Smile, Donghae Epiosde 33 Recap

In honor of this episode: “Doradora” by U-KISS

Basically, this song is about a bad relationship. The guy decides to let the girl go and she clings on complaining about how she is hurting and all of that stuff. It kind of reminds me of how Saewa thinks that she is the slighted one in the relationship when it is really Donghae. Plus, Donghae is trying to get her out of his life and SHE’S the one who keeps coming back and making things worse.

Anna rushes into the hotel followed by Kim Joon. Of course their paths come very close to crossing, but never do as they are going to draw this out for as long as possible, which, honestly, shouldn’t be as long as they already are. Joon looks around the hotel and sees Do Jin’s things, so his son obviously never left. One of the workers replies he will get all available staff looking for the missing GM. Meanwhile, Donghae is pounding on the locked door to get attention. Noticing Do Jin’s cold state, Donghae finds a blanket and goes to cover Do Jin up, but the man refuses the help. At least Donghae is not as horrible as Do Jin. If their positions were reversed, I don’t think Do Jin would spare a minute to care for an injured and cold Donghae since he dislikes the other man so much. Bongi goes into the Laker’ room and is surprised to find Anna gone. Bongi rushes out to the hotel to see if she can find Donghae’s missing mother.

Meanwhile, Sool Nyeo demands an explanation from Saewa. Her daughter opens up about how when she went to New York she wanted to be free of the burdens of her mother and little sister. She wanted to love someone as if she had no care in the world. You know, I understand that Sool Nyeo placed a lot of expectations and pressure on her eldest, but if you listen to Saewa, she was basically throwing her family aside. I guess this goes to show that she is pretty rotten to the core. Sool Nyeo wonders who else knows about Donghae and his mother. Saewa tells her that it is only Bongi and no one else. As upset as Sool Nyeo was with her daughter’s actions, her survival mode kicks in. As a mother, Sool Nyeo will do whatever it takes to ensure that Saewa’s secret stays buried. Well, not that I expected Sool Nyeo to do something to make Saewa take responsibility for her actions, but I was disappointed in that Sool Nyeo should have really lit into her eldest child more for doing what she did by using Do Jin and abandoning Donghae.

Anna makes it into the kitchen and Dae Sam tells her Donghae isn’t there. He does tell her that Donghae said he was going somewhere…now where was that? At the same time, Joon learns that Do Jin was last seen heading to the roof. Joon and staff head to the roof where they find the injured Do Jin with Donghae. Joon immediately shoves our hero to the ground. Well, his anger is justifiable as a father since Donghae and Do Jin had obviously been fighting in that dangerous area (but it was Do Jin who instigated everything). Do Jin is rushed to the hospital and Dae Sam comes and tells Anna the news that Donghae went to the ER with Do Jin. This freaks Anna out—Saewa’s warning can’t be more clear. Wow. That lie really worked in Saewa’s favor in this episode. Bongi comes rushing in to learn the news from Anna and the two go to the hospital together.

At the hospital, Do Jin receives a clean bill of health, which is good. Joon goes out to talk to Hye Sook on the phone as Bongi and Anna rush up to Donghae who assures the two he is fine. The three then go into Do Jin’s room and Anna bows and apologizes. She begs Do Jin to forgive Donghae. Do Jin says he doesn’t want to hear anything and tells them all to get out. The three quickly leave and while they are getting into a cab, Joon happens to catch a glimpse of Anna (he was talking to his wife outside the hospital as you aren’t supposed to use cell phones inside).

Lee Jang Woo, Oh Ji Eun, Ji Chang Wook, Do Ji WonDo Jin returns home with Joon only to be scolded for being immature and irresponsible by Hye Sook. Well, she is right. Do Jin is NOT an innocent victim in all of this. You know that Hye Sook was worried about him and is not happy her only child is injured, but she knows her son was partly in the wrong, just like Donghae is in the wrong. Why? Well, Donghae should never have agreed to meet Do Jin even if he had no intention of fighting and Donghae shouldn’t have pushed him either, but oh well.  Joon then joins in on the scolding. If Do Jin cannot do his job well, then he should leave his position. Again, true. He doesn’t have the right temperament for his job sometimes. The angry Do Jin stomps to his room—how very childish. Even more juvenile is him placing all blame on Donghae who finally ruined things as Do Jin was getting closer to Joon. Dear, look at your own actions first. Yes, Donghae was partly to blame, but, again, you instigated everything first. Of course, Do Jin plans on making Donghae’s life miserable for this. Sigh. You never learn, Do Jin-ssi.

