ATARU Episode 5 Recap

Sorry for the delay. I know there are four more episodes to go after this and I will try to get to them as fast as possible. Ah, Chokozai is growing up! I think he’s actually becoming a little less detached from the world being with Ebina, her family, and Sawa. I just wish that the whole mystery with Sawa and Mrs. Ebina has come to light already. It seems like Sawa might have been involved with the case, but given how old he is and how old the Ebina kids were when she died, it just doesn’t seem likely. So what exactly happened? I don’t know, but I am willing to bet that it was treated as a dump case when it was actually something more.

It’s breakfast time at the Ebina house and Ebina is scarfing down the noodles like always so Chokozai can have his curry soup. Her father points out that she wouldn’t have to bother stomaching the curry noodles so early in the day if she just took the noodles out before cooking. LMAO. Why didn’t Ebina think of that earlier? She then looks around for Sho and is told that he had already left for school. It’s cute to see the family relationship here and how they genuinely worry and care about each other (like Ebina isn’t happy that Sho ran off before breakfast). While Ebina was eating, Chokozai was mimicking her. He’s been doing this more and more in each episode. I actually don’t find it annoying, but cute. Ebina hands him his soup as they are getting ready to go to the hospital and she looks at the shrine to her mother. Did Sho choose his path because of their mom? Chokozai looks at the picture, too. I wonder what’s going through his head.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Sho is at a lecture about preparing for his internship at the hospital starting the next week. And Sho isn’t in this to become a doctor-doctor, but a psychiatrist. Do you know the difference between a psychologist and a psychiatrist? One can prescribe drugs and the other can’t. That’s seriously the main difference (okay, it’s probably a little deeper than that). While Kazurai is trying hard to explain things for the soon-to-be interns, her partner Asao, is bumbling around horribly, making the students wonder how he got to be where he is and even pass the national exams. This ends and the students are to move on to the next room for a drug lecture. Sho forgot his papers and had to run back to get them. Outside he notices the klutzy Asao from earlier on the stairs. Sho also notices another professor windmilling and finally falling down the stairs. I must say that the fall seemed to take forever, so I wondered why Asao, who was closer) didn’t try to help. As the Uematsu falls, Sho notices a flash of white. Did someone push the doctor?

Tamamori YutaSawa gets to work only to be called out by his supervisor for meddling in the international unit. Sawa tries to laugh it off and say it is nothing, but his boss seems less than enthused since he’s been receiving complaints. Poor Sawa. At this time the “accident” at the university hospital is called in and Sawa happily escapes. Chokozai, who is back at the hospital awaiting his exams, sees the announcement of Uematsu’s death and accepts the mission. Does anyone else wonder why Chokozai/Ataru chooses the missions he does? I think expressly last time, one of the reasons he defied Larry and still accepted the mission was because he saw Ebina, but that can’t be the sole reason.

At the university, Sawa is surprised to see Sho, but doesn’t say anything. The younger man leads them to the stairs and tells them where the professor was standing and where he thinks the person who pushed Uematsu was standing. The detectives don’t seem too happy when Sho can’t identify the criminal or even tell you the sex of the person. Sho’s view was obstructed so all he saw was that brief flash of white coat. Sho then tells about Asao being there as well and re-set up the scene. Sawa and crew then call out the interns and their professors to learn where they were when Uematsu fell. All of them show up except for Asao. They then question the others as to their whereabouts and no one else was in the vicinity when  Uematsu died, so the only one who can confirm if Uematsu was pushed would be the missing Asao. It’s at this time Ebina shows up, putting her hair up in a ponytail. She demands to know if breakfast was served at the meeting (I assume this question was because Sho skipped breakfast saying the school would provide food). Nozokai wonders why she is there when the case hasn’t been declared a dump yet and Sho steps forward and says he called her as she is his older sister. Surprise!

