Iki mo Dekinai Natsu Episode 7 Recap

Nothing can go right for our children without a register. Oh, in at least Rei’s family since it doesn’t look like Kusano has any connections whatsoever to his.

Kimura Yoshino, Takei Emi

So we open with the bomb being dropped and Yoko going crazy. She grabs up the knife and freaks Ayukawa out. He hasn’t meant any harm and just wants to properly talk to Rei. Yoko is beyond reason and keeps lunging. Natsume-san steps in and in the three-way scuffle, he gets stabbed. Ayukawa freaks out and runs while a neighbor calls the police. Tanizaki-san then calls an ambulance and Natsume tells everyone that the story will be he tripped and accidentally stabbed himself with the knife. He also tells his family to says that Ayukawa left long before the accident happened. This is for the sake of the children.

The police arrive before the ambulance and are immediately suspicious of the situation. As Natsume-san gets taken to the hospital, all for women are taken to the police station. They all stick to their story, but Yoko is kept under suspicion. At least her father will be okay. Tanizaki-san had talked to the hospital and while Natsume-san was unconscious, his life wasn’t in danger. Thank god for small favors. Nakatsu [Kiyama’s junior reporter] was coming out of the police station as the Tanizaki family was going in. He recognized Rei and immediately probed the police about what was going on. This can’t be good.

Kiyama gets a call from Nakatsu who tells him that Rei is currently at the police station. Kiyama rushes over to find Rei all alone. Tanizaki-san had left earlier with Mao once they were give the green light to leave, but Rei wanted to be alone to think and to wait for her mother’s release. Only Yoko wasn’t getting released (well, she was the only one with blood on her hands and clothes), so Rei had to head home alone. Kiyama offers to take her home. When they get to the house, Rei tells him what happened (well, she didn’t tell him the truth about the stabbing, just about Ayukawa possibly being her father). Rei is completely confused now. Just who is she? Is she Tanizaki or Ayukawa’s daughter? Rei calls her grandmother and hears that Mr. Tanizaki’s blood type was O. Yoko’s blood type is A. Rei immediately rushes to the computer to do some research when Kiyama asks just what her blood type is. Rei replies that she is an O as well, but that means nothing if Ayukawa has the same blood type. Kiyama gets Rei to calm down and tells her that she needs to talk to her mother instead of making wild assumptions, which is true. There is no 100% proof that Ayukawa is her father and Rei should hear Yoko’s story first. Of course, Rei does do a search on discovering the identity of a parent and comes to a page about DNA testing.

Rei goes to work as usual, but is highly distracted. She even drops a tray of cakes that was supposed to go out in the store! Meanwhile, Kusano learns that his building is being torn down. He confronts the owner and says that he had been told the renovations were going through as planned. The owner confesses he just said that while waiting on the final word from the fire department. There is nothing that can be done now. Poor Kusano. He immediately goes to find Rei. He’s all awkward and shy (and cute) when he walks into Charlotte looking for her. She is not at the counter. Two customers ask after her and then reveal the rumor spreading around the neighborhood about the stabbing. This shocks Abekawa and Kusano. When Rei comes out with custards, she is immediately sent back into the kitchen where Abekawa tells her that she must go home and take time off until the rumors cool down (don’t want to offend the customers, you know?). Poor Rei.

When the girl gets home, she runs into Nakatsu who had been asking the neighbors about her and her family and the incident from the previous night. Looks like he’s already very suspicious. He confronts Rei about the truth and the mystery man, but Rei just insists its an accident and rushes up to the apartment where she is hounded by prank calls asking if that is the house of the murderer. Kids. Seriously. That’s just wrong. Rei freaks out and can’t take it anymore. She yanks the phone cord out of the wall and packs her bags. As she is about to run out (to her grandmother’s?) a knock resounds. Rei is well and truly frightened, but thankfully it is only Kiyama. She immediately rushes into his arms when she opens the door. She tells him she is scared and just doesn’t know what to think anymore.

