Rich Man, Poor Woman Episode 3 Recap

Finally got a bit of a break and shall try to get this up. I was too lazy yesterday and Monday was gardening. Fun, fun.

Sawaki arrives at work and notices Toru dropping Yoko off. This distracts her and her smile fades. Yoko rushes to help her as a man bumps into Sawaki, causing her to drop some of her materials. Sawaki thanks her and looks off in the direction Toru went. Yoko says they met by chance and he dropped her off. Sawaki goes to head off and Yoko says she sees she has a rival. LOL. Doesn’t that seem a wee bit too early to actually say? This surprises Sawaki; however Yoko just smiles and heads to the restaurant. It’s…odd.

Sawaki arrives and Toru and Asahina are in a meeting with someone talking about their stance on the internet and coming up with new products. Sawaki gets down on her hands and knees and tries to get Asahina’s attention. Was she hoping that was more discreet? It still looks weird. Asahina asks what’s wrong and Sawaki says that someone from Luke’s Commission wants to meet with Toru. Asahina says the current meeting is nearly done and beckons her in. Toru is telling the interviewer not to mention his name as the products should stand for themselves. He then complains that talking with that man is boring and the interviewer quickly turns to Toru’s origins.

Toru looks up and smiles. Didn’t he already say he didn’t want to talk about himself? The interviewer, however, blatantly continues annoying Toru. We learn that he was adopted by his current parents at age 6. The interviewer then asks about Toru’s birth parents. Toru says that he doesn’t know their names or faces and has no interest in meeting them as they just provided the genetic material. Ouch. Hearing this seems to sadden Sawaki. The interview ends and Toru just leaves, walking by her.

Asahina praises Toru by saying that when Toru says he doesn’t care about fame and praise, he isn’t lying. Toru then asks why people wish to make him extraordinary. Asahina says it is because they are jealous and strive hard for academic and professional achievement to make themselves stand out. Toru asks if Asahina is the same and Asahina replies that he is sick of praise and societal niceties. Asahina then turns and asks Toru to admit that he really does love praise and walks off. Toru just laughs.

I have to stop and say I love how Toru works. His chair is so leaned back he’s practically lying down and he’s always barefoot and digging his toes into the carpet. Sawaki arrives and hands off the test results showing that an application works and goes to head off when Toru puts something down and calls for her. Sawaki goes over and is surprised to see her very own business cards. Toru goes to take them back, but she quickly grabs them and takes them out, smiling broadly. Toru says that normally everyone designs their own, but she couldn’t. He then says that an avatar made with bad intentions fits her perfectly and holds up the back of the card and yeah, that hardworking unhappy looking woman with a stack of papers as tall as our heroine, really does look like her. Sawaki’s smile fades and she says she can see the bad intention. She goes to take the card back, but Toru plays keep away for a bit, making her smile once more. However, when he calls her Sawaki Chihiro, her smile fades once more. Yeo, she’s definitely feeling guilty for lying.

Sawaki meets Ono for a meal and worries over the fake name. Ono doesn’t think it’s a bad thing as that is how she got the job. Sawaki says that was how she kept Toru’s eyes on her, but she is not Sawaki Chihiro. Too late to say anything now. Ono then asks if Sawaki knows Hyuga Toru. Sawaki thinks back and says when she first failed at the University of Tokyo’s entrance exam is when she first met him. This surprises Ono. Sawaki failed?

We then flash back at a worried Sawaki. How will she tell her parents? Okami-san, the owner of a café, cheered poor Sawaki on through this, saying it wasn’t her fault she failed and her parents won’t be mad at her. Okami-san says she doesn’t have much right to say anything as she was a woman who abandoned her son. Sawaki asks if Okami-san wishes to see him. The older woman states not even if she was about to die. Ouch. Okami-san then makes Sawaki promise not to say anything if a person comes in looking for her as his mother. Sawaki promises and Okami-san urges her to quickly tell her parents about the failure. Both Sawaki’s brother and father fought over this (but that’s nothing new as they always fought).

