Love Forward Episode 12 Recap

Step 12: Not being suitable is even crueler than not being allowed to love.

Tian Ze and Jing Jing both get a shock when Lawyer Du shows up as the Meng’s representative. Tian Ze just smirks after his surprise is done. I expected him to be more flustered than he was. The two sides then sit down and Lawyer Du explains that Mr. Meng wants Ren Wei to honor his verbal agreement to repay Fu Hua’s debt. If Ren doesn’t honor this than he either has to pay for the 60% of shares he received for the Mei Ze development project or return them completely. Tian Ze says that Ren Wei paid a summer (slightly smaller that the 7.2 million) and thus is justified in being the director of the Mei Ze Development. Also, you can’t judge the project’s worth since the units have not been sold yet. Thus, the actual revenue could be a lot lower. Meng counteracts by saying that the company was registered under Ren Wei’s name only to get the trust of the bankers. Tian Ze then counters if Ren hadn’t stepped in, the Meng’s shares would be even less.

Through this whole back and forth, Jing Jing is looking at Tian Ze completely unhappy. You know what is going through her mind. She believes that Tian Ze is doing his best to ruin her and her family. For some reason, she believes he should be sticking up and supporting the Mengs. Now, I’m not saying Tian Ze shouldn’t try to get the best deal for everyone, but Jing Jing does need to wake up and understand that Ren is his client, NOT her and her father. Tian Ze is supposed to take care of Ren’s best interests legally.

Lawyer Du then cuts in and wonders if the whole process of the Mei Ze project was completely legal. This causes Tian Ze’s smile to falter and Ren Wei’s cockiness to be tempered. Du puts in a warning for a young entrepreneur running blindly ahead without considering everything. Ren accepts the advice, but you know he doesn’t care as his main goal is to completely destroy Meng.

After the meeting, Tian Ze is leaving when his law school colleague stops and greets him. He is now working for Lawyer Du. Tian Ze says he doesn’t hold that against him and turns to leave when his father calls out to him. Du says that it looks like Tian Ze gave up his ideals of only representing the poor. Du then gives his son a piece of advice – a good lawyer knows when to advance and retreat, which is true. Du then tells Tian Ze that Ren doesn’t hold all of the cards. With all the resources at Du and the Meng’s disposal, Ren is actually at a bigger disadvantage. Tian Ze cannot believe his father wants him to quit at the start. Du responds that arrogant people have a higher risk of failure. Tian Ze comes back with his father isn’t a modest person either. Touché. Du then says that his son is becoming more and more like him which Tian Ze takes as an insult. Before Tian Ze leaves, he does tell his father that Grandpa Du is staying with him and Ai Xing.

Back at the apartment, Ai Xing is complaining of her legs being in pain from walking and standing all day. Grandpa Du says her little suffering doesn’t compare to the work he did as a farmer. Very true. Farm work is no easy task even with modern equipment. Tian Ze comes back from the meeting and Ai Xing wants nothing to do with him as she is trying to help Jing Jing unlike he is. Tian Ze tries to explain the whole work vs. personal life thing, but the fiery Ai Xing refuses to listen. She then says only Zhi Xing and Grandpa are welcome and that Tian Ze should go back and live with his jerk of a dad who just so happens to show up at that exact moment. Ah, how typical, yet still funny.

Du takes this all in stride and says, “Excuse this jerk. I am here to talk to my dad,” with his usual straight face. Ai Xing is embarrassed, but what can she do? Grandpa comes out and is not happy to see his son. Everyone goes into the living room where awkward silence reigns. Ai Xing tries to break it, but it doesn’t work. Du then tells his son not to worry as he keeps business and personal matters separate. This make Ai Xing laugh as Tian Ze said the exact same thing. Ai Xing then figures out that Tian Ze and Du are going head-to-head over the Mei Ze deal. She rushes over to Du and begs him to help the Meng family from the bad people (Tian Ze is considered a bad person). Tian Ze tells her to shut up, but Grandpa’s interest is now caught and he quickly grasps the situation and begins cussing out his son and grandson for being scummy lawyers fight against one another. Tian Ze and his father walk away and do the same exact actions (look at their watches at the exact same time, etc.). As much as Tian Ze hates being compared to his father, boy are the two a lot alike.

Grandpa then gets up and starts beating them with his slippers to try to knock some sense into them. Ai Xing manages to get Du away as Grandpa focuses on Tian Ze who is beginning to act more like his father. Du happily escapes while his son tries to escape in vain. Ai Xing stops grandpa’s tirade, but hands him an umbrella instead. Nice one. Looks like Ai Xing is getting her justice on Tian Ze as well. I honestly never really thought he was going down the bad route, but the people around him seem to have no faith that there is more to his actions that what meets the eyes.

