Love Forward Episode 18 Recap

Eh, it seems again that much isn’t happening while a whole lot is at the same time. Ling Li is pursuing her May-December romance at full speed and trying to help Ren Wei who is so clueless about what to do when he REALLY likes someone. We also have Ai Xing trying to make Tian Ze remember his past, only to have Grandpa weave his own past memories for Tian Ze. It gets rather complicated, but on the upside, Tian Ze believes he was in love and dating Ai Xing before his accident. I can totally ship that.

Step 18: He’s mine, but who do I belong to?

You know, usually with these step titles, you can figure out who’s saying them as they are also usually brought up again in the episode. This time, I don’t really understand it. I guess maybe it’s Jing Jing. Is she thinking that Tian Ze is hers, but who exactly does she belong to? Oh, right. I think she and Ai Xing had a discussion about that when Jing Jing went to visit our convalescing amnesiac.

Tian Ze goes home to Ai Xing’s apartment where he’s formally introduced to Zhi Xing and then told the apartment isn’t his, but Ai Xing’s. Ai Xing comes up with the bags and rushes to grab a piggy bank that Jing Jing gave her from her successful marketing promotion. She tells Tian Ze to put the penny in it that the doctor gave him. Tian Ze holds up the penny and says, “I should start anew with this penny.” This makes Ai Xing happy. Yes, start fresh, save lots of money and buy a big house. She even has her twin brother saving what money he can get. Ah, the frugal Ai Xing.

Ai Xing goes to get the rest of the bags and Grandpa shows Tian Ze the house. Tian Ze catches a glimpse of the picture of him and Jing Jing above his couch bed and Grandpa hurries and puts it face down.

This is not nice to look at. Don’t look at it. If you want to look around, look at that. That’s Ai Xing.

Grandpa and Zhi Xing then walk Tian Ze over to Zhi Xing’s drawing of his jie jie. Ai Xing comes up complaining about the amount of bags they had to take from the hospital and she catches Grandpa fabricating Tian Ze’s and her relationship. She tries to intervene, but Grandpa constantly manages to cut her off so she can’t tell Tian Ze the truth. Thus Tian Ze envisions the memories that Grandpa tells him about. We have a sweet, demure Ai Xing in trendy clothes and Tian Ze who loved her at first sight. Riiight. Grandpa mixes up Tian Ze’s and Jing Jing’s first meetings with Tian Ze’s and Ai Xing’s, he also turns the memories of their constant fighting into something else. Having enough, Ai Xing drags Grandpa out and scolds him. Grandpa then explains that the therapist said that love would help Tian Ze out. What better love than that of a girlfriend? Plus, this should keep Tian Ze from suffering a setback from recalling his troubled past with Jing Jing. Well, it sort of makes sense and he really jumps on Ai Xing’s loyalty and concern for Tian Ze’s wellbeing.

Come on, just pretend to be his girlfriend – help him with love, right? The therapist also said love is the source, love makes everything possible. So please help him with love.

…I can’t tell him that Jing Jing is his girlfriend. Think about it, Jing Jing will marry someone else soon. If you tell him now and he remembers, he’ll be upset again. What if he forgets who he is again. What will we do then? So please…pretend to be his girlfriend. Help him with love, that’s called loyalty.

I loved how Grandpa called Ai Xing out on her feelings saying that she had already fallen for his grandson a long time ago. Ai Xing declares that as nonsense, but I think it isn’t. Why? Well, why else would she look so crestfallen when she caught Jing Jing and Tian Ze together before the motorcycle accident? Why did she put up with Tian Ze for all these years and do her best to take care of him? Think about it, Ai Xing. I think this amnesia is just what they need to finally get their relationship off the ground.

Ai Xing and Grandpa go back inside and Grandpa leaves Ai Xing to look after Tian Ze while he cooks dinner. Tian Ze gets closer and closer onto the couch and Ai Xing gets more and more uncomfortable and keeps sliding away until she slides off the couch. Tian Ze grabs her in time to keep her from falling and he tells her that he is very happy that she and his grandfather are so good to him after such a big accident. This surprises and throws Ai Xing. She then says he’s welcome. Tian Ze vows he will get better and Ai Xing says he must. Of course he muse. As much as I like amnesiac Tian Ze, it will be better for him to regain who he once was, I think, and put his past officially behind him instead of running from it.

We then get Ling Li taking Yia Nan into hand. She takes him to a salon and demands a makeover in only an hour. Why? She needs a drinking partner for a business meeting with some female clients. Okay, so even if this is out of order, I’m going to do it here. Ling Li takes the transformed Yia Nan (he looks really good, I must say) to what looks like a club. She tells him its his job to drink and smile. Yia Nan starts doing just that before their guests arrive. Ling Li is shocked by this display, but lets him continue to drink and smile. It gets to the point where Yia Nan gets completely wasted and poor Ling Li is stuck trying to get him into her car. It was really funny watching him stand up in the sunroof and should he’s king of the world in English. Who knew Yia Nan could be so funny? I also like how Yia Nan is completely clueless about Ai Xing and Tian Ze possibly falling for each other and how Ling Li spells it out for him.

