Absolute Boyfriend Live Action Episode 3 Recap

Jiro Wang

In ways, this version annoys me more than the Japanese version in which Night was very obviously a robot. That’s not to say that I don’t like this version, but I find some things grating on my nerves, especially in regards to how they are portraying Night in this series. That may change if we start seeing Night’s ghost in the machine, so to speak, progression. If that isn’t there, then this series actually will lose something very necessary.

That being said, we open with Xiao Fei dragging Night outside. What on earth is he doing there? Night doesn’t want to be apart from Xiao Fei. This tickles the girl until WuWu pops up and brings Xiao Fei back to the reality that she input that she wanted a clingy boyfriend. Seriously? This girl. Shakes head. WuWu then says that since a lot of females work in Xiao Fei’s office, it will be perfect in gathering enough data for Kronos Heaven to roll out a new model. Xiao Fei reluctantly agrees to this and then tells Night that he is NOT allowed to say he is her boyfriend at work. WuWu asks how Xiao Fei will introduce him since she was already seen holding his hand to drag him outside.

Na Wei Xun, Jiro Wang, Gu Hye Sun

I admit to loving Xiao Fei’s imagining what it would be like with Night 85 years down the road when Night tells her not to worry as he will always only love her, even 85 years from now. Xiao Fei pictures herself as an old woman being glared at in disgust while her young boyfriend coos over her in public. She shakes herself and comes to the conclusion she needs to get a real human boyfriend.

Gu Hye Sun, Jiro Wang

Her solution? She introduces Night as her cousin. This surprises everyone and Mei Jia wants to know why she never heard of Xiao Fe’s “cousin” Wan Night [if you think of the pronunciation it sounds like One Night – kinda funny]. Xiao Fei replies that Night was such a distance cousin that she had forgotten about him. Night then makes things a little awkward saying he was “made” for Xiao Fei. This isn’t going to go well at all with Night’s actions and words. Sky, takes an immediate shine to Night and snaps his picture and sends it to all mobile phones in the office. This causes quite a stir among the women and Night’s radar picks up a rise in hormone levels indicating a lot of the office women want that. This causes quite a stir in the general affairs department. Xiao Fei excuses herself and takes Night with her to make rounds to get him out of the really awkward situation. I loved it when Night said that Sky’s female hormone was spiking, too. Well, its pretty obvious that Sky likes men instead of women.

Jiro Wang, Gu Hye Sun

Mei Jia excuses herself, too, and makes her way to the secretarial section where the three secretaries are forming a fan club for Night. They will protect him from all other women predators and claim him for themselves. When Mei Jia shows up, they immediately act busy. Mei Jia hands over three cosmetic sets and the lead secretary Yun Fei finds it very convenient that every time there is an opening in the secretarial department, Mei Jia has three extras of many things on hands. Yeah, talk about obvious bribes. Mei Jia then asks to eat lunch with the girls and Yun Fei haughtily says she can come along. Before heading out, Yun Fei and her two lackeys stop by the GM department to talk about the approved outing in which GM, the secretaries, and RD II, will be heading out together for an MT. The excited Night grabs Xiao Fe’s hand and Yun Fei sees this and immediately heads over, upset. She laughs it off and Xiao Fei assures her that Night is only her cousin and nothing more.

Cherry Hsia

Mei Jia then heads off and meets Shi Guan who confirms that Night is Xiao Fei’s boyfriend and not her cousin. This really piques her interest. Shi Guan then tells her that he has dumped Vivian so now they can be together. Mei Jia blows him off as he has outlived his usefulness since he rejected Xiao Fei. Shi Guan is livid. How could Mei Jia play him like that? He tries to hold onto her, but she sprays something in his face [it looked like perfume or something like that honestly] and goes off. Mei Jia has a huge grudge to bear against her “best friend” Xiao Fei.

Cherry Hsia

That night, Xiao Fei packs and wonders what she’s forgetting. Night comes in with her panties and this just embarrasses Xiao Fei to no end. How can he hold her panties like that with such an innocent expression? The doorbell rings and Xiao Fei rushes to get it. Zong Shi has arrived with medicine. Xiao Fei is confused as she isn’t sick. Zong Shi knows this, the medicine is for motion sickness. Xiao Fei thanks him and takes it. That’s what she was forgetting. Zong Shi then wonders if Night and her being cousins is because Night doesn’t want to acknowledge Xiao Fei as his girlfriend. Xiao Fei says it is all her doing as she doesn’t want the hyenas from the secretarial department to come at her when they learn she’s Night’s girlfriend. Self preservation, man.