Meanwhile, the missing Asao is rushing around looking completely lost. He glances at his watch. I think he knows he’s got someplace he needs to be as they keep calling for him, but he seems to be a completely bumbler. As the elevator door opens, there is Chokozai scarfing down his mustard. This startles Asao. Chokozai looks at him and flashes back to another time on an elevator as the doors closed on his father and doctors in white coats. Chokozai then says “Ataru” (his REAL name that Larry said he wouldn’t reveal to anyone) and then he waves at the bewildered Asao as the doors close once more. This was such a cute and interesting scene. It’s a side of Chokozai we haven’t totally seen before. He actually waved and wasn’t mimicking anyone when he connected Asao with his past memory. Meanwhile, the crime scene investigation crew brings new information that blood was found on Uematsu’s badge on the top of the stairs. Whether it’s his or someone else’s, tests will tell. If the blood is indeed a different person’s then it is entirely possible that Sho was right and somebody pushed Uematsu then ran. At this moment, a message comes over the PA system asking for Ebina to meet her companion. Say what?

Ebina goes to the part of campus and tells the guard who she is. He makes a loud grump noise and points. Ebina looks and there is Chokozai. He ran away from the hospital again? I’m trying to figure out how they knew Chokozai belonged to Ebina as he usually doesn’t answer any questions and the only way to contact her would be if they searched Chokozai and he still had her card on him. Ebina then calls the man in charge of Chokozai and he says he talked to the hospital and tells Ebina just to watch Chokozai for now. Ebina gets annoyed as she realizes the man never called the hospital. Meanwhile, Sawa and crew finally meet with Asao only to have him assert that there was no one at the top of the stairs when Uematsu fell. Say what?

Sho and his three classmates are watching a movie that they are supposed to be writing a paper on. Ebina then comes in with Chokozai, surprising Sho. What’s Chokozai doing back? Ebina scolds Sho for watching a movie instead of studying and he says it’s his assignment and gives the title (it’s like the Schizophrenic or Autistic Musician). Hearing the movie’s title, Chokozai starts spouting off movie quotes and even gives the key points of the movie away, making one of the interns thankful as that meant he didn’t have to watch the movie now. Sawa then comes in is surprised to see Chokozai as well. He then informs Sho that Asao claimed no one pushed Uematsu. At this point, Chokozai says “Brain. Hallucination.” Sho wonders if Chokozai is saying that he somehow hallucinated the person in the white coat running away.

Sawa calls his boss to update him on the situation. since both eyewitnesses’ stories don’t agree, that means one of them is lying. Sawa sends Nozokai and  Tamakura back to the station to investigate and he tries to send Chokozai and Ebina home, but Ebina won’t leave as this case involves her little brother. Nozokai complains that if it wasn’t for Sho, this case would have been declared a dump. This angers Ebina and she tries (and fails) to fling her hairband at Nozokai’s retreating back.

Sawa, Matsushima, and Kuroki question other professors in the department to see if there is anyone Asao would life for. Of course there is. Apparently Asao is dating Kazurai whose thesis was harshly criticized by Uematsu meaning she did not get her assistant professor position. Matsushima is quick to point out that now there is motive and Kuroki points out just as quickly that the case is more likely to become a trash dump. Meanwhile, Ebina is giving signatures to Sho’s friends while learning more about Uematsu’s relationship with Professor Kadokura. It just so happens the male student’s surnames are Naka and Kamata which Chokozai keeps parroting while Ebina tries to question the students. Naka and Kamata saw Kadokura disagreeing with Uematsu’s on Uematsu’s thesis which was set up to benefit one while another is at a loss. The two don’t know what the thesis was about, though. Then Chokozai puts their names together to form “Nakakamata” – the area where Ebina first ran into Chokozai. Chokozai then gets up to leave and Ebina rushes off to stop him only to get the usual elbow in the stomach. She collapses and wonders just what is in Nakakamata to keep Chokozai wanting to go back.

Sawa takes his questioning to Kazurai who admits to dating Asao. She also knows that Uematsu disagreed with her thesis. Sawa and crew insists that this is why she killed Uematsu and Asao covered for her. Both Kazurai and Asao (who showed up to hear this part of the conversation) deny having anything to do with Uematsu’s death. Meanwhile, Ebina checks out Kadokura. He explains that Uematsu was in league with the drug companies and wrote many theses that showed favoritism to them. Kadokura explains that the latest disagreement was over two chemicals in a new drug. Chokozai then rattles off a list of antidepressants which contain those ingredients. This amazes Kadokura and he pegs Chokozai for being a savant. Kadokura then pops some pills and heads out to attend the drug lecture that was postponed when Uematsu died.

