Iki mo Dekinai Natsu Episode 3 Recap

All I have to say is thank god what I thought was going to happen didn’t as it would get entirely old entirely too fast. We have progress and some more plot twists. It looks like in the next episode we will learn more about Kiyama as danger to Rei and her family comes closer (in the form of Tanizaki’s first husband). It looks like Kosano is going to officially meet Rei in the next episode. Can’t wait for that for some reason.

Rei is worried as her mom isn’t answering the home phone or the cell phone. Kiyama’s coworkers wonder if it could be that Mrs. Tanizaki is skipping out as it is too hard to face the past. They all look over at Rei who looks up startled at that. Could her mother really have ran away after promising to fix her past mistake? Rei, thankfully isn’t angry at her mother right away. Right now she is just worried about her. As long as Tanizaki-san is all right, then everything is good.

Rei gets home and takes out the pictures of her mother showing how she was abused by Ayukawa. Mao then gets home surprised to find her elder sister there. A news report then pops on saying that a woman was murdered in their ward and is as of yet unidentified. This freaks Rei out. Could that be their mother? Rei then gets a call from the police. She rushes to the station and is relieved to find out that the murdered woman was not her mother. she is then told that the cell phone was found on the bus. Rei opens and sees the message her mother was typing about being on her way to the ward office. So what happened? Rei talks to the officer who says she must wait longer if she wishes to report her mother missing (I know, since its an adult, its not as big of a deal if they go missing as it is with children unless there is obvious signs of kidnapping, etc).

Rei heads home and runs into Grandma. Apparently Mao called as she was worried. Rei says that their mother was on the way to the ward office and disappeared. Grandma is not surprised. She says that not only did Tanazaki abandon her husband, but also her child. Grandma explains that when Rei was around 4 years old, her father wanted to do his best to get her added to the family register and Mrs. Tanizaki ran away at that time. Rei’s father chased after her (I still wonder if Rei will end up being Ayukawa’s…) and got into an accident and was killed. Oy. Rei tells Mao that the woman wasn’t their mother and goes into their room while Grandma tires to comfort Mao. Rei talks with Whicky BonBon (sorry, I thought it was bourbon). She tells him what happened and Kosano then says that he had heard of mothers skipping out on the process when it comes to getting the written statement. Rei doesn’t know what to think anymore, but she wishes to trust her mother. Kosano points out that he would just look at the facts first and then determine what to think. Rei’s mother did this, this, and this. Does Rei really think Mrs. Tanazaki will go through with it? While Kosano is right to tell Rei to exercise caution, it did surprise me that he seemed almost to be trying to turn her against her mother.

Well, Rei does tell Kosano about how her mother used to make shaved apples whenever she had a high fever. Those were very cherished memories and now they are tainted as she understands the real reason was that her mother couldn’t take her to the hospital without the heath card. So, what does that mean for Rei? It means that she can no longer make apple pies! At work, she looks at the apples, but cannot bring herself to make her daily pies. Abekawa announces that Rei will be staying as a part-time employee as that makes her schedule more flexible so she can take care of what needs to be done. Abekawa then announces that a magazine is coming to Charlotte! She wants them to interview Igawa about how she bakes with her feelings. Abekawa also wants to highlight Rei as an up and coming talent. Rei decides she wishes to make her chocolate espresso balls versus her usual apple pie, which surprises every one.

Rei gets home and Mao is upset as their mother is still missing. Of course, Mao now blames Rei for this as didn’t Rei have a fight with their mother. Rei denies this, but Mao isn’t convinced. She complains that the Tanazaki household revolves around Rei and she’s sick of it. Mao then packs a bag and heads over to her grandmother’s house. Feeling vexed, Rei puts together all the things she needs to prove her identity and rushes off. At the ward office, Kiyama is asked if there is anything new on Rei’s case. Nope, nothing. His senpai explains that some women back out of the process as they cannot bare to face the painful past they’ve tried so hard to forget. She then leaves and Kiyama recalls his own painful past. When he was working as a reporter on a story about a company buying and selling drugs, Mr. Takaoka commits suicide and the entire investigation is called off. Thus he ends up at the funeral bearing Mrs. Takaoka’s wrath.

