Absolute Boyfriend Live Action Episode 8 Recap

Wow. Wow. Wow. Night is really evolving at an alarmingly fast rate. This really interferes with his normal programming, but makes him more and more human and devoted to becoming the perfect man for Xiao Fei. Xiao Fei’s emotions are evolving, too. She starts seeing Night in a different light. Yes, he’s still a robot, but that is causing her to feel badly for him as he has missed out on normal things that humans take for granted. And, like always, I feel bad for Zong Shi in this episode. Poor boy. He knows that Xiao Fei hasn’t chosen him, but can he give up? We also introduce a new love interest for Xiao Fei [like another was necessary, right?], and since there are people coming into this – if you’re curious, hover over spoiler.

And, because I am getting tired always typing out full names, I’m going to start using abbreviations. ZS for Zong Shi, XF for Xiao Fei, maybe I’ll stop screwing up their names this way. 😛 Oh, and later, Jian Junshu will be JS.

Wu Wu, Night, and Zong Shi all search frantically for Xiao Fei. Wu Wu asks Night to see if he can locate the missing girl, confusing ZS. Just how is Night going to locate XF with his eyes closed, standing still? Wu Wu’s explanation is that it’s like a twin thing. You know, being able to feel the other’s pain and whether or not they are nearby. Unfortunately, the signal jammers interfere with Night’s locator. Looks like they’ll have to do it the old fashioned way. Night and ZS go off on their own while Wu Wu goes back to enlist the help of his team to comb the island.

ZS and Night reach a path where Night insists on going down the nicely lit, well-used path as XF is scared of the dark. ZS insists that she’d take the dark, rarely used path. Night doesn’t understand this and his database clearly shows that XF would more than likely take the other trail. ZS explains that XF has a really bad habit of making the wrong decision, so it is more likely that she’d take the bad path. Since the two cannot agree, they both take the path they believe XF most likely took. And who do you think got it right?

ZS finds XF first. I must say that I was disappointed here. If you recall what Zhi Xi said in the previous episode, the one you think of first when you need help is the one you love, well Xiao Fei thought only of Night and kept calling his name when she heard Zong Shi. Poor guy. I mean, I don’t mind per se that she likes Night more, I just can’t believe she did NOT think of ZS as throughout the years he has always been the one to help and come to her aid. Even though XF is falling for Night, I really did half expect her to depend on ZS for help. Anywho. ZS is the one who was right, but he was going on years of experience while Night is going on what has been programmed. Now here comes a very interesting part. Instead of running to get help or anything like that, Zong Shi actually just slides down to join Xiao Fei. This immediately earns him a scolding. ZS’s justification is that Wu Wu will soon arrive with help. I guess he just didn’t want Xiao Fei to be scared and alone. I loved how he replied to XF’s scolding by saying it would be a curse from heaven if he ended up dying with her in that cave.

So what is Night doing? He’s searching his route and finds an empty cabin, but no Xiao Fei. He returns back to the main building where he meets Wu Wu and the men. Now, not only is XF missing, but ZS! Wu Wu is a step away from a heart attack. He will be royally screwed if either of the two show up harmed. In fact, he’d probably be fired. Night then replays what ZS said about XF making the wrong choices and takes off running. Wu Wu instructs his men to follow as Night might have picked up on just where XF is.

At night, the island gets cold and even though ZS is the one who is the least dressed for the damp cave, he takes off one of his shirts to put around the shivering Xiao Fei who is really better dressed with long sleeves and jeans (he’s wearing a t-shirt and shorts). XF refuses, but ZS insists. He then recalls an incident in Primary 4 (is that the equivalent of the 4th grade? Schooling in Asia is quite a bit different than the US) in which XF disappeared during a school trip. ZS frantically searched for her and found her stuck in a cave. He got her out and she clung to him crying. That was the moment he started falling for her. Awwwww. Of course this makes XF more conflicted and uncomfortable about the whole situation. XF got in this situation because she’s conflicted over him and Night, right? XF recalls what Zhi Xi said and as she goes to tell ZS her feelings, ZS says he already knows. It’s Night. He smiles. How is it he always knows what she is thinking (and Night can never guess). ZS then says he lied. He wouldn’t mind it if his last moments were spent with her by his side. ^_^ ZS then talks about how silly he was for asking Night for a fair competition. When it comes to love, nothings fair. He then leans over to kiss XF!? Nope, he just passes out. XF strokes his hair and recalls their childhood days. How great would it be to go back to those days and remain friends forever? But that’s not possible is it?

Night finally tracks the missing pair down and boy does he get really, really angry. He sees ZS sleeping with his head in XF’s lap and Night loses all reason. His processor even turns red and comes back with a fatal error message. Well, that can’t be good for his processor health. The green bug of jealousy has bitten our robot lover hard.