The pharmaceutical rep, Kitami, seems to stumble through the presentation until Kadokura shuts him up and stops him. Kitami then tells Kadokura to wrap things up and talk about the benefits to using drugs in psychiatric treatment. I actually liked Kadokura’s speech about drugs helping with these mental illnesses, but it’s the doctors and their research that uncover new ones and work to treat them. This really seems to resonate a cord in Sho. He flashes back to the day his mother died. She smiled happily and told him to go inside as today was a good day and something big awaited. But she never came home and her death was turned into a dump case as they could not find proof of it being an accident or suicide.

Sawa gives the chief the new findings and the chief insists that they dump the case as Ebina Sho clearly saw things wrong. With all the motives piling up, doesn’t that seem rash? Sawa sends Matsushima and Kuroki back home. There is plenty of motive and even Sawa doesn’t wish to stop the investigation yet. They run into Kitami and ask him about Uematsu. Kitami cannot comment on that as he is from the drug company, but he does give them information that really seems to point that Asao could be covering for Kadokura murdering Uematsu. Later, Sawa sees Asao and waves at him, but Asao just walks on past. Ebina goes after him (meowing, I’m not quite sure what the heck that is about, but she does that with Asao in this episode). Sawa, Chokozai, and Ebina then head to the cafeteria to talk with Asao who says he read Uematsu’s paper, too and knew why Kadokura was upset. Asao then leaves half of his food on his plate and goes to leave. Chokozai says that the middle is missing. Before Ebina and Sawa can decipher this, Chokozai sees a watch and its time for his swimming detective.

This episode finds the reason why Nancy became a detective at a New York pool – she sucks at synchronization with others and music. So even though she’s talented and can do the actions, she just can’t do them in sync. Of course, this upsets her colleague Daniel who loves her. All this love stuff going on in the detective drama really makes me wonder if love will show up for Ebina. Asao says the drama is interesting and then tells them about how he feels he can’t make a good doctor because he’s always tripping and making mistakes. That’s why he’s doing research now. Chokozai seems to really be listening and utters “brain hallucination” again. Asao once more insists that he saw no one.

At dinner, Chokozai says “he didn’t eat the rice.” Ebina recalls Asao’s half-eaten lunch and then looks over at Sho who hasn’t eaten his own rice. Sho, after all that’s happened, is beginning to doubt what he saw. Maybe he was wrong. Ebina should tell this to the police tomorrow and apologize. Ebina doesn’t want Sho to give up if he’s certain he saw someone. Sho isn’t 100% certain, plus Asao insists that no one was there. Chokozai takes all this in. He knows something, but we don’t know just what it is yet.

The next day Atsumi reveals that the blood on the badge wasn’t the victims. So that means it must be the culprit’s. The DNA didn’t match the criminal database, so it isn’t someone with a record. Atsumi then says there is a way to identify who it is as the blood contained two chemicals, one used for cholesterol and the other used for high blood pressure. Ebina recalls seeing Kadokura taking pills the day before. Could he be the culprit? Before anything more can happen a ruckus breaks out. Chokozai was eating his curry soup and accidentally spilt it. This makes Ishikawa mad and she begins yelling at the hapless man. He apologizes, but she’s not accepting that. She keeps yelling and pushing him towards Ebina and Sawa who keep pushing him back towards Ishikawa. Sawa asks about the hospital again and Ebina says she will call when Chokozai rolls over with the rag Ishikawa gave him and asks again “where is the middle.” Ebina then calls the guardian who says that the hospital wishes for Ataru to stay with Ebina since he keeps running back to her side. This makes Ebina his guardian and she needs to find a sponsor. Ebina asks Sawa to do it.

Sawa goes to Kadokura and requests samples of his medication. Kadokura complies with this as Matsushima and Kuroki seek out Asao to make him take a lie detector test. They then question him about the stair incident. He insists that Uematsu was alone and that Kadokura was nowhere to be seen. Hmm. The test results show that he wasn’t lying. Now what? I mean, yes you can fake a lie detector test, but its really hard. You have to have supreme control over your emotions. So that means that Asao wasn’t lying. Now what? This makes poor Sho feel really bad and makes him doubt himself more and more. Awww, poor Sho.