Kiyama gets Rei out of the house and the two end up at a park where Kiyama plays with a basketball. Rei confesses she wanted to join the basketball club, but her mother wouldn’t let her do sports (in case of injury). Rei then talks about the time when she fell during the sports festival and her mother flew to the school grounds. Kiyama smiles and says he would have done the same. LOL. He then takes Rei bowling. Kiyama’s epic failure at bowling was funny and it helped Rei keep her mind off her current situation. Later, the two end up on their bench and Rei talks about how scary it is to think that her father might actually be a stranger to her. Kiyama explains that even if Ayukawa ends up being Rei’s biological father, that does not change all the love that Mr. Tanizaki gave to her while he was alive. In that respect, Mr. Tanizaki will always be her father. I’d like to say duh here. Blood does not a family make. It’s a popular saying: Anyone can be a father (genetically), but not just anyone can be a dad (loving and being there for a child). This reminds me of a song’s lyrics: “Blood is thicker than water, but love is thicker than blood.”

Afterward, the two are walking together when Takaoka and Naota happen to pass by. Naota recognizes Kiyama and calls out to him, but Kiyama is too far away. Takaoka, upset, angrily tells her son to quit it. Jealousy is unbecoming. I really don’t get that relationship. She hates him because of what happened to her husband, but now it seems she has developed feelings for him and is very possessive.

Back at the apartment, Rei receives a message from a worried Kusano. She tells him that she is all right now, but she has just learned that the hated man could be her father. Kusano encourages Rei to find out the truth. Now, he doesn’t want anything to do with parents, but he thinks that you should know where you come from, even if it’s from trash as that is still better than coming from nothing. Hmm…I get more and more curious about this boy’s history and what has exactly brought him to where he is now. Oddly enough, after Kusano calls Ayukawa nothing but trash, Rei recalls all the moments she was with Ayukawa before she knew the truth. He wasn’t a bad man at those times and was gentle, helpful, and encouraging. She also recalls his heartfelt apology to Yoko. Hmm, does Rei maybe think he has some redeeming qualities? But when she finds out the whole truth, I wonder if she can still think that way?

Nakatsu then comes to Kusano’s apartment and pays him a visit. Looks like Nakatsu is interviewing Kusano about the difficulties about not having a family register. Nakatsu glances at the laptop and notices “Apple Pie” on the screen. Kusano quickly closes the laptop and says it’s a handle. Nakatsu then asks about the other person. Kusano admits it’s a girl who shines brightly and seems to be different than others like him. She has a job, a family, a dream. What’s her dream? To study in Paris. She works at a bakery right now. The pieces all start clicking into place and Nakatsu asks if this girl happens to work at Charlotte. Kusano is shocked. How does Nakatsu know that? Danger!

Rei gets a call from Tanizaki-san saying that Natsume has woken up and told the police it was all an accident. Since Natsume is insisting it was his own clumsiness and he won’t press charges against his daughter, the case is dropped and that means Yoko can come home. Rei goes and picks her mother up. When they get home, Rei demands to know the truth. Yoko’s belief is that she doesn’t want to tell Rei what really happened, plus can’t Rei just accept Mr. Tanizaki as her real father regardless? Rei can’t. It’s her life and she wishes to know the truth. Yoko breaks down and tells her about the rape. Rei is shocked. There is no way she can share the same blood as that man. She freaks out and rushes into her room. Yoko rushes after her and Rei says she is getting a DNA test done. She needs to know the truth. Yoko asks what happens if Ayukawa is really her father? Rei doesn’t know what will happen after that, but she has to confirm it for herself.

