MV of the Week: U-KISS’s Dora Dora

dora-doraSo U-KISS had their comeback! Yay! Um, I won’t lie and say I completely loved the song. It took sometime to grow on me and that is mainly because I wasn’t a fan of the beginning which just sounded a little grating and weird to me. However, as the song progressed, I loved it more and more. And now I love the entire song – even the beginning.

I have to say that the MV is kind of cool and makes we wonder how they did the room setup to have people sideways and standing straight up. Is it an optical illusion? or did they nail a chair and bed to the wall? Or, actually, it’s just the camera angle, isn’t it? This video actually reminds me more of their Japanese work than their Korean as the Japanese videos seem a little more artsy and fancy than the Korean ones did.

And the dance? I don’t think I could do the fast footwork. Or the full-body sexy wave that they do. I am so inflexible and slow. But dang, Kevin and Kiseop OWNED the body wave part and if you watch them perform this song live, the fan girls start screaming hysterically when those two show peeks at their abs…well…I really don’t know the state of their abdominal muscles, but it still sends the girls screaming like crazy to see a bit of tummy showing.

What is it with this kind of song when it comes to U-KISS? You have “Man Man Na Hi” which is a harder sound. You have “Shut Up” in which they are telling the girl that likes them to be quiet and now they have this song where they want to leave this girl who has hurt them. And wouldn’t you know they tell her to shut up again? It’s funny. Anywho, I am glad they made their comeback!

Dora Dora cd coverDora Dora
Release date: 25 April 2012
Buy on iTunes
01 돌아돌아 (Doradora)
02 4U (For You)
03 사랑이 멈출 때 (Sarangi Meomchul Ttae)
04 Amazing
05 Tick Tock (Out of Time) [Korean Version] (as if you can get the Japanese version on iTunes…I wish)
06 돌아돌아 (Doradora) [Instrumental]


  • I don’t mind the song. Don’t love it, don’t hate it. I do love the dance though, and if i were watching it live, i’d be one of the fangirls screaming for Kevin and Kiseop. Actually, i’d never found Kiseop to be attractive in the slightest until this video. That body wave, he really pulls out the sexy! I still prefer Kevin as his cute adorable self though, lol.

    • I think I just really enjoy the chorus. It’s pretty easy to say “Dora Dora” repeatedly :p
      Kiseop has been growing on me more and more, and even tho Kevin is awesome, maknae Dongho will prolly always be my fave, thanks to all his variety show appearances.

  • Aminah Imuetzz

    dongho cool..

    • Yep! The maknae is growing up and getting even cooler. He will forever be my bias.

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