Absolute Boyfriend Live Action Episode 6 Recap

You know there are times when watching a drama or a movie that you realize that things defy common sense and reality. Sometimes that is okay and other times these things glaringly jar you out of your enjoyment with the blatant annoyingness of going against what should be. What do I mean? What person in their ever-loving right minds tries to learn how to swim by themselves with no one present whatsoever? Truthfully, even if you are a good swimmer, you should never swim alone – accidents can happen you know. Oy. I was so frustrated with that. If Xiao Fei really wanted to commit suicide, that would be one way to do it. Oh, and I am NEVER very happy with the threat of suicide (whether it is their for dramatic effect or is heartfelt by the characters. To me, that is never an option and should never be a choice).

We open with Xiao Fei at the club trying to keep Night (Yes, I know he is technically called Wan Nai Te, but since the name isn’t too different from the manga/Japanese version, I’m going to keep calling him Night) out of his client Victoria’s clutches. Since she was thrown out for causing a scene earlier, she snuck back in disguised as a male. In this scene, you can see just how jealous Xiao Fei is with Night working at a host bar and just how much she forgets that he is indeed a robot. I mean, why else would she drink liquor like water, keeping it out of Night’s hands. His body can process alcohol a lot better than hers. So, in the end, she gets drunk instead. Victoria notices that it is indeed Xiao Fei in drag and she calls for Adam once more. Night takes the drunk Xiao Fei out, angering Victoria.

At the office, Zong Shi wonders just what she’s doing every night to make her so tired. Xiao Fei can’t answer that she’s protecting her robot boyfriend who’s working at a host bar can she? Sky comes up and explains that Zong Shi must be feeling down since Night and her relationship seems to be on the rocks as Night leaves without her every day after work. Xiao Fei protests that their relationship is still very good and that they are together every night. Sky takes this to mean that they are doing “that” every night. Xiao Fei insists that isn’t it when Night comes in to get his bag and run off to his other job. Seeing this, Xiao Fei quickly gathers up her work and notices a container of fruit in bag with a loving note from Night. Seeing this makes her smile and she rushes to catch up to him. Poor Zong Shi can only watch as she keeps chasing after another man whose not him.

At the bar, Xiao Fei orders a drink and works on her laptop. Adam comes and she quickly tells him that she ordered a drink and won’t be making a scene. Adam tells her not to worry as he won’t be kicking her out. Adam basically knows that Night is her boyfriend and asks why Xiao Fei just doesn’t reserve Night for the evening. This makes sense to Xiao Fei and she asks the price; however, it is way too steep for her as she doesn’t have the money for it. Regardless, Xiao Fei says she doesn’t wish to buy Night (well, that’s like paying double for him and does any one else find it ironic considering Xiao Fei has already purchased Night?). When Night’s shift ends he comes out and sees Xiao Fei asleep at the bar. He tries to wake her up, but she just won’t. He gathers up her stuff and piggybacks her home. He realizes that his quest to better understand her is hurting her more as he doesn’t want her to keep up and tiring herself out.

The next morning at work Zong Shi pulls Night aside and lectures him about Xiao Fei’s tiredness. Zong Shi doesn’t want his good friend’s health to suffer because of Night. This makes Night feel bad. He tried to help, but made things worse. He promises that he won’t be doing so again and he then wonders just what Zong Shi’s true feelings are. Zong Shi denies that he likes Xiao Fei as more than a friend and Night walks off with a smile on his face while Zong Shi scowls at Night’s stupidity (he didn’t understand a certain turn of phrase Zong Shi used). So Night heads to the bar and lets Adam know that he is leaving because of his girlfriend (LOVED Adam’s shocked expression when Night said if it was a money issue, he would have just taken the better offer). Adam doesn’t want to see him go, but he does let him leave after getting Night to promise to stay one more night as there is a customer who has reserved only him. Night agrees to this. If only Adam had let him leave earlier, but then we wouldn’t have the story and drama.

Xiao Fei rushes to the bar only to find Zong Shi. Busted! Xiao Fei says its not what he thinks and when a woman and host walk by, Zong Shi says things are pretty much what they look like and Xiao Fei drags him outside to explain and they catch Night out schmoozing Victoria. Zong Shi then understands that Xiao Fei isn’t a patron of the host club, but only comes because of Night. Xiao Fei tries to explain things as best she can, but the angry Zong Shi denounces Night as bad boyfriend material and drags Xiao Fei off while Night goes inside for his last job as a host. The only problem is the client is Mei Ja! You know she is only out to make trouble.