At the Lee house, Donghae apologizes to his distraught mother. She tells him that she was very scared when he was missing and she heard he was in the hospital. Donghae tells her not to worry as he promises he will not get hurt any more. Well…it’s a pretty promise which he can’t keep. There is no guarantee that you WON’T get hurt in some way, shape or form. Meanwhile, Joon is in his study wondering if he had indeed saw Anna or not. Sigh. Can we have this whole part of the plot over with. Please?

The upset Sool Nyeo, like her daughter, immediately believes that Bongi and Donghae are out to ruin her daughter’s life. Um, no. The universe does NOT revolve around Saewa, contrary to popular belief. Why can’t they understand that as long as they leave the Lakers and Lees alone, everything will be okay? Sool Nyeo immediately starts taking action to ensure Donghae and his mother leave. She tells Tae Hoon to pack his bags as he’s going back to the Lee house. Tae Hoon wonders if this is because he tried to kick Sae Young out of their room. Tae Hoon says that he will not move back to his house and Sool Nyeo can’t believe it. Tae Hoon initially hated living there, so why change his mind now? Him being firm in staying (to prove himself) is not helping her plans at all. Just before she leaves, she tells him that is the reason she didn’t want him as her son-in-law. Poor Tae Hoon, caught in the crossfire.

At the Lee house, Pil Jae secretly goes to the Laker room and hands in the ginseng. He thinks that it is Anna in the room alone, but it is really Donghae. Luckily (for Pil Jae’s sake as I’m sure Donghae would be livid to know Pil Jae is interested in Anna), Donghae thinks that Pil Jae is secretly being nice to him. He comes out when Anna shows up, shocking Pil Jae. Donghae says Pil Jae doesn’t have to be so secretive with him. LOL. Nothing works out in Pil Jae’s favor. At breakfast, the mood is cheery until Anna gets up without eating and excuses herself. This worries everyone. Sun Ok comments that Anna has seemed out of sorts since yesterday. When Donghae goes to see what the matter is, he catches his mother practicing what to say to Saewa. Of course, Donghae is livid. How could Saewa do such a thing? He grabs his mother and heads out of the Lee house to confront his ex.

Wouldn’t you know, Donghae and Anna run into Sool Nyeo who recognizes Donghae from Sae Young’s wedding. Sool Nyeo then takes the two to her office and immediately starts in on them. Donghae assures Sool Nyeo that Saewa is nothing to him and he does not care about her impending marriage to Do Jin. Of course, Sool Nyeo refuses to believe such things or why else would Donghae work at the hotel that Saewa’s fiancé is the general manager of. Donghae replies that he is just living his life. I do love Donghae’s next response: “If she’s that worried, she doesn’t have to marry that man.” LOL. Sool Nyeo takes this as an insult to her daughter. Just who is Donghae to be ordering Saewa around? Well, in reverse, just who is Saewa to order Donghae and his mother around? The angry Sool Nyeo throws water in Donghae’s face and Anna immediately gets down on her knees, upset. It was all Saewa’s fault. Sool Nyeo then tells them that she won’t fortive the mother and son if they get in Saewa’s way. Donghae then takes Anna and leaves. Sool Nyeo is upset and vows to never forgive them. Anna begs Donghae to go back to the US. Donghae refuses as Saewa is nothing and Anna does not need to fear her as Donghae won’t let Saewa hurt her. Awww. He’s such a sweet son.

At the station, Joon’s friend from New York is back in Korea for a weekend of business. The two make plans for dinner later as Joon has too much work to take a break at that moment. Saewa enters the station at this time only to be confronted by an angry Donghae with Anna. Saewa tries to move them to a  quieter location, but Donghae won’t budge. He’ll say his peace in the middle of the lobby (not that he’s screaming at the top of his lungs or anything, mind you). Donghae tells Saewa that he told her he never wished to see her again. Donghae then warns her to never show up in front of them again. If Saewa does show up again and continues to hurt Anna, Donghae will make her regret it. Donghae takes Anna and leaves just as Joon’s friend comes out. He immediately recognizes her, but she and Donghae are gone before he can catch up. Saewa is asked out the wedding plans are going and is then asked just who Donghae is. Saewa explains he was on one of their shows. This explanation is accepted, but the angry Saewa vows to pay Donghae back for everything he’s done to her. SERIOUSLY? Let me count all the things that YOU’VE done to him. Such irrationality in this show. Shakes head.