In rushes Rei. She’s obviously very upset. She says her mother has run away and her sister has left the house so Rei wishes to do what she can with what she has left. Kiyama tries to get her to calm down, but Rei can’t. Why is there such a system with such laws? Kiyama explains that the laws haven’t changed and that makes her even angrier. If it weren’t for such a law, she and her family wouldn’t be suffering as they are right now. Kiyama tries to explain things, but Rei won’t listen. She’s had enough and she’ll do this on her own as she can’t keep relying on a mother who only does what’s best for her and not her daughters. Rei cries and says she doesn’t have a birth certificate. Kiyama takes the mother’s health book and opens it. Rei’s mother went to a private hospital to give birth, so Rei could check there to see if she could get a birth certificate. Rei then asks if its still impossible without the statement. Pretty much. But Rei is resolute. She will do what she herself can do. She bows deeply and apologizes before running back home.

The next day Rei takes off from work and heads to Kikuchi Obstetrics and Gynecology to request a copy of her birth certificate. She is in luck as they do still have the records from 19 years ago. The kind nurse then reissues the birth certificate and wishes Rei to be happy as that is what they say when a baby is born and they give out the birth certificate. They pray for the baby’s happiness. This really seems to have an affect on Rei. That night she goes into her mother’s room and puts away the birth certificate. She then catches sight of a postcard sticking out of a book from a Natsume Sayuri. Rei tries calling the woman, but she cannot be reached, so Rei heads out to Hokkaido to find her. She goes to Shusaku’s factory in Hokkaido to learn more. Rei is told of her grandmother’s death two months earlier and she then asks if the man knew her mother. The man says that Shusaku was dead set against Tanizaki’s marriage and then asks if Rei’s father still works in a glass factory. Rei replies her father never worked in a glass factory, he was in public service. Understanding dawns and Rei says that man (Ayukawa) is NOT her father.

Mrs. Tanizaki is holed up at the seaside. Where exactly, I’m not sure.  Is it in Hokkaido or not? Who knows? Shusaku then gets a call from the employee who tells him of Rei’s visit. Why would Rei be in Hokkaido? She is looking for her mother Yoko. This sends Shusaku to Charlotte. He foes in and anxiously asks for Rei and is told she has the day off. He heads out all depressed and wouldn’t you know there is Ayukawa. Is there some special reason that Shusaku keeps coming back to Charlotte? Shusaku denies this and walks away while Ayukawa smirks. So…is Ayukawa hoping to find his ex-wife? Hmm…Kaname Jun as a dark character…it’s a change. At the seaside, Yoko recalls how she used to walk on the beach with Tanazaki as he held Rei in his arms. He said that it was up to them to protect their daughter. Ya think? Isn’t that what parents are supposed to do—protect their children no matter what the cost (unless their kid did something REALLY bad like rape, murder, etc)?

Meanwhile, Rei stares at the picture of her mother holding her. Kiyama spots her and comes over to the bench to talk to her. Rei apologizes once again for the previous day. She then tells him the good news about her birth certificate. Kiyama is happy for the young woman. Rei then says what the nurse told her. Rei then says that whenever she made an apple pie she always would get a happy feeling, but now she can’t feel that way anymore as what was once happiness was just a lie. Kiyama comes closer and says that in life unexpected things with happen (nod, nod), but those things shouldn’t make you deny who’ve you’ve been up til now. Correct! Will this get through to Rei? Kiyama then looks at the picture and says that the baby is cute. Rei points out that it’s her and he says he knows. The two then laugh and Rei’s more dour mood has been lifted. Okay, so I can’t buy love between this pair (yet), but they do have the makings of a great friendship. They might just be what the other needs.

At Charlotte, Abekawa wonders if Rei is okay. Rei keeps silent on her family problems once again. Abekawa says that Rei should make the dish she feels most confident in, is she sure she wishes to do the chocolate espresso dessert? Rei thinks about it once more, but still cannot bring herself to make apple pie. She leaves the office and Igawa warns that she needs to be extremely composed for the interview. Igawa, Igawa. I don’t know what to think about that girl.

