Contributor Appreciation


photo – Cadbury Cake by Don Ramsey…mmm cake

Today is Chani-chan’s birthday! I totally dropped the ball as nichan’s birthday was back in February so belated birthday wishes and contributor love to her as well.

But anywho, please check out their posts on AAA [I know, I need to think of a better abbreviation vs. that as its confusing with AAA auto insurance] and show them your support and love.

Happy birthday, Chani-chan, and thanks for letting me drag you into adding a few posts every now and then when you are crazy busy with graduate school! ^_^ You are appreciated! And thanks for being the main contributor to my manga and anime addictions back when we were at Adrian together. I am happy I finally dragged you into the Asian drama addiction as well 🙂 and can’t wait until you actually blog about your first Kdrama experience. And thanks for doing some lyric translations!

And, again, belated thanks to nichan! I love your acerbic wit and anime recaps and random English translated Asian literature posts. And thanks for introducing me to Gravitation. A memorable experience. Eiri Yuki and Shuichi Shindo will always have a special place in my heart. Maybe we will actually get the ambition to go to Youmacon this year…if either of us can afford it…

And as NeeNee is not feeling the best after her last dentist appointment [finally the teeth drilling and filling is done!!!] she won’t be doing ATARU 3 or Love Forward 12 tonight. Sorry.

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  • i’ve been on this huge “gravitation” kick lately… but just looking at stuff for it on the internet. there’s one person out there who does a killer eiri yuki cosplay and… i might be drooling a lot.

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