Outside Zong Shi demands Xiao Fei to break up with Night. Xiao Fei refuses as Zong Shi doesn’t understand the situation. She tries to go back to Night, but Zong Shi catches her arm and refuses to let her go. Meanwhile, Night is acting stand offish towards Mei Ja, annoying her. We then cut back to Zong Shi and Xiao Fei. When Xiao Fei asks what right Zong Shi has to tell her what to do, he finally blurts out that he likes her and doesn’t want to see her hurting because of another guy. This throws Xiao Fei for a loop and she does what all people do in the situation, she runs away (seriously? Poor, poor, Zong Shi). Meanwhile, Mei Ja gets touchy feely with Night who coldly brushes her off. Annoyed even more, Mei Ja pulls the unsuspecting Night in for a kiss just as Xiao Fei arrives on scene. Unfortunately, a kiss reboots Night’s system and he thinks Mei Ja is his girlfriend now. Xiao Fei speaks up and Mei Ja replies she is Night’s boss since she is a customer at the club. Xiao Fei gets angry and  tries to get Night to come back with her, but he refuses as does Mei Ja. Xiao Fei cannot believe this sudden turn of situation. Just what is going on? Why is Night happily leaving with Mei Ja and ignoring her. Even when he was with Victoria, he couldn’t just ignore her.

Xiao Fei heads home depressed to find dinner waiting outside of her door. She knows it must be Zong Shi and decides that she needs to stop running away, clear up her feelings, and respond to his confession earnestly. Of course Zong Shi comes out of his apartment at that exact moment – a little too soon for Xiao Fei’s liking. He came out to take the curry rice back because he thought that maybe Xiao Fei didn’t need it, especially since Night cooks for her. Xiao Fei explains that Night and her are not quite what Zong Shi thinks and her feelings towards him are also not what he thinks. When Zong Shi asks what her feelings are then, but she cannot reply. Zong Shi says that he will say it first. He will be the complete opposite of Night. He won’t let her be bullied, he won’t work at a gigolo bar. He hopes that Xiao Fei’s feelings may turn to him if only a little. Zong Shi then walks off to buy something and Xiao Fei seems to be confused. Should she really consider her longtime best friend? But then she has Night already, right?

Okay. I do have to say that Night is a robot. Even with him becoming more and more human, he is still a robot that she custom made to suit her. Night is not real and Zong Shi is. Xiao Fei should ground herself in reality and choose a real person versus a machine. Xiao Fei in her musings hears a door close and she thinks Night has returned, but there is no one there.

Mei Jia and Night are at a restaurant where Mei Jia folds paper cranes. When they get their food, Night cleans off the utensils and  Mei Ja recalls when he did that for Xiao Fei. This confuses Mei Ja. Why is Night being so good to her? Night explains that he was made for her and Mei Ja says she doesn’t need such a juvenile words – go say them to Xiao Fei instead. Night says that he is only hers and this really shocks Mei Ja. She gets her bearings and explains that she went to the bar only to annoy Night and Xiao Fei. She gets up to go, but Night chases after her. Mei Ja gets the boss to stop Night and runs off. At least she picks up that its weird for Night’s feelings to go completely to her.

The next morning Xiao Fei wakes to an empty apartment. Night did not return at all the previous evening. She heads off to work depressed only to find Night on the steps at work with a bouquet of flowers. She goes up to accept them, thinking they are for her, but they aren’t (they are for his girlfriend, not his ex-girlfriend). Xiao Fei is shocked when Night gives them to his “girlfriend” Mei Ja. Of course, Zhi Xi, Sky, and Zong Shi all witness this as well. Mei Ja, not really understanding what is going on, thinks that Night and Xiao Fei are getting back at her. When Xiao Fei comes up confused, Mei Ja goes with the situation and takes the flowers and goes with Night only to annoy Xiao Fei. Xiao Fei asks what is going on and Night asks her not to touch him again as it is already over between them. She is only his ex now. Ouch.

Xiao Fei meets with WuWu who explains the reboot function. WuWu says she should have read the manual carefully and Xiao Fei wonders why there was such a simple reboot feature. WuWu explodes and says it is all Xiao Fei’s fault that Night has been reset. If only Xiao Fei had made Night her lover in every meaning of the word, then Night would not have been able to be reset. This embarrasses Xiao Fei and she asks WuWu to lower his voice. I guess the Nightly series has the kiss reboot, but if “that” happens between the robot and his buyer, then he is permanently theirs and cannot be rebooted by a kiss. Good to know. Xiao Fei shoves a roll in WuWu’s mouth to stop his angry tirade about Xiao Fei not sleeping with Night. She then asks how she can get Night back. The same way he was lost – Xiao Fei must kiss him.

