Smile, Donghae Episode 31 Recap

Saewa and Do Jin really do deserve each other. The first thing they both think of is to use their power in order to get what they want and to rid themselves of unwanted people. In the last episode, Do Jin warns Donghae to watch himself as Do Jin is his boss and has the right to fire him, etc. In this episode, Saewa flaunts her new status to threaten both Donghae and Bongi about their jobs. A match made in hell.

Both Saewa and Donghae are flustered when they see one another. Bongi rushes out of the locker room wondering just why Donghae is taking forever and is shocked to learn he went upstairs to serve the food. She then rationalizes that he was bound to find out sooner or later and its better that he knows now. Poor Bongi, always caught in the middle. She wanted to tell him so badly, but just couldn’t. And, in a sense, what right did she have to tattle on Saewa when she was never 100% certain of just what the other girl was doing. Saewa is so rattle she spilled her wine on her dress and then spilled a second glass on the table. This shocks the Kim family. Just what is wrong with her? Do Jin then demands Donghae clean up the mess. Ouch, but then again, he doesn’t know their history yet. I wonder what will happen when he learns how badly Saewa played him?

Donghae heads back to the locker room and recalls all those moments leading up to Saewa abandoning him. Did she betray him for this, for Do Jin? Well, It’s kind of obvious, you know? Saewa is still flustered. Hye Sook tells her to eat while she can as it seems Saewa is getting even thinner. Saewa excuses herself to go to the restroom to collect herself. She immediately tries calling Donghae, but there is no answer. She then runs into Bongi and pulls the other girl into the stairwell with her. She immediately demands to know why Donghae is working at the hotel and just what is he up to? Bongi says that “we” are up to nothing. This we annoys Saewa. Bongi then gets her backbone back again and lights into Saewa who is the lowest of lows. She should feel sorry and ashamed for what she’s done. Saewa hauls off and slaps Bongi. Wowza! This floors the other girl. Saewa threatens Bongi’s job if she and Donghae try anything and then heads back upstairs to find Do Jin who was coming to see if she was okay. Saewa says she went to the stairs to be alone as she was embarrassed after spilling the wine. Riiiight. She lies too easily. If she keeps this up, it will become habitual and she won’t know when to stop. I must admit, it was a good, non-fake looking slap scene. I could have done without Saewa’s promise to kill Bongi and herself should Bongi leak the secret.

The rattled Bongi returns to the kitchen and finds the shattered Donghae in the locker room. She is sorry as she knows he must be hurting. Donghae unleashes his fury on Bongi. He knows why Saewa wasn’t straightforward with him, but how could Bongi keep such a secret from him? She knew, right? She knew all of this time and let him be played for such a fool. Bongi says that keeping it from him was killing her, and she hated seeing him get hurt. But Donghae’s anger is not assuaged. This drives Bongi to tears once more and she storms out of the kitchen. Poor girl, she not only got slapped but verbally/emotionally sucker punched by a good friend. Bongi was right when she demanded to know why Donghae was blaming her for the breakup. It wasn’t her fault. Nor could she tell him everything when she, in fact, only had a vague idea of what Saewa was doing?

Sool Nyeo has made it back home and is thinking of ways to get Anna under her watchful eye. Meanwhile, Sun Ok is looking for work to supplement the family income. Anna also asks to work, but Sun Ok doesn’t think Anna is up to the task. Sool Nyeo then calls and the two head over to the salon. Sool Nyeo offers Anna a job doing all the odd tasks that Sun Ok used to do. Sun Ok pulls Sool Nyeo out and says that Anna’s son won’t like it, plus Anna is mentally disabled. This surprises Sool Nyeo. This should reassure her that Pil Jae wouldn’t go for a disabled woman, but she isn’t convinced. She must keep Anna there and Anna is willing to work. As she is telling Anna what to do, she gets a call from Saeyoung and remembers that she forgot to send over Kim Joon’s gift. Back at the Kim house, Saewa is noticeably pale and the family worries after her. She says she is fine, it’s just that her mother is ill and she begs to leave to go to her. Liar, liar. Before she leaves, they decide to hold the wedding before the year is out.

Sool Nyeo has prepared a gift for both Kim and Pil Jae. Why would she buy Pil Jae a present when they aren’t even that close, even if she is crushing on him? She then demands her son-in-law act as her chauffer. Poor, Tae Hoon. She has him grab the bag for Kim and he grabs the one intended for his uncle! This can’t be good. Saewa heads to the Lee house and is furious that Donghae seems to be ignoring her calls. Sun Ok comes home and invites her in. Donghae soon arrives and when he tells Sun Ok that he has no idea when Bongi is coming home, Sun Ok goes off to her room to call her daughter. Donghae heads into his room only to be followed by Saewa who keeps doing her song and dance. When will she realize that NOT EVERYTHING has to do with her? God she is so…so…what’s the word I’m looking for? Self-important? Vain? Donghae can’t believe this. He also can’t believe it when she tells him to  quit as his pride shouldn’t allow him to have her fiancé as his boss. He then spouts off (after she threatens his job) that he was personally hired by Hong Hye Sook, so good luck getting rid of him. Hye Sook knew he was engaged to someone in Korea, what would she do if she found out it was Saewa who abandoned him to marry Do Jin? Of course Saewa doesn’t believe this. I cheered when Donghae turned the tables. Saewa needs to know that she isn’t safe. Donghae isn’t one to do something like Saewa would, but if push comes to shove, he’ll do what he needs to. Good for him. And it will probably be because Saewa should have left well enough alone, but didn’t.