Ono interrupts and wonders where Toru enters the picture. Sawaki then says he was there at the café, looking mighty geeky with the perfect part down the middle, button down shirt, and glasses. At this time, Sawaki’s father had just opened an inn due to a fishing injury. Sawaki was sitting out on the docks when Toru comes up and says it’s the wrong place to open an inn as hardly anyone comes to that town since there’s no local hot springs or delicacies. Sawaki then asks why Toru is there and he replies he’s looking for Sawaki Chihiro, his mother. He was told she was originally from Sawaki’s hometown. Does Sawaki not know her? Recalling Okami-san’s words, Sawaki wonders if she is really Toru’s mother, but true to her word, Sawaki says nothing. This disappoints Toru and he glumly walks away.

That night, Toru gets a feast prepared for him Sawaki tells him he doesn’t have to eat if he’s not hungry. Toru then says the food is surprisingly delicious. He then says it’s not a good idea to do such a heavy compensation for the daughter’s failure as the Sawaki family won’t make any money this way. This hurts Sawaki and she says they may seem silly to him. Toru then says he was praising, not criticizing. Ah, as odd as ever our Toru-san. Toru asks if she will quit trying to go to university. Sawaki isn’t sure as her family is very poor anyways. He tells her to give up quickly if she wants to. He then says he envies Sawaki. He came to this shitty place and couldn’t even find his mother, but still, he’ll never give up. Sawaki’s mother then says she found meat if anyone wants any. Toru looks over and smiles. He wants a mother like that.

Feeling guilty, Sawaki rushes out to Okami-san’s place and tries to get her to meet with Toru. Okami-san says it doesn’t matter if she wishes to see her son or not, she has decided she would never meet with him Why? Why? Well, we don’t get to learn why. The dejected Sawaki heads back to the inn only to learn that Toru has already left. She rushes to stop him so he can possibly meet his mother, but is too late. Thus ends the flashback. Ono wonders if Sawaki will tell him her true identity and let him know about where his mother could possibly be. Good Question. Sawaki knows she has to tell him, but can she work up the courage to?

At Next Innovation, Death Mail Day has arrived. All the contracted programmers wait on pins and needles to see if they will get the email of death, officially ending their contract. Toru comes in all happy and having fun while the rest of the office is tense, except for Sakaguchi who is so certain he won’t be fired as he made a killing for the company on his game. The people who Toru fire are then met by Asahina who does what he can to placate them. Toru wonders why Asahina does this and the man replies its to save expense as one disgruntled employee broke a gate which cost quite a bit of money to fix. Soon Sakaguchi gets the death mail. Why? In one year he has only ever made that one successful game and every other game or idea after that is basically the same with a few variations. Sakaguchi leaves and tells Asahina that he still admires and respects Toru, but can’t stand the Asahina who lurks in Toru’s shadow even while he wants the limelight as he knows that he can never win against Toru. Harsh, man, harsh. But You have to know there is some truth to that despite all Asahina’s warm and fuzzy talks about how much he admires Toru and is happy Toru is the face of the company.

Once the 7 hour countdown is finished, the remaining employees rejoice and Sawaki scolds Toru for the party-like atmosphere when it is such a serious matter. Toru then says she reminds him of someone and Sawaki says she gets that a lot. As she leaves work, Asahina is stunned to learn about her lecture with Toru. When Asahina explains the reasoning behind Toru’s firing process, Sawaki gets it, but doesn’t necessarily like how he goes about it. She then says that Asahina’s a decent person. So Asahina invites her out and reveals he has learned just who Sawaki Chihiro is and learning that disappoints him as he doesn’t like the Toru who is ordinary and running after his mother. Sawaki says that’s who she feels is the honest Toru. Asahina puts his drink down a little hard and says that is just because Sawaki likes him. Oooo. Looks like Asahina IS jealous. Maybe he does like Sawaki a little bit.