At the ward office, Kiyama gets a call from Yoko. He is happy to hear that she is safe. Yoko apologizes for running away. Yoko then asks after Rei. Kiyama tells Yoko that Rei is worried about her. Yoko should contact her eldest daughter. Yoko says that until she can do what needs to be done, she will not contact Rei as she just cannot face her daughter. So what is it that she needs to do. Kiyama tells her the written statement can only be done by her. Yoko gives him her address so he can send the necessary paperwork.

Instead of sending it through the mail, he personally delivers it to Yoko. Talk about going the extra mile. Kiyama tells Yoko that she should talk to Rei and tell her what happened to cause her to run away. Kiyama then tells her that Rei is doing her best to do what she can (i.e. getting her birth certificate and gathering her proof of identity). However, all that is useless without Yoko’s statement. Yoko is the only one who can protect her daughter. Yoko says that is what her deceased husband used to say. Yoko then confesses that she is weak and thinks of herself first versus her husband or daughter. She is really grateful that until now Rei has grown into a cheerful and healthy girl. Kiyama says that Yoko isn’t a horrible parent. Yoko wonders how this can be as she has only lied to her daughter and made her suffer. Kiyama explains that Rei is being as strong as she can as she waits for the mother that she wishes to believe in so badly. Kiyama urges Yoko once more to try to explain and talk things out with Rei before going.

At work, Rei works hard on her chocolate espresso dessert. She keeps looking at the apples, but still can’t bring herself to touch them. When she gets home, there is a letter from her mother. Yoko explains what happens. She also explains her personal feelings and how she is going to do her best to help Rei get on the family register. It will take time, but she will do it and come home to face her daughter. Rei cries and I think feels guilty once more for distrusting her mother. The next day Rei once again makes her apple pies recalling her mother’s magic shaved apples when she was sick. Although the reason wasn’t a good one, the happiness and memories weren’t lies.

Naoto and Mrs. Takaoka come to Charlotte to pick up three pieces of apple pie. Rei is confused when Naoto talks about the delicious “bungled” pie (that Rei gave Kiyama in the previous episode as a thank you). Um…I really don’t think it’s just for Naota that Takaoka is going to the bakery. This can’t be good. It really can’t. She and Naota come home to find Kiyama doing dishes and after Naota goes to wash up, Takaoka goes and gives Kiyama a back hug. Yeah. I think she’s viewing Rei as a rival to the man who has slowly taken over Takaoka’s deceased husband’s place. Not good at all. And I don’t think Kiyama reciprocates.

Rei goes to visit Kiyama and shows him her mother’s letter. Kiyama does warn her that since Yoko is confronting a very painful past, it could take her awhile to write the statement. Rei says that she is willing to wait for her mother who has suffered so much. While she waits, she will do what she can. Rei then throws Kiyama’s words back at him. LOL. It’s a cute moment. This gets Kiyama laughing. These two can be so cute together. Rei leaves as her mother tries to start writing the statement. She keeps recalling Ayukawa’s abuse and can’t get through it. At this time, Rei gets into an accident with a pedestrian. It’s none other than Ayukawa. Hard to believe the nice man helping her up is the vicious b*stard that beat and raped her mother.

And that’s where we end. Like I said before, things are looking to heat up more in the next episode. I’m at least happy as it looks like the whole hating the mother thing is done and over with at last. Now what will happen with Ayukawa entering her life?


  • Keep up the good work. Loving this drama; looking forward to seeing the romance develop but I’m worried about the woman with the kid. Hopefully it really isn’t another Me Too Flower situation cause I just could not understand that mess.

    • I know, that was just a whole lot of crazy. In the first episode, I thought she didn’t like him at all. In the second episode, I kind of saw some jealousy of Rei and then in this episode…I don’t want a repeat of crazy lady with a kid doing all she can to ensure the couple do not stay together.

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