That night Rei goes to the bakery and when Jun comes in he finds several apple pies waiting for him. When the other workers get there, Abekawa asks what is going on. Jun tells her that Rei came late in the night and made the pies. I think this makes Abekawa feel badly for sending Rei home and telling her not to come back for awhile. Meanwhile, Rei visits her grandfather to get Ayukawa’s address and to apologize for the accident. Rei feels it was all her fault. Natsume gives her Ayukawa’s phone number and tells her that it wasn’t her fault at all. Rei tries calling Ayukawa as soon as she leaves the hospital, but can’t get through. Why? Ayukawa is at a hospital as well. Looks like he’s got a brain tumor (or something to that effect wrong with him). No wonder he was anxious to find Yoko and apologize. He might not have a lot of time left.

We end this episode with Nakatsu writing an article about the Tanizaki family’s stabbing incident and how it all relates to the tragedy of not having a family register. Great. Just great. Previews show that there is a lot of drama coming and a huge fallout from the article that “broke” everything. Sometimes, people should just learn to leave things alone.

The thing with newspaper articles is that you really do have to have all of the facts and you can’t skew the situation. I have a feeling that Nakatsu is going in half-cocked without having everything he should have. And when it comes to this, can you really write such an article which invades that Tanizaki family privacy without their consent? The repercussions and fallout…it will be bad.


  • you are awesome!!! I’ve been checking the site all day and was over the moon when I finally saw the posting. Kiyama and Rei looked really good together when they were just hanging out, and I can kinda start seeing how romantic feeling are going to build from their relationship(if they ever get to that point). If I went through all that Rei went through and I had someone like Kiyama with me, I wouldn’t care if they were 70 yrs old, I would go for it.
    Did you see the hugging in the rain scene in ep8 preview? Drama law dictates that once you hug in the rain, feelings are going to surface so I’m guessing from 9 onwards there will be more romance lol.
    I have a concern though, I kinda feel like the drama is going in circles now. I thought we were done with the whole registry thing so I don’t know why were going back to that again for another episode.

    • >_< I tried hard to get this up for you tonight. I really liked the building of Kiyama's and Rei's relationship. I agree that I would probably go for a guy like Kiyama whose been there through your worst to support you. Although, normally in dramas the person to do that is the 2nd male lead. Go figure.

      With this drama it's been baby steps forward through the plot with episodes always coming back to the register. I know it's an integral part of the story, but it does stagnate the plot a wee bit. I wish they would move forward a bit faster.

      Hugging scene in rain? Yep, their couple fate is sealed.

  • I am very curious. I have been reading comments here and there and I find that a lot of people don’t like the opening song for the series. i don’t hate it but I don’t like it either. it has a catchy beat. What is your opinion on it and do you know the title of the song and who the singer is? I thought it sounded a lot like Adele. Anywhoo, amazing episode. Thank you for the recap. I just wanted to let you know that, I have been coming to your site and reading it but haven’t comment at all until this drama aired. Just wanted to let you know you have a fan in me.

    • Thank you, paj! ^_^

      The two main themes for this drama are both Adele songs. I think the opening theme is “Someone Like You” …or maybe not…I’ll have to listen to it again. This drama also uses Adele’s “Set Fire to the Rain.” I don’t necessarily like or dislike it. Truthfully, I wish they would stick to using Japanese music in dramas, but if the song fits, language shouldn’t matter and for whatever reasons, Adele is really popular right now, so it’s not too surprising to find her songs in here. My cousin is a huge fan of hers which means I get to listen to her music a lot 😛

  • I’m glad that you are doing recaps of this drama. I hadn’t initially planned on watching it since it didn’t seem like something I’d watch. However, I’m a sucker for age-gap romances and they seem to be a rare breed so I decided to give this drama a chance. The romance thus far has been slightly disappointing. Although I’m glad that it is not playing out in too cliched a manner it has been moving very slowly (albeit far more realistically than is typical for most dramas). I’d begun to think that the synopsis had been wrong again. At the same time, I’m glad that they didn’t instantly fall in love with each other- as some characters in dramas are wont to do. I agree with you, NeeNee, in that I would also go for a guy like Kiyama. He’s very calm and reasonable- unlike most male leads. Rei, while a bit more immature, is still a very likeable character as well. They would make a good couple. I do think that the registry problem is a bit over-dramatized and is quickly becoming a bit of a bore. It’s not that I don’t find Rei’s situation to be difficult and unfair- it’s just that all the twists seem a bit contrived and overdone. Despite that, I look forward to watching episode eight tonight- especially the “rain scene”. As you said- it seals their couple fate.

