Wow.That’s all I have to say. I mean, I thought their debut was fierce and strong, but “Warrior” seems almost tame in comparison to “Power” which is a raw mixture of hip hop and rock. Bae Yong Gook’s rapping is fierce and in-your-face while the two main vocalists Daehyun and Young Jae really had the rough rock edge that really complemented the heavy beat and rapping. Well, except, just like in “Warrior” Daehyun has this more R&B part that, again, did NOT flow the best with the rest of the song. Oh, well, it was only in that one part towards the end

And the dance! Wow. It’s freaking amazing what those boys can do. And I do mean boys as I’m five years older than the eldest of the group and 11 years older than the maknae. “Warrior” had the epic stomping, break dancing, and something which reminded me of krumping. This dance has some of that, but it throws in more fight-like dance moves with lots of kicks and what they refer to as the “ax” dance, which is a kind of jumping move and I have no idea how it relates to an actual ax.B.A.PIn “Warrior” and when they made their debut, B.A.P. showed their unity as a group by all going blonde. Which definitely made it hard to identify who was who in the video (well, except Zelo and Daehyun maybe). In their comeback (I am still not liking the term comeback when some groups have been only inactive in the singing scene for a few months…or less. To me, a comeback is after a year or more when you’re finally making your way back to the music scene), the boys have their own individual looks and hair color, which is nice. It was also nice seeing more of Himchan and Jongup. Or maybe I had problems noticing those two because of their blonde hair, but it seemed like they got a wee bit more screen time than before.

Now, the English. There isn’t much, but what is there isn’t exactly right, but nor is it horribly wrong. Now, can anyone tell me what “guernica flow” means? I Google guernica and come up with a city in Spain and a famous Picasso painting of that city. “You got the power. I got the power” is relatively fine, although I am not sure “got” should be used, but the sentence makes sense. “Everybody say hate you” makes sense even though grammatically wrong. “One more say,” however understandable it is, is horribly wrong. But other than that, good English. I wonder why they didn’t say one more time or something to that affect instead.

I also like how B.A.P.’s song is actually addressing a problem with people who are in power [namely read the wealthy, upper class to me]. NU’EST, another rookie group, confronted bullying in their debut single. Ah, that follow up song of theirs…will have to wait for another day as this is about B.A.P.

Power CD coverPower
Release date: 27 April 2012
Buy on CDJapan | iTunes | YesAsia
04. 전부 거짓말 [Jeonbo Gajitmal; Lies Lies]

Support B.A.P and buy their EP! Songs 3 & 4 rock just as much as “Power”.


  • I’m so glad that they ditched the blonde hair and they each get to be a bit more unique now. The ‘one more say’ line made me crack up when I heard it. But i see it as something that i’d notice running through my head if i misheard someone. I hope I wouldn’t actually say it out loud though, lol.

    When i looked up the English translation, I was actually surprised, because it does get quite … angry and serious. I mean, you can tell that from the MV, but reading the lyrics gives you a much clearer (sort of) idea of what they’re chanting about. “The money hungry people in power look nice but don’t be fooled by them; we have to stand up and fight otherwise they’ll trample us”. Is what it seems to be saying. That said, who knows if the translated lyrics I’ve read are accurate, lol. But it’s nice to see something a bit different to “will you be my girlfriend?”

    I have to say, B.A.P’s debut is my favourite of the year so far. The music is awesome and catchy (although their title tracks are maybe a little TOO similar) and they’re such talented dancers. I love watching them perform. Plus, the fact that they didn’t realise that Daehyun was the visual of the group until after their debut when suddenly he had a bajillion fans because of his looks… that amused me.

    • I’m happy about them looking more individualist, too. Yeah, when I heard BYG say “One more say” I burst out laughing. It’s not bad and highly amusing, but sooo incorrect.

      Yeah, I really liked the powerful lyrics that confront a very real problem faced the world over when it comes to people in power with money. When lyric translations are pretty much agreeing, then I tend to believe that the translation must be fairly accurate. Working with literature, I have seen several variations of translations to know good ones from bad ones (even if I don’t know the original language). It is nice for a change to see a song that isn’t all lovey-dovey or should we say a typical pop song about relationships.

      Yeah, B.A.P. I think tops my lists of debuts this year. The music is awesome, powerful, and catchy and, unfortunately, their title tracks are pretty similar. I love CNBlue, but at the same time I get the feeling that if you hear one of their songs, you have pretty much heard all of them. That’s not a bad thing per se, but you can lose an audience if you only do the same thing over and over again.

      Daehyun is attractive, but I don’t know why I’m surprised that his looks really attracted that much attention. But I chuckled as I read that part of your comment. You never really know who the real “visual” is until the fans start speaking.

  • I’m loving every bit of your comment~ =D

  • This is months late, but I interpreted the “Guernica flow” to be a reference to the underlying turmoil behind Picasso’s painting, i.e. the late ’30s Spanish Civil War and the fact that Guernica was a Basque city and Republican stronghold until it was obliterated by the Nationalists (who were aided by Hitler and Mussolini’s warplanes). So “Guernica flow” might be the strong, defiant spirit of the Republicans, who were “fighting for the independence of [their] country and for / the right of the Spanish people to determine their own destiny,” as the slogan on the Spanish Republic’s Pavilion goes.

    • Thanks for the explanation! I have watched B.A.P’s one interview in which a fan from Spain asked if BYG was familiar with why Picasso had painted that painting and was impressed to learn how well-educated in world events and art he is. Probably because I’m not as much. Sigh. Your explanation helps clarify that even more 🙂

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