AA – Kimchi Sing’s Adele’s Rolling in the Deep

Kimchi, AooraSo, yes, NeeNee is a AA fangirl. I love all the boys (I can say boys as even the eldest is like 6 months younger than me :-P). Ah, their debut “Because I’m Crazy” or “So Crazy” caught my attention with the weird sweeping dance (or as I called it, pelvic thrusts) and their colorful, unique voices (well, probably Kimchi’s and Aoora’s are the most unique). Their second song on the single “Call” was an awesome analog song that really caught my attention. Well, I admit, when I first heard it I didn’t like it. Then I kept listening to it and listening to it and before I knew it, I was hooked. They’re one of the few groups I can semi-sing along to when the song plays.

The boys just released this cover of maknae #1 Kimchi singing Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep.” Do you know what impressed me the most (besides Kimchi’s awesome voice)? I can actually understand what he’s saying. A lot of times when Asian singers sing in English it kind of sounds like gibberish to me. Oh, and notice how he’s singing this song with AA’s “Because I’m Crazy” MV playing in the background. That amused me.

Also, Aoora released a cover, too, of Jay Sean’s “Down.” I can’t understand his 100%, but it’s pretty darn good. The problem was the music drowned out his voice for a bit, making it hard to understand his. I am not sure if I like yellow hair on him. The white/platinum hair suits Kimchi, but yellow on Aoora…


  • Oooh, an Asian cover of an Adele song! What fun! He’s not too bad at it either 🙂 I like!

    As soon as someone covers “Set Fire to the Rain” let me know! 😛

    • Sure thing!
      I love Kimchi’s voice. It’s very unique and he did surprisingly well singing in English. I know it’s a hard language esp. for Asians to sing in.

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