Absolute Boyfriend Live Action Episode 7 Recap

A squeeable episode. I’m not saying 6 was bad by any means, but I just wasn’t all that happy with it for some reason. Sure, it set up some great things and progress with Zong Shi’s confession, but it seemed a little slow with the huge focus on the reset and Night trying to become Mei Jia’s perfect boyfriend. While essential and with some good moments, it just didn’t do it for me. This episode by contrast seemed to go a lot faster and was much more fun even though we still have the melodrama and love triangle going on. Ah, the competition begins. So who will win? Will it be the best friend who has always been by Xiao Fei’s side protecting her and silently loving her, or will it be the robot who is evolving because of her? If you think about the whole robot thing, it’s a little bit fresher because it’s always some poor girl whipping some spoilt rich heir into shape and causing them to change for the better. Here we have a poor girl causing a robot to evolve into something so much more. A new play on a very old cliché.

We open with a bit of a backtrack to the pool scene where Zong Shi is trying to teach Xiao Fei to swim. Xiao Fei successfully manages to jump into the water and search for the keys that flew into the pool after she and Night had their pushing battle (so to speak). However, Night doesn’t stick around to watch this and Zong Shi has to tell her that Night has already left. Xiao Fei is greatly disappointed, but gets excited once Zong Shi points out that she put her head under water and even dove right in. Unfortunately, Xiao Fei is brought back to reality and her excitement is dampened when she realizes she is gushing about how she has a chance of getting Night back to her best friend who has just recently confessed his true feelings for her. Xiao Fei is a simple girl with a one track mind. It’s hard for her to remember Zong Shi’s feelings completely when she is concentrating so hard on bringing Night back. Zong Shi is happy that Xiao Fei is overcoming her fear, but really disappointed that he was not the one who was able to help her this time. Instead, it was her will to get Night back that allowed her to dive into the pool without being scared. Zong Shi then says that his teaching her to swim comes with a condition. If she succeeds in learning but Night still rejects her, then she must give up on Night completely as Zong Shi does not want to watch her hurt herself yet again (like she did when she held her breath, passed out, and almost drowned as a teenager).

I like how Xiao Fei explains that she is only pursuing winning Night back because he should have forgotten her but he didn’t. I must say that I am surprised by how Zong Shi accepts this. I am not sure if he’s just thinking that Night switched to greener pastures, but couldn’t forget Xiao Fei in the end or what. But he readily accepted that rather odd answer (because in the grand scheme of things, it has only been a few days, a week at tops since they “broke up” so how could Night forget her so soon anyways?).

The next morning Night meets Mei Jia for breakfast and the girl who is starting to like him decides to give him the next test. He must make food for her at her apartment. Night happily agrees to this and arranges to meet Mei Jia at the usual restaurant that night at 7:30. He then goes to work where he is modeling what looks to be a Roman-type of armor (ok, can anybody else explain why they randomly through that photo shoot in? Jiro looks hot, he always looks hot 😛 and I know that him not being able to move fully and Xiao Fei understanding what needs to be done is necessary, but that scene just seemed way to random and ridiculous. Is it just for the eye candy part?) and participating in a photo shoot. Xiao Fei stops by with her mail cart and Night notices her. He looks briefly uncomfortable and quickly looks away. The shoot takes a break and Xiao Fei immediately bounces up to Night (who was told that he had to be extra careful as that suite of armor took a lot of money and is a prototype) and asks what he is doing. Night replies that a department is having him model the new armor for a game they are developing.

