Dalmatian – E.R. MV

DalmatianOh, wow. That was my thought when I first saw this music video. Dalmatian’s last single was “The Man Opposed,” which was a cutesy song and video about a guy disliking the guy the girl had chosen. I loved that song and the video was fun. Now, this video and song is a complete 180. It’s a darker dance ballad with an equally darker video. The cute teenagers have turned into angsty and angry young men.

Dalmatian has replaced one member and is currently promoting as a 5-member group while another member is completing mandatory military service (like what Supernova did with “Stupid Love” as their leader is in the military right now). I will admit that I had heard of Dalmatian before, but didn’t really like their debut song. I just came to know them with their last single, so I never got to know their names, besides Drama/Daniel (are they the same person or two different ones… I honestly can’t remember). And their looks have changed so much in the past year and a half that I honestly can’t recognize any of them any more. Wow.


Which Dalmatian member is this?

While I really do like the melody and beat of the song, the video and bad English (I mean REALLY bad when mixed with the Korean) helps destroy some of its magic. While the video can be slightly construed with having to do with the song, the actual story is lost on me. Five young men were in an accident and died? But wait! One of them opens his eyes just as the medic zips the body bag close. Then we cut to a morgue with a pretty M.E. who proceeds to cut the boys open and we end with her exiting with a happy smile while five dead young men are on slabs. WTF. It’s a bit weird and morbid and makes little sense to me.

And the lyrics. Oy. English translation credit to pop!gasa and Hangul and romanization credit to Jet Lyrics:

I need help! I need somebody right now!
It’s not breathing I don’t know what to do I need help!
My coldly cast away heart is trapped in a black tunnel
Where do I have to go? I’m paused at this signal
When you coming back – I wait a day and two
But there’s no answer, only an echo again
I can’t bear this scar that opened up again and became bigger
I stay up all night, calling out your name
Whenever I see you, I want you to stay stay stay stay
I hate myself for letting you go
Come back to me back to me chokin now I told you back to me*
I’ll be waiting, I’ll be there
At that place, I’ll be there
This pain, these stinging tears, I can hold it all back
As I dance, I’ll be there,
As I smile, I’ll be there
I’ll be waiting for you at that street where you smiled for the last time
Emergency Emergency
Emergency, I’ll be waiting for you

As if my heart stopped, my left side hurts so much
I’m hurt as if I’ve been coldly and sharply pierced
After waiting and waiting, I stopped because my heart didn’t know you left
Your empty seat is as if a storm passed by and took everything
The oxygen mask has been taken away from my one and only love

The cold wind wraps around me
My body and heart, exhausted from yearning, whispers
Repeating it by myself, I can’t ever erase you even if I die

* Repeat

You’re not by my side but I love you, I’ll wait for you
I call your name thousands of times but no answer
Under the dazzling sky, I only want you to come
I fell into my tears and can’t even stand up again
Just like now, I’ll be waiting for you here, where you’re not present

* Repeat

I’ll be waiting for you

Let’s start with “it’s not breathing.” I am pretty sure that they are referring to a human, so, yeah, you usually don’t refer to a person as “it,” which is more used with objects and animals, but rather as “he” or “she” or “they.” We then have “When you coming back.” That in and of itself isn’t horrible, but it technically isn’t correct. It should read “When ARE you coming back.”

I think one of the most problematic English lines has to be “chokin now I told you back to me.” I think this means that the speaker is choking on the words as he wants to say come back, but I am really not sure if that’s really what is meant.

As for the full meaning of the song with the not-so-great English, you can tell it’s a bad breakup song. The speaker is left reeling and feeling like they are dying because they were stupid and let go of the one they really loved. I can understand what they mean by emergency and the song title being “E.R.” since they do use expressions of physical pain and references to things like oxygen masks. It’s kind of cool as they are going for a metaphor, but at the same time, the “Emergency” lines seem out of place.

The rap and vocals go seamlessly together and actually doesn’t seem awkward, which is good. This is a song which actually suits the rap parts. And the dancing. From what you can see, it’s got some nice, flowing movements and formations. The cute boys are turning into men and the transition isn’t too bad. Normally I am not a huge fan of tons of tattoos (they don’t bug me like they do my grandmother, though), but it really did work with these boys, but you have to feel sorry for them as you know they spent hours sitting still to have them painted on.


  • i was annoyed that the tattoos weren’t real, ’cause i had gotten rather excited to find a group that looked like that… (i’m just kinda now catching on to all of this, but i’m getting the feeling that there’s a lotta cookie cutter stuff going on in this crazy world of korean pop…)

    the beginning sounded too much like a bad john travolta impersonation, too.

    • Yes, there is a lot of cookie cutter stuff on kpop. You can bet if someone does a new sound or dance move it starts popping up all over in other new songs.

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