Saewa goes home and is horrified to learn her mother went over to the Kim house as she had lied to the Kims about Sool Nyeo being sick. She quickly calls her mother who fakes a cough in front of Hye Sook. She then presents her with the present saying that it is good for Kim Joon’s health. Sool Nyeo then asks about the wedding as there is a lot to prepare. Hye Sook says that Sool Nyeo and Saewa can talk it over and choose a date before the year is out. This makes Sool Nyeo very happy. Back home, Sool Nyeo tells Saewa that she was the epitome of courtesy to Hye Sook. She also bought expensive ginseng for Kim Joon. However, it wasn’t ginseng he received, but the animal print panties she bought Pil Jae (of all the gifts to give the man you’re interested in…doesn’t that send the wrong signal?). Hye Sook is livid to say the least. LOL. Ah, when will Sool Nyeo figure this out?

Donghae comes to his senses and realizes Anna isn’t there. He asks where she is and is not happy when Sun Ok replies that she got a job at Sool Nyeo’s salon. He immediately heads out with Pil Jae to go collect her. Both he and Pil Jae scold Anna for working. Anna insists she wishes to help out and ease Donghae’s burden. Before he can take his mother home, he gets a call from Kang Jae requesting his help. Donghae heads out and leaves Anna in Pil Jae’s care. He insists that Anna shouldn’t work in such a place and will take her home. Kang Jae notices Donghae’s dour mood and offers his ear. He shall act as a surrogate father until Donghae finds his real one. Awww. Coming off of Love Forward where they made such talks preachy and obvious, Smile, Donghae manages to make these lessons more bearable and not so in-your-face annoying. Anywho, Donghae can’t tell him what is really go on, at least not yet. Instead, he just says that he isn’t sure he fits in at the hotel and wonders if he made the right decision as right now his pride is stinging. Kang Jae says that the hardest thing about selling cabbages at first was running into people he knew. He once had a thriving business with over 100 employees and now he’s out selling cabbages. After awhile, he soon came to love the truck and what he does. Donghae will, too, if he bucks up. Donghae then asks to be let off so he can go to the hotel and apologize to Bongi as he was mean to her earlier.

Bongi is at the hotel practicing (or rather murdering an innocent potato). She wonders why she is taking such unfairness lying down. She heads over to Saewa’s place just as Donghae enters the kitchen. He looks around, but no Bongi. He tries calling, but no answer. Saewa goes down to meet Bongi and wonders what’s up. Bongi slaps her good. Atta girl! Saewa is stunned. Bongi says she always pays back her debt. Saewa calls her childish and Bongi agrees that she is, but what right did Saewa have to slap her? Not even her own parents have done that. Saewa goes to slap Bongi again, but Bongi stops her. They are done now. Sool Nyeo comes out and wonders what happened. Bongi quickly excuses herself and Sool Nyeo wants to rush after her when she realizes Bongi slapped her precious daughter. Saewa stops her saying that she and Bongi had something happen and she will take care of it.

Donghae keeps searching for and calling Bongi. Where is she? Drowning her sorrows in alcohol. Sool Nyeo caught her! Why does everything go wrong for her? Bongi then blames Donghae and refuses to pick up and just keeps drinking. When she finally heads home, Donghae spots her at last. She wants nothing to do with him, but he apologizes over and over again. He should have never said such things to her, but he was hurting and not thinking straight. He’ll do whatever it takes so that she isn’t mad at him anymore. Bongi finally calms down and gives him a study guide to get his chef’s license in Korea. She also gives him some of her recipes. If they are going to be partners, then they need each other to win. Donghae is touched and the two go into the Lee house friendly once more.

Hye Sook meets with Do Jin and staff and they decide since it’s the busy time of year for their food department, the layoffs will be postponed until after the new year and the competition. The others leave and Hye Sook calls down to the kitchen to have Donghae brought up. This annoys Do Jin. Get over it. Hye Sook asks Donghae to make Kim lunch twice a week as he really enjoys Donghae’s food. The young man is honored. Saewa then arrives and is horrified to find Donghae there. She is even more horrified to learn that Donghae wasn’t lying when he said Hye Sook handpicked him. She pulls him into the stairwell (where she slapped Bongi earlier) and demands he quit once again. Donghae refuses. Saewa ruined his life once already and he won’t stand by and have her do it a second time, so don’t get in the way of his plans. Well, of course, Saewa takes this to mean he’s working at the hotel to destroy her. Nope. He’s in search of his past, dumbass. Saewa decides to take matters into her own hands and force Donghae to  quit by going to Anna. The older woman doesn’t want to see the girl who hurt Donghae, but Saewa doesn’t take no for an answers and grabs Anna and drags her off.

The nerve of that witch!


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