Xiao Fei asks for a kiss yet again and Night refuses her yet again. She then learns that he can’t move all that well in the armor and decided to ambush him since he wouldn’t be able to push her away so easily. However, Xiao Fei cannot bring herself to do it. She must prove her sincerity. She cannot believe that she is trying to win her robot back as if he was a human. Will there come a time when Xiao Fei completely forgets that Night is a robot? I mean, there are several times when she forgets for a moment and gets excited and happy, only to have the reality come crashing down yet again. Anywho, Xiao Fei says that she will definitely be able to swim and Night announces that he will be meeting Mei Jia for dinner at her apartment and afterword they will do “that.” This puts Xiao Fei in panic mode. She will not be able to win Night back if he and Mei Jia consummate their relationship (somehow, I actually don’t see Mei Jia immediately doing “that” with Night anyways since she is being very cautious). Thus Xiao Fei gets Night to agree to come to the pool at the apartment complex and watch her swim as she knows she can do it (well, she technically did swim already… but I guess that didn’t count).

That night Xiao Fei head out to the apartment complex’s swimming pool and gets a call from a worried Lei WuWu. The special team has already been deployed to take Night back. What is Xiao Fei’s plan? Xiao Fei says that she sort of has one and rushes off without elaborating [much to WuWu’s frustration – how funny was it when he tried to keep his conversation a secret by pretending he has hiccups?]. She then runs into Zong Shi who cannot support her this time. The reason? Zong Shi will be sad to see Xiao Fei hurting if she is ultimately rejected by Night and and he just may be even sadder if Night decides to return to Xiao Fei’s side. Awww. At least the boy is finally being honest with himself and Xiao Fei. I find this interesting as just before he said he wouldn’t help her out this time, he just lectured her on swimming alone when she still cannot swim [HELLO!? Didn’t she swim in episode 6?], but Xiao Fei is determined to risk everything (plus she didn’t agree to ZS’s condition) so that is the reason why he did say he couldn’t help, but still.

Xiao Fei arrives at the pool where Night informs her he is meeting Mei Jia at 7:30 thus Xiao Fei only has half an hour to prove she can swim. Xiao Fei immediately dives into the pool and starts flailing around like I do. It can be considered swimming, but not very well. Night points this out and says her stroke and breathing isn’t right and thus cannot be constituted as swimming. While he watches Xiao Fei struggle over and over again, his processor starts going haywire again and before you know it, gets reset to Xiao Fei (even though she didn’t kiss him). Night, freaked out, rushes out of the pool to meet Mei Jia. Once he leaves, Xiao Fei gets a cramp in her foot and starts to drown. Typical 😛

Zong Shi notices that Xiao Fei isn’t home yet and wonders what has happened. His little brother returns home and says that he hasn’t seen Xiao Fei, but he did see Night leave. This worries Zong Shi and he runs off towards the pool. He gets there first as Night is really conflicted. He needs to keep his promise to Mei Jia, but the ring is showing purple. Someone is scared and in need. Is it Mei Jia? But Night finally comes to a decision and rushes off himself and actually manages to beat Zong Shi to the punch and dives in just as his rival was about to. Wow. For once Night was actually faster. Night grabs the floating face down Xiao Fei and notices she isn’t breathing. You know, I am sort of surprised that Night can successfully do CPR, although, that looked definitely more like a kiss than the “kiss of life.” Of course this immediately resets Night and he starts calling her Xiao Fei vs. Guan sachie once more. Xiao Fei immediately comes to and is greeted by Night’s happy smile and her name on his lips.

Night takes Xiao Fei back to the edge of the pool where Zong Shi takes her out and puts a towel around her. Xiao Fei immediately questions Night to test to see if he is back to normal. Night says her name and that she is forever his girlfriend. Xiao Fei hugs Night in joy and says that she is happy he is back, and poor Zong Shi can only watch in silence. Poor boy. He is forever forgotten about and this gets him hurt even more than if he’d actually gotten a quick kiss off from Xiao Fei. Wu Wu arrives and sees this and his team is set to go home as the situation has been rectified before anyone discovered that Night was really a robot. Wu Wu is like a big brother/father at times and is really cute. And at other times he almost seems like a pimp peddling flesh as he’s constantly encouraging Xiao Fei to do “that” with Night already. Meanwhile, Mei Jia sits and waits for over 10 minutes. Night still isn’t there. Mei Jia scoffs at how she was starting to believe in him. The boss then comes over and asks if she’s ordering or not (after she complained that there wasn’t any more napkins left as she was making paper cranes as she waited). Mei Jia makes a decision and orders. She’s done waiting.