While this is going on, Toru has found the table of his dreams after 2 years of hesitating and looking. As it turns out, this table has already been purchased by none other than Yoko. The two talk about how great the table is and Yoko tells him that if he wants it, he has to eat at her restaurant. Toru says that eating at the table everyday isn’t the point. He wishes to have that table at his house. Too bad, Yoko isn’t giving the table up. They both end up at the same bar as Asahina and Sawaki. What unexpected pairings. You can easily tell Sawaki is not happy to see Yoko and Toru together. Yoko picks up on this and I am sure that Asahina does as well. Sawaki goes to the bathroom and does that horrible fake laugh about how Yoko and Toru keep having all these coincidences (like the bike ride earlier). Yoko wonders if Sawaki likes Toru and the younger girl denies this. Yoko then says that she thinks their meeting is fate and she is trying to see if he is, indeed, the one for her. When she leaves, Sawaki mutters that she has known Toru for much longer. Well…if high school and Japan goes up until the age of 18 and Sawaki met Toru after she failed that entrance exam…I don’t think Sawaki’s claim is older than Yoko’s 9-year ago claim. Asahina and Yoko take a taxi together leaving Sawaki with Toru. Sawaki tries to spit out the truth, but Toru refuses to listen to her. The only way he’ll listen is if she finds him his table. LOL. So, so Toru-like.

At school, Sakaguchi pays Sawaki a visit. His luxury apartment is not so affordable any more so he has no money. Sawaki says that she has no money to help him out. Sakaguchi says that is not the case and hands over a thumbdrive. He wishes Sawaki to give it to Toru. Why her? Toru and Sawaki seem to be close, perhaps they are dating? Sawaki immediately denies this and Sakaguchi tells her she lacks confidence. If only she understood her power. Sawaki then gives the thumbdrive to Toru. It’s another card game, but this one is quite innovative and good. Sawaki asks if he’ll rehire Sakaguchi, but Toru refuses to as that will only repeat the same cycle. Asahina comes in and Sawaki goes to leave, but she turns and says its fine if that is how Toru thinks, however, can he not let Sakaguchi know how good his work is as not everyone around Toru is filled with confidence. It would mean a lot for Sakaguchi who idolizes Toru to have Toru praise him. Asahina talks of hiring Sakaguchi back and providing incentives and pressure to get him to keep producing. Toru quickly agrees to this after some thought.

Sakaguchi goes to Toru’s office and Sawaki watches intently. She is happy when she sees Sakaguchi’s face light up. Sakaguchi and Toru come down and Sakaguchi is really happy. Toru is NOT hiring, but instead, investing in him. Toru is going to help Sakaguchi start up his own company. This way the boy is always walking the razor’s edge to keep himself sharp. Sakaguchi is indebted to Sawaki for her help. As he is about to leave, Toru shocks everyone by calling after him and getting his name right. Toru says that he is looking forward to see if Sakaguchi can really surpass him in five years (what he wrote on the Next Innovation wall) and he believes that if it’s Sakaguchi, he will definitely be okay. This really touches Sakaguchi and he bows deeply and thanks Toru from the depths of his soul. Asahina is definitely surprised by this turn of events and Yamagami is not happy, but, whatever. Toru and Sawaki are happy at least.

Toru has an appointment and comes across one of the men he fired. He has arranged to meet with Asahina, but Asahina has turned him down twice now. Toru tells him to wake up, but the man just doesn’t get it, so Toru ends up talking to him in Asahina’s place, which annoys Toru. He then goes into a restaurant where he saw Sawaki sitting and waiting. I thought it was for him, but nope, she was waiting for a professor. Toru then says he will treat her as the restaurant is very expensive. Sawaki, needing courage starts drinking and her personality changes completely. She and Toru are having a lot of fun together and thus she can’t bear to tell him the truth.

Meanwhile, Yoko’s “fate” is really her own contriving. She has found another table like Toru wants and is determined to buy this one out from under him as well. Sheesh. I’m guessing that was his appointment he was supposed to go to. Asahina is in the office recalling Sakaguchi’s words and getting angry. Uh-oh. Now, will he end up taking his anger out on Toru? I wonder.

After dinner, Sawaki makes a slip and mentions she met him before when he was looking for his mother. Toru demands to know who she is and she apologizes for using his mother’s name to gain his attention. Toru then tells her he never wants to see her face again. Oh no! I must admit that this show is definitely moving hella fast. It’s not a bad thing.