    P.S. I apologize for my never-ending comment. Lol.

    • Hi, Momo! I enjoy reading comments and opinions about my dramas, so yours is most welcome 🙂
      I like age gap romances myself if done well, and that was what initially turned me on to this drama. I was disappointed a bit at first, but then realized that a slow start to romance was a good thing as you can see WHY they actually like each other without all that mysterious love at first sight (particularly in dramas where the guy is a complete jerk falling for the good girl or the good girl falls for the complete jerk who can’t give her the time of day). As there is only 2 episodes left now (9-10), it makes me wonder just how much we shall get to see, but I am keeping fingers crossed that it won’t be bad.

      I also think Kiyama and Rei are perfect compliments to each other. Rei’s vivacity opens Kiyama up, and his calmness gets through her bouts of immaturity and irrationality. Yes, while the registry problem is important and still a big issue today, their way of dealing with it has become very redundant and a bit annoying. Sigh. Oh well, there is no perfect drama out there and this one has a lot to make up for its badly done registry/family drama parts.

      Sigh, so much on my plate that I haven’t watched 8 yet. I will watch that and RMPW, too tonight now that I’ve finally caught a break, but no recaps until tomorrow night.

      • Ha ha! I know exactly what sort of dramas you are talking about! I’ve never understood this ‘love at first sight’ thing. Does something like that really exist? Although dramas are of course make-believe, I can’t really get into a drama when it’s completely unrealistic and irrational. That’s why I really like this drama. The romance between the two leads is very believable and makes perfect sense.

        I think you summed up their relationship perfectly when you said that they are perfect compliments to each other. I love how the drama depicts Kiyama’s increasing openness. Initially he’s very cold and wooden but in episode 7 (during the basketball and bowling parts) he was so adorable and open! He’s not like that at all with Takaoka. Rei also seems like she is more open with Kiyama about her true feelings than anyone else. It seems like they feel free to be themselves around each other. The subtle nature of their relationship makes the romance so much more believable and realistic. Some dramas feel almost like a circus act with all of the ridiculous scenarios that the leads encounter (not to mention the unrealistic and incompatible personalities of the leads). Sometimes these dramas are amusing to watch but at other times the romantic in me wants to see a simple and believable romance. No hijinks- just two ordinary people falling for each other. Despite the weakness of the plot, this drama has one of the best ‘believable romances’ that I’ve seen in some time.

        I’m really sad that there are only going to be 2 more episodes! Given how slowly the relationship has progressed so far, I’m really worried that the relationship might be rushed to an unsatisfactory conclusion. Also, in the previews for episode nine one of the captions said something like “feelings that missed each other” while showing Rei and Kiyama together. Argh! I also wish dramas would stop utilizing the overused plot device of the jealous woman trying to split up the leads.

        Lastly, I wonder if the writer(s?) decided to make the registry thing such a dramatic affair to make up for the more understated nature of the romance.

        • I agree that they could have taken out more of the ridiculousness surrounding the register issue. I know that it is a big issue, but each episode basically comes with the same explosion in different ways. Perhaps it is to make up for a more understated romance, or perhaps it’s just the general drama formulas that we see so often. Must make a big deal over little things, have our leading actress melt down so she can go to our leading actor and have him calm her down and deepen their bonds.

          I would like this a little more of it didn’t seem like they were…over-exaggerating things too much. It’s good. It’s an important issue that effects thousands of people in Japan unfortunately, but putting all that heavy melodrama, the stabbing, etc., seems to kind of defeat the purpose of the drama in a way. It would be best if the register problem was a little more like the romance–more realistic that is (not slow moving :P).

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