Gu Hye Sun, Lin Kun Da

When Xiao Fei goes back to the bedroom Night wonders just what is going on between her and Zong Shi. Xiao Fei explains that Zong Shi is a childhood friend who is looking out for her and caring for her since her parents moved to China. Night replies that his database shows that only boyfriends care after women like that, so Xiao Fei is two-timing him [cute]. Xiao Fei quickly says that isn’t the case and explains once again, their relationship. Even though they fight, they are really close friends, just like she and Mei Jia are. Night takes this in and says he gets it and he wants to be friends with them, too.

Jiro Wang, Gu Hye Sun

From the time Night and Xiao Fei board the bus, Yun Fei and her lackeys monopolize him and keep Xiao Fei at bay. Night keeps trying to involve her, but not wanting to deal with their wrath, Xiao Fei keeps her distance while Zong Shi watches on. Mei Jia says she knows that Night is really Xiao Fei’s boyfriend and then promises to help her keep the secret. Yeah, right. Even at the store on their way to the hotel [or was it the hotel’s store?], the secretaries keep monopolizing Night. Xiao Fei is annoyed, but pretends to be otherwise. She comes across something and buys it. Mei Jia thinks its for Night, but it’s for her! They are matching friendship bracelets. This seems to touch Mei Jia a little, so why was she working so hard to hurt Xiao Fei when it came to Shi Guan? Zong Shi watches this and he’s got quite the ambiguous expression on his face. What does that mean? I love Zong Shi’s protectiveness. If he only knew just what Night really is…

Gu Hye Sun, Lin Kun DaGu Hye Sun, Cherry Hsia

Gu Hye SunAt the hotel, the room assignments are handed out by Yun Fei. She will room with Xiao Fei, Zong Shi will room with Night, and Mei Jia is stuck with the cold woman from the General Affairs department. Night wishes to room with Xiao  Fei and the girl awkwardly laughs it off and says they can’t do that like when they were kids. I can’t believe there was such a strong reaction since the two are supposed to be family. The workers go their separate ways. Zong Shi is amazed at Night’s muscles. How long did he work to build them? Night commits a faux pas when he says he came out of the factory like that, he quickly amends it to being born with incredible muscles. Neither is really believable. When Zong Shi goes off to shower, Night wonders if muscles like his really take that long to build in humans. Meanwhile, Yun Fei confesses she roomed with Xiao Fei only to be able to get at Night. If Xiao Fei helps her out, then she will make sure Xiao Fei is finally able to join the secretarial department like she wants.

Lin Kun Da, Jiro Wang

Mei Jia is coming to the room at this time and overhears this. The girl is livid. XIao Fei is trying to ruin her life yet again! What does that man? Apparently documents went missing and when Mei Jia was trying to placate the GM, Yun Fei and Xiao Fei showed up with the missing documents which were found in Mei Jia’s purse. This earned Mei Jia the General Manager’s wrath. But now there is a new GM and Mei Jia has hopes of finally recovering. It is Mei Jia’s fault for losing the documents and then trying to pass the buck. However, Xiao Fei’s actions at that time were completely stupid. I mean, she should have thought about how her spitting out where the documents were found was going to affect Mei Jia [although Mei Jia shouldn’t have tried lying about her responsibility]. Xiao Fei is too clueless and stupid at times.

Gu Hye Sun, Cherry Hsia

Mei Jia and Xiao Fei meet up outside and Xiao Fei shares puffed rice with Mei Jia. Then up comes Night wanting Xiao Fei to feed him. Just as she reluctantly shoves the rice cake in his mouth, up comes Yun Fei and her cronies. They immediately target night and Yun Fei gives Xiao Fei a shove, sending her flying down the concrete stairs. Night doesn’t react fast enough [hard to believe] and Zong Shi luckily manages to catch Xiao Fei before she goes splat. Zong Shi immediately scolds the secretaries who deny doing it on purpose. Night accepts this and thinks everything is okay. I know Night was naïve in the manga and Japanese version, but was he really that stupid and innocent? He should be able to pick up on Yun Fei’s ill intentions as he read her moods pretty good earlier.

Gu Hye Sun, Jiro Wang, Cherry HsiaLin Kun Da, Gu Hye Sun

The gang then heads off to ride tandem bikes. Night is with Yun Fei and Mei Jia is with Xiao Fei. Mei Jia confesses her desire to be part of the secretarial pool. Hearing this, Xiao Fei decides to give up her opportunity to help Mei Jia out. She fakes an ankle injury and requests Night help her out while Mei Jia and Yun Fei finish the tandem ride together. This makes Mei Jia happy and annoys Yun Fei. On their way back, Xiao Fei gets Night to stop and he is shocked to learn she is okay. Xiao Fei sys she wanted to snatch him away from Yun Fei to help Mei Jia get a chance at a job. Night is impressed by how much she cares for her friend [to the point of stupidity because it is a bad thing to always back down from what you want for someone else regardless of who they are]. Xiao Fei also shares a story from the past when she was rejected. Mei Jia [they were still in college] was desperately trying to cheer her up. The rice cake popper went off scaring Xiao Fei to the point where she momentarily forgot her pain, but she quickly remembered it again. In an attempt to distract Xiao Fei, Mei Jia bought all the puffed rice cakes in order for him to make more so the noise would distract Xiao Fei. That’s why they put her in a good mood. This earns her a kiss from Night and Mei Jia comes at just the right time to snap a photo.