Ai Xing does her best for Jing Jing’s family by trying to sell the units for Mei Ze. She goes from house to house putting in pamphlets and fliers. She runs into Grandpa and Zhi Xing who are conspiring on how they can get Jing Jing and Tian Ze to reconcile. Grandpa tries to test his speech, but he has completely forgotten it. Zhi Xing then starts spouting off everything Grandpa said, but when it comes to the end, he just cannot remember the finish and the other two keep pressuring him to remember. Poor boy. His reply? He has to pee. Tian Ze comes up at that moment and asks what they are doing. Grandpa explains that maybe Jing Jing and Tian Ze are really meant to be together. Tian Ze hugs his grandfather and looks over at Ai Xing, saying thank you for thinking of him, but he’s resolved to put this matter behind him. He leaves to finish off work and Grandpa ushers Ai Xing to take Zhi Xing to the bathroom at last. After they go, he looks in the direction Tian Ze left in and says “It’s a lie if he says he doesn’t miss her.” You know Grandpa is worried about his grandson, but what more can he do?

Tian Ze meets with Ren Wei to discuss the new problem and Ren Wei is livid and shocked to hear Tian Ze talking about complying with some of Du’s earlier demands. Tian Ze wishes to surrender already? Why doesn’t he admit that he just lost? Tian Ze picks up the documents Ren through on the floor and smiles. Looks like Ren still doubts his capabilities, Tian Ze still hasn’t show all of his cards. He then explains that they could win the lawsuit, but it could take years and ruin Ren Wei’s reputation to the point that no one in the industry will trust him and work with him. This catches Ren’s attention. Even though he wants revenge, that would be a bad thing to have himself completely ruined. Ren sits back and listens but gets angry again when Tian Ze says that Fu Hua will must recognize Ren as the director with 60% shares without being able to appeal that in return that Ren Wei pays on Fu Hua’s debts until they are clear. This is definitely not what Ren Wei wanted. He does understand, though, that Tian Ze has been planning this from the beginning in order to help Jing Jing out of her situation. I loved Tian Ze’s glib explanation of how his deal will help and and not hurt Ren Wei in the long run. Tian Ze is pretty good at schooling Ren Wei and Ren does his best to rattle the younger man by asking him why he’d help Jing Jing when she’d already kicked him to the curb. Thinking he’d gotten the last word, Ren takes the file and gets up to leave only to have Tian Ze says that he is only innocent and simple and thus that’s why he’s doing this. Ren Wei pauses and mutters Tian Ze’s words under his breath. Tian Ze’s actions here are anything but simple and show quite the cunning.

At the office, the sales representatives come to Ling Li to complain about Ai Xing breaking her word not to interfere with their work. How so? She is hawking the Mei Ze project in front of the office with the help of Yia Nan. Ling Li goes out to reprimand the two of them, especially Yia Nan who should know better. Ai Xing understands the complaint, but cannot give up. She doesn’t have many options since she is not allowed to do business inside the office. Of course, Ai Xing’s quick thinking and her fast talking get her out of the sticky situation and make Ling Li once more gung ho about helping her and taking her as her protégé. My, how quickly she keeps changing her opinion of Ai Xing. I really loved how Ai Xing uses selling out the Mei Ze development as a great way to keep Ren Wei and Jing Jing apart. Ling Li can be so simple. She knows Ren Wei’s weaknesses and defects, but she still tries her best to clear out the competition and win.

Meanwhile, Jing Jing stops by to pick up her stuff. Tian Ze lets her in and the awkward atmosphere builds. He gives her a drink in her white mug and she tells him she didn’t know about Du being their lawyer. Tian Ze says that Jing Jing had no say in the matter and besides, he can keep personal and business separate. Jing Jing wonders if he will really represent Ren Wei and go against her family. Tian Ze asks why Jing JIng thinks he’s still working for Ren Wei. He is drowning and the job is his safety line. This hurts Jing Jing and she puts her hand on his to comfort him. This stops him from his emotional vomit and he apologizes, saying he can’t tell her any details now because of his profession, but she should wait and see. Jing Jing goes to leave and Tian Ze stops her and says her mom was right. He doesn’t have what it takes to take care of Jing Jing. Maybe they really aren’t suited for one another despite their love. This twists the knife in Jing Jing’s heart. I don’t think Tian Ze is being cruel her for cruelties sake. He is merely doing what Jing Jing did earlier – being hurtfully honest. Yes. they have love, but no, it isn’t enough. After Jing JIng leaves, Tian Ze has to wipe away his own tears.