Tian Ze goes to help Grandpa cook as he wishes to show love to both his grandfather and Ai Xing. Awwww. That’s so cute! I mean, he did really nice things for Ai Xing all the time in the cooking and coffee department, but its really nice to have his feelings coming to the surface about doing that to express his love. He couldn’t forget Jing Jing who was his first love, but somewhere along the way he fell for Ai Xing, but Jing Jing was always between them. Even if Tian Ze had made a move, I don’t think Ai Xing would have done anything. If you go by certain little signs and some of Ai Xing’s and Tian Ze’s fights – its all there to see. We also had the therapist in the last episode tell Tian Ze that while his memories are hiding, it’s the best time to start fresh and break off a relationship. Perhaps this was Tian Ze’s way out without intentionally hurting Jing Jing. Anywho, during dinner, Ai Xing can’t believe the sudden change in Tian Ze’s attitude. It really effects her quite hard and she has to remind herself that the present TIan Ze isn’t the real Tian Ze. LOL. It’s okay to fall for him Ai Xing, it really is. It was cute how Zhi Xing announced that Tian Ze is like him so he will have to look after him and Ai Xing immediately says that their situations are NOT the same. Maybe because Tian Ze’s is reversible and Zhi Xing’s isn’t…? I loved how Tian Ze agreed with her, but then asked how they were different. LOL. I also loved how AI Xing then says it’s because Tian Ze’s possessed (which Grandpa says means its like your knickers are too tight).

Jing Jing holds her box of memories (how apt that Tian Ze gave her those just before he lost his of their time together) and really seems to miss her dad. So she heads to the snack bar where she asks the owner about her father’s first love. The owner doesn’t know who the woman was (it isn’t her). All she knows is that the woman disappeared one day and Mr. Meng had no idea why. I do wonder if his first love is Mrs. Zeng and that means that the twins are his. I think Ai Xing is older than Jing Jing. Probably not a whole lot older, but she’s older. But then again, it doesn’t make 100% sense if she was. Why would she leave? Because her best friend Mrs. Meng was in love with him? I wonder when this mystery will finally be solved?

Once, your dad was drunk. He told me he fell in love with a woman was very naïve and kind. But she left him without telling him why. No one can predict if a relationship is going to be long or short. There’s no guarantee whether one will remember or not.

Very wise words from the owner. Ren Wei then enters and sits down next to Jing Jing. He shares her shochu and they find out that the both love shochu from Kagoshima. If only they had met on better terms. Ren Wei really wishes to know how their relationship would have turned out. Could he have won over TIan Ze. Jing Jing states that she didn’t think Ren Wei would want to be compared to Tian Ze and walks out. The owner then approaches him and finally tells him the truth. It looks like Mr. Meng and his partner did not leave Sha (Ren’s family name) to pick up the pieces of their mess. Shao was reckless and impatient (that explains Ren Wei’s attitude) and Mr. Meng and his other partner really urged caution, but Shao got buried too deep. Mr. Meng did help him out, but he couldn’t intervene in the running otherwise his own family would be in jeopardy. And Shao, instead of fixing the situation, only buried himself deeper until the unfortunate incident occurred. Well, talk about a blow to Ren Wei, but how would he have known? He was just a child going on his father’s words and his own bitterness.

Don’t hate Director Meng and don’t hate Jing Jing. He might not be a successful boss, but he’s a good person. Jing Jing is innocent. Don’t let revenge blind you. Just like you said, if you didn’t start with revenge, but with love, would you two have had a chance?

Of course, Ren Wei calls up his love coach for advice (she’s trying to get the drunk and unruly Yia Nan into the car at this point). Ren Wei wants to know when you know its love and not hatred fueling your intentions. Could it be that he really does like Jing Jing. My answer (and Ling Li’s) face palm you idiot. Ling Li then urges him to buy the things she likes to eat, be nice, be her slave with no complaints (that’s a little much, but hey. He’s got to pursue Jing Jing with his sincerity. She then hangs up leaving Ren Wei at a loss. Doesn’t she know that he has no idea how to pursue? I f you recall in an earlier episode, Ren Wei had told Ai Xing that he never went after girls as they all came on to him first. Well, better late than never.

Ai Xing calls Jing Jing to let her know that they are going to Mei Ze for a few days to help jog Tian Ze’s memories and she invites Jing Jing to come along to help.

Ai Xing, have you ever thought that it’s not a bad idea to be someone else sometimes? Perhaps you can see some things you didn’t see before.

This remark from Jing Jing worries Ai Xing and she wishes to meet her, but Jing Jing says she’s fine, its just that two people turned into strangers over night. Looks like Jing Jing doesn’t know what to make of the Ren Wei who’s trying to reach out to her sincerely. Actually, even though Ren Wei has been annoying for most of the series, I’m pretty sure Ai Xing already knew how he was deep down. Will Jing Jing accept the real Ren Wei? Or will she pine for Tian Ze for the rest of her miserable (by choice) life?