Xiao Fei goes back to work where she stocks Night and tries to do a running kiss. Her kissy face while running was just too ridiculous and that entire scene was a little stupid. I kind of like how the Japanese drama did it a little better. Xiao Fei tripped over the mail cart when Night sidestepped her kiss attack. She asks for his help up, but he sees Mei Ja and leaves Xiao Fei on the floor. Xiao Fei’s next attempt is to tell Night to close his eyes while she cleans something off of his eyelids. Mei Jia and Zhi Xi come in at that point and Xiao Fei fails yet again as Night goes after Mei Jia who still suspects that their relationship isn’t quite over yet. Zhi Xi asks if Night really abandoned Xiao Fei. The younger girl replied that he hasn’t as she can get him back as long as she kisses him again. LOVED Zhi Xi’s look at that point. It kind of looks like she thinks Xiao Fei is crazy. I mean, it DOES sound crazy. How can one kiss take back a man who left you (normally speaking)?

Mei Jia is mad and asks Night to leave her alone, but Night won’t. Zong Shi overhears Night saying that he likes Mei Jia now and will be faithful only to Mei Jia. The girl thinks he’s just being fickle and leaves. Zong Shi stops him from going after her and talks to him about what happened. Zong Shi is livid at Night’s attitude. Doesn’t he remember what he said about taking care of Xiao Fei? Night says he remembers everything, but that is the past (it was yesterday) and he likes Mei Jia now. Zong Shi goes to hit him, but stops himself. Night says that since he is no longer Xiao Fei’s boyfriend, then he won’t hesitate to hit Zong Shi back. Poor Zong Shi would be a little bloody pulp if he went against Night. Zong Shi backs off and says that he will steal Xiao Fei away from Night then. The look on Night’s face is very ambiguous. He doesn’t look very happy, but if it has anything to do with Zong Shi staking claim on Xiao Fei, we don’t really know as their coworkers come running out saying Xiao Fei is committing suicide! Zong Shi takes off running, but Night leisurely strolls back into the building.

No, Xiao Fei is not cowardly committing suicide. She paid Zhi Xi money to help her devise a plan to get Night to kiss her again. Xiao Fei feels guilty of using this trick, but Zhi Xi insists that it’s the best bet. Soon the GA people are all gathered outside of the door, begging Xiao Fei not to kill herself. Xiao Fei fakes coughing and begs Night for a kiss. Night is unmoved while their coworkers urge the robot to quickly agree and do it to save Xiao Fei. When Night remains unmoving, Zong Shi tries to bust down the door to no effect. Night then steps up to the plate and easily opens the door (it looks like he just turned the nob, but maybe he turned and broke the lock with his super strength). Xiao Fei is immediately embarrassed. No, she wasn’t really trying to kill herself. Night points out how she was never in any danger since it wasn’t a fire in an enclosed room, but just dry ice. Night then spits back her own words about lies and honesty, really making  Xiao Fei feel ashamed. You know, even though Night knew there was no danger to Xiao Fei, he seemed to really get agitated when the men couldn’t break down the door to save her. Night did have more harsh words. He tells Xiao Fei that next time she tries to kill herself, he won’t bother with her and just let her do it. Way harsh.

That night Mei Jia is on her way home with a sleazy guy who wants to do “that” but Mei Jia keeps brushing him off. Night comes out and tells the other guy to go away. The man backs off and leaves when Night says he’s her boyfriend. The two go out to eat and Mei Jia explains that she finds a guy to eat with every night. Night doesn’t believe that Mei Jia is really a bad girl, otherwise she would have left him go to her apartment the night before. Mei Jia says he talks as if he knows her and Night says he is her perfect boyfriend. Mei Jia recalls the scene of the fake suicide and Night’s speech. She decides to give him a chance to prove his loyalty to her. Night smiles and quickly agrees and Mei Jia returns the smile and goes back to eating. Looks like Night is swaying the screwed up girl.