And totally off topic, but I really, really HATE Jing Jing’s wardrobe. A lot of the clothes they put her in really don’t go well together at all and look kind of silly and tacky. Anywho, back on topic. The spaced out Jing Jing walks into oncoming traffic to be saved by a kind man and she instantly recalls how Tian Ze once saved her as well. She fights to hold back her tears and clutches the hand that she tried to comfort him with which is now shaking her. Jing Jing is getting closer and closer to shattering. Can she continue on?

Back at the office, Ling Li introduces Ai Xing to her “bibles,” which are notes on all her years of working in sales and managing. Ai Xing is wowed at Ling Li’s awesomeness and eager to dive in, but Ling Li doesn’t think Ai Xing is ready. She needs to brush up on some skills before Ling li will start letting her in on the secrets and contacting some influential clients. Jing Jing then arrives and when Ling Li learns who the younger girl is, she cannot help but compare their figures and determine that Jing Jing is rather lacking compared to herself. The only thing that Jing Jing has going for her is her age (she’s what, 24 or 24). Ai Xing signals Yia Nan to help her and he distracts Ling Li so Ai Xing can get Jing Jing safely out of the office.

Ai Xing assures Jing Jing that she and Ling Li will do their best to make sure Mei Ze is a hit. Jing Jing thanks her distractedly and Ai Xing tells her that isn’t necessary. Ai Xing then stops her and asks about Tian Ze. At Jing Jing’s expression, Ai Xing immediately starts cursing him. Jing Jing tells her to stop as she hurt Tian Ze and broker her promise to him. Jing Jing then explains that breaking up was a relief as she doesn’t have to feel guilty over any decisions she makes now. Ai Xing does not like to hear this and is really unhappy when Jing Jing says she is all alone now. Ai Xing, close to tears herself, says that Jing Jing will always have her. Jing Jing then makes Ai Xing promise to believe in her even when the whole world turns on her. Ai Xing nods in agreement, but you can tell her mind is working on just what Jing Jing’s meaning really is and she is really not happy.

That night Jing Jing picks up Ren’s dry cleaning and heads on over to his place with the thought that only she can save her family now [I am not happy with this decision at all, but this is the path Jing Jing has chosen believing that it is the only way]. It isn’t Ren who opens the door, but Tian Ze who is there for work. Both the ex-lovers are shocked. It is a really unexpected and unfortunate meeting. They all know what Jing Jing is there for. Tian Ze eventually bows out and Ren repeats his words that sometimes because of money, the person who has it will get the girl versus the person who doesn’t. Nothing like rubbing salt in the gaping wound. After he leaves, Jing Jing gathers her courage and asks Ren if they continue where they left off before she ran out, will he save her family?

Outside, Tian Ze is trying hard to control his anger and hopelessness. He wishes he could bust down the door, but restrains himself. He then gets a call from Ai Xing who is worried about Jing Jing’s odd words. When she learns that Jing Jing is at Ren’s she rushes over to put a stop to Jing Jing’s plans. She bawls Tian Ze for not intervening and goes to rush in, but Tian Ze stops her. He doesn’t have the right to stop her. Ai Xing then starts beating him asking him why he doesn’t understand why Jing Jing broke up with him and is sacraficing herself. Tian Ze says that it won’t be right to stop her as Jing Jing is doing what she has to do. Ren then opens the door and Ai Xing tries to drag Jing Jing out, but she won’t go. Ai Xing turns to Tian Ze who has already left. Ren smirks and says that Jing Jing has made up her mind and tells Ai Xing to go. Poor Ai Xing is completely lost. She just doesn’t know what to do when Jing Jing lets go of her hand. Ai Xing’s world which she’s been fighting so long to keep together has finally shattered.

Tian Ze walks listless in the pouring rain followed by Ai Xing. Tian Ze finds a tree and starts punching it like crazy. She tries to get him to come to his senses and Tian Ze stop and just asks if Jing Jing left. Ai Xing cannot say yes and says that maybe it will be just like when she lived with Ren Wei. Tian Ze snaps and yells that Ai Xing doesn’t need to console him. There was no one who could stop Jing Jing from making that decision. Ai Xing’s face begins to crumble and her composure is totally a step away from snapping. At a loss, she grabs his hand and tires to take him back home out of the rain, but Tian Ze yells at her to stop caring about him. Ai Xing snaps and says she will get drenched in the rain with him. She then bawls that she tried so hard to help the two and look at how things have turned out. She is sadder and hurting more than him. She has no idea what to do anymore. Tian Ze says nothing to this outburst and just turns away crying and Ai Xing (who could’ve used some comfort herself) just silently keeps following.