Joon calls Hye Sook about dinner. She is immediately unhappy to know that the friend coming over is Joon’s New York friend. As she hangs up, Do Jin and Donghae arrive. They both get scolded for their inappropriate behavior. Donghae is also warned about the pecking order in Korea. Boundaries and positions must be honored no matter [even if the person in high power is acting like a royal brat]. Do Jin then tells Donghae he will have two tests. If he passes at least one of the two, then he will be officially hired on. This almost seems too good of an offer given Do Jin’s past attitudes. Does he have something up his sleeve since he declared he won’t let Donghae off for ruining the relationship he was slowly building with his father at long last? Donghae leaves and Hye Sook again scolds Do Jin. His persistence in his attitude with Donghae is lowering his class. LOL. Well said.

Donghae goes back to the station with Joon’s lunch in hand. Oddly enough, Joon greets him with a smile and apologizes for his behavior early. Of course Donghae understands Joon’s attitude. I think…this scene was a little too forced. Even if Joon has a soft spot for Donghae, it seems very unnatural to be angry and pushing him down in one moment and then happily smiling at him the next and apologizing for the earlier behavior. Joon then tells the boy that he feels bad that Donghae keeps bringing him lunch like that. Donghae says he doesn’t mind as he sees it as practice and honing his skills. He is also happy if his food can make another person happy. Joon finally asks for the younger man’s name. Donghae gives him his Korean first name. If he had introduced himself as Carl Laker, would that have made a difference?

Sool Nyeo barges into the Lee house and demands the boarders leave. Say what? Sun Ok says that as the Laker family have already paid up, she cannot kick them out. Plus, they aren’t bad people. Sun Ok then becomes angry as Sool Nyeo offers Tae Hoon back if the boarders leave. Sun Ok explains that her son is not an object that can be passed back and forth. Sool Nyeo, in a desperate bid, then plays the unrelated man living in the same house as your single daughter. What if something happens? Sun Ok is livid! How can Sool Nyeo suggest something might happen like that with Bongi and Donghae. Sool Nyeo says she is just trying to give Sun Ok advice as Sool Nyeo knows what it feels like to have your daughter give you such an unpleasant surprise (meaning getting knocked up without being married). Sun Ok kicks Sool Nyeo out and the woman sees Anna go into her room. Sool Nyeo warns Anna to make Donghae leave before Sool Nyeo forces him out. When Sool Nyeo goes to take the cover off the beans, Anna immediately stops her and tells her that’s important for Donghae’s job. This can’t be good.

In the hotel kitchen, Dae Sam warns Donghae that making the soybean paste soup won’t be easy. If he fails, then Donghae will be fired, right? Donghae explains he has two chances, so failing the stew doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll be fired. Bongi then says that the stench from Donghae’s clothes proves that he will do well as she’s fermenting his own soybeans. The head chef comes in and delivers the good news that the kimchi the other day was a big hit. Dae Sam tries to take credit as he made the sauce, but the chef said that the sauce was actually bad and what saved the kimchi was the high quality cabbage. He then puts Dae Sam in charge of finding an official new vendor for cabbages. Donghae tries to talk the chef into giving the job to Kang Jae, but the chef says that tiny suppliers are more risky as one bad crop will leave the hotel in a lurch. Donghae does manage to get the chef to okay Kang Jae’s at least being able to make a bid on the contract.

The Lees are extremely happy to hear about this awesome chance that Kang Jae will have. Donghae says that there is nothing official, but that doesn’t matter, they are all touched by his kindness in putting in a good word and letting Kang Jae be able to compete. While this is going on, Sool Nyeo sneaks into the house and into the Lakers’ room. Why? To spoil Donghae’s fermenting soybeans so that he fails the test and gets kicked out of the hotel. Meanwhile, Joon’s friend arrives and Hye Sook puts on a polite face until Joon and he disappear into Joon’s study. Do Jin is happy as it was his first time hearing his father say that Do Jin resembles him and Hye Sook looks as sour as ever. In the study, Joon is then told that his friend saw Anna outside the broadcasting station earlier. Looks like she’s in Korea! The two quickly quit talking when Hye Sook pops in and that’s where this episode ends.


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