Gu Hye Sun, Cherry HsiaJiro Wang, Gu Hye Sun

Gu Hye SunThat night, Yun Fei takes Xiao Fei out to the bus to “look for earrings.” She locks Xiao Fei inside the luggage area as punishment for keeping the secret that Night was really her boyfriend. Night is oblivious to this at first as he’s relaxing in the hot springs with the other men from the GA department. He does finally notice the ring’s color indicating Xiao Fei is scared and in danger and goes dashing off. Meanwhile, Zong Shi goes to Xiao Fei’s room to deliver something to her – ah he’s so cute, the consummate worrier. As he goes to head back to his room since Xiao Fei isn’t answering, he overhears the secretaries talking about what they did to Xiao Fei. He demands to know where she is and Yun Fei refuses to tell him. Zong Xhi retaliates by threatening to go to the GM as he isn’t like others who need to go through Yun Fei and her cronies. This makes the girls listen and Zong Shi rushes out to save her. Zong Shi reaches first and sets Xiao Fei free. The girl is out of it and doesn’t even know that her hand is injured. Night arrives late once again and Zong Shi basically ignores him and takes care of Xiao Fei. Nice.

Gu Hye Sun, Lin Kun DaZong Shi makes sure Xiao Fei is staying with Mei Jia and her roommate for the remainder of the trip. Such a great guy. Mei Jia says that now Xiao Fei can go public and warn the other girls away from Night. Yeah, definitely not what Xiao Fei necessarily wanted to do. Zong Shi scolds Night for not understanding Xiao Fei was being bullied because of him when he gets back to their room. Night is horrified that he failed as a boyfriend. He then wonders where he can buy puffed rice cakes to cheer Xiao Fei up. Night is shocked to know that Zong Shi knows about it as well, but Zong Shi doesn’t know where they can be found at that place. Night then gets a call saying that Xiao Fei left a message for him and he happily goes off with Zong Shi not happy at all.

Jiro Wang, Lin Kun Da

It wasn’t Xiao Fei, though. Looks like Mei Jia is making a move on Night to bring even more misery for her friend. Mei Jia lies and says that Xiao Fei wants to dump him as being his girlfriend is too burdensome. Mei Jia then confesses and Night tells her that he knows she doesn’t like him as she isn’t excited or nervous at all. Mei Jia takes down her hair and then pretends to faint [she is wearing only a towel after all] because of the heat. Night is unmoved. He doesn’t care that there’s an almost naked chick in front of him confessing. He loves Xiao Fei and will only love Xiao Fei. I was surprised that Mei Jia didn’t plant a kiss on him… I was expecting it, but it didn’t happen. I did love how Mei Jia badmouthed Xiao Fei and said that Night doesn’t really know the girl. Night replies that while Mei Jia is her best friend, it seems like he knows Xiao Fei better. Good one!

Jiro Wang, Cherry Hsia

Jiro WangThe next morning, Night tells the secretaries to leave him alone and eats with Xiao Fei. At this time the GM arrives and Xiao Fei and Mei Jia hurry to greet him. Mei Jia beats Xiao Fei to the introductions so Xiao Fei loses her chance to make an impression. The GM then gives the two girls a task. He sets out a white wine and a red wine and asks the girls to think about which one will go with the dinner he has planned. Mei Jia goes to the secretaries for the answer and they agree to help when she reveals that she was the one who sent them the picture of Xiao Fei and Night’s kiss. Meanwhile Xiao Fei and Night surf the web [he does so quite visually like in Minority Report except for there is no real screen in front of him – I think the Japanese drama where they just show him processing and going through information is better and not so obviously robotish as Jiro’s actions here].

Zong Shi comes and points out a picture of the GM with the chef. Night easily jumps [a normal human wouldn’t have been able to jump that high] and grabs the picture off the wall. The picture is quickly processed and Zong Shi urges Xiao Fei to choose the red wine as lamb is red meat [what the dinner is] while Night urges her to choose white [he doesn’t say why exactly] and Xiao Fei says she understands.

Jiro Wang, Gu Hye Sun, Lin Kun Da

When they meet the GM later, Mei Jia follows Yun Fei’s advice and chooses red wine while Xiao Fei follows Night’s deduction and chooses white. Who is right? You’ll find out next week.

Gu Hye Sun, Cherry Hsia

Still liking, but I am disappointed in certain respects as Night hasn’t started to veer from programming yet and the previews for the next episode look to have him just doing what he always vows he’ll do and I find it annoying as that really isn’t how this is supposed to go.


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