Night tucks Xiao Fei into bed. The girl has a fever. In fact she was sneezing all the while she was at work. Night wants to take her to the hospital, but Xiao Fei says there is no need as she has already taken a fever-reducer (I am surprised that they actually used the term “antipyretic” which is the clinical/medical term). Night then gets into bed cuddling Xiao Fei and  headjusts his body temperature to keep from raising Xiao Fei’s temperature. Xiao Fei then asks if he remembers what happened when he was reset and Night has no memory at all of what happened with Mei Jia and he apologizes for being careless and getting reset. Xiao Fei then says that Night was important to her, so she fought to get him back. Now she will be on her guard against such happenings as getting him back is too tiring. LOL. Night then says that Xiao Fei needs to hurry and make him completely hers so that won’t happen in the future.

Night then comes closer and closer and Xiao Fei then worries that Night wants to do “that” as he cuddles closer. Night says that he of course wants to, but he knows that Xiao Fei is not ready yet. Thus, he will initialize the sequence that will make him forever Xiao Fei’s. And how does he do that? He kisses her! Xiao Fei catches that Night was lying and cannot believe he did that as he was set to be honest. Night replies that he was set not to lie, but he was also set to be very romantic. He will kiss her more and more so that he will never forget her. That’s his encryption process. Sappily cute. And what is up with those awkward camera angles for the bed scenes with these two?

The next morning Night goes back into the apartment to get Xiao Fei’s phone as she had forgotten it. Zong Shi then comes out and asks if she is alright. Xiao Fei replies that she is good and Zong Shi hesitantly asks if she and Night are good as well. Xiao Fei replies that they are and Zong Shi reverts back to how he was earlier before confessing. He says he is amazed she could steal Night back from Mei Jia as Xiao Fei is clearly an airport. Uh-oh. The forbidden words have been unleashed once more. This angers Xiao Fei and the two engage in a face pinching contest (although, in all honesty it looked like Goo Hye Sun was pinching Kun Da a helluva lot harder than he was her) where neither wishes to give up. This pinching continues until Qing Shi comes out and asks what they are doing as its very childish. Zong Shi then says that when he counts to three they will both let go. They do and are both rubbing their sore faces. Qing Shi then says he is relieved as he feared that the two would completely break all relations from now on. Zong Shi asks what break and tells Xiao Fei that he hasn’t let her go yet. He turns to leave and Qing Shi comes closer to Xiao Fei and says that he thinks his ge is really good looking. Zong Shi comes and drags his little brother out by the ear leaving a flustered Xiao Fei.

Night and Xiao Fei arrive at the office to learn that Mei Jia has taken a leave of absence just before word was received that she was being transferred to the branch in Taichung (where she went for her business trip the day before). This surprises Xiao Fei and all of her coworkers. Night then says he will notify Mei Jia about the transfer. Sky then says that Night must be sad since Mei Jia is leaving, does he want Sky to comfort him? Night ignores this and turns to Xiao Fei. He also thinks it would be a good idea to explain to Mei Jia that he and Xiao Fei are back together again. This worries Xiao Fei. Will he confess he’s a robot? Xiao Fei asks to discuss the matter first and shoves Night off while the others are surprised to learn that Xiao Fei won him back.