The two get home and Tian Ze is still out of it. Ai Xing hurries and gets him a towel and works on drying his hair. She then sees his battered hand and gets the first aid kit to take care of it. She then silently hugs the sobbing boy. They are both in a lot of pain right now and perhaps they are the only ones who can understand and comfort one another now. The lost Ai Xing is gone and replaced by the motherly/sisterly Ai Xing who takes care of the child Tian Ze.

The next day an important client is angered that Ai Xing is not at the office. He wishes to do business with Ai Xing in regards to the Mei Ze project. Ling Li tries to placate him and unleashes her wrath on Yia Nan who cannot get a hold of Ai Xing. He rushes over to the apartment and is greeted by Tian Ze who says that Ai Xing should be at work already. Yia Nan replies she isn’t there and wouldn’t skip or miss as she is so close to the perfect attendance bonus. The two then go to Ai Xing’s room and knock. No answer. Tian Ze and Yia Nan go in and discover that Ai Xing is burning up. Tian Ze swoops her up in his arms and rushes her to the hospital.

Ai Xing gets a drip and Tian Ze watches over her and gives her the medication prescribed. She wakes a little and unsteadily tries to focus on the man next to her. She smiles when she realizes that it’s Tian Ze. Meanwhile, Jing Jing heads to the apartment, but gets an urgent call and turns around instead of going in just as Tian Ze returns with Ai Xing. He gets out of the taxi and carries her upstairs. What an interesting reversal after the previous night. And I am really curious as to what really happened between Jing Jing and Ren Wei, but we don’t get to know if anything officially did happen or not.

Ren Wei takes Meng up to the rooftop where his father committed suicide with his little brother. He then reveals his identity, shocking Meng. Apparently Meng, Ren Wei’s father, and a third party set up a company. When things went south, all the blame was pushed onto Ren’s dad even though he wasn’t solely at fault. The pressure caused the suicide and the two friends pulled out unscathed and started Fu Hua. Ouch. Given Meng’s present attitude, its hard to believe he would do something so ruthless and cruel. Meng cries and apologizes, but Ren Wei will have none of that. He lived a miserable life waiting for his revenge and now he has won Meng. He turns and leaves and it looks like Mr. Meng has a heart attack. Yep. So knew that was coming.

So what will Ren do now that one of the men who destroyed his father is dead?


  • The part where you said Ai Xing needed some comfort herself just made me realize that I want someone else to console Ai Xing for once. It’s always Ai Xing comforting Jing Jing and Tian Ze, and never really the other way around.

    Yeah I guess I didn’t have enough faith in Tian Ze at first. Now he’s trying really hard to protect Jing Jing’s family while doing his job at the same time. This both relieves me and annoys me..of course I want him to help Jing Jing somehow, but at the same time I feel like he’s letting his personal life influence his work.

    Oh and on Jing Jing’s clothes…she really needs clothes that make her look more mature. If only they would get rid of those collared shirts that always make her look super super young!!! But I really liked that white sleeveless blazer she was wearing in this episode. I think it made her look more mature. Plus I like her hair better when she ties it back half-up, half-down.

    • It’s always Ai Xing comforting Jing Jing and Tian Ze, and never really the other way around.

      I know. If you look at the relationship dynamics between these three, they don’t have very even relationships and it’s really Ai Xing who gives up and does the most. Yes, Jing Jing is going through probably the worst time with everything that has happened, but Ai Xing is going through probably the toughest time since her mother died and Jing Jing’s accident as she had to watch her two best friends’ relationship slowly be destroyed. The girl needs some comfort, too. Will she ever get any?

      I know Tian Ze’s actions seemed suspect, but since he was always talking about his morals, etc, I really wondered if he would really do his best to hurt Jing Jing or not. Sometimes I did wonder if the writers would honestly take that direction because you do have parts in dramas where the good guys might do a little evil that they regret later, but it looks like Tian Ze might have had Jing Jing’s best interest at heart. And even though Jing Jing’s decision destroyed him a little bit, I am surprised by how he accepted it as what she needed to do and that you couldn’t stop her from trying to save herself and family even using such a method.

      Jing Jing does have some nice outfits, but they are few and far between. Mismatched weird style shorts with those printed collar shirts. Yep, it definitely shows her youth, but is not flattering and the wardrobe people should try to give her a more mature look. Heck, she looked better in what she wore during their college days than now. I really like her halfback hairstyle as well. It really suits her.

      Now I shall try to watch 13 and get that up tonight 😛

      • I know it feels like everyone has forgotten that Ai Xing has her own troubles too. I want Tian Ze to comfort her for once!! Ai Xing is always by his side during his toughest moments. Tian Ze should do the same for her. *-*

        I think Tian Ze is a good guy at heart, which is why he’s still protecting Jing Jing. It just confuses me sometimes because I’m not sure if he’s completely over her or not.

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