The next day they arrive in Mei Ze with Grandpa still spinning his tails. While he goes to put the bags away, Ai Xing breaks down and tells TIan Ze its all lies. Grandpa comes out again to stop her. Tian Ze is confused, but still willing to believe that Ai Xing is his girlfriend. Meanwhile, Jing Jing is on her way to see him. Ren Wei bribed the taxi driver to fake a breakdown so he could drive her instead. He’s doing his best to follow Ling Li’s advice which amuses and frustrates him all at the same time.

They get there and Ren Wei answers Tian Ze’s  question that Jing Jing is Tian Ze’s ex-girlfriend, much to Grandpa’s horror. Jing Jing then refutes this. She is just Ai Xing’s best friend and Ren Wei’s girlfriend. AI Xing cannot believe this. Jing Jing tells her that its because Tian Ze needs Ai Xing’s help the most to get him through this rough patch. She then brings up the fact that while Tian Ze may be hers, who does she belong to? This then is followed by a speech from Jing Jing about how nobody can own another person (eyeroll).

I was laughing and squeeing over Ren Wei and Tian Ze! Those two together right now equal awesome instead of a hot-headed testosterone battle. Ren Wei is pleasantly pleased and surprised with the dramatic change in Tian Ze’s attitude and even Tian Ze’s love advice. The two get along and are like the best of friends now. Ren Wei even encourages Tian Ze to hurry and regain his memories so that he can come back to work for him. I also like how everyone talking about Ai Xing and Tian Ze gets Ai Xing all worked up. Our poor girl is feeling guilty because its all a lie and Jing Jing has to sit through and watch the man she loves believing Ai Xing is his girlfriend. And Jing Jing? Yeah, she USES Ren Wei and pretends to be a happy couple (but Tian Ze picks up that this isn’t the case). Ren Wei knows he’s being used, too but says he doesn’t care as long as he is of some use to Jing Jing. Ahhh, that kind of makes me hurt for him.

Ren Wei goes to head back to town and Jing Jing, recalling all her suspicions and doubts about Ai Xing and Tian Ze goes back with him. And she promised to let him go gracefully. What a liar. Yeah, it should hurt a bit, but it’s almost like she’s twisting things now. Maybe her darker thoughts are true, but I really wish she’s stop saying and doing two different things.

We then end with Grandpa and Zhi Xing trying to teach Tian Ze how to read with one of his college law books. However, those two really have no clue. Ai Xing comes in and makes Tian Ze only to allow her to teach him that. She falls asleep while he studies and he happily watches her. Can’t wait for the next episode. I’m almost caught up! WOOT!

Oh, and yeah, the panty scene with Zhi Xing, Ai Xing, and Tian Ze. PRICELESS! Heehee. Now why on earth would Tian Ze try to get Zhi Xing to wear Ai Xing’s panties on his head? I think that was the final straw for Jing Jing in this episode.


  • Wow NeeNee, I’m impressed by how quickly you got up these recaps!! Thanks so much, it’s great reading someone else’s reviews!!

    Yeah I really wish Jing Jing would stop being so hypocritical. Of course she should have some trouble letting go of Tian Ze, but the problem is that she’s NOT TRYING to let go of him. In fact it’s just the opposite, up until now it’s like she’s clinging onto him for dear life. I felt so bad for Ren Wei when Jing Jing used him 😥 Like you said, Jing Jing is the one making herself miserable…but she just blames others for her circumstances..

    Oh, and I love the new bromance between Tian Ze & Ren Wei! And I’m glad they’re on equal levels of awesomeness now!

    • Wow NeeNee, I’m impressed by how quickly you got up these recaps!! Thanks so much, it’s great reading someone else’s reviews!!

      I impressed myself. At first, catching up seemed a little daunting, but then it went by pretty speedily as I tried to watch one episode a day 😛 I love reading your reviews and thoughts on this drama as well, so that was my fix while I was stepping back to be able to look at the series a little differently.

      No, Jing Jing is NOT trying to let Tian Ze go. Where did all of her big words go? She begs him to wake up in the hospital saying that she will leave him so he can be happy. But she just can’t bring herself to leave him even when she sees he’s obviously much better off without her.

      Oh, and I love the new bromance between Tian Ze & Ren Wei! And I’m glad they’re on equal levels of awesomeness now!

      I totally agree!!!! I love seeing their changed relationship. I wouldn’t mind if things continued on this way >_<

      • Now that takes devotion!! *sigh* Maybe I still have hope to finish the dramas I stopped posting about then…I have so much to catch up on T_T

        And I love seeing Ren Wei all mature and kind and gentlemanly now!!!!!! *swoon*

        • Devotion? Maybe, but I will admit to not finishing quite a few series myself & I feel guilty every time one gets abandoned.

          Ah, Ren Wei! His evolution proves Leroy Young’s acting chops 🙂

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