At Mei Jia’s usual restaurant (Rabbit), Night brings her food and she says she doesn’t want to see him. Night says he knows and she tells him to leave, but Night can’t just yet. He tells her about the transfer and Mei Jia says she already knew as when she was in Taichung, the boss there said he had to have her as his secretary. Mei Jia has also been wanting to work there (really?), so everything has worked out for the best. Night explains that he and Xiao Fei are back together and then also tells Mei Jia that he believes she will find the man who will look only at her and cherish her. Before he leaves, he does tell her that Xiao Fei bears no ill will and treasures their times together. This surprises Mei Jia and causes her to rub her empty wrist where the friendship bracelet once sat. Yep. Even when she was plotting against Xiao Fei, you could see times when she was genuinely touched and cared just a wee bit about her “enemy.” Can these two ever be friends again? Mei Jia gets up to leave and runs into the boss, spilling juice all over. She goes to wash up and notices all the napkin cranes she folded hanging above the sink. The somewhat geeky looking boss comes over and apologizes for spilling the juice. Mei Jia asks about the cranes and he says that he couldn’t throw them out since they were so cute and pretty, so he hung them up. Mei Jia smiles at this and recalls Night’s words about finding someone who would wholeheartedly love her. Aww. Looks like she can get a happy ending at least.

I must say I love it when Mei Jia kicks Night’s shin when he’s telling her what happened and he had no reaction and then quickly covered it by doing the fake “it hurts” and grabbing his shin and replying that he has slow reaction time. LMAO. Totally hilarious.

That night, Wu Wu meets with our couple in order to encourage them to do “that.” This angers Xiao Fei. Did he only call them out for such a perverted reason. Wu Wu insists that is not his point. Does Xiao Fei wish to lose Night again? Xiao Fei says that she doesn’t want that and Wu Wu doesn’t understand why Xiao Fei is so hesitant. Xiao Fei cannot admit that its because recalling Night being a robot stops her from going all the way. Wu Wu once again states that he doesn’t understand Xiao Fei’s hesitancy and then jumps on top of his chair to bemoan how he got a salary cut thanks to Night’s reset. Xiao Fei says that has nothing to do with her. Wu Wu tells Night to start and the robot begins to disrobe [in a public café! Oh, my!]. Xiao Fei protests and asks why Night is doing that just because Wu Wu told him to. Night replies that he actually wishes to do “that” with Xiao Fei. This causes Xiao Fei to run out of the café with Night on her heels. Seriously. Xiao Fei still hasn’t quite learned how NOT to run away from everything at first.

Back at work, Xiao Fei is totally spacing out because of her conversation with Wu Wu and Night. Zong Shi comes up and Xiao Fei immediately starts pressing the elevator call button like crazy. Zong Shi points at the sign which says it is under maintenance. LMAO. Zong Shi then comments on how he should film her absentmindedness and show it to her boss. Xiao Fei says he’s arrogant and he then asks about the files for the meeting. Xiao Fei says she has then and raises empty hands. Apparently she was so out of it that she completely ignored Sky who kept trying to get her attention that she walked off empty handed. Xiao Fei takes the files and then laughs off her aggravation and says that its no wonder that Zong Shi knows her so well as she is her good friend. Zong Shi comes closer and says that she knows that he does not wish to be only her good friend. Yes, Xiao Fei cannot keep avoiding the subject, especially when she swore to  face him head on. Xiao Fei then fans herself and Zong Shi saying its hot. The other elevator finally comes and the uncomfortable Xiao Fei hops in and asks if Zong Shi isn’t getting in. Zong Shi refuses as he doesn’t want to be with the uncomfortable friend who mutters inane things. He leaves and Xiao Fei worries about what to do. She doesn’t know how to face him now and she isn’t sure if she can continue to simply accept all of his kind acts.

Xiao Fei goes into the bathroom and wonders aloud (took me awhile to figure this out as I couldn’t see her lips moving half the time so I though she was stressing in her head) just what to do. Whom to choose. At this point, Zhi Xi comes out and startles the younger girl. Zhi Xi says she isn’t a ghost and precedes to give Xiao Fei more relationship advice. For a girl who comes off really coldly, I like her more and more as she does her best to advise Xiao Fei in the different areas she’s having problems with. Zhi Xi tells Xiao Fei that to figure out which guy is “the one,” [ah, does anyone else know that manhwa? it was pretty screwed up] as it cannot be true love if you’re hesitating between two men.

As for which one you like, isn’t that a very simple question?

