years ago. After all of this time there has been no clues, no new news. Geum Hee then arrives and she is happy to see her former brother-in-law. Bong Hee goes for some refreshments and Jung Woo lights into Geum Hee. He doesn’t think she should come for his hyung’s death anniversary after what she did. I guess it’s just him being angry that Geum Hee hurried and married Jang not too long after Hak Soo’s and Yoo Jin’s deaths. Geum Hee calls him “samchoon” the Korean word for uncle. This really makes Jung Woo angry. She has no right to call him that since his niece has been dead for ten years, plus Geum Hee and he are no longer family. Bong Hee comes back to the tense atmosphere and wonders if the two fought, but they both deny this. Meanwhile, Jang’s in Seoul talking to a former Korean CIA agent who is now a politician. He wants the man’s help in getting a bigger shipyard and taking Kang Hae Poong down. Sigh. The politician doesn’t seem too keen to help Jang even with a briefcase full of $100 bills (yes, Jang gave him American currency).

Bong Hee and Jung Woo return and are greeted by one of the plant workers who has Bong Hee’s chemical analysis. As she suspected, the roots showed traces of a very strong herbicide. Why would someone put such an herbicide in an orchard? Jung Woo doesn’t come out and point fingers at Jang, but he knows who would do such a think to get the land. He and Bong Hee then stake out the orchard and Bong Hee chases after the men right away and Jung Woo follows her. In the scuffle, the bad guys get away and Jung Woo ends up on top of Bong Hee with his hand on her chest. Awkward, but cute as well. I think these two are definitely meant for each other and I hope they can take care of their niece should anything unfortunate happen to Hong Chul.

Jung Woo reports immediately to Kang about the herbicide and failing to catch the perpetrators. Kang is unhappy to hear just how low Jang as stooped. It’s too bad Jung Woo didn’t get the proof they need to show Jang’s evil deeds. Kang then decides to call up reporters and get the press alerted to the matter at hand. Well, they don’t have proof that Jang is behind it, but they do have proof that pear trees are dying from and herbicide which the orchard doesn’t use. I wonder just how Kang will play this hand and just what will happen since Jang is gunning for him.

That night Gi Chul gets ready to mow his friend down, but Hong Chul and his coworker go off somewhere together. Then Hong Chul goes off drinking alone. Hae Joo has made dinner and Dal Soon isn’t eating. She tries to do a wrap for her mother, but Dal Soon complains about their not being any pork for her son and that she’s getting sick and tired of eating “weeds.” Poor Hae Joo does the best she can with what she makes and finds. Hae Joo then goes off to meet her father. Dal Soon follows her out of the house and tells her to just go off and die with Hong Chul. Harsh. Hae Joo ignores this, jumps on her borrowed bike and heads off to meet her dad at the docks. And what follows is just…just…amazingly funny (funny, weird, not funny ha-ha). So Gi Chul speeds towards Hong Chul who has made his appearance once again at the same time Hae Joo shows up. Hong Chul yells at his daughter to be careful and then jumps right in front of the truck (which actually wouldn’t have hit is daughter at all given their relative positions). This causes the fraidy cat to swerve to miss hitting Hong Chul, but then he swerves again to miss hitting Hae Joo and Gi Chul ends up creaming Hong Chul. In disbelief, Gi Chul speeds off and Hae Joo screams for help. Who would’ve have thought that Gi Chul would finally succeed in hurting Hong Chul by pure accident?

Hae Joo is in shock when she arrives at the hospital. She is told to wait outside as her father will be fine after they treat him. She tries to call her mother, but her hands are shaking so bad (and are covered in her father’s blood). The frightened Gi Chul parks the truck on a cliff and starts hitting his head on a stone. Great. Damage what little brains you have left. The rest of the Chun’s arrive and Dal Soon demands to know what happened (we all know she was lying when she said the two could go off to die together). Hae Joo is so out of it, the girl can only shake and talk in broken sentences. “Truck,” “blood,” etc. This annoys Dal Soon, but how can anyone be calm when they saw their father run over in front of them? Hong Chul then is taken out of the ER and the Chuns are told to prepare for the worst. Dal Soon’s legs give out at these words.

Gi Chul gets home and he is just as bad off as Hae Joo. Chang Hee (whose back is towards his father) is chattering about how amazing Hae Joo is and how she may be poor and have nothing, but she always manages to make him feel better. He then turns and sees his father’s sorry state. Was Gi Chul beaten once more? Where and how bad? Chang Hee rushes over and sees the wound on his father’s head. What did his father do to deserve to live such a life? Well…he watched his best  friend get murdered (not that he could have prevented that since he didn’t know Jang had doubled crossed them) and he became the said lackey for that murderer and even kidnapped someone else’s child. Not that Gi Chul would tell that all to his son—at least not yet.

Jang returns home where he is greeted by In Hwa who says that she is competing with her mother for her father’s affection. LOL. It’s sort of adorable. Il Mun then comes after In Hwa leaves and reports that Geum Hee has seemed under the weather ever since she came back the night before. A light bulb goes off for Jang and he asks the date. Il Mun tells him the day, but Jang demands to know what day on the lunar calendar. Il Mun doesn’t know without looking and Jang tells him to never mind. Looks like he’s figured out it was probably Hak Soo’s death anniversary. He goes to Geum Hee who doesn’t want to be touched nor to talk to him. She just wants to be left alone. It was her decision, you know. Sure Jang did his best to force that decision, but it was still hers alone. Il Mun seems almost tolerable here as you can tell there is genuine concern for his “mother.”

Jang calls for Gi Chul and wants to know if the situation has been righted since he only had until Jang got back. Before Gi Chul can report anything, In Hwa rushes in. Terrible news! Hae Joo’s father was in a car accident and is in the hospital. This sends a jolt through both Jang and Gi Chul. I think Jang can pretty much guess what Gi Chul did. In Hwa then rushes into her parents’ room and demands Geum Hee take her to the hospital since her good friend’s father is hurt. I really didn’t expect this of In Hwa. It was nice that she believes Hae Joo is her friend and she wishes to go comfort her at this time. Yep, In Hwa is definitely the best of the Jang family. She hasn’t been completely ruined yet. Chang Hee also finds his father and requests to go to the hospital. Gi Chul refuses to take him, but Chang Hee insists as isn’t Gi Chul going to go (since he’s friends with Hong Chul)? On the way to the hospital, Gi Chul is still in la-la land and almost runs someone over when the light turns red. Thankfully, Chang Hee manages to yell at him and get him to stop before he accidentally kills another person.

Hae Joo tells her older brother to take their mother and little sister to the actual waiting room where they will be more comfortable than the hallway. Sang Tae agrees and then complains of being hungry. Dal Soon just stares unseeing into to space. Hae Joo goes back into her father’s room and urges him to wake up. He finally does and she apologizes. Hong Chul states that it wasn’t her fault and tries to tell her who her birth mother is when Geum Hee enters. End episode.

Previews show things heating up. Chang Hee comforts Hae Joo (I think Hong Chul dies in the next episode or two), Dal Soon kicks Hae Joo out, and Geum Hee manages to see Yoo Jin’s sweater coming out of that person’s house (I’m not sure if that’s reference to the Chun’s house or Gi Chul’s).

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