WuWu goes to Xiao Fei’s, but she doesn’t answer the door. When he goes to pick the lock, he finds that the door isn’t locked at all. He enters and looks for Xiao Fei. She’s buried in a heap of cushions on the floor of her living room. WuWu checks to see if she’s still alive and she is. WuWu tells her that the company knows Night has been reset. In this case, Night could easily be found out to be a robot. Thus the company wants to send in a special team to take Night back to the company. Xiao Fei just looks off into space as if she’s not paying attention. WuWu says it can all be stopped as long as Xiao Fei can kiss and reboot Night yet again before he and Mei Jia do “that” then everything will be okay. But Xiao Fei is feeling defeated. She tells him about what happened with Night that afternoon and WuWu is surprised to learn that Night still remembers Xiao Fei. That goes against the reboot programming. All of Xiao Fei’s preferences and times with Night should have been completely erased, so why is it that Night can still recall Xiao Fei? WuWu uses the information to encourage Xiao Fei to keep going after Night since Night still remembers.

To prove his sincerity, Night camps out side of Mei Jia’s apartment. Creepy. Stalker. Robot. He brings Mei Jia her favorite cheesecake from the restaurant she frequents. Looks like Night is doing his best to adapt to his new girlfriend. This surprises and touches Mei Jia. She tells him that she will accept the breakfast, but not his feelings yet as Night still needs to prove himself, but Mei Jia walks away smiling. Night really is starting to wiggles his way into her heart bit by bit.

The two arrive at work where Xiao Fei awaits. She asks to talk to Night privately, but he refuses and says that Xiao Fei can talk in front of Mei Jia as there is no secrets betwixt them. Xiao Fei then requests a goodbye kiss. Seriously? I know that no one knows why she is really doing what she’s doing, but I don’t think that’s something a normal person would do in such a situation. Night’s processor seems to go a little haywire with the conversation between him and Xiao Fei and Mei Jia. He looks really confused,  but he says he can’t promise to give Xiao Fei one last kiss. Mei Jia jumps in and says that a test will be performed. If Xiao Fei can learn to swim successfully, then she can obtain a kiss from Night. This is something Xiao Fei fears the most. This is a test for Night’s sincerity as well. If he cannot refrain from caring and worrying about Xiao Fei as she faces this fear and learns to swim, then he cannot be Mei Jia’s boyfriend. Xiao Fei accepts this and Zong Shi looks livid.

Xiao Fei goes to a pool (company or apartments?) that night to learn to swim by herself. What an idiot. I mean, that is one of the stupidest things they’ve show in this drama. Xiao Fei doesn’t even know how to swim and goes secretly into a pool to try to learn all by herself. This goes to show Xiao Fei does NOT use her brain whatsoever. That or the writers are idiots. Xiao Fei tries to put her head under water, but just can’t do it. In comes Zong Shi and we learn about Xiao Fei’s swimming trauma. She was told that to learn to swim, you start at the deep end, so that’s just what she did. She jumped into a 3 meter deep pool and couldn’t float to the surface or fight her way up, so she held her breath for as long as possible until she passed out. She hasn’t been able to put her head under water since. Although Zong Shi is hurting that Xiao Fei is running after Night with all her might, he will help her overcome her fear and learn to swim. Awww. You know, he has all the horribly nice characteristics of the second lead who never gets the girl. But in this story, he is supposed to get the girl, unless they change the storyline completely from the ending of the manga. And I must say that I really didn’t like the manga or even its ending as I believed that Zong Shi’s character really came in 2nd to Night and Xiao Fei’s character only settled because she couldn’t have Night. That’s not to say Xiao Fei didn’t love him in her own way, but it was Night who was her true love and I think that Zong Shi deserved better [NOTE that I am using the Taiwanese version names just to avoid confusion even when referring to the manga].

So Zong Shi and Xiao Fei work hard on swimming while Night heads off to find Mei Jia at the restaurant. What is her obsession with making paper cranes? She made them last time, too. She comes out with carryout and finds Night waiting for her. Mei Jia explains how she hates eating alone as that makes her feel lonely, hence why she always gets guys to eat dinner with her. Night doesn’t want her to ever feel lonely. The girl heads off and Night pulls out a set of keys and heads off himself.

As Zong Shi and Xiao Fei take a break from swimming practice, Night coms to return Xiao Fei’s keys. He tells Xiao Fei to give up as it seems virtually impossible for her to learn to swim. Night then says that even if Xiao Fei happens to succeed, he will not kiss her. Xiao Fei refuses to give up as she wants to show her sincerity and courage. Night gives her back the keys, but she won’t take them and puts them back in Night’s hands. The two fight and the keys go flying into the pool. In jumps Xiao Fei to find them. Okay. The girl can’t swim, right? She wasn’t very successful with Zong Shi earlier so how is she swimming perfectly fine underwater? She gets the keys and happily resurfaces only to have Zong Shi tell her that Night has already left. And that’s where this episode ends.

Episode 7 promises to be explosive. Will Night finally regain his memory before the special team takes him back?


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