The next morning dawns and Zong Shi wakes up in his room with a fever. Wu Wu is relieved to find the young man relatively unharmed. If Night hadn’t let them know where to find him, then ZS would be a goner. ZS then demands to know where XF is as they were together in that cave. This is news to Wu Wu as when the rescue team came, there was only ZS. Night, Night. He must have rescued XF on his own and left ZS down there alone. Well, at least the jealous robot did inform Wu Wu of ZS’s location.

XF wakes up and has no idea where she is. Night explains that they are in a cabin he found the previous night while out searching for her. He’s cleaned it up nicely. XF immediately wonders what happened to ZS as they were together. Night tells her he is fine. XF picks up on a weird vibe from Night. The jealous robot has determined that they will spend the night together in that cabin away from everybody else. He gets really upset and insecure when XF wishes to return back to the others. He then blows his top at her and demands to know what happened in the cave the previous evening. XF picks up on his jealousy and wonders if he is malfunctioning as he is acting completely different from normal. She haltingly tries to explain that her feelings for ZS are not what Night thinks. And just like that, Night is somewhat back to his normal self. XF must be hungry, right? He locks her in the cabin and goes to get food for dinner.

Ok. Night has turned into a completely creepy, obsessive, possessive creep in that scene. You know, it’s like in those movies and dramas where a girl thinks she has the perfect guy and it turns out he’s a crazed sociopath? Well, that’s not to say Night is way past gone in the mental department, but dang, that scene gives goose bumps.

Upon Night’s return, Wu Wu asks him about XF. Night explains that XF is fine, but won’t tell where she is. Wu Wu, not understanding what is going on, just thinks that Night is spending a romantic evening alone with XF to do “that.” The sick ZS hears this and immediately pops out. He cannot allow “that” to happen. Where is XF? Night must tell him. Night shoves the ill man away, shocking Wu Wu. Night walks away and calls out that ZS’s thermostat is broken and not regulating his body temperature properly (LMAO – really?). Wu Wu should take him to a hospital. Wu Wu touches the passed out ZS and he is burning up!

Night makes XF friend rice which she doesn’t eat. She just has no appetite.He just doesn’t get it. Meanwhile, ZS wakes up and immediately wants to go find XF. Wu Wu stops the feverish man from leaving by twisting his ring, emitting a sleeping gas. Wu Wu apologizes as he catches the falling ZS. Back at the cabin, Night has lost it once more. He is the only one who can be XF’s boyfriend. He picks her up and tosses her on the bed. XF struggles and Night says that he really loves her and starts to kiss her. He has to make her his. Well…um. Technically speaking a person doesn’t “become” yours just from sleeping together. That is more Night’s function, humans don’t necessarily work that way. The frantic XF says remember his promise. Will she get through to him? Or will their first time be forced? What do you think? Of course XF’s tears will stop Night.

The two sit on the floor leaning against the bed. Night cannot believe what happened. He made XF cry. Xiao Fei doesn’t hate him, but Night hates himself for doing that. He gets up and starts hitting the wall with his fist. He’s awful. He made XF cry. He’s supposed to be her perfect boyfriend. XF stops Night and tells him that she’s okay, she’s just not ready for “that” yet. Night then says he will pull out as he believes if you really love someone, you can take yourself out of the picture in order for them to be happy. Awww. Poor, conflicted, tortured robot. Xiao Fei then hugs Night and tells him that she wants to be with him.

The next day Wu Wu is horrified and angry to learn that XF and Night still haven’t done it yet. Night will not try to force the situation again. Wu Wu cannot believe what he is hearing. Especially when Night says that he will do his best to become XF’s perfect boyfriend. Aha. So the robot has realized that although he was programmed to be her ideal, he actually isn’t. He must work to figure out just how to become the perfect lover. He leaves Wu Wu stunned. When Wu Wu shakes himself out of his stupor, he then starts fretting. Night is talking more and more like he is self-aware. No way! Is the robot actually thinking for himself? Wu Wu then shakes his head. No, that’s impossible. He must’ve gotten the flu from ZS. That’s right. Everything will be back to normal after taking some medicine. Silly Wu Wu.

Xiao Fei is with Zong Shi. They two sit awkwardly beside each other on a couch. XF then quickly reaches over to touch ZS’s forehead. She is relieved that his fever has lowered. ZS asks if she stayed out all night. XF quickly replies that she didn’t. She came back. So…was she alone? XF, after a brief hesitation, replies that she was. Really, Night’s and her relationship has not progressed to that level. When ZS begins questioning Night’s and Wu Wu’s strange behaviors, XF quickly replies that they don’t seem strange to her and she rushes off. ZS knows that something is up and that XF is definitely keeping something from him. Just what could it be?

