Cross Gene – La-Di Da-Di


Yongseok – main vocals

I didn’t blog this when the debut MV was released. Quite honestly it took awhile for the song to grow on me. After I finally decided I liked it from listening to the MV and watching it over and over again, I felt greatly disappointed when I listened to this song live. Why? Okay, in my opinion Korean member  Yongseok who is the lead vocalist who sings the verses practically by himself has a rather unique voice that I am NOT a fan of. Sometimes unique voices grow on me. This isn’t the case here. The man sounds like he has a cold. And when watching this live, it’s not until halfway through the song that his voice sounds more warmed up and and natural.

Now, Shin Won Ho. I LOVE him. He’s the adorable annoying wannabe idol from Bachelor’s Vegetable Store and he’s currently starring in Big with Gong Yoo and Suzy from Miss A. His singing is average and I don’t think necessarily warrants quite the amount of backlash he’s getting about how he should stick to acting. Seriously, on this one forum. Shakes head.

Shin Won Ho

Shin – visuals, vocals

I am curious as to why leader and Japanese member Terada Takuya doesn’t have any actual singing parts. It looks like he might contribute to the “la-di da-di” part of the chorus, but its really hard to tell in the MV and their live performances. I know Takuya can sing  decently as he made his singing (and maybe acting) debut with the drama Sign with fellow Amuse members Sakurada Dori and Uehara Takuya (Grell-san!). I also know that his Korean is pretty darn fluent. So why no lines for him? I like how people who don’t know anything about the group assume that since he’s the sole Japanese member, he doesn’t know any Korean and thus why he has no lines whatsoever. Nope. He knows Korean and he can sing. So why no lines shall remain a mystery.

Terada Takuya

Takuya – leader, visuals

Chinese member JG is freaking awesome! His voice, I fell in love with his voice. If Yongseok solely carries the verses, then JG basically carries the chorus himself. Not that he needs any help with his powerful voice. 😛 The other Chinese member Casper and the third Korean member Sangmin don’t have much to offer vocally in this song either. They are the rappers and well, there isn’t much rap. Okay, there isn’t any rap. They just handle the introduction to this song and some of the harder, cooler dance moves, plus that one line of English about liking the curve and move.


J.G. – main vocals

Actually, looking back at debuts so far this year, they remind me of EXO and their “prologues.” In the song “What is Love” both K and M only showcased two of their vocalists (D.O. and Baekhyun for K and Chen and Luhan ❤ for M). This song basically showcases JG and Yongseok. What is the point of having a larger group if you are not even allowing them to sing? I mean, I think everyone in SuJu gets at least 1 line with their stronger vocalists carrying the majority of the song. So why? Why don’t you distribute the parts more evenly?

Okay. So the dance. Yeah. Cross Gene is trying to stand out (what with boasting members from China, Japan, and Korea, etc. who had impressive backgrounds in other fields before debuting as a group). Well, this dance definitely catches your attention. They start off sitting down. Yep. Sitting. You start a song talking about how you love a girl’s dancing and you’re only sitting. And then when they get off their rears they have pretty odd dances (like the weird dinosaur line dance). They are also another group who actually focuses more on hand movements (NU’EST had some more complicated hand [not arm, HAND] movements in their debut]. Won’t lie, not 100% liking the dance.


Casper – rapper, dancer


Sangmin – rapper, dancer

If you do watch the MV and then watch the live performances, they are not the same. As in they actually change up what members are dancing what. In the video, Yongseok does this one handstand flip thingy and when you watch them perform it like, it’s Takuya who’s actually performing it. Weird. I wonder why they switched it up? Is it too hard for Yongseok to sing and flip at the same time? Probably.

Cross Gene

So, if I was to rate them grade-wise, it would probably be a “C.” I don’t think their debut matches what one person posted on a forum about how much they hate this group and how all the members should just die because they suck. That’s way too harsh. Despite not being the best debut, the song is addictive.

  1. Like I said, not impressed with Yongseok who carries a lot of the vocals for the song
  2. Not all that crazy about the entire dance, though parts are really good
  3. Not happy with basically showcasing 2 members vocally in a 6 member group (I had this same issue with EXO’s “What is Love”)
  4. The costumes for the MV. Who matches their artists’ clothes to the flooring and wallpaper?
  5. The English. Or should I say Engrish?

Let us take a look at the lyrics, shall we?

First of, while la-di da-di basically does not have a negative meaning and is just gibberish in the grand scheme of things, it’s usually only referenced now when it comes to sarcasm (la-di freaking da). Meaning, basically, “So what?”

Okay. Now, as for the rest of the song.

Yeah Baby girl I don’t know if this is love
But I just cannot get my eyes off of you

Technically speaking, the word “get” is being used improperly. They should say “take” as in “I just cannot take my eyes off of you.” Get is just a whole lotta wrong.

And just want you to know how I really feel inside
Cuz you make me go La-Di Da-Di

Well, the only bad part about the above phrase is the fact that the first line is missing a subject. There should technically be an “I” after “and” in the beginning referencing just who is talking. Not that big of a deal, but still wrong.

I like her move and the curve and the look on the face

The problem with the above lyric is “I like her move.” I don’t know if you can really say that. I think they should be saying “I like her moves.” And when you get to the next part “and the curve” – just what curve and what part of the body are they referring to? Or do they mean to say that they like the woman’s curves? I don’t know. It’s kind of hard to tell.

I’mma crazy I’mma crazy for your dancing tonight

Okay. It should be “I am,” but this would be correct if you’re utilizing slang or more urban verbiage.

Come on crazy you are killing me now

Um, yeah. Not quite sure what to say about this, but it doesn’t make sense grammatically. Is he calling the girl crazy and saying that she’s killing him now? The next line which has going crazy waiting for you (the waiting for you is Korean technically) makes much more sense than this line.

I think that’s it for the poor English in the lyrics. The song, for the most part, makes sense. Not 100% though as some of the lines in Korean combined with the English aren’t the most proper and can be confusing. But the gist is there’s this guy who likes this girl who can really get her groove on and she’s driving him crazy with her dancing so he wishes to be with her and maybe she can fall for him, too. Pretty straightforward.

La-Di Da-Di MV:

La-Di Da-Di Live:

Cross Gene
Timeless Begins

Release date: 13 June 2012
Buy on YesAsia
04. LA-DI DA-DI *타이틀곡
06. LA-DI DA-DI (instrumental)


  • Actually, Takuya didn’t sing because he wasn’t comfortable with his Korean himself (even though it was good as you said). Takuya did sing in the Japanese version of this song.

    Also, the dance is based off of Kungfu, which Kento Mori (award winning choreographer) created. He’s worked with Madonna, Usher, Michael Jackson among other top acts.

  • I think it’s extremely rude of you to say that about Yongseok’s voice, have some fucking respect.

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