D=OUT – “Aisuruhito” PV

This is the first time that I’ve seen a Japanese company upload a full PV with several different versions all translated into different languages. I was happy to see that D=OUT’s new PV has English subtitles! Now, the song is a beautiful love song, however, sometimes the English lyrics feel a tad incomplete or read a wee bit awkward. For the most part, though, the translation is really clear and good. I wonder if this is a literal translation or not…literal translations always have their issues because some things just can’t be translated word for word and convey the right meaning.

I wonder if Tokuma will do this for future PV releases of Alice Nine and other bands?

Enjoy the latest from D=OUT. I wish there was a storyline to the actual PV, but I won’t complain of all the closeups of the band members. Hikaru is so kawaii and Reika looks so manly here. Even Minase looks more masculine than he has been lately.

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