Back home, Night is out of it. He has gone to pick up groceries, but he’s really wondering what’s wrong. Is Xiao Fei still mad at him for his “unforgiveable” actions. Well…if they are unforgiveable, wouldn’t that mean “yes”? But, you know, XF has already said she wasn’t angry and wanted to remain beside him. Night, however, is felling insecure as XF keeps pulling away from him. He then comes across two girls doing a drawing ad they invite him to try his luck.

XF is in her living room with books and magazines heaped around her in piles. I am guessing she is doing some stress….cleaning? Or should we say stressful messy rearranging. Her actions are actually the opposite of what Night thinks. It’s not because she’s angry with him, it’s because being with Night makes her heart race and distracts her. Before she knows it, Night’s gone on some errand. Could it be that she really, really wants to do “that”? LMAO. Well, she’s definitely attracted to him and it looks like that attraction is only growing more and more with each passing day.

XF then drops a little black book. It’s a photo album. When Night returns with the groceries, he sees XF happily turning the pages. He asks what she is looking at and XF jumps startled. How could she not know that Night got so close? Too absorbed in memories. Night apologizes for frightening her and XF shows him the photo album. In it are pictures of the younger XF. Night cannot believe it. How did XF get so small? XF replies that she was born that small and grew into the person she is today. Night comments that he had forgotten humans were born tiny and grew up. This makes XF a bit sad. Night is a robot. He has always been like he is. Night then comes to a picture of XF with a little boy. His name was Jiang Junshu (or something to that effect). He was little XF’s first crush. It looks like XF started to like him when he tried to save her from a stray baseball, but he tripped over his own feet and the ball hit XF. This made the young XF laugh. Junshu got a cut on his hand and said he didn’t mind as scars on guys are cool. Not long after that, he moved away and  transferred schools and XF never saw him again.

Night gets a sad smile on his face. He envies Junshu and Zong Shi. They grew up with XF. They have memories. This, again, saddens XF. She has been basking in Night’s love and never taken into consideration the robot’s situation. Is Night right? Was he made only for her? Night then asks what it’s like to have memories. Wow. Talk about a hard concept to explain. Night asks if it’s like the photos. XF says in a way. You don’t always remember everything and taking out those old photos helps you recall the good and bad moments associated with them. XF then wonders what it’s like to live without memories. Well, can you honestly say that Night doesn’t have memories? They may not be memories in the conventional sense, but he can recall events and happenings. He can remember things (partly due to programming), but isn’t that a type of “memory”? Heck, isn’t that stuff that helps run our computers called memory? 😛 The nerd in me coming out.

In this scene, we really see XF seeing Night as a robot, but actually starting to consider him in a new light. Something she never did before as she was trying to see him only as an appliance. But now that she is falling for him, she can’t objectify him like she used to. Plus, she is taking into consideration his circumstances and feelings. In sooth, machines aren’t supposed to have feelings, but you can’t deny with Night’s actions, it’s not programming, but genuine emotions. Thus Xiao Fei quickly goes looking for something and comes up with a polaroid camera. She snaps a picture of Night and hands him the photo. This makes Night really happy as it develops and he appears. Xiao Fei then gives him the camera as a gift to make “memories.” Why does this seem familiar…I have seen this somewhere before where a person took a lot of photographs for “memories” as that made things seem more real. It wasn’t Momento with Guy Pearce. Hmm, maybe the manga Loveless in which our adorable little Loveless (that was his true name, but not his real name) always wanted to make memories which insisted on him taking pictures of and with people.

Okay, okay. I am done digressing. I think. Anywho, Night is really happy with the gift and snaps a picture of XF. She explains that most people take pictures on special occassions when they are out having fun. So that means you can’t take pictures otherwise? Ah ha. Night is so adorably child-like here. XF says that’s not the case. Night then says they should go out and have fun then. He rushes over to the groceries and pulls out a coupon. He won the drawing! The grand prize is a one-night stay in the honeymoon suite of a hotel. XF is startled to see the original cost is NT$60,000 for a single night. When Night reminds her its free, this brightens XF’s mood until she realizes it’s the honeymoon suite. Oh come one. Like she and Night have never shared the same bed before? This does make her feel really uncomfortable as she is increasingly aware of her attraction. Could they end up doing “that”? When Night sees he change of expression, he gets crestfallen. He was only considering his own happiness. XF says the opportunity is too good to pass up. So they arrange to go play and then stay at the hotel.