Previews show Sawaki looking for his mother and Toru pretending in one scene not to know who she is at all. I think he’s lying there, but who knows. It also looks like Toru’s a ticking time bomb and he’s having issues with Asahina! Can’t wait for next week! I loved Toru’s and Sawaki’s S&M conversation and Yasuoka’s ingenious way of trying to make sure Toru remembers who he is. This show has a great blend of heavier, serious drama with lots of laughs mixed in.


  • Been refreshing your page like a mad woman! Thank you for recap of Ep 3. Ahhhh… so that explains why I feel like Yoko’s actions towards Toru have a sense of falseness in it in the past episodes. The table is contrived. Then I’ll bet the motorcycle ride was also contrived. Going to rewatch Ep 3 after reading your recaps. Thank you again for fast recap!!

    • Sorry, I ended up helping pick veggies & can them so I just found time last night.
      Yoko may genuinely like Toru, but what shes doing isn’t right.

      • Please, there is no need to apologise. I’m grateful that you are recapping.
        I rewatched Ep 3 with subs, and replayed the part where Sawaki was flirting with Toru after some drinks over dinner together (where her professor stood her up), and Toru was enjoying every minute of her conversation and laughter. But I was scratching my head why “Obstinate Star” is so hilarious? Can anyone elaborate?

        • Hmm, I think the hilarity had to do with the fact that Sawaki was WAY drunk at that time, plus it’s a play on the characters that make up one of their names. It might be funnier if you have kind of a grasp of the language & the meaning behind characters.

          As an update, gardening and lawnmowing done, so my apologies for the delays, but real life always comes knocking. I’ll get episode 4 up tomorrow night after work hopefully.

          • Thanks for updating us on your recapping timeline.
            I’m clueless regarding play on characters since the only language I know is English. I’ll take your word on it that it is funny. ^__^
            Looking forward to your ep 4 recap.

  • I love this drama I m looking forward for next episode… 🙂 ^_^ cwn’t wait for next one…… 🙂

    • I love it, too & am eagerly awaiting the next episode >_<

      • jeez ,its such a great dramas ever ,i hope they keep it as a long drama type 🙂 now with no Japanese im suffering from watching without understanding..waiting for episode 4 recap…faster ,sooooooooner pls 😦

  • Yay episode 3 is finally up. Enjoying this show too much, not just bacuse of Shun but the story’s great too. Thank you so much for recapping. I wish it’s ended already when I discover it coz I can’t bear waiting for new episodes. Why oh why can’t it be atleast 2 episodes per week and I wish it’s longer than the usual japanese dorama.

    • You’re welcome! I know, the agonizing wait until there is more episodes! I am not sure if I’d want this drama to be longer or not as the length of Japanese doramas usually fits the pacing of the story rather well. There are those, of course, which are less than satisfying as they have the open-ended ending that leaves you guessing just what will happen.

  • OMG! ME TOO! I wish I didn’t know this drama until it has already aired it’s last episode, because I absolutely cannot wait for 1 episode to air every Monday! I wonder how they’re going to keep this drama going since it’s moving quite fast. I hope they stick to one solid story line and build up on that instead of something like…uh…”Gokusen” for example. Shun is so freakin good looking in here. His hair, his expression, everything is just….*dies*. The lead gal is very pretty too, although sometimes her acting is a wee little annoying, but that doesn’t matter. I wanna see more romance in this drama too! Hehe. Thanks for the recap!

  • To wait for next Monday is really tiring and bothersome. However, at the time posting this, l’ve already watched Ep 4. But just watch, not knowing any single word they’re saying. i dont understand Japanese. How long should l wait for Eng sub…?

    Sawaki seen the kissing Yoko and Toru. That’s the end of Ep 4. In ep 4, our main lead starts to develop closeness, mainly when they’re working together (only them) in Toru’s office. But seems that they just having fun, no feelings involved, except a bit from Sawaki.

    We can see that Toru is more comfortable and feel relax when Sawaki is around. He notice her appearance in his life. It is so touch to see Toru put his head on Sawaki’s shoulder to sleep in the plane. Sawaki has had that wide smile on her (preview for ep 5). l just cant wait for next Monday.

  • 😀 😀 😀
    Okay, I’m curious and really want to know where is the story going to lead us……

    *waiting for your recaps*

    Thank you so much for sharing this series!

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