Xiao Fei says it originally should be simple and thinks to herself why it is so complicated. On one hand, isn’t it weird if she falls in love with a robot, and on the other, it’s awkward to be with Zong Shi whom she grew up with and is very familiar with. Zhi Xi then comes back with “When you’re happy or sad, the person you want to share it with is the person who you like.” Xiao Fei then says her problems are understood by both men very well, so its not like she needs to share it with them as they already know.

When you encounter difficulties, the first person who emerges in your mind is your true lover.

Xiao Fei thinks hard about this. I don’t have to. Night is strong and helpful and more and more understanding, but it has really always been Zong Shi saving her. From bullying, from falling down stairs, etc. Night has always been a step behind or did not understand the situation (except with this episode when he be Zong Shi to the punch in saving Xiao Fei from drowning, although that was really close). And totally off topic. In the television series Christie based on the book by Catherine Marshall (of the same name), Christie is torn between the young preacher and the acerbic, older doctor. Her friend Fairlight tries to get her to straighten out her feelings in much the same manner. Who do you always think about when you first wake up? Who makes you madder than all hell? I just had to say that because it reminded me so much of that beloved, short-lived series. At least they had movies to draw that to a conclusion even if most of the original cast didn’t come back. I love how all this sage advice from Zhi Xi came from a romance novel. Who’d’ve thought that girl would read romance novels? This advice, however, confuses the heck out of Xiao Fei.

Meanwhile, Zong Shi seeks out Night. Woohoo! The declaration of war is coming!!!! Night asks if Zong Shi is looking for Xiao Fei as she went to deliver files. Zong Shi says it is Night he wishes to speak with. Zong Shi then begins grilling Night. Did he quit working the gigolo bar (Night’s goofy, innocent expression is soooo cute, he has NO idea where Zong Shi is going with this)? Yes. Did he resolve issues with Mei Jia? Yes. Did he officially return to Xiao Fei’s side? Yes. Zong Shi’s little laugh is cute (I’m not sure if its bitter, ironic, or just annoyed because of Night’s totally innocent attitude). Zong shi then declares that he also likes Xiao Fei. Night happily smiles and innocently says he knows (yes, I am using the word innocently too much, but oh well) as Zong Shi is Xiao Fei’s good friend. Another smiles from Zong Shi. No, that’s not it. Zong Shi’s liking Xiao Fei is not the simple type of liking that Night thinks. Night’s face starts to lose its smile. Zong Shi then explains that growing up together with Xiao Fei he only lately realized how much he really does care for her. If she had a worthy boyfriend by her side, then Zong Shi would gladly back off for her happiness, but since he has lost faith in Night, he can no longer disappear from the picture.

Let me tell you, I absolutely won’t give up Xiao Fei.

Night says that doesn’t matter if Zong Shi won’t let Xiao Fei go as Night is the perfect lover for her. Zong Shi scorns this. How can Night say that? On what basis does he think he is Xiao Fei’s perfect love. Zong Shi then asks why Night hasn’t noticed that ever since Xiao Fei got together with Night, she has been smiling less and less. Isn’t that because of Night. Zong Shi then says the robot can’t give Xiao Fei happiness. With this last blow, Zong Shi says he’s said all he wanted to say and let then he says that they should compete fairly. This totally throws Night for a loop. WuWu has seen all of this and gets worried. With Zong Shi doing this, that means that Night and Xiao Fei’s chance of doing “that” will greatly be reduced. No, he can’t let that happen. He must take them to his “Nirvana.”

When Night and Xiao Fei return home from grocery shopping, Wu Wu ambushes them. Needless to say, he’s an unwelcomed sight. Wu Wu says thanks to everything Xiao Fei has done, she is giving her and Night a vacation. He claps glasses onto Xiao Fei’s head which acts as a blindfold. Xiao Fei doesn’t trust Wu Wu and is worried, but he assures her everything is fine and ushers her into a waiting van while telling Night to hurry and pack the luggage. Night asks what Wu Wu has planned and Wu Wu says it is a really naughty idea that Night will enjoy. Night must use this special opportunity to beat out Zong Shi. Wu Wu then drives off and Night recalls Zong Shi’s words about a fair competition.