While that is going on, Zong Shi is next door taking medicine. He is still not 100%. He is also wondering just what is going on with Night, Xiao Fei. and Lei Wu Wu. He drops his glass, shattering it. When he starts to clean it up, he recalls the glass chard he found from the night he can’t remember. Why are those memories missing? He doesn’t know why, but he feels certain that something happened involving Wan Night.

Xiao Fei’s and Night’s date looks like a lot of fun. They play games in an arcade, they ride the attractions at an amusement park. We even have a scene where XF is admire teddy bears dressed in wedding finery and holding a sign in Korean. Wonder what it says? Night, seeing XF’s expression takes pictures of the bears. In fact, he takes pictures all day. He’s creating his own memories. I have a feeling these memories will be significant later. XF’s feet start hurting because she wore high heels. Really. Why do girls always wear the most inappropriate shoes for such dates? Night offers to go back to the hotel, but XF clams up at this. They then decide to go see a movie, Night rushes off to go by tickets.

While he’s gone, a baseball goes astray and goes flying at Xiao Fei. A man (it’s Xiu Jie Kai!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t know him? He was in Easy Fortune Happy Life as the cousin with ambiguous sexuality. He’s also starring in a drama currently airing with fellow Fahrenheit member Aaron Yan. I think it’s called Alice In Wonder City or something like that. To me, he’s a total cutey and scene stealer) jumps up and tries to save XF from the ball, only to trip on his own feet. Thus, the ball hits XF. The man is embarassed. How uncool. Not only did he NOT save the damsel in distress, he tripped over his own feet. Xiao Fei notices a scar on his hand like Junshu’s when he picks up the ball to throw back to the kids. Before she can ask him about it, Night returns with the movie tickets. Junshu tells Night about what happened and our robot lover is immediately concerned. Is XF all right? XF rubs where the ball hit her and insists she’s fine. When she tries to ask about the scar once more, a little boy calls out for his ge and our would-be-hero runs off.

Night wishes to take XF back to rest, but XF refuses. They have the movie tickets, plus they haven’t ridden the saucer ride yet. Night recalls that is a feature XF chose and Xiao Fei explains her dream of riding it with her boyfriend and having him steady her afterwards. XF’s wish is Night’s command. They go and stand in the long line. Night offers to piggyback XF if she is really tired. A laugh can be heard and there is Junshu. He apologizes saying he meant no disrespect, you just don’t see such devoted couples nowadays. He’s really touched. Then up runs little brother with a stomachache. Junshu goes to take him to the bathroom, but the boy insists his older brother stand in line to save a spot as he really wants to ride the ride. Night, being Night, offers to take care of the little boy while the other two hold their spot in line.

After Night leaves with the boy, awkward silence ensues. Xiao Fei finally gets up the courage and asks if the stranger went to Ximen Elementary. He did. XF then asks if his name is Jiang Junshu. Yep, it is. No way. She isn’t Guan Xiao Fei is she? Wow, she hasn’t changed a bit! Riiiight. Um. What are the odds you’d meet your first crush right after you talked about him? Pretty convenient, huh? The two then talk about their school days and the ball incident. Junshu pretty much repeats word for word what he said in their younger years. How is that possible? Meanwhile, they get closer and closer to the head of the line. Night worries as time passes. It will be their turn soon. Is the boy okay? No, he isn’t. Night goes off to buy him medicine.

XF and JS’s turn comes. XF hesitates, but JS doesn’t want to lose their chance since they waited so long. So XF goes in and they ride together. XF silently apologizes to Night for riding it without him. When the ride is over, XF is unsteady on her feet and almost falls. JS catches her and takes her over to a bench. Her wish came true, but it wasn’t with Night. Go figure. XF tells JS about her leg hurting and he takes off her shoe. She has a sore on her heel. It’s because of the new shoes. She was dressing up for her date, right? Yes. All girls are like that. He then takes out a bandaid and puts it on her heel. It won’t completely solve the pain, but it will at least stop it from getting worse. XF recalls a similar moment in the past. Awkward pause for JS (wonder why? I know, I know! When will it be revealed, though?) and then he says he remembers and says something that XF said he said the exact same way back then. No wonder she liked him. Whoops. Freudian slip? Xiao Fei immediately backtracks and says that was in the past. JS then admits he liked her as well and goes in for a kiss!!!!!!!!!!! This is just as Night is returning with the little brother.

And this is, of course, where this episode ends. Oh. My. Freaking. God. CLIFFHANGER! And the scenes for 9 makes me wish it was next Sunday already. Boo hoo. Things are getting steaming with JS and ZS is watching as yet ANOTHER rival shows up at work for XF. LOL. Can’t wait to see what happens.

Did anyone else love Wu Wu’s comment about why Xiao Fei would order a robot lover when she had the perfect man by her side already? Too bad that Xiao Fei never realized it and now she’s fallen for her robot.


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