Asian Addicts Anonymous Facebook Page

You know, I am pretty sure I did announce this page when I first got it up and running. Now, I am just mentioning it in passing again as instead of posting status updates on here, I (NeeNee) actually post a lot on the Facebook page. I do impressions and quick reviews there as well. So, just so you know, you can stalk us on Facebook for news, project updates and more, like nichan’s random artist musings and postings of Asian-related events around the US. If you want to. You can also follow on Twitter as well. Eventually I’ll get a new Twitter account set up for Asian Addicts Anonymous instead of just using my personal account…not that I shall ever understand Twitter. Oh, and I also post brief impressions on my Live Journal account…yeah…so, stalk away for more goodies ^_^



NeeNee’s Live Journal:

And join in the discussion! Post comments, feel free to NICELY disagree with opinions on music and reviews and to add your own thoughts on the dramas we recap. Really, we can be nice and we don’t bite…often.

Oh, and I should probably finish getting ready to go to work…whoops. Where did the time go? Until tonight when I will hopefully get subtitle releases updated and ATARU 7 up. I am putting off Love Forward for very many reasons. Which, if you watch the drama, you might actually understand…sigh…stupid drama.

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