The next day they are at a beautiful tropical island cared for and maintained by Kronos Heaven. Wu Wu then reveals that he “kidnapped” them to the island so that they can do “that.” This angers Xiao Fei, but she can’t do anything about it now. The three go to leave and Wu Wu stops Night from taking the luggage as he needs energy for “that.” When the luggage starts moving, Wu Wu jumps back afraid. Night nonchalantly opens up the suitcase and Zong Shi comes spilling out, hands tied and mouth taped shut. LMAO. Oh, Night, how funny. I can’t believe he literally kidnapped Zong Shi and shoved him in a suitcase! Totally unexpectedly awesome funniness. This startles both Xiao Fei and Wu Wu. We then get a Night flashback where we see how he surprised Zong Shi and said lets compete fairly and then karate chopped him in the neck. After that, this leads to a very awkward standoff on the beach. Wu Wu happily skips down the beach while Night carries a small duffel and Zong Shi is forced to carry a big suitcase full of stuff by himself. I guess Wu Wu doesn’t want Zong Shi to have “that” kind of stamina.

Lin Kun Da

Later Zong Shi tries calling home to know avail. Xiao Fei comes and apologizes and Zong Shi says that it should be Night who is apologizing instead. Xiao Fei knows this, but she feels she must apologize as it is because of her that Night kidnapped Zong Shi. True. Zong Shi then complains about not being able to use his phone. Xiao Fei then says that they can talk to Lei Wu Wu and see if he can help. When asked just who that is, Xiao Fei cannot properly explain of course, so what comes out is that he is Night’s “internet friend.”

Meanwhile, Wu Wu is scolding Night for bringing Zong Shi along. Didn’t Night understand that this whole trip was to make sure that Zong Shi was out of the picture so that Night can make Xiao Fei his? Night understands this, but says that he wants to compete fairly with Zong Shi. This floors Wu Wu. How can a robot lover compare to an actual human? Night then says he has confidence he can win over Zong Shi. This causes Wu Wu to choke on his juice. I like how Wu Wu is really certain that Night cannot compete and win against a human even though he always boasts of Night’s great qualities.

Zong Shi and Xiao Fei come up at this moment and Xiao Fei asks Wu Wu to call for a boat to take Zong Shi home. Wu Wu happily does this mystifying Zong Shi as to why Wu Wu’s cell works, but not his. Wu Wu explains that a special phone is needed as this is a very private island with a machine that disrupts normal outgoing cell calls. If Zong Shi was stranded on that island alone, there would be no way for him to call anyone to come save him. Wu Wu unfortunately opens his big mouth and says its best that Zong Shi chose to leave as he will be interrupting Xiao Fei’s and Night’s “first night” together. Zong Shi picks up on this and turns to Xiao Fei livid. She came to the island to do “that” with Night? Well, this obviously means that Zong Shi will NOT be leaving. LOL. Wu Wu and his big mouth 😉

Zong Shi keeps fiddling with his phone and when Night and Xiao Fei come ask him to go play, he refuses. What a stick in the mud. And how is refusing supposed to help keep the two apart? Wu Wu then comes in and tells Zong Shi that he texted Qing Shi for him saying that Zong Shi is tired and not to look for him. LOL. Poor Qing Shi. What will he think? Wu Wu then leaves and Zong Shi decides he cannot leave Xiao Fei and Night alone.

The two are on the beach running in and out of the waves. Night then asks Xiao Fei to go kayaking. Zong Shi immediately runs up and says no because Xiao Fei cannot swim. Night says they will wear life vests and he will protect her. Zong Shi then asks if Night has already forgotten the pool incident where Xiao Fei nearly drowned. Zong Shi wants to go fishing with Xiao Fei on the rocks, but Night thinks that is even more dangerous. Then we have a tug of war where both men keep arguing over what’s best for Xiao Fei without even consulting the girl herself. She finally gets frustrated and yells. It will be a loooooong weekend if this keeps up.