Back at the lab, Atsumi reveals that both chemicals found in the blood on the ID match the chemicals in Kadokura’s medicine. So all they need to do is get a DNA sample to confirm its correct. Chokozai looks at the drug printouts and starts freaking out. He points at the paper and says about the two chemicals “don’t have that yet.” Neither Ebina nor Sawa gets what he means. Chokozai starts freaking out more and more and keeps repeating that “he didn’t eat the rice,” and “where is the middle.” This worries Ebina who wonders if there’s something wrong with Chokozai, but Sawa gets that Chokozai is trying to tell them something. The freaked out Chokozai then takes markers and begins drawing all over everything. He even draws on Ebina’s and Sawa’s faces. Ishikawa then comes in and wonders what is going on. After Chokozai draws on Ebina’s face he finally calms down and says “Ne, ne. Ne, ne. Where is the middle.”

So did Ebina and Sawa get what that meant? Well, they must have as they gathered all the prospective criminals and have them indicate where the middle is on a series of lines. Everyone gets it correct except for one person who was WAY off. That person? Asao. Kadokura immediately asks if he had a brain injury or stroke. Asao replies that he hasn’t and Kazurai says that he was involved in a ski accident shortly after he passed his examination and had to have brain surgery. So now we know what Chokozai’s “brain hallucination” meant. It didn’t refer to Sho, but Asao. Kuroki then comes in saying that he has investigated what Sawa told him to do.

It looks like the culprit is really Kitami! The pharmaceutical company where Kitami worked was testing a drug which combined the two chemicals found on the badge. Kitami says that as a researcher, it’s his duty to report the effects and usefulness of the drugs he sells, thus why he joined the trial. He then says that he did not like that his company wanted Uematsu to lie about the beneficial effects of the new trial drug. When he confronted Uematsu on the stairs, things got heated and he accidentally caused Uematsu to lose his balance and fall. He thought that he would be found out right away as Asao was staring right at him. So what exactly happened?

We then learn that due to Asao’s brain injury, he cannot see properly out of his left eye. He has a blind spot there. Not complete blindness, just partial. Thus, Kitami was standing at just the right spot to miss Asao seeing him. With things that his brain remembers or Asao thinks is important, he believes he is seeing things as they are, but his brain is actually lying to him. This crushes poor Asao who now believes he must completely leave the field of medicine. Kadokura says that Asao needs to stay on an do research on his condition so he can help others. Rock on Kadokura. Sho then rushes after the doctor asking to join his research team one day. Kadokura agrees to this. While Sho talks with him, Chokozai says “Mission completed,” and when Ebina turns around to look at him, she notices he is crying. He cried last time, too. Sawa believes that maybe Chokozai as an affinity with the criminals and victims and can really feel their pain. Sawa then agrees to act as Chokozai’s sponsor. Awww!

Sawa then buys imitation croquettes to thank the Ebinas for taking care of Chokozai. This makes Ebina happy and she jumps up and shouts. Chokozai, eating his condiments again, mimics her again. Sooo cute. Sho then says the reason his entered medical school was to find out why his mother had that big smile before she killed herself. This surprises Ebina and her dad. Sho never said anything about that. Sawa mutters that no one told him. Huh? Does that mean he was investigating the Ebina case and was one of the people who ruled it as a dump case? Ack! I don’t know. Sho then comments that their mother’s suicide was the reason Ebina became a police officer, wasn’t it? She remains silent, but you know its probably the truth.

I am LOVING the evolving Chokozai. How about you? He’s so cute and innocent and I wonder what would happen if you get Larry, Ebina, and Chokozai in a room together. Who would he choose?


  • Thank you for the recap! ^^

    I would hope that Chokozai will choose Ebina. He’s done alot since meeting her.


    • I know, I think Chokozai would choose her, too, their relationship is just too cute and I think it’s better than his & Larry’s.

  • I read your detailed episodic description of Ataru episodes. I could understand a little bit of japanese… but with your description and with my little japanese I am able to relish the drama… waiting for your next Ataru-Ep 6. Thanks a lot. Because no one is subbing Ataru. And you are the only source. :))

    • I am glad that these recaps are helpful to you 🙂

      I just finished watching episodes 6-7 and will try to at least get 6 up tonight if not both that & 7. Whew, almost caught up. I think episode 8 just aired, meaning only one more left. I’ll miss Chokozai and Ebina when its all over.

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