Absolute Boyfriend Live Action Episode 9 Recap

Okay. Won’t lie. This episode made me want to swear and shake people and smack someone upside the head.That means it’s good, right? If it didn’t make me angry then that means the show and the writing wasn’t good enough. Sigh. So frustrated. Why you ask?

We backtrack to Junshu going in for the kill after confessing he liked Xiao Fei, too! Um. That was elementary school. Like 10-15 years ago. Seriously? Yes, you can still carry a good feeling for puppy love, but c’mon! Get real. It’s just ridiculous. Just as their lips are about to touch, Night and the little boy return. Perfect timing. Xiao Fei is completely befuddled. Oh dear, Xiao Fei. How could you let that guy almost kiss you! The boy complains about Xiao Fei and Junshu riding the tea cups themselves. Junshu goes to take his brother back to the ride and Night wonders if Xiao Fei is angry at him for missing their turn. Xiao Fei says she isn’t and Junshu mentions that her new shoes have hurt her feet. More guilt ladened on our already guilty feeling robot.

Night and Xiao Fei go to check-in to their rooms. Xiao Fei is still out of it and wondering just what happened. She feels guilty as Night is her boyfriend and she almost let another man kiss her! Wouldn’t you know Junshu pops up yet again. Looks like they are staying at the same hotel. This means they are really fated, doesn’t it. Oh, gag me. Junshu, who didn’t seem too awful necessarily in the previous episode steps up on his aggressive sleaziness. He wants Xiao Fei to sneak away from Night and go to his room. Oh, and this is after he leans in close saying he thinks he left a pretty strong impression. As if! I get shudders. Bad goose pimples. Junshu needs to be slapped. Several times. Until his head flies off. Xiao Fei is getting more and more uncomfortable by the minute and insists that she will not be coming to see him later. Night comes back with the keys and Xiao Fei picks up her bag and runs off with it. LMAO. Her feet are hurting and she hobble runs, but she runs like the devil’s after her. Well, he is. Night follows telling her to give him the bag and be careful while Junshu looks after them smiling. Gack!

Once in the room, Night gets the bag out of the distracted Xiao Fei’s hands. He takes her over to the couch and pulls out the camera. Xiao Fei actually manages to make a funny face in her confused state, but there is no more film. Xiao Fei tells Night she will buy more the next day, but Night cannot have that. This is their first night together outside of the apartment. He needs film for his memories. He’s so cute. Night rushes out and Xiao Fei begins to have indecent thoughts once again because of those words. Seriously? Oh, Xiao Fei sachie. What to do with you? One moment you’re going to let a complete stranger (even if they knew each other briefly as kids, he’s a stranger now) kiss you and now you are imagining doing “that” with Night.

Junshu calls her and Xiao Fei is shocked that he found out her room number. She goes to hang up on him as he wishes her to come over and she won’t. Good Xiao Fei. Then she hears his little brother whimpering in pain in the background. D’oh! Xiao Fei being Xiao Fei (the trusting buffoon) rushes over to help take care of the sick little brother. Only when she gets there, the little boy is nowhere to be seen. Junshu apologizes for tricking her, but she refused to come over and he really needed to talk to her. He realized that he did something he shouldn’t have. He was too brazen in trying to kiss her when he knew she had a boyfriend. But he really does like her. Riiight. He wants Xiao Fei to accept his apology and he goes and gives her a bottle of juice. Xiao Fei accepts it with a smile and makes him promise to never do such things with his little brother again. Junshu smiles back and promises. Xiao Fei goes to head back to Night, but Junshu won’t let her leave until she drinks the juice as he feels that means she has really accepted his apology. Junshu opens it for her and Xiao Fei takes a sip before heading to the door… and collapsing. Dang, whatever was in that was really strong to knock her out almost instantly.

While this is happening, Night returns with the film and wishes to take pictures, but Xiao Fei is nowhere to be found. Night begins panicking thinking that something must have happened to her while he was gone as he has a really bad feeling. His anxious feeling goes against what his ring is telling him. Why? I think it’s partly because his sensors cannot pick up on Xiao Fei’s location and that really makes him worried. He should be able to find her. So Night goes running out in search of his missing girlfriend, completely missing the note that Xiao Fei left for him just so he wouldn’t worry. No, it didn’t say she was going to Junshu’s room. It just told him that she had to step out and would be back soon.

Back in Junshu’s room, he starts stripping Xiao Fei’s clothes off while she lies unconscious on the bed and tells her soon he will completely replace Night. Xiao Fei almost regains consciousness, but not completely. Her eyes are bleary and she can’t keep them open. She immediately thinks of Night before going under once more. Meanwhile, Night heads back to the room and thinks Xiao Fei is back as he hears the TV, but it isn’t Xiao Fei. It is the little boy. What is he doing there? The jie told him to go wait in their room. Does he mean Xiao Fei? Where is she? The boy beckons Night closer and then whispers a string of numbers which causes Night to temporarily shutdown. What the f(x)? [I’m trying hard NOT to swear, forgive me.]

[spoiler]In the manga, I do believe #2 was more aggressive and worse than Night, but I don’t think he was THAT bad where he spiked Xiao Fei’s drink just in order to sleep with her. I think he was more the type just to use force from the beginning…if at all…This scene is just so wrong in so many ways.[/spoiler]

The next day dawns and Xiao Fei is horrified to wake up wearing Junshu’s shirt in Junshu’s bed with the half naked Junshu next to her. He tells her to sleep in as it is still early, and Xiao Fei wonders what happened. Junshu grins and talks about their “happy” time together. Xiao Fei freaks out, gets her clothes on and rushes out of the room where she runs into a maid. Noticing Xiao Fei’s frazzled state (someone call 119 on his a**), she asks if the girl is okay. Xiao Fei, obviously NOT okay, says she is fine, runs into the cart again before getting around it. Xiao Fei gets back to her room and can barely open the door she is shaking so bad and can’t get the key right. She then remembers Night and wonders how she will face him. Since she is already there, she must go in.

Xiao Fei looks around for Night and finds him collapses on the floor. She rushes over to him and begs him to wake up. Night then springs back to life. What happened? He asks if Xiao Fei is all right. Xiao Fei cannot bring herself to tell him what happened as she knows it is the ultimate betrayal to the caring, naïve Night. It’s not a betrayal. Yes, Xiao Fei was stupid and let herself be lured by the sick kid act. But she did not betray Night. She should realize that Junshu did something very wrong whereas she did nothing wrong (besides being naïve). Xiao Fei lies to Night and tells him that she came back the night before to find him collapsed on the floor. Night believes this (he’s known when she was lying before, why not now?) and is very apologetic. He ruined their vacation. But he soon springs back to normal Night and brings out the camera. Let’s take pictures! However, since Xiao Fei is utterly confused and wallowing in misery and guilt, she can’t do this. She jumps up and says it is time to check out. Night looks at his ring. It’s orange. Xiao Fei is angry. She must be angry with him. Ah, the lack of communication in these dramas can get soooo frustrating.

They get back home and Xiao Fei, who is angry at herself and not Night, acts angry and distant with him. No wonder the poor robot is confused. At least Xiao Fei is treating Night like a human, like a lover. That is why she is lost and doesn’t know how to face him. Night, in an attempt to cheer Xiao Fei up, brings out a snow globe. It’s the musical one that Xiao Fei has been saving her points up to get. Instead of being happy, Xiao Fei keeps recalling what happened between her and Junshu (what little she can actually recall that is). Xiao Fei swats the gift away, smashing it on the ground. I wasn’t happy as she didn’t show any remorse nor did she look particularly apologetic to Night who was only trying his best to lift her spirits. She then says she wants to be alone and shuts herself in her room. Poor Night.

Zong Shi stands out on his veranda and recalls the cave incident. Xiao Fei has already made it very clear where she stands, so why is he out there waiting to see her like an idiot. She and Night are probably spending the night together. Nope. Out comes Night who is seeking advice from Zong Shi. This mystifies Zong Shi. They are rivals. Why is Night coming to him for advice? Night explains the dilemma of Xiao Fei being upset. He doesn’t know why and doesn’t know how to help her. Zong Shi says that Xiao Fei is weird and usually feels better after a good cry. Night cannot believe this. He has swore to himself not to make her cry again. Zong Shi then explains that a person cries because they are sad or because they are touched. Zong Shi then walks back into his apartment complaining on just how stupid the two lovers are. LMAO. Cute.

Xiao Fei is in her room beating up her teddy bear (she’s imagining the bear is Junshu). She is still feeling guilty and still trying to figure out what to do about Night. He then knocks and says he knows she’s awake. Xiao Fei allows him in and he tells her that he has something for her. What? It’s a surprise. He covers her eyes and leads her into the living room. He has strung up clotheslines and pinned his pictures to them. Xiao Fei looks and notices that almost all of them are her. Why? Since Night is able to remember, there has only ever been Xiao Fei. From the moment he opened his eyes until now. This, unfortunately, has the opposite effect that Night desired. Sure, Xiao Fei cries, but she also gets angry and rips the lines down. Why is he so good to her? Why? Doesn’t he know that she isn’t good and will only bring him the worst kind of pain? Xiao Fei then disappears back into her room leaving Night wonder just what is going on. Okay. Xiao Fei having a meltdown because he treats her too nicely? Hello? You haven’t told him anything yet, so of course he’s going to trust you and do his best to make you happy by being nice. Sigh.

The next morning, Xiao Fei is doing much better. It seems like she has decided to put that incident out of her mind and do her best to be worthy of Night. Just as she is shouting to give herself courage, she runs into somebody. Who? Junshu. Blech. Xiao Fei is NOT happy to see him. He plays its like a coincidence that they will be working together from that time on. Xiao Fei does once again ask if anything happened. Junshu smiles and says it is not possible for Xiao Fei to forget such happy memories. Oh, I want to vomit here. Zong Shi happens to notice the two of them and I think his radar immediately picks up on something not being right. Xiao Fei walks off and Zong Shi follows her. She is startled and Zong Shi says not to blame him as she was so distracted. He then asks how she knows the new engineer. Xiao Fei lies and says she doesn’t and Zong Shi then says he saw the two of them talking. Xiao Fei then confesses that she was talking about their old school days. Say what? Zong Shi then replies that Jiang Junshu is NOT the same as their classmate. Zong Shi takes out his phone and shows a picture that he had jut recently took with their old school chum when they happened to run into each other. Zong Shi even says that their last names may sound the same, but they use different characters. Dun-dun-dun!

The baffled and angry Xiao Fei runs off and locates Junshu. Just like when Night arrived, the people are swarming all over him (NIGHT is SO much better than he is! I love this actor. I guess he’s doing well because I completely HATE his character in this cameo appearance). Xiao Fei asks to talk to him in private and this annoys Sky. She already has Night, she should let them get a chance at the new guy. Xiao Fei, totally not acting liker herself, explodes and yells at them to leave. Junshu sends them off saying he will talk to them later. The pack reluctantly leaves and Xiao Fei calls Junshu out on his lies. Junshu is not shaken by this at all. So what? He thought she was cute, so she let him believe he was her classmate [this should be the part where he explains why he knew all of that stuff about her that he shouldn’t have, but he doesn’t]. Xiao Fei cannot believe that he would play such a game and sleep with a complete stranger. Junshu confesses again and states that he is now her boyfriend. He will be good and wait for her to tell Night, or they can go tell him together. What a controlling a**hole. If I were Xiao Fei, I’d be running screaming in the opposite direction.

Meanwhile, Zong Shi gets coffee and finds Night cleaning up. He asks how the relationship is going and Night’s expression tells him all he needs to know. Zong Shi then warns Night about the new engineer. I love how Zong Shi keeps addressing Night as “Xiao Fei’s boyfriend.” Even though he isn’t happy with this outcome, it shows that he is actually accepting Night more and more as he can tell Night genuinely cares for and worries about Xiao Fei. Of course he has to punctuate that Night still hasn’t won him over as Xiao Fei’s boyfriend. Still, it’s a cute moment. At the apartment, things still aren’t back to normal and won’t be as Xiao Fei is stressing over what Junshu said. But how can she leave Night? Night has prepared the bath for her and as Xiao Fei goes to head in, Night asks if she knows the new engineer. Xiao Fei lies and hurries into the bathroom where she curses herself for lying. Why is Night so good to her? Why is he so trusting? Is it because he’s programmed to be that way? Besides feeling guilty over Night’s lack of memories and being built, she is now feeling guilty because of how his attitude was set. Great. Night notices that the ring has changed colors. Xiao Fei is still upset. But Night doesn’t know what to do. She’s crying and he can’t do anything to comfort her. Awww. Poor Night.

The next day at work Xiao Fei tries to ignore Junshu, but he won’t let her. He even chases her down and asks why she was. Eyeroll. How annoying. It’s like he took all of Xiao Fei’s presets to a horribly, horribly negative extreme. He’s even worse than Night when Night had his jealousy breakdown. He then hands over a present. It’s the same snow globe that Night had bought! How did he know about it? Junshu says it is a secret. Xiao Fei then says she can’t accept it as she has already received it from her boyfriend. Snap! Oh, and snap indeed. Junshu got angry. He grabs Xiao Fei (they are behind a partition where they can’t be easily seen) and tells her he’s a very jealous guy and he regrets saying to wait until she breaks up with Night herself. Xiao Fei struggles and Night overhears this.

Night goes and checks it out and is shocked to see Junshu. “It’s you.” “It’s me.” Junshu immediately switches to his nice guy act. Then we get into what you might as well call a p*ssing contest. Night says that Xiao Fei didn’t tell him about Junshu being the new engineer as Junshu obviously means nothing. LMAO. Go Night! Junshu, in retaliation, takes out the snow globe and asks Xiao Fei to accept it. Awkward. I still say Night wins. But I do wonder why Night’s spidey senses weren’t telling him something was out of the ordinary with that atmosphere and with Junshu. Thinking that he’s won, Junshu walks off only to have Night tell him never to do that to Xiao Fei again.

After that, Junshu runs into Zong Shi who was waiting for him. Junshu announces his intention to pursue Xiao Fei and be her boyfriend. This shocks Zong Shi. Just what is going on? What makes Junshu so confident? Even if he does manage to become Xiao Fei’s boyfriend, it won’t be because she actually has fallen for him, but because he has managed to bully her into submission. Zong Shi watches him leave and says “This guy is dangerous.” Ah, at last! That’s my Zong Shi. Only he is really able to pick up on just how bad Junshu is. I mean, I think Night gets it to some extent (or why else warn him off of Xiao Fei?) and Xiao Fei knows something’s weird, but it’s really Zong Shi who figures it out (well, kind of, no one’s figured out the big, dark secret yet).

That evening as Xiao Fei and Night sit down to dinner, Xiao Fei can’t take Night’s goodness and trust anymore. The icing on the cake is when Night tells her its okay that she accepted Junshu’s gift (she didn’t, she actually threw it out when no one was around). She finally reveals the truth. She slept with Junshu. Night drops the bowl he was holding in shock. Say what? Xiao Fei reveals that she went to his room and can remember nothing afterwards. She just knows that she woke up in bed with him the next morning. Night…I wanted to shake him in this scene. He is hurt, he even cries! Well, it’s to be expected, but shouldn’t he have picked up on what Xiao Fei said? SHE DOESN’T REMEMBER ANYTHING!!!!! Alarm bells should be going off. Night should be getting angry and getting ready to go after the turd that is Junshu. But no. All Night can think about is why isn’t he good enough? T_T So Night does what he thinks is best and he leaves Xiao Fei so he won’t stand in the way. Seriously, very frustrating. Xiao Fei can only cry as she realizes how much she’s hurt Night. She also says she doesn’t deserve to be his girlfriend. Um. Yep. You can definitely tell that she’s falling for him and has even pretty much gotten over the robot thing as she is considering more and more as a person and NOT as a machine.

Night calls Lei Wu Wu to pick him up. Wu Wu is astonished. Just what is going on. He goes to Night who tells him that he has failed his mission. Xiao Fei has somebody else. Night still wonders why it isn’t him. Wu Wu doesn’t know either and tries to cheer Night on and get Night to go back to Xiao Fei, but Night, being Night, has made his decision. He doesn’t want to stand in the way of Xiao Fei’s happiness. He takes off his ring (even after Wu Wu explained that no refrigerator would unplug itself and go into retirement) and gives it to Wu Wu, asking to be taken back to the company. How heartbreaking. Jiro’s acting. Makes me want to hold him and say he isn’t worthless. Oh, and does anyone else find it odd when Night says that all the data he’s collected on women isn’t what the company wants and is useless. What the what? Please don’t tell me the company was only looking for data on “that.”

The next morning finds Xiao Fei sitting on the floor, her head on the coach. When a knock sounds she jumps up and rushes over thinking it might be Night returning home (not that she could blame him if he never came back after what she did [again, SHE didn’t, but whatever floats her boat I suppose]). It’s not Night, however; it’s Junshu who wishes to talk over breakfast. The angry Xiao Fei does agree to this and leaves him standing outside her apartment while she gets ready. Once the door closes, Junshu’s smirk slides back into place. I want to punch that smile off. So. Badly.

And that’s it folks. [spoiler]Episode 10 shows that Zong Shi is finally learning the truth about Night!!!! Oh, and it also looks like Junshu’s real identity will be revealed. So, in this fight for the lovely Xiao Fei, which man will win? The absolute boyfriend? The psychopath? Or the best friend who happens to be in the wrong place at the right time?[/spoiler]


  • ugh that guy! thanks for the recap. it looks like viki removed the channel so i was wondering how i was going to continue this drama.

    • You’re welcome. Barring life interfering, I try to get the recaps up on Sunday nights after 6PM EST. I am hoping that the channel is only temporarily unavailable, like when Viki was doing some maintenance, it showed up as being deleted, but came back later.

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