Lin Kun Da, Jiro Wang, Gu Hye Sun

Lunchtime comes and it looks like Night and Wu Wu might be the only ones in relatively good moods. Xiao Fei is angry over what happened earlier with the boys and with Wu Wu for his plan just to get them to do “that.” Night and Zong Shi cut meat for Xiao Fei, but Night manages to beat Zong Shi to the punch. Xiao Fei sees this and things get even more awkward. Zong Shi asks again if Wu Wu is certain they’ll be able to leave in two days. Wu Wu affirms this and says Xiao Fei will be a whole new woman when the morning comes. Zong Shi immediately picks up on Wu Wu’s meaning and quickly looks at Xiao Fei who says he’s talking about tanning and not about “that.” Riiight. You have to wonder just what Zong Shi thinks about Wu Wu’s constantly talking about “that” in reference to Night and Xiao Fei. That is NOT normal whatsoever. When Wu Wu goes to correct Xiao Fei, she stomps his foot hard and excuses herself to take a shower.

That Night Wu Wu arranges for Night and Xiao Fei to room together while he and Zong Shi will have their own rooms. Zong Shi doesn’t like this and demands to know why the arrangement is like that. Wu Wu explains that for some reason there is only three rooms available. Zong Shi calls this BS and says that Wu Wu manipulated things that way. He then demands to room with Night instead. Night refuses as he wants to be with Xiao Fei. Zong Shi forbids this as who knows what Night will do to Xiao Fei. The embarrassed girl quickly grabs a key and says that she will sleep alone. This annoys both Night and Wu Wu. The two boys have an intense staring contest before going off to their room.

When Xiao Fei gets to her room, she wonders why she feels so tired when she’s supposed to be on vacation. It’s all Wu Wu’s fault for trying to force her to do “that” with Night she has ended up in this awkward situation. When the boys get to their room, they try to enter at the same time and end up in a shoving match that Night wins. He goes over to the bed and Zong Shi, annoyed sits on the couch and says he won’t sleep to make sure Night doesn’t sneak off to Xiao Fei’s room on the sly. Night says that it is him who should be saying those words, not Zong Shi. The human then asks if Wu Wu meant that nothing has happened between Xiao Fei and Night up to this point since the older man referred to “first night.” Our robot actually confesses that nothing, indeed, has happened between him and Xiao Fei. I think his honesty surprises Xiao Fei. Night asks if that confession makes Zong Shi happy. The other man says that isn’t the point. Xiao Fei is a simple girl and easily tricked. Night says he would never do that to Xiao Fei, but she is still resistant to him. Night then says that even if he went to look for Xiao Fei at that exact moment, she might not accept him. Night then says that he envies Zong Shi has Xiao Fei is happier with Zong Shi. Again, our human is shocked. He covers this by saying Night’s words won’t make him give up. Night then wonders aloud how he can make Xiao Fei happier than Zong Shi can. Zong Shi understands that Night is honestly worrying about Xiao Fei, but that won’t make him change his mind yet.

Meanwhile, the woman they are fighting over is wondering around lost in thought over the current situation and what to do. She has no idea how she got into the middle of the woods and spots a rabbit which she chases after until she falls into a crevice. The fall was so horribly unbelievable and fake and there is no way that Xiao Fei could have landed quite like she did, but hey, it’s a drama, which means the laws of physics and reality are completely bent. So our heroine is in trouble and frightened. What to do?

Back in their room, Night suddenly springs up. Xiao Fei is in trouble. A knock comes and there is Wu Wu looking desperately for Xiao Fei. She’s missing. Night immediately runs out of the room and when Zong Shi learns that she is missing he rushes out, too. End episode.

Can’t wait for the next episode as we see more and more of Night’s evolving and